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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, January 16, 1981, Page 3, Image 3

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Friday. January 16, 1981The Daily Tar Heel3 o o o , am o '-I u ... Sw - -i- Cy DALE JENKINS Slaiff Writer , Although the hostility toward the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTQ has decreased since Cathy Watkins was a freshman Tour years ago in the Naval ROTC program here, she said she still felt extremely self-conscious when she wore her uniform on campus. Not only have women suffered from -criticisms about being in the military, but across the nation attitudes toward students in ROTC in general have net been favorable. . ' Watkins said students on campus had rriro i f r Vr s?v1 r"" ' K"f i (A.miw such as "What are you majoring in, murder?" "The role of the women in the military has changed so fast, a lot of people don't realize how much we (women) contributei We take over jobs to free infantry," ;Watkins said. The recent events have improved the attitudes of some, she said. "Ever since the hostages were taken and Russia invaded Afghanistan, there has been more support for the military," she said. Will Kain, a junior in NROTC, said he did not; feel that the hostility against ROTC which began after the Vietnam War continued now. "It's so relaxed (at .UNC); there's no real problem at all," .he said. - .'; He said he had never felt like an outcast when wearing his uniform, . dim M.tii Coupe Kenny Ray (rihtj end GcrcJd Censtt!3, f.'HOTC members ...students say hostility has decreased in recent years which is required of students in the program each Tuesday and Thursday. The only problem Kain noted about the future of the ROTC was the reinstate ment of draft registration, since joining the ROTC could serve as an alternative to being drafted. Jack D. Stevens, NROTC chairman and a professor of naval science at Caro lina, said he felt the bad attitudes toward the program had dissolved. "I don't get the feeling there are positive or negative ideas (about the program)," he said. "It's just what vou do," "We have a full range of students (in the program) a couple of Morehead scholars, people who have to work quite a bit to get through college, students in the fraternity system. There are residence assistants, etc.," Stevens said. "There is .not a stereotype." The major change in the program in the two itnd a half years he has been at Carolina was the increase in the number of women coming into the program, he said. ' ' "We have about 15 or 16 women in . the program now," he said. There are 145 cadets in the UNC program. "Stevens said interest in ROTC may be increasing. "ROTC is the one place there is no discrimination (against women) by law," he said. "They get penny by penny what the man makes." Cy NOnA WILKINSON Staff Writer Because on!y950 new parking spaces are scheduled to become available for the proposed Student Athletic Center, which will seat about 22,000 people, a committee recently recommended that monitors be placed at nearby dorm lots during activities at the center. The Vice Chancellor's Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee recom mended Dec. 3 that parking monitors be placed at the Craige, Ehringhaus, Morrison and Hinton James parking lots during athletic events, allowing only people with valid parking stickers to enter, ; - ! ' . ' .- Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance John L. Temple, whose office received the recommendation, said, "We , will just take their recommendation and hold it until it becomes necessary. . "Most of the events held at the new athletic center when large crowds would be gathering would be at night and on weekends,' Temple said. "At these times our faculty would be at home, ' leaving even more open spaces." Gordon H. Rutherford, university planning director, said the athletic center was scheduled for completion in 19S4. He said planners estimated the number of parking spaces by allowing one space for every four people, taking .. into account already available parking -within 2,500 feet, which parking and ' transportation specialists said was the distance people were willing to walk. . The specialists determined an additional 950 spaces were needed. "We have, today, enough spaces for every body who wants a parking space on campus," Rutherford said. "That's not to say there are enough where they want them. "However, it would not serve the Uni versity's purpose to build parking it does not ; need," Rutherford said. Another - factor: in determining the ' number of spaces built was landscaping. "We don't want a sea of asphalt," he said. Ernest Williamson, Educational Foundation executive vice president, said his office anticipated no parking . problems at the new athletic center. Student Body President Bob Saunders said athletic center planners also had to consider the Chapel Hill Town Council's opposition to the construction of large parking lots which discourages use of the town's bus system. The University had to get a special-use permit from the town to build the athletic center. "The fact that the University was conscious of the town's attitude was a real selling point. "Remember that most games are at night when there is some excess space in the hospital, Ramshead and commuter . lots," Saunders said. ? ' . He said the F-lot, Bell Tower lot and hospital parking deck also would be used, with a shuttle system to the athletic center from designated lots. But student lots at Craige, James, Ehringhaus and Morrison are much closer. ? "The committee's recommendation guarantees that student lots will be pro tected during basketball gamejs,' Saunders said. . THE CAROLINA UNION Presents Employers and graduate school representatives will be on campus to discuss job opportunities and academic programs on the dates below. A resume is -necessary at the time a student signs up for an interview. .; ' ORGANIZATION DATE Jan. 19 Olin Chemical Corp. ; Laventhol & Horwath, CPAs Citizens & Southern National Bank Jan. 20 Citizens & Southern National ; Bank ; First National Bank of Atlanta ; The Upjohn Co. Southern Railway Systems i Internal Revenue Service : Carnation Co. Rohm & Haas Co. Jan. The Proctor & Gamble Co. ; Abraham & Straus Moore County Schools ; E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. Jan. 22 E.I. DuPont de Nemours '- - BluiTlell'Inc. i The National Bank of Georgia ; Weyerhaeuser ' Alamance County Schools i Wallace Business Forms ; Cummins Engine Co. Jan. 26 National Bank of Commerce ; First Computer Services i (subsidary of First Union Corp.) . ' Carolina Tractor & : Equipment Co. ; Chemical Bank ! Wang Laboratories Jan. 27 Milliken & Co. . Wachovia Bank & Trust Co. i Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. Decisions & Designs Inc. Iyey's Carolinas 7 ! II I 5 11 Jo Jan. 28 Ivey's Carolinas V Naval Surface Weapons Center . Armstrong World Industries Inc. 'y Digital Equipment Corporation Central Engineering ;J -V Westvaco Corp. . v Norfolk Public Schools Jan. 29 Trust Company Bank Southeast Banking Corp. f ' Chubb Group of Insurance Companies U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census Planters National Bank 1 & Trust Co. NCNB Jan. 30 NCNB General Electric Co. . General Electric Credit First American Bank -Shirt RpQi(rifivC:oiit(st: for the Carolina Union's The theme cf the program is simply "nocturna! sensation." Create a graphic representation cf this notion ancl submit it to the Union information desk in the form of black ink on white paper. The winner will receive a: and PirZcG: Tickets to most major Union events For more info call the Union at 933-1157 'IV .V'V . THE NAKED Advertlsino's Image cf Women JANUARY 21 . .8:00 P.M. . THE CAROLINA UNION presents Tourntiniont Jan. 20-Fc'j. 7 signup thru Monday, Jan. 19 Players of all levels of skill invited PrizcG indutfo: . Trophies and dinners; winners will represent UNC at tho ACU-I Tourna ment in Johnson City Tenn., Feb. 12-14. . Inquire at Billiards Desk or Call 933-4130 I SIGN UP NOW ; 1 4 -v X m J Informational Meeting um AT i IV:OrJTPELLSER -.Wednesday, Jen. 21 : 3:20 pm In 303 Dzy Ccmpfctcd Applications duo February 15 Pee.nio j..'2 end c3 ij-.; 9 In tht next to ths last ,vr$t In tht Cl'i-ta,' Cod's rcvt!st!en cf Himself to man, Jssut Christ tays: SURELY 1 CCf.lE QUICKLY, Ar.ZU." Tht Apo$t!a John answers: "EVEN 0, CC", LCHD "Ha that en- jreth to tha end th&'i ba saved . . . Ca thou faithful unto Czix end I v:'M g!v thea a crown of Ufa." If I don't "ensure to tht end" I v.Yl ba an cf fensa In that day, "fcr ha that putlsth h!a hand to tha plow end Icoketh back Is nat fit cf fsnsSva fcr tha Wnjdom cf Cod." If thsra Is net given ta rr.a a "crown cf thxn surety I w:ar a crown cf cfaih etsmal :zh AM prcfar.a ts'ka v;'.:i ba ' found to cf'snd, whathar It 1$ tmm curs&g cr talJng tha nama cf Cci In vain by Ins&carlty cf .'arth'p and prefssslcn. Cttbsth djsscrstara eff and; mlj tha day Cod sar.ct:::: J far Ills cv.n and to ba a tliasL-.j ta man In c' 3 him cna day In asven to "sack tha Lcrd v.hlla Ha may ta f cund, and caJI cn Him r.hlla Ha la naar," uslr.j this dsy far hla cwn vork, profit, p!aaaura, aparts, tfsatlcn cf tha luts cf tha tlsth. Tlmt r.!;ht fa'S to tat! cf cihsra v.ho effand end da Iniquity lika Pcntiaa FJista, v;ho cn eaaaunt cf faar end favcr era tUzli to stand for that whlah thay knew ta ba r!;ht; cr lika Judaa Iscadat would call tha f.!astar and fhtao$naai "dawn tha slver" fcr manayl It eppeara that mast cf Cad's Lswa and Ccmmar.a'mrnts era cff:.naSva to cur cnarttJax Harcln lias tha ar.;,;:f to tha cJt:t!an: Why da tha haa:h:n ra;al In th::a days v,hin it tc.r.s that "cvrril Sa da!-3 It," It !s not pleasant to think cf Christ's enssla Gathering all such fcr tha furnaca cf f'.rs. Insfaad cf praying Him to "Coma quickly," one mi;ht ba IncSIned to do as tha gardener did whan tha lord of tha vineyard taid him to cyt dawn tha barren fig trea: Lcrd,' don't cut It down yet, laava it a v.h'.Ia longt r, stir up your pecpla to dig about it, dung It, wtth tha hopas It vvlli bring forth fruit, end net hava to ba cut downl Why Is it that wa do Hot pay mora attention, why da v. a not ccnilnus'fy drum such solemn, even tcrrlt'a truth, into cur hearts and minds! Why is it that in cur t arching and preaching wa don't stress tha fact that when Christ "ccmath to rrtaka up Hla 3wc!s" thara wlI ba a discerning "between tha rlghtaoua end tha wicked, between him that earveth Cod and him that serveth him not." t!a!aahl 3:1 G, etc. In cur time it appears that much cf tha teachings cf Christ ta Hla dlsclpias In tha parables Is fsratten, forsaken, end not epplled to cur livaa and prcbiams! If, In cur testimony end witness!.-3 wa talked as much about tha denser cf being "tares, cfienders, docra cf Iniquity," end tha danger cf being gathered in tha end by tha an.gsfa for tha fumaca of firs, ea wa do In trying to persusda ethers that wa hava bean "bam e-a!n" end that Christ "tfwslla within," doubtless tha tngalt would net hava such a fcig job cf "feeding tha fires cf tha fumaca." niPiriT, runn from evil, aj.d make youFwELF a CAfiCiDATE FCH "THE CHACE OF COD THAT Cr.:;i3 ETH CALVATIONI" 31 ' TTT)-' 1 11M I ! (I 1y O I V JACL-w, Lji- JL LLi V Lasl-J'Ljr f ill o (O pi O (7T)f iTl s n f .it N Dalir; f -v I . . 4 I r 'jr :; t I ? I i i fc4 ft f , n 4 . f ; fen 1 r ; .: i . J - " - 1 ' All insulated outer-wear by Sierra Designs and North Face 20-25 OFF All Vasque boots 20-40 OFF All XVoolrich Shirts 25-40 OFF All Woolrich FlannoMlncd and Corduroy trousers 25 OFF All Duofold 35 OFF t 'i ' it v M - V Oft Tfc M W yfff aw ffH '" ii i i i 1 J i ' j "7 ! U)aU I LL 'yCO TO tIP... f0? Or CRITICISM? i 0 1 PEC:iT060T05lP IF 5s isrfr ALLOL'ZP A csef ucp of amcisi OAT7 7 4 4 4- 1 f 1 I, S if This coupon is worth 1 "IIL1 11111 ' 1 L.I I. - II .1.1. Ill I. M . I...O c. - hi, i rjc.-ytTc.r. t i c c c I c: .....V ' Sy F if --, u rs O ? 4 F i t:tni U O u p o i :- 4 f ,.v 1 ' i ID. 3 'l I 0 prn -i

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