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North Carolina Newspapers

The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, August 24, 1981, Page 40, Image 40

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12CThc Daily Tar HeelMonday, August 24, 1981 CO H 2 Ul & H CO 7, CO u H 0 u K O 0. a: c u j u u tv y y r T?ias-linistiryraierit,.'- Hwltt-Patord:an:d;. Sharp Calulatirs and 1 a complete line of accessories PLUS 90 DAYS OVER-THE-COUNTER EXCHANGE ON ALL CALCULATORS CO K z h CO z CO X UJ H Q U o c oc o u z Texas Instruments TI-58C. Advanced programmable calculator with plug-in Solid State Software modules and new constant Memory feature. Reg. $115.00 . .$103.50 TI-MBA. Advanced programmable for advanced business majors. Reg. $70.00 .$62.95 SLIMLINE TI-35. Economical scientific calculator for students and professionals, with Constant Memory feature. Reg. $25 .$22.50 J-PLAIN PAPER PRINTING CALCULATORS TI-5215 Reg. $1 75.00 ..... . . . .$1 57.70 TI-5219 Reg. $205.00 . ..... . $184.50 BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIAL TI-55 Tl-55. Versatile slide rule calculator for statistical and mathematical problem solving-with simple prog rammability. Advanced Tl-55 capabilities programming, plus a unique blend of hardware and software support features. Easily handles almost any mathematical operation, from logarithms and trigonometry to more ad vanced statistical problems. Reg. $40.00 28.00 CO z D (0 z CO X UJ H O u o 0. CL O U z SLIMLINE TI-1 030 Economical pockct-portablo electronic calculator-vith mem ory. A handy LCD calculator with most needed functions for everyday per sonal use. Percent key performs add-ons, discounts,- interest calcula tions and percentages automatically. Four-key memory allows you to add to, subtract from, recall, and clear memory withour affecting calculations in progress. "Wir Tt-1030 QQOO QQD a oooo I Reg. $17.00 sale $12.75 SLIMLINE BUSINESS ANALYST-II It's now! From Texas Instruments . ... A powerful LCD financial calculator with statistics. Now you can handle and analyze a wide range of financial and business situations quickly and efficiently. Constant Memory feature retains data whether the unit is on or off. An economi cal and versatile productivity tool for today's business professionals and stu dents. Reg.$50.00 $39.95 TI-1750. Ill Light, small economical. Performs additions, dis counts, square roots, percentages and has a 4-key memory. Reg. $15.95 . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . $12.50 TI-59. An extraordinary card programmable calculator with plug-in Solid State Softward and magnetic card storage. For professionals in business, science and engineering. Reg. $250.00 . i .$225.00 TI-PC-100C. Printer for above calculator. Reg. $225.00 J ... . ... ....... . . . . ... . . . .$202.50 IS . IN STOCK THERMAL PRINTING CALCULATORS Tl 5015 reg. $ 75 TI-5040 reg. $115 $ 67.50 $103.50 2 15 -J X - iM HP-33E PROGRAMMABLE SCIENTIFIC Science, math and statistical calculator with the added clout of programmability. 49 lines of fullymerged program memory. Editing keys, control keys and a full range of conditional keys. 8 addresable storage registers. Reg. $60.00 $54.00 BACK-TO-SCHOOL-SPECIAL HP-33C Progrmmcbb Scientific With Continuous Memory. This entry level keystroke programmable features fundamental prog ramming capability as well as a! complete set of preprogrammed scientific f untions. With 8-user storage registers and a program capac ity of 49 fully-merged lines, the HP-33Cs easy-to-master program mings cabability can perform repetitive scientific calculations quickly and accurately. Continuous Memory. Reg. $90.00 ... ......... .$81.00' HP-34C Advanced Programmsble Scientific With Continuous Memory. Incorporates the most advanced programming capabilities in a keystroke programmable. Designed for technical professionals and students who need the flexibility and power of advanced prog rammings. Includes the "Solve" and "Integrate" function. Reg. $150.00 $135.00 HP-33C Advanced Financial Progremmsbia with Continuous Memory. HP's most powerful financial calculator. MultitJde of built-in financial functions. Easy to master programming capability. Reg. $1 50.00 .$1 35.00 HEWLETT PACKARD HP-37E Business Management. Best choice for a basic businessfinance calculator. Features HP's unique "cash flow sign convention" to let your solve problems intuitively. Can handle Pre sent Value, Payment and Future Value calcula tions simultaneously. Calculates percents, dis counts, markups, figures amortization schedules. Statistics with trend line forecasting. 5 financial and 7 addressable storage registers. Reg. $75.00 $65.95 HP-32E Advanced Scientific with Statistics. All HP-31 E functions plus math arid metiric cap abilities. Hyperbolics. Comprehensive statistics. ENG, SCI, and FIX display modes. Decimal de gree conversions 15 addressable storage regis ters. Reg. $55.00 $49.50 EL-505S. 10 digit LCD scientific calculator. 3 key memory, power, logs, exponential, reciprocals, facto rial, percent, scientific notation, angletime conver sions, coordinate conversion and statistical calculation. Reg. $29.95 . . .$22.45 MODEL EL-505 FULL FEATURED SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR .WITH STATISTICS FUNCTION 8-digit LCD display. Scientific notation; 5-digit mantissa 2-digit exponent. 39 scientific functions including statistics (n, ex, ex2, x, s, n!, nCr, nPr). 3 levels of parentheses. DEG. RAD, GRAD. 5-key independently accessible memory. . Polar coordinates, time and angle calculations (DEG, DMS, re, xy). Two "AA" batteries provide long battery life. Reg. $20.95 13, y r i EL-313. Basic 28 usmetric conversions, add-on discount, reciprocal, constant. Reg. $17.95 .$16.15 EL-507. 10 digit LCD-8-digit mantissa2-digit expo nent, 5 storage memories3-key independent memory, memory safe guard, 38 program steps, 15 levels of parentheses with 7 pending operations. Reg. $39.95 . i $35.95 Thin Scientific Cslculstor With A Super Ccpcclty Dct f.'.ctrtx, Alphanumeric DIcpIcy Thct Vrt:c3 An Equation And Rsmcmbcra It li ' , 1 i f 1 ' t i v i I ' ' vW l U V. t "A U r l a 'J ' 000 o O O O reg. 8D.95 24-digit dot matrix LCD. Algebraic Experssion Reserve (A.E.R.) mode stores formulas and protects them with Safe Guard". Direct formula entry. Rolling writer display allows the entry of up to 80 characters. Trig., inverse trig., hyperbolic and exponential functions. Number of samples, mean, zx, ix std. deviation, combination permutation and regression calculations. Instant playback of equations for review or corrections. H m x ; . Z ; 3 co Sc- pi z H CO m x -CO z n O O .H 2 CO H C z H CO H m x . CO z z CO H C z H CO tn r- SB. t3 S3 i x 33 o m S ' a O o o o 1

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