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North Carolina Newspapers

The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, February 13, 1981, Page 9, Image 9

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I ".YA".', c3 I en us per ste yc-? Yoa i -sw st fas 1 at ffrm"e par'!, tl."...-ara. ti-: ' !, tc. . Jjst fctr a. I" act ' .'r-r bat la3 dUtsace. rs8er. And I J try not to fti aSp t.Ja JAM: Hop you have a good V-dsy. From a secret admirer. - LKWIM: I love the way you tickle my fancy. Eight. XXOO B.C. KOSES ARE RED. violets are blue, the past 1 4 months with you were a zoo. Getors, ostriches, der, sharks and stingray too except for frogs (in the arm) all animals are fun with you. . . ' CETH: Here's to you for a year of bliss amid squalor, commies, smoke-ins ad nauwum. Happy anniversary! I Love You. Mark. TO f ZY milTt'D IHappy V&htathse's Day sad xsy warmest stlihes VTlila love. D. LADY, Thank for all the great time: Wake Forest, Slug, late nights during Christmas, and all the other. Happy Vakntines Day. Love always, M. SUSAN, bet you didn't expect this... but you looked. What can ! say but HAPPY VALENTINE. Love CT (Utile one). K.H. and M.B. To the best looking TrolT drinking partners two gld could have. How about a repeat soon. Maybe at Tarheel Manor? Happy Valentine's Day! Susan and Debbie. TYROME, you are the boner of my box. To make long thing short, let me bury your bone. Happy Valentine's Day, Your Preppie Playmate. JULIE the last two years have given my Lfz direction, thank you for your support and Tm looking forward to spending a lifetime together David. . , -.- TO: PA?1CY3 Ji0r3TC-3 ejsdl Tl tt;o m:r::3 Happy v Day to yoa masy Cow era asad ca4y to yoI I uro&J slug til tat yea Laow ow bad that tvoold sosad. LAC AGENT .43- Good work! Your third Valentine clue is located on page 43 of a very interesting paperback book (author's initials JX). The Marquise. Though you're a 1iT bit" you've made my year "alot" better. Thanks for being the "best" roomie! Good luck youTI bust, "taboot" 1 Love You! "Oink" ETHELANNE The brightest part of my day is each 8:00 class spent with you. Will you be my valentine? Love Hank. P)il DELTA CHI Kftk sister. Thanks for the help during rush and have a great Valentine's Day. JANICE, Hero's y something to Valentine's Day pool asked for at the pasty ta Astrnst. Kappy Valentlae'e Day ad Happy Cii. Lov ye' Masses. JLR You are still the girl of my dreams. 1 Love You dearly, and know everything is going to work out. PTL! Be mine JHE. DEANNA DARLING, Sometimes I think you're the sweetest, kindest, and the sharpest girl I've ever met. But. . .other times Tm sure of it. Your Not-So-Secret Admirer. HAMMER.' Happy Valentine's Day to the Love of my Life. I Love You lots. Jenny. S.B.G. Happy Valentine's Day to the greatest guy on campus! I will love you forever and ever.', .and then some! WHEN you come to Tennessee you'll see the ANIMALS FROM NOAH'S ark and when you come to Albany, youll meet Noah! Little sister may be Jealous but you're mine to keep! Love always. Boss. P.S. Contving, huh! KN You're really somethin' special. Won't you please be my Valentine? PU do you right. 1 promise. Love, JT. HARPDOG, Happy Valentines Day! Bend a few notes and bite that mouse but please don't forget to be my Valentine. Love You! Harpdog's main ' cat. Fur meine schorl kleinc Madchen, tch Uebe Dich! Even though. you don't like omlettet or mushrooms! Remember Houston, and remember I vyYCa'fVydur'H MISS HENDRICKS. Happy Valentines day early. Had a great time talking to you at the mixer a couple weeks ago. Tm not always mean! Still friends. Blonde Hair and Elue Eyes. DAMMIT (aka Q-T," Little Grit, Toenail): Happy V-day to my favorite stripper who cooks In her refrigerator and does dumb things Just like me. Love ya, BiH. To Eli Whitney's very own P. J. Queen and to the Rebel City Crazy who lost her glasses in her beer; Have a great Valentine's Day! ILOFU, SHXU! Even though HI be gone on the 14th, tfs O.K., 'cause EVERY day with you is Valentine's Day! Be Mine ALWAYS!! LoL me. J! I, Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoyed the cabaret regardless of how shy you are. Just to b in love with you... (JH) BUD, Will you be my Valentine? I'd b honored if you would. I Love You. Tammy. RONALD, Thank you for all the happiness and love you have shared. Loving you is so easy. Happy Valentine's Day, 1 Love You, Ann. "SLURP" episodes, sessions, multiple, massive, candle light, good food, good drink, good dope, good friends, D.C, Nag's Head the best IS months of my life. ROD, Thanks for being so understanding. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Cookie. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to the sorors of Theta Pi. With love today and always, there's nothing we can't do. Ske-wee! Cookie. - FRANNY: When they passed out the snugs bunny parts, you got the best ones. The last eight months have been terrific. Be my Valentine for eiht more. Love and Kisses, Greg. DEAR CHRIS: Our first Valentine's Day toseiher, but definitely not our last! A t!j I talian Kiss awaits you! I Love You deartyf Always, Pat. nUNCH! On our third Valentine's Day together, Td Lk to thank you for all the happiness you've shared with me. I Love You. Jackie. SUNS! r.NLHl Yes, this is our day. So Tve put in a persons! to say: I LOVE YOU1H Let's go to Leo's &ni cckbrafe us. S. Ik lion. You're still the one! WJl you be my Valentine? HI bt your "heart Hps". 1 Love You! Your S. M in 219. CnrXinULA 1XT3 yo woat be loa!? toal'tl V.'e gave ker . yoar pkoee GHEY GATE Manage to intercept you at the Porthole Alley and 1 had to spe&k. Let's male flans far nert lt"owern over lunch. Interested? hel ly DTH personals. Vampire. RICK Py spiking wi-h your eyes you say It all. Fm L. V.jj fan ard to rsjor tjulrl times together. ',..U Love and T.L.C., Your Girl. TtNU! You've teafy "crown" on me. Vi tike to "r Unt" a tlj VaWnfiae's hug on .you. Hop your V-Dey a looms" bri.M. Lov Ya, Jackie. MAGNOLIA, I think IV mh4 the deift, but lSjiy Ve?f mine's Day anyway! Love, Hot Toddy. JOAN;::, T.1CK. LACY (NWoW), the InimltatSe 2orkrt, and etpecUHy My Coy Ovd: Harrv Valentine's Dv! UP THE COMMUNL1! Coisrriprsoa S4d. To ATrraAL vaixntjne and try LiXCL'X CiiXt Wtien you cct ;-!e ader your ;-?3, Ll-.t ethers ct.".tt ststnr-s, w monry, the tot t.lrrt-.'. INMt rWth l.vk. -j ? t it vt grt -jtd and tav yoo. . ?. out fcl your ncc-4 to pUy gtmes, r you will k a very slot ere dnkf , ihi tat? 1 da wry meh. WI 1L J,, st .2 wor.frtrg tf you've ever pat a in tfe Dill? Thaf-U k 3 Ih sumi-in you to. .i to rn at Caruhna. Keep wriU t-ftl! Haj;y Vtl.-fi! ut't !), l ! vf Umt, ti. CWi: CA"?V fLVt-WjwhMe yoa 3 Mt tl l.v and a I t-a; tV VWnt,ii's Dv Hv 6'fst YOU SILLY RAPHSCALLiON. Did you not think you would get on? Is two not better than on? Is . ther still no M.F.? Could Harpdog survive without Rahst-allion? Never! CANDY-O. Polar bears are ice cream cold. Yeah, you are too, but you're so fine, and to me fctrawberry blonde's as good as gold, so won't you be my Valentine. E. JACKIE Hiyawa! Ready to Tango? I know CPR. Swear I won't laugh too hard if i "death drop" you completely! Happy Valentine's Day! EI Newtonian. , CHRIS AND CHUCK you both are the best roommates and friends a girl can have. Thanks for everything and Happy Valentine's Day. Boys Ha Ha guess who. RON: Even though we've never fenced, you've already hit the center of my target area. S.B. HI CUTJE PIE, Glad you could make it. I promise not to keep you longer than two days. By the way, I Love You. Princess. JMS: Tm s'ad we settled things. Let's be friends 1 mean Ul May ell your dreams "come true with whomever. Shell be the lucky one. Greta. KD SANDRA: You're the highlight of my day. I'd like you to know how I feel. Please meet me at DarryTs Monday at 7:30. Aloha. J3A III Hey honey! So glad you are in Chapel Hill to be my Valentine. Thank you for "almost a whole year of being a tweet boy to me and making me such a happy girl! I Love You truly Your JAF. DCH. Happy Valentines Day, JMW. FORREST, GARRY. DILL. Mike. Lynn, Penny. Lisa, Kitty, Derek. Tommy, Micheal. Fred, Graham, CHI. Barrett. Randy, John, Monica, JoJl, Mike, David. Richard, Steve. Larry, Frank. Buck RA! How lucky can two people be? Happy Valentine's Day! Janice and Karen. MORE TIME FOR YOU.... With love always, especially for my seasonal gift!! ONEIDA KENTUCKY was wonderful but since then our love has crown stronger every day. Follow your dreams. They do come true! Mine did with you CS. - I MEAN YOU KNOW, Thanks for all your love and support. You make me feel very special and I Love You. Happy Valentine's Day from No Can Do. TO ALL THE EEAUTIFUL LADIES of the Junior Med Tech class, happy Valentines Day! (You too David) We know what to do with VD. Mark. EVERETT EE CAREFUL TODAY (Friday 13) Because I want you around on Valentine's and on our anniversary. Thanx for the best year everU! Love your Polar Bear. DAVY K. Happy Valentin Day! How many guys could put . up with me for a sister? Thanks for starting me of right at the H-L Love, Annette. MISSY'S MOMMYTTJow that Missy is away at Groton well have to take care of our illegitimate grandchild. Pert is away at Exeter, but I refuse to pay his bills., Send money now! Love, Missy's Daddy. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to our little Missy. If you marry Pert, well cut off your drug money and send you to school in Burma, behind the gauze curtain. Think about it. Love, Mommy and Daddy. KD, Happy VD to a great friend! Here's to more ' daiquiri parties, late night exercising, swimming, APO meetings, chilli suppers, and good times. Love ya! Jennifer. HONEY BUTTER I Love You. It's our 3rd and not last Valentines Day. Your the greatest. Can't wait until Easter. Honey in New Orleans. Love, Honey -Bear.-'- .'.-"..:. . . To D3 (Tlclocry's class at CCC) Let's coatiaae where w were Interrupted. Call ate. Gaes who? TO MY BIG TAB3Y CAT: Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for all the happy times we've shared. Let's share some more in Florida. I Love You! Your Sweetness. KINKY CONSPIRATOR, Hope we have a nice Valentine's Day. (Signed) Slow and Easy. GENE. Our relationship has truly been a "Fantastic Voyage." Can't wait until you make me scream! Happy Valentine's Day, you Fox! Love, PIEFACE. f'-DEfel1 fcf.l.fjfast'oeeh toorfast'o:r':too slow? "points" Happy Valentines Day. Yours, "ex Capt. Hook" "EARTH CALLING RODENT" You probably hold the record for forgetting and going inactive. Happy V-D and B-D (22). Life's a bitch! ALS You make me feel like something special, 'because you arc. Thanks. Happy Valentine's Day! A friend. ROC, words will never describe my feelings but I guess J. T. came closest when he wrote "you hold my heart in your hand." Happy Valentines Day. USA, Three years and three Valentine personals; What more can I say. Lets skip Springiest and go to Bermuda. Happy Valentines Day!! Love Scott (Touche) " WENDY! noses aro red violets are fclae when yosi are trans fered well sore sals you. Facia and Naacy. D ANITA: These last three months have been the happiest of my life and I have you to thank for it. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Brown Eyes. TO THE SARATOGA CASANOVA: Happy Valentine's Day! Good luck In your classes and '.getting ready for graduation. 1 miss you. Much1 f Love Pigeon (Coo, Coo) K.G. Thanks for a great weekend and worldly discussions. B.M. TO OUR FAVORITE Q-D-P: Girls, any chance for a private one-on-one mixer with a couple of guys from i-Phelta-Thi? Let us know! Billy and Willy. THIS HA MAD Ooakle and Shaney you aS are the greatest friends a girl could have. Lots of love on Valentine's Day. Janice L. KAREN, Happy Valentine's with Love. The past 2 years and 3 months have been terrific. Stay sweet and beautiful. Love aKysy. Your Valentine, David.. To my favorite duck (snoopy) Happy Valentine's Day. You're adorable. Love ya a lot ! Your newt. Fred. To my Kappa Psi Sweetheart, You'll always be my one & only Valentine. No one eke has that certain Cair. Lets celebrate Friday night! You're so cute in your Liile red suit. PastionaUly yours, the "CedgUng". LYNN: Thanks for aS your patience understanding and the many good times.WUhout your help Yd never have mad it. AH my love Greg. .203 TC'H CIIi Yea're tie "CtsUsi frtets4. Urn sweet mmd watca ot foe t&e tesik ostsl I-t'ssilsa. SUSN, Happy VaWntoes Day! You're the best !i!T ever. Glad you came to Carolina. Youll lay be close to my heart. A3 my love, Cob. J -C1RD. the fv month were treat. Hm's to the ones ahead. You're very S'nktUI to this Rookie, who's not Mng vp P3 still be her after Dave, exims and Grmay. kh licbe dkh Msjoo; Your Doull From Duk. SA-'XTX V.11ITE niCRY-l frry CD. and V.D.! Cant wait for toftSshi-drtr4, chink, and ktrJJ 1 Luvs You (snd I b seroutl) Love Y.S. BAHOO. ErntV: I want to whA you the I fastest Vlntifvf's Day ttf but I mu&i know that w yndstsnd ach otherf 1 hop so who he wmtll bm atl to f jure eliher tA us euf! Love !,', Woodstock. 'A MY DTJ FOr.r.lCN GOALKEEPER. l!-'-rr V?nfia D, I I- You sweetheart kt eckbrat tontiht okav?! love, Mrsslnjs, sad hWJ fun. Love al-,s your Giant ii&lomer. i Cr".T 3, fe a t r.-d cf &t yea e Utm4 e-fct ct Vcu'ra ereclil fes'y, tpxU"j ta , Tm e ry t-l f - hxt e t.s, Lo, Yea IX Cw k, MrXCDIE, I aw lrw4 to b'j your I prtvmi G" Jul l.k ii. oy k-eftef. lUppV VknSini Dy! Lov. Dvid (Yr. I vd Out). A., ..! V,' ? 1 f f d.4if.e r aa I--. ? t , ft I.. . jy V kf Dy. lv Ye 4 , TK MISS EEVERLY S. UNCs own t':,c YaLitiv&e: Hope your Valentine's Day is extra special 'cause there ain't nobody bo more extra special than you. ASST. 'HOUSE MANAGES These past two months have been trv'y woiiiII. floor esv""e was great bat the teach would te better, flow that , we've maJe it throt.'--h the night, let's go. t Love Yim very much, NeijL KH. C: 1 hep ya yottr I ViliJitlJie's Ciy at fcsa. "Vlst -vcr ymi j resJ ressaa La izs fT.Lr I hovm ya. I B. In snowy hSIs, or by the sea, it's always very ' clear t!o see. t!-iat E13 were meant to b! "S" nty. ' Valentine! Love, B. SCOTT: Happy ValentLnes Day! We're looking forward to being your roommates. Love, Betty. Alex, and Renee, (the bird). HAPPY VALENTINES DAY SchrauSiiern. you . Bursar. Hope w have a LTe time more V-Day together. Your Love. Herfcle. BAEE. you are the best thing that's ever happened to me, every minute since Springiest has been fantastic. I'm looking forward to the years to come as kmg as they are with you Love Ron. RICK! Happy Valentine's Day! We've had our tip and downs the past 22 months, Fm sure we3 have even more but Just remember that I Love You. Thanks for loving me. Love Cynthia. fixate rrrrmcz. i fWr ? sosaewbera. 171 y da't ya Cse dmvm asdl say feaUo? Uosaas awayl GCCZriA HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANICE CEEZLY1 Parly and burn rubber on your 21st! WVve had a stopper pimpin time being your roomies. LOG? Reuu!?y! Love, Meneuva and Reglna. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY IS 2 Long live Don's silting of our burrtteg desire, rendez-vous room, dreams (?) about Hctlanta. . About due MuS? ICki, aren't you clad you're not? Happy V-D! -T13. MARILYN B., You're without a doubt the "sweetest" girl on campus. Lets get together soon. Your Poll Friend. J.R., J. J.. Quack, no-buns front 01. Kappy Valentines Day. We love ya, even though you're doing your damndest to make us frigid. Lucky for the male race. Mil never happen. The Ice princesses from 233. TO STEVE.- MY favorite lawyer, dinner companion, chauvleur. conSdant, kisser, and soon to be Nurse! Thanks for the best six months of my life. Love forever. . .Miss HUIsboroush. SNUGGLE BEAR, I Love You; can't wait t tomorrow! The times with you have aS been unbelievably special! 1 Love You so much Snuggle Bunny. J2EAREST BENJI. When Is our wedding? IV are anxiously awaiting the cotisuramatioa of the marriage. "Bud" -will keep us . together. . Whatayasay? Love, Betsy and Cathy. , LARRY DEAN: Thanks for making this another special year in my Lid. 1 Love You! Your Snookie. . TWINKY", I Love You! The last 6 years have been sensational! Life wouldn't be the same without you! Happy Valentine's Day! I Love You Sheparoo. ' TO MY EDDIE: 1 Love You more than there are grains of sand. Can't wait trati March ! Happy Valentines Day Honey. My Love is yours forever. Love, Carol. , SKIP, Happy Valentine's to my favorite track Mstar"m be sending hugs and aSection from "D.C. A friendly Torontoniaa Exchanger. TC:S:i t:pey V:a' Day! lis creat. Here's to a3 tae soodi tksMs yet to cosse! It fjeis better every day. Yotr, i!eL 8TH FLOOR SOUTH GIRLS. Roses are red. Carol is blue. Everyone who "likes it on top," should go to the beach caster, too. Happy V.D.! Love. Rose and Carol. ' PRESTON HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Angela Kay, Pharr. Davis, and Danny Happy Valentine's, Love yall lots! Ang. LTL PHYLLIS Happy Valentines Day to my favorite, nurse-r you're much better, than l-5. Ul Roy (not Pete). K.J.: Let's forget last week and have a great weekend. Hope you don't mind hamsters for a 'present! I Love You and Happy VD K.D. JILL you don't have to call me Willie or Waylon but you can call me darting, darling. Here's to May 1 Love You. Bree. JULIE, LT.DA, NANCY, SZZZZZ sad PAULA IIa?yy Ve'satlaes Day, Taarnks foe everyihlua. Haeesu MUNFRED, It is a real Valentine Day for me because I have found my heart You. Happy Valentine's Day Love Pinky. R.T.K. Happy Valentine's Day!!! Thanks to you. these past years together have been the best of my life. I'll always love you. Until tomorrow CM. D. THOMAS: I hope these three months of watching . The Young and The Restless have been worth It for you. Realizing that I have but one life to live, I began my Search for Tomorrow. As The World Turns without us on The Edge of Night, you make me feel as if Fm In Another World. Thanks! When Cupid strikes, the ratings should go back up! You know, Rog, that I love to play, but how often Fve wanted to say: Though I act far above it, It's you that I covet. And 1 say so on Valentine's Day! Love, Barb. SUZANNE Thank you for everything and Happy Valentines Day. Love Psuedo Groid. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE. Congrats! (Now Just one more year!) Mercy buckets for Just being you Mercy buckets for the future! tLYKMSUHLI mot. P.S. "Pthwssstr MY DEAREST PIDGEON: You never said Ut would be dulll Here's to umbrellas, rings, promises and unbreakable rum bottles! (H love you for ever!! William P. C.VYN: Happy Valentine's Day! Thanhs for making this summer so great. Want to relive summer In the winter? Love, the fussers admirer. TO THE GENERAL: WO you be my Valentine? Signed: A mere Captain 33. TLls Is our third Valesttlae's Dey together, and 1 love yea csere see t'ime eve before! CJ yosi fee av VaSea&aer Love Z- JAY mm always, classod to say 1 lov yea, TtssLa 1st Lshtzj ese Crosa s.3 le ttad t3 c thresji. I hapm C rosJ a&ead I smoother tkasi thm road bMad. AH THERESA B.. You're beautiful when you sm3. tit btlf.2 uch a ooi friend. How shout dinner Saturday nht at my place? Love, Mi S. Kail;?. Tor-?, I!ary, Diila, Lara, Cty, fieri, tlaerlee. Geefl-!IAFSx cay - i:-ts STEVE a It your cut5 t-thlrt or ytKtr great voikv3 form that ct!;M my eye? Wltatever, Bs been a fantastic six easnihs! I LCT,"E YOU! Kut N.P.W. A,-j6f that w were bc.h rumilag from the fc and spXkrd one cf our on Ironic!? HfP VftWetiie's-fra "back" (hh-.:) wi;h the rKwfv- ' . KU That.k yoa lr bthtj the wonisrU you arc! You can I .! esy p'ait aflytlifw Van fove sharing ywirv! I lov you Lfc J-tit MM J. T-. W9 for granted what b tetedd asac'ft Is to t- L the rsl r.S tl a irl-tlcmsh1?. Theft? , 1 tVa- k oj :.' t tt carl 3. yevf comer " i yjf k -J Tf" Gl ti Love. V..;h kve 1. 1 .' . I Cr.VCJl. LAL-RA. TOC- IC'.ELY. FH-. rM.-" f - vfc-or- n, U ., f .. ftjcits, Tinsi.iy, Nrt, r 4 I x VI c. II ' .v Vbkf.f -. Day. 1 kvt j-f. I xrvtr. f... .'. DEAR MOM Af'D DAD. your Lls on ish r tl.i-k i-ow'f great! H-Tpy Vah,:Ji'i Cvi Wt k yW lh Kdt ftAh."H R.. Yo raalt !-;.U oVLkIi ls th b4 Thanks Ij kj..-AKs. shtltis, as-4 f:y dy tii!y breaks. Ifj-y V?' Veti Low. IJJ t: o c . r 1 1 n c , sir? if i a titt. C; . ? C " ' t 1 1 , J I 1 1 . . V-. . ! It t A. PANDA. Just a Lr.l note to tell yoa khi and send . along sone thoughts that - you already know. For a.hou! tamorrow we'S be tfttm apart, y2 alweys and ftwever be hem fat my fceert. HAPPY V'ALENTJNFS DAY. xxS.ILxx : . TO T51E DTH STAFF, techjihtg the womde&il Ltoda Cooper; you gav are the greatest, and don't let anyone teS you otherwise. fCeep puf'ht est a . crclierack newpaper, and don't fofset us "old . folks." Tropical Bite ! DAVE: Alihourb our road's been rocky lately and the 'stars have been tiding behind ckmds. --reraeir.ber 00 this special day tow raucb you're bvei. Jude '" 1 STROTHER: f3 ta3 tkteny boys and short fat boy better watch out for you! Who's Louclla's -beau? Happy Valentine's Dsy. Let's mak lots of coofctes and get fat. The Hawaiian . . , . .. MJPSS2) You t3 catch mslcorm, and caught thk enlhomy, btst Tm (very) trt to change thad Just writing th usual, love fID"N, N-teSnity!) CFHLEJPSO . DISCO, too bad your dstt Is golrsf to Rocky Mount Friday. Hope you bav fun anyway. Hepfy Vakntlne's Day! Love P , KAREN, Happy Valentine's Day from a sT;ht?y dsrenrjtd Jfirirprwi. Ahrtost ',x years. Lose cf thfcss have changed, more will, but one wont. Let's talk. Love Coach KEN, Thank you for unintzkil ene so rni&ry rimes when everyone said yo woulJAt. Ther wiJ always be a special place la any heart for you. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Teresa DAKN Here's to cuarters at Trclla, Cm 'fenhis who wrote' Han ZZsnt Hai Tvp, ' end crazy, marathon evenings. Through thick and thlfi-THANXSl 43 GARRETT O. Happy V-day Kk2 ILkeyooa bunch evea thoch you're so sweet el's t'oovy sa! I lare's to a great Eve rsos? H DARLING MYE:r,D: Hease be wy Valentine and 13 be yours too, because aooae siscs love songs sweeter than you. Love always Cfe?y JOJO. let's carry on th tradli a rose and a sir pack. We're ahsost to the tap of our raounteLi. I lov you. Lisa . JUDE. that coSee and dessert, I can take it or leave it. but I can't say that about yoa. I love you! The Bourbon Cowboy . B Thank you for the pest three months (well, almost), Tm locking forward to saaey mere good times, I want you to know that 1 cafe. Love ya. Deb AYCOCK QDPfs Spring Si's been great... Lock out, b-baS g&saes, the Al Wood dance... Stay Vp to no good! Happy ValenM's Day! Lov ya3 TWe Gastotvya Caby SHORTS: Myrtle Ceach Is reat. Crows are ast. You are the 61 and best for as. Let's pSI some more aS ashlers. Love forever, TL ' CINDY, DAWNFER, GA1EERT, AfO TEE to my sisters on V-day from one wbo Is m an Altered Stated I love you all, flash (alSas Capt. X-ray) EEAR, our 3rd Valentine's Day Is coming up; a day made especially for our love! And what a special fove we share. Happy Valentine's Day! Love Snugg CH KmpTV VaeewtJase'e . ' De ccttlel Vmm'wm sC3 CavorlJ csidJ a oed C.'kNJ. bmt fSl Lave to cell cae f or tS) re ef te ssessl Love, &e oter C. HAPPY VALIiNTINS DAY BILLY! Since you were expecting the other personaL t thowsht Fd be a sweetheart and give you a surprise! A3 my love, Liz - '!,- AMY. CINDY, CLAIRE. DANNY. Mary, Randy. Robin loves the key. Thanks for helping me a Jong the walk In Washington and after! ti.V.O. Is Him. Angela .. , !-y LORIE. . AMY. MINDY. KELLEY, JULIE. MARGARET. CINDY, thanks for making my tiS so extra speciaL It'd be dull wcthout you. HVD! Big Hug! Love. Angela SJH You Ilht the way . You brlsjhtea up my day You make me want to stay... (recognize the words??) Let's close Purdy's again sometime soon.. . TO PNNY,a Goofette) Happy 'Valence's Day! From a Total Stranger f CINDY D.-We'v taed about the "serious" problem and hopefully we've found the best ' solution. Now we have only to see where our hearts carry us. But In the meantime let's Just enjoy our time together. Its hard to beHeve ft has already been S months since you betfan to brighten my Lfe. And when I read that the average man falls truly la fove only 1.2 times m Lis life. I wonder what that 0.2 is goine. to be Lkc. Pi miss you this weekend and I LOVE YOU Crip ti. TJ Have' a heart and forjlve me. for we belong together. Lets - wine and dine . together as Valentine. We were meant to b. 1 love you. George . DEAR LAURA T.. Have the kappiest of a3 Valentines and wP yon be mlstm. I will fove yoa forever, Jim DEAREST USA. You had your mind set from the start. That we would never, ever part. You stole my heart, but that's O.K. For with you 1 wish to live, forever and a day Love, DtiVal LORi, ELUE, Lisa, Ann, AHza. Tracy. Met, and yes, even you Marion TharJis for ahvays being there when I thtek 1 irs!ht not make fcl You're wonderfal! Have a Happy V-Day. Love always. Sue Snuss1 Eiig Happy 3rd V Day together. There will be many more for us together. Have a great day Sefcaook. Love Mike . KENT1CUS: When the cutty set3. you be the captain and 13 be thrwV.d. Here's to a long voyag. Jackson. D.P. Happy day before Valentine's Dyf I tope you et fots of candy tomorrow. Talk serious? I looey means nothir to me. I love you. SJL - CST. The attraction U cttj even sSeitssr. Tm looking forward to more late, late nijht. walks to the stadium, and long talks. Lets get away. 143 and PTL. Your secretC?) admfrer. "aiiPLET" I Just want you to know how happy I feel when I think about us! You have made me on happy lady. Thanks love! ' ' TO THE FARMER CF W.VW: Yoa make me warm a3 over. Sarhiad And the sun wCi shlae many more years. Ihmesiberte3 midr.!;St picnk-. aports. purnkl.-, 6 am McM-i".ns, csHophaf. Gatorald, Qi-brand shhts. Goober, and 3 the ratissffe ytt ta be shared! G.Y. and hoda sl3 s?r tersf My fove forever, LTCID E-CCV.H TU..TLE. To my ftnctng rooaiir.tJ Her' wfaJrvg you a very happy Valerius Dy. I lap yea ecsi' wi:h you know who. Your $2" roonwsat ALDO, You'v been mcr Ls;h tha 1' contesL Haw!l F3 forever chUh plui-lsj ituartert OU E-"ih, &my ctiAiwr, and deoxlcti3 Up a! C&3, F be there ! lot Lhs TR.fiCY: Happy V&!ftt;si Dy to t6 EJXEST ticr.wE 1 kw. iir shtsst ;:;" t'.U la M oven rather than a r4-l3ertor? Love, Davii CUCf, wilhs fc the ti" a-" t.'.r-.' "1U1 A'iln." Cl-wrs d se-'" : fm have rati th's trrrr't mr.t.'.:, JL Tl-- h L 'beiftj woiJrLJ yoa. Lew. Ded L. k yca Ijt a w.?-tlt! yes. I el Pct-. star. Greeka, hl laOrs, a foommata when I have I la and yea. ft-J J: I I I teel l-Jext, Tmm St. tllTCIf: Cf tt t-3 3 wri U -?n, woe are -"IS I lov y-i ' 1 Tci s J sr f-sj eicli sJif. firry Vits- D- &wi?iwf5 Lave yoa Ds Z7t YtrVe ter:..l r-y Lt ljs?r erths. I L- t t . t.' -.V.i l.?vm t; rj exe t'S e;-V i"--Cea Friday. nip P! Eases are red. viu'tts are bhie. Tcxi mny bong Lfts! V.liat can I da? 12 fhiat over to the DTH as on the wtas ci a gi3 t dvliv your Utst .Valentine's personsL LSac. ' T Pas' who lows the Ciard LSastlet's End out if I can do anything. 7 deadly sis await. Jus reraeir.ber I love you. Ah?ys, Jay. . JLR Your are s;I the e ,! cf my dreams. I love yoa dearry, and mm ahvs praying lor you. Hold me. Ee my Vahstste LE.- . JUDY. JUDY. JUDY: You really are three times better! Your ;.1I. so J, and smile make our tkses toselher most worth v. Ue! V.'I.h love, -from one Mac to another.c. nCll, tl-ce fve r;-'i'5 ya I Lsve been on cloud . nine. I hope I can stiy up her wiih you always. LUV YA. CARCL ?SY) Yoda's are black even when yellow ." This E.'ii-a Bese from your l fcliaw Feb t4ih comes kt once m the year C ready at seven for dinner try Dear . nestrvatlsns have been rtsadt f-r dinner at Skis You are to be my honored f jest for kisses and hus. Happy Vafetfeie s Dsyi fove. DslCld - SViEET Cr.'E. TharA you far 521 derkil dys, wtb ma. Jn Christ is Lord. His fove Is eternaL Rom. i, Eph 1, 2 Cor 44. Fh3 1:3-10 ACQ: this Cjy's eafcp - JOEL, Our fove is lt thecomlag of spring a new segkm4!2?7r Vfiiaistiae's Dsy.'tloney. Love ahvays Carol .. SUSAN W.: You msm the slma of my He: forever youl stay as my feest! Happy Vakntiaes Day! Love pott. Brent "R&L'e Scfem'JrT-- Clmb every mountakt. folow every rctr.bow till you Cnd your dream. It'll mean taking chance but thafs part of ilendihip. 1 John 4:18 "Maria" . To l.srfa DsslJ, the cttet g'A I know at UriC Td Just Lite yoa to know tht be&tg your kimd means a tot to me. Cf coarse I cats th&k of something that would mean more, but...? Your most recent!,?) adnslrer. ; To the Fab!ous Newt from Winston Dorm: I hope this is the hapfiest Vskntlae's Day ever for you.' P.S. I fove yoa lots YeSaw Glawduck. JI"I Haipy Second Vatenilnes Day. 1 love you lots, and then some. Tm r,-d you're -Bally here. I promise not to cry sJ weekend. I fove yoa forever. TO .SKSraiCttl.IappV Valenttee'e Day. " Come do some eitiips on our floor, only quM the knocking business. Love ICi Roomies RANDY, We can tn.y pn&e our heavet.hy f-ther, for "we fove becaose II first loved us." 1 Jahn 4:191 fove you, Rob. ',.-" rssa E7. Usmmm&m Vtlm&m. m tffehsa. T3 E sssa. Asoc Yrsla Es C Here's ' wlhL-.3 yoa a llsppy Vaiefilnes Day fToast comes later). I lap we have at bast Eve more together. Thanks for everything (oops). Love, S ROSS. nO-T.O. LARACLX, 1 love you, J.R. loves Mess, and Boo Coo fhittlt s-s llKW Valentine' Day and thank yoa for your fove. Love, Terosis, Tera, Tero KATiaXEM, MELISSA, NELSON. Mamam ous aim beaocoup. Merd poor vonS co prehension et. voir akk. Papa a aossl les f tus beaux vakrttbM du monde. Vous trois. Etes no mcieures amis. Grosses Bites'. GW. & the ROTC G.G. We don't mind sharing your love but we demand one private hug each. We fove our Ted-bear. Your ECSTC liies ROCK CCCDSTERS, A Valentine wish to a croup ' efHklR&felagAilKCs,(Fm and Uz), who Lave shown me the E-hL Love MJU Snowed te, former 219. One year, five weeks, four days. Who wouUa thoe,h K would last? Me! Love you more each day. Love, LlCiS C KIT I (ICS Llith-ad) (Yes, you) Happy V&kntfnc ' ' Day to the crutch wefhUng terror of Sad floor. (Wanna go see Springsteen?) Karen, Let fcrJ problem be Just that, and let Eti Joy be a3 that they can. Tm here to share them ' bech. Lov ahveys. Jay NAN Thassks for beJsg such an "open" big tJeterto me. It "feels" great to Lave a friend like you. Ptahns 34. Your co-leader . SAE or Stakt lloaeybttm. Happy lst,V?ntlne)i Day. I fove you forcvesi You arc my Valentin eternal, (no insecurity (a that!) If you want more. Just ask. Your womea.' TRANU: HAX3T WT.NTO CHXAL HDNAP BJSJ NXIQ? YEOSA GT1?3 fTOLA XVYAP AO YAH TXJQY ASTPJ BTIL-N N3TLS. Macomus , CUffX: Be my V-hw-ne. GiHhsume Bouton CARLA, we've had ou good times, we've had our bad. The food outweigh the bad. Ikfy Vekntine's Day! I LOVE YCUS Larry. P-S. 1SY.T1 HAPPY VMOOSSS DAY TO MY FAVORITE mixed dotks portair boili en and cf the court! It's been sbt great months! Love you, CD CETSY, here's the classlSed VaJen-ne I promised. It's aka an apofoy for being so sarcastic. Have a good V&Sen&tes Day. E'.sed Elantoa's Shadow LYNN. 'eANET AfO LAURA. 'Thanks for the best bbthday ever and have great Valentine's Day. Love you, Lynn. P.S. Pinky needs a new bathing suit for Bermudal DEAS EROTKERS AND new pfcd-s of Z3T, Happy Valentine's Day to an extra special group of guys. Love you tU, Lyns NUG I hope you dont r&ind f I ask a couple of my llends to Live .? us Saturd-y. I fove you both. EpotHtalter JW Ksppy Vih??.:iWs Dry! Here's to fantastic lht monihs and en f ill Locking forward to a pedal aiht at tl-s Cam! I fove youl CC ftA aiAT, thariks for the best 17 months (almost) . of my Lfa. Yoatotlwaye&ejrewfcen I need you and, yes, you have state my heart. 1 fove you. Lee CI A Dee, K". Lou, Sarah Lee, Sue and Sissy Two, you fiotsa" Wlv: &m best of suiters te deserve the best ef V-liiWs Day! Kes P-irn, EELLE Sh3 we eUace? PcSta? How about Fi'4 E fc 1 wsha? tor two?). Happy Viljft'i.-vt's Cr,l IVha Ikmd. TO MY CMS AND C.'iY VAlXNTITiS, KEVIN. .Roses ar red. vtokts are bloe. 1 hope you miss me, as much a 1 mfss yoa. From your best friend and favor!! Car&Haa Sweetheart, Pammy, CETH: We met two month to and already you're become someone epccfaL llaady. To the st4 Lfe'y who fove ratebow and unkorns: Yoy ae eever far trota my next thoiht. 1 er 1 to you my fondest and hepfi f r t htrry V.'-nli.-.e's Dr,f Hcrpy Valm-'.-Ws Clrthday Sarshl W Lov You! K:i-y, Ja-iy, CfcflcSt,. KI and th test of the UNC track team.. UX I l:rr VCvZxt Ywi'rt w eeUl to mef You'v mmin r- tl ps-f.ct, sad 12 do tlie sam for yeut t Love Yoa, Lr. PSI THE TCT1C3I: Are yw boss a hot as vowr cakes? Sorry mhnJt FkjrVla but maybe w"l r you-ksowahts. The ttem Fyro Aaonyos. P.S. E.Y. ElhUf. Cg Deg. Dlg Dong. Dj Dong, I Da Yoa Do! Eag Dewf, Aeaatsrdafa, Lars, V Caod fii-nr-an-t!, iratnr, timtamps9t DddC Yew pant A Thrtt. Tkszu Lf lrsi!sst tea. ssorsirg, H?T7 V. !--'..- C-y lire y. C .L,Vf f lic4 LT&ttJ to r.r TKr r.rJ-. mm km rri c:--r, f BM cf i';-s. U ymI t.'-e te. 1J t : r . ! -. Lov Lort r, , - . 9 - p fie Craa e t f i.J.?tty ::4 mmA a i L f UiL-g ysai ta II .Ir.i. S. C. 17. N. L, yoar Lt,' I'-rry Vi!ft.'h-'e Ejt?, TLarJt yoa M lr3 L f lary, JCVD-r. f Vi.' feK-ffy I Lev Ys-J I lovt 'mi I !- YsJ I Im YoU Yeo aJ frc-V E Ci't l.lYf :t' it-!!" .i-l!n'iti rr.iVl I 1 l. 1 i-it"l,'f t ) I ;il) ft 1 t I r ' C y t ft C iLcn ih.'lbt,!; tl J 9 I n ' - - ! t -1 s February 13, 1 981 'The Daily Tar Mzt& MUSTARD MAN. I hf yoa hsw a very ILrrv Valentine's Dey. From a f ist 0 Secret t.i ' EICI l."D Y-. Tlvrse last few snon: have .been eaenioratS. Even th;h thtes are ctrnt, 3 now. t da car. Ilp;y Vsbatisse's Dsyf.Lovt Dartene. MARElE. Cite yesr aa" I tr.n the,t important person in my Lis. It hardly seeiss that long, but one lance shows the changes and Jos that e?y a tlstiaw shettti lefej. 1 Ikcpe) thst w . share many more Ltetlmes H-d wA as math love as the past one. I Love Yea. Eeth. CENO, From "mast abeam". Thm 3 it seems, you've grown so cfos to me. It's bard to sat;, "but . ANYWAY Thanks for the TLQ A?. - DEAR J Happy Valentines Day. Thar." for a ?eat 13 months ead foe c3 the worvdssfJ fci wv shared together. ILY. Lov abny D. ' Captivaiing Carat id Catchsr, Whet tephcen "phr wkh T? - - AuJBcste finite to Rn? : t V."hiy fove. this ret goes ch shy fcid ' ' When 1 put thoughts of yoa In it. Love, Esjlurous. - FIRST MET. but from now till eternity you3 be rry r-y pet. 1 Love Yoa more tlaa ai.5Kg Hooef3 Worm. BEAU CI IRI3. Our first Vi'zrJae's Dsy to;-" but djeSnttc not our. lasd A big l-tsn'K&is SW2.1U yod 1 Love You clasrly! Ahveyt, Pat ' " - EA.W. I Lov Yoa. ......... .what more can I say? E.S. , ;, .'. To my Sifirman: Downtown, Stoneybroolt, 'btethdys,' dfjslris and epales, fJet Cine. ' Soon Florida! A3 speci&l tlstsa -iih you. I Lav You!D.P. .The "Cube" (CiC) Hare's wkhlag the sweetest couple on campus the happiest VsJentin' Day .ever. Thar.hs buoefct for ewyth-g. 1 Love Ya' both (and Tm not even drunk!) CT. , TO ITS JlStl SUITE: rfef-y Vshrsfeies Dsy. Hope your day Is a real Xlsstl The his nest daor, KIX1 AND TIFFY Happy VakntSae's Day! I would five you Mr. CumLng Desk Usss4ll tut yeuH have to setck for an album cover and a ciCa pic! Love. Muffy. . A VAlEr.TTRS rls!k fa h ETHJ etiTj llarr V Cay Vest O fXS. JEE-LM, the answer EE -is . . .! Iteppy VdwQm'm Day! Just think. Pm only 19, and already Fv CoKen over It! MASSEUR, You've mads my Erst years at Caro&ta more than I eve dreamed oL litre's to many more awcsctacly woKdsrf J Uses. I Lev Yoa. Woman. CS: (A Day n the de) 'Yawn l?ri tl'a, tkUe. f'"', !spl saort, puat, "f JC (E? rLSCT IYWSFCF) .' SHARON, yoa have done so muds for me the past . few months. Tve had rny share ef protkms end each time, you've been there wiiH your si-r-pcrt and love. Thari&s so mods for beki "the ', A next door." Wlih Love, John. ' WCS: Let s hear It for our communc-lty! Have a ' heart this VD and dont past Be La, y low and stay cock JC ANGELA, I Just wanted to let yoa know that I really do care. Lets pet together, llext th-ac 13 order extra bread. A "Musical" Friend. , TAMMY, You're the best big sis ever! You've made this year so (pedal to me. Let's mck your last semester her the bes3 Love LesH. KT. What can I say. Heft you're ereaH Tons of memories beach t ips, fce-sk&j, road fcrtps, ' wine and best of el your iiendshlp. Love Les!le. A.NN. BARDARA, FRAN. Lort, Marl. Stephanie, and Tracy of Suite 731-734 Morrison. Thanks for .making me fed at home Happy Valentine' Day JoAJtne. AIJJSON, 25$ days afo, I gave yoa Scrvfy. This year something eke. It's been 2"S day already. Jjt 23X24 more to 0 en at a time Xm svClIrg to co Cut long end wota Hard nooh tortt there, too. Yoa and WZarebota wortli JL You are stipe Valentine and I LOVE YOU very much. Iv lost my heart to yog. Vow bt lw". Eobv, . lM. kARENrtlW' 'at W 'titss'-:wv Ues) through together Road trip, 1st nights, fun, trouble, (etc.). 1 wouldn't trade them for anytl.tes! Happy V&Ientlites Day! JoAns. ' To th ctit hunky baiketall player who stok rtsy ' heart two years ao. ! s?r3 Love Yoa and always will. You Gttl Bear Nut. PRES. J.B.: Roses ar red, Violets ar bbe, the blonde wiih PICO UPS wants to readezvous wilh you! Yoar S'"EETtE" DEEE1E have a Hapfy Valentines Day by the way I never thought yoa Lked Tih" anywey. E.R. , QUIZ, Rose are red vtekts are plr.k. If you are not my Valentine you stink. With lov for 11 mor good on. th big O. DUCKY, Thanks for Vskn&te Day smmber two. Let's have lots more while w row your?er" together. 1 LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY IfEAHT. Emmett Bear, E. Frewg, and Oscar. 8TH SOUTH aSCKS": How could I h but lov a bunch of "tfrihrsln" Lke ya"3 for making my senior year something speckX Happy Valentines Day, Gang! Love, "The RA" BOD B. f lappy Valentin Day end thaaks for Eve great years. Lov Ana. MY LITTLE PRINCESS; On special &y w1 inak that enchanting Journey to our own romantic paradi St Croix. Wiih a3 my fove, Happy Valentin Day. Y.B. HEY OWENS: Local fovers come up wtA a3 sorts of surprises. Tm tockteg forward to tomorrow niht with you. Love, tover f3 (Fort Chepd fi-II). To my Sherman: Downtown, ITaneybroek, Cirthdys, dac?::i'iris and Spades, ejufet times. Soon Florida! A3 epeckJ Cmee wkh you! I Love You. D.P. i lcvz vca ArrswAY asj ra t Yoa BROOKE W hav had on beaurJ J year, kf s make It two. Drr rarrldf-Bear. CERM, Thr.k for btzitar talks, good fetendsh?p, Uf nites, listenbtg! Your smH make tny Frustration tan&am. bt what ek Is new? Love 'ya always, TomdkX .... . COCOA,". 0 JOE G. You ar t pack (las tent. Thaftki for i Cm fan. f4yb you t tra week. Ifrv Vifl'tst Dsy. Your AihkSe Sopporter, Kn. . TO MY KZMOn FCR IT.riS. Tm crtry h yW I fov yoa e much, r. f . l-st Is yet to 'cos, ilapf Vleti DM You ts-b' tZZ tZ2 A' D CED VZUJU fl tns-JS e hearts, but fXk mn4 1 fov yoe f;'""S mtr?,ity, let ftt v9 o4 tfr seil.i.i'i, Ommltt tSlA . wWt pt yoa a r;i.hsJ. Wooday I . v. , i i j 1 s 4 v I - i ' . J i I TC Tl- ' J 1 t f 1 ' ' J V t t tl v'i t-e I - 3 mu-M i J. t - , !- !.-. I 1 j ' ' 1 ' ' '.-'- ' r I , t ittct .i j i I .. I f t V " 1 1 -"3 iff T- j!: : ! -Thsi k the II it. t . ff t$ ta the f:fwl. Yu a 'y hS IU, j-y Wh-v.'s tV I U. T:MYh -'; I ' ..-

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