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North Carolina Newspapers

The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, August 25, 1980, Page 14, Image 14

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A-14NewsThe Daily Tar HeelMonday, August 25, 1980 a ' c o ' a. it 1 A o J a o i o mmi . .j u f? ' ft win Q DC o 2 0) H Z 2 0 & H o z ? 0 X u a: is- 5: 0) z W 4& Q u H o MS z Z ,--3 n n r r- - , j f' J !3 "3 , tw4 i,.nij.J'r"3 "rr c n r3 rr; L"3 U U V I i k y an compleio line of accessories P A TI CT-TD f T.TJ nTMITS INCORPORATED r .1- - - TI-5CC. Advanced programmable calculator with plug-in Solid State Software modules and new constant Memory feature. ' reg. $130.00 $116.95 Tl-LIOA. Advanced programmable for advanced business majors. v . rw. $70.00 ....$82.95 Tl-AflALYST 11. Financial calculator with statistics and new Constant Memory feature. reg. $45.000 39.95 Eccnomlcsl scSsnlific csScuSstor for studsntt end professionals, with Constant Memory feature. The Slimline Tl-35 combines advanced state-of-the-art power and versatility with attractive slimline portability.. New Constant Memory feature retains memory con tents whether, the unit is on or off. The pencil-thin Slimline Tl-35 weighs just 3-ounces and is smaller than your hand, yet has 54 of the most-needed functions to automatically handle a wide range of mathematical prob!ems...from algebra and trigonometry to statistical analysis of population and sample data. AOS algebraic operating system makes it easy to enter problems. An easy-to-read liquid crystal display and special power-saving features allow up to 2-years of normal operation from a set of batteries. Slimline Tl 35...from Texas Instruments. Regular $25.00 V-"". r V, i-o V. jOP'CS t. voc? SI i Sl Mmri V V 1 1-55 j TI-55. Vcrsstilo zMq ruts calculator for' statistical "and mathematical problem solving-vitli simple prcgrcmmability. Advanced TI-55 capabilities programming, plus a "unique blend of hardware and soft ware support features. Easily handles almost any mathematical operation, from logarithms and trigonometry to more ad vanced statistical problems. ( Regular $40.00 Tl-1750. Light, small, economical. Performs additions, discounts, square roots, percentages and has a 4-key memory. reg. $21.00 $10.75 TI-5D. An extraordinary card programmable calculator with plug-in Solid State Softward and magnetic card storage. For professionals in business, science and engineering. reg. $300.00 1. $289.95. TI-PC-1C0C. Printer for abbve calculator. . reg. $200.00 . , ........ ... . .;, . .$179.05 WATCH FOR THE MEW ' PLAIN-PAPER ' T! PRINTING CALCULATORS l?J STOCK THERMAL PRIflTlHG CALCULATORS Tl 5015 reg. $ 75 $ 67.50 TI-5040 reg. $115 $103.50 HP-31E Scientific Trigonometric, exponential and math functions. Metric conversions. Fixed and scientific display modos. Full 10 digit display. 4 addressable storaga registers. V if ! THERE'S V -ENOUGH S TOGO- - AROUND' Amu 0 m rco. $50 HP-32Z Advanced Sclent'.fJc vtilh ZXzV.zV.z. All HP-31E functions HEWLETT plus math and metiric capabilities. Hypsrbollcs. Comprehensive statistTcirEN;''SCr teZ ' 111 PACKARD . . . conversions 15 addressable storage registers. reg. $70 C-J.Ca V.7 NOW THERE'S ENOUGH III I tl I. A w if, AROUND. HP-3:3Prc-rarrrrtit!3 Sd:r.:::s. Science, math and statistical calculator with the added clout of programmability. 43 lines of fully merged program memory. Edit ng keys, control keys end a full range of conditional keys. 8 addresable storage registers. $qo $71 HP-37E Duilnsss Best choice for a basic businessfinance calculator. Features HP's unique "cash flow sign conve ntion" to let your solve problems intuitively. Can handle Present Value, Payments and Future Value calculations simultaneously. Calculates percents, discounts, markups, Figures amortization schedules. Statistics with trend tine forecasting. 5 financial and 7 ad dressable storage registers. reg 175 $71.05 HP-3CS AdYsnced Flnancltl with . ProsraRwasbSUty-HP's - 'irst financial programmable. All the features of the HP-37E plU3 alot more power. Solves routine and sophisticated problems at the touch of a key. No previous programming experience necessary. Handles Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value for up to 1.S30 cash flows in 20 groups. 2,000 year calendar. 5 financial and 20 addressable storage registers plus up to 9 program lines. reg. $120 5107.0 t- HP-j33C Prcsranmatla SclsntKlc With Ccr.t'.nucua f.'.:mcry. This entry level keystroke programmable features fundamental programming capability as well as a complete set of preprogrammed scientific functions. With 8-user storage registers and a program capacity of 49 fully-merged lines, the HP-330's easy-to-master programmings cabability can perform repetitive scientific calculations quickly and accurately..Continuou3 Memory, reg. $120.00 ;.. $114.03 HP-34C Advanced Prosrammtblt Sclsnt'fle Vlth CcRt'nuous klsmory. Incorporates the most advanced programming capabilities in a keystroke programmable. Designed for technical professionals and students who need the flexibility and power of advanced programmings. Includes the "Solve" ands'lntcgrato" functions, reg. $150.00: , $143.3 , HP-3SC Advanced Financial Prosrtmrnsbl vi'.lh Ccn'.'.nucus f.! cm cry. HP's most powerful financial calculator. Multitide of built-in financial functions. Easy to master programming capability, reg. $150.00 $143.03 JZ3 'Q DC hi h. t3 L EL-003. 8-digit scientific calculator, including statistics. reg. $21.95 . . . . ...... . . . . . . . . . ... 020.70 oEL-304. Basic 8-digit calculator reg. $14.85 ...... 1 f O ( - O u i o o p u w r .r. ' o 10-diglt liquid crystal d;:p!ay. o 3-kcy indepsndent memory, -o Ono-tcuch percent and cquaro root keys, n Autornstic Pcwcr-Off (A.P.O.) prolongs o Performs hypcrbo'lcs, polar coordinates, t;m3 conversions. -n 3 bvc!3 of parcntrie;cc4 pending r .... rrn 9 a r r. 3. 5Q J r- - ' f- . 'i g - -r i r'. ; w , , . r j r . ' I f r' ' 7 ft1'' ' r ' f , - r f 1 n , - , f " " k 4 ' - I " ( ; V . SO-StcpProgrommcbloCcfculstorVlthO Ctatlsticcl Functions Pius Cafa Guard f.'smorics In A Thin f,!atat Ccsa O 8-digit mantissa2-d'sgit exponent LCD. O 15 parentheses and 7 memories. O Program functions:LRN, COMP, LOOK, (x). O Trig., inverse trig., log. degrees, radians, gradients and decimals to degrees. Data, clear data, number of samples xx, mcanix', and standard deviation. Automatic Power-Off (A.P.O.) prolongs the life of the two watch batteries. 1.000 hours of ccntinous operation. Vinyl wallet, nolo pad, tatterics included. o o reg. $39.95 ..J CI KJ Th!n Cclentino Calculator ' r 1 i, t t ; - -I , ..,. . , O 24-d git dot matrix LCD. O Algebraic Experssion Reserve (A.E.R.) mode stores formulas and protects them with Safe Guard. O Direct formula entry. O Rolling writer display cJtows the entry of up to CO characters. O Trig., inverse trig., hyperbolic and exponential functions. O dumber oS samples, mean, ix. ix. std. deviation, combination permutation end ft i iw! I v -(.U'anwi or corrections. 9 M f l . - ill , . i,,fi'f ' '9 Y k ,,J - .- i 1 ' "; f - ri r c ri r I) u o t o CI ' z o ?. 3 5 O (0 H C z n o a: tn H t3 o IK S3 O 1 rn CD z n mm 2 2 CD C o H 2 H pi ? 00 O mJ a fi m cn n r n ci -4 r o t Li f O a i-

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