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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 02, 1981, Page 5, Image 5

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Wednesday, September 2, 1981The Daily Tar Heel5 Deacons look for a Q3B Heel soccer to meet Atlantic Christian By GEOFFREY MOCK DTII Assistant Sports Editor Sixth in a series. The day of reckoning will soon be upon Wake Forest's first-year coach Al Groh. With the season opener against South Carolina just days away, Groh is going to have to make a decision as to who his start ing quarterback will be. Sophomore Gary Schofield and senior" David Webber are the contestants for the chance to replace record-breaking quarter back Jay Venuto. Both Schofield and Webber said they believed Groh had made a decision, but if he had, he was not giving any clues. "I talk about it every day," Groh said. "I will announce a decision on quarter back whenever it is in the best interest of the team." Groh said he would not use the shuttle system, but that both Schofield and Web ber would see playing time. "Both quar terbacks have earned the right to play in a game," he said. "To make a change in the game would change the tempo of the offense, but not dramatically so." "Gary has the longer range with his arm, but David is better on the sprint-out. Our style offense requires the quarterback to understand what we're trying to do and make snap, on-field decisions. Both are very smart and competitive. A quarter back's mind and heart are just as important as his arm." . Schofield said the competition had only helped his performance. "I feel mentally I'm ready to play," he said. "David de serves a lot of credit. He has worked hard and earned a lot of respect. We feel like we have two starting quarterbacks instead of two second-string quarterbacks." At the end of last season it was expected the quarterback decision would be made by then head coach John Mackovic. But Mackovic left the Deacons during spring practice to join the coaching staff of the Dallas Cowboys and Groh, who in January 1981 was named defensive coach under Mackovic, was given the position. With Mackovic's departure coming so late in the practice season, some worried the setback would damage the Deacons' Atlantic Coast Conference title hopes. But the players said the changeover did not hurt them. Sports Soccer vs. Atlantic Christian, 3 p.m. oh Fetzer Field. "We have a close-knit team," defensive end Eddie Yarnell said. "We knew coach Groh before. When Mackovic left in spring practice we didn't have any time for re morse. We had to get back to work. The transition was smooth and the people really like being around coach Groh." Mackovic's Deacon teams were char acterized by a high scoring offense that made him popular with the fans, but Groh said he was not concerned with that pop ularity. "I hope to be very exciting and win " Groh said, "but if both are not present, "I'll take the win. I'm very happy with as good a position as Wake Forest has been in. They have won in the past and they can win again." Mackovic left Groh with an explosive receiving . corps that could make either Schofield or Webber look good. All-ACC wide receiver Wayne Baumgardner returns and looks to continue his 30-game streak of catching at least one pass a game. His 12 career conference touchdown passes tie him for the ACC record. The man he is tied with is Deacon flanker Kenny Duckett, who caught all 12 of his touchdowns last season to set a new ACC season record. Together, the two will keep opposing teams' secondarys busy. "If they try to double .coverage me, somebody else will be open," Duckett said. "If I'm running decoy that gets somebody open, that's great with me. I'm a team player." The tight end position will also be strong with Phil Denfield starting and Mike Mul len and Rodger Morrill providing depth. Otherwise, Groh needs to fill in several gaps. "This is as inexperienced and youth ful a team as I've been associated with," he said. "The opening game will be very challenging. Depth is relative. At some positions we go from a young kid to an even younger kid." Groh is counting on tackle Richard Bal dinger to provide strength on the offensive line. "Baldinger was one of the most im proved players in spring practice," Groh said. "He's aggressive, and competitive. He's the strongest person on the team and he's set an attitude on the offensive line that has helped its development." Paul Gardner will man the other tackle spot while Danny Martin and Pat Slenski UNC football notes North Carolina football coach Dick Crum said he did not believe that the pre season polls picking the Tar Heels to fin ish in the Top 20 will effect the team's play. ' "It's nice that some people think so highly of our team,"Crum $aid, "but our players know they haven't proved anything on the field yet. I'm sure there have been instances where the polls have bothered a team, but I think our guys are too mature -and smarts let that happen" tdthem.'' 4 the Tir Heels were picked tenth" in the Sports Illustrated poll, 12th in the AP poll and 14th in the UPI. While Kelvin Bryant is securely in the starting tailback position, the number two spot behind him is still up for grabs bet ween Tyrone Anthony and Bobby Ratliff. Anthony ended spring practice behind Bryant on the depth chart, but Ratliff has had a strong fall practice. V j Al Groh will start at the guard positions and Ben Freeman at center. Wayne McMillian and Dan Dougherty will be the starting running backs. . The weak spot on last year's 5-6 Deacon team was on defense which gave up 20 touchdowns in its last seven games. In hopes of improving the unit, Groh has switched from a 5-2 to 4-3 alignment. "The 4-3 is what I've been working with," he said. "The 4-3 is not the best defense against a single play, but it gives us more flexibility and variety. You're sending in a third more players into the line and as with military theory, the more battalions you send in, the better." The defensive stalwarts will be Yarnell and linebacker Joel Triplett. Groh said he put Triplett in the strong side linebacker position in order to give him more range. The other linebackers will be Steve litaker in the middle and Kent Simon as the weak side linebacker. Yarnell will be joined on the front line by Mike Hodgson at the other end spot and Alex Brown and Eric Metzler in the two tackle slots. The safetys will be Lewis Owens and Landon King. Both had seen playing time in the past, but were dropped out of the starting positions because of injury and had to win their spots back during fall practice. Eddie Green and Henderson Threatt will be the cornerbacks. News in Brief ' capsulizes the latest news. Read it every day in The Daily Tar Heel. ilk!! 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' 1 42""" : .43""" " 44" 45l46 j" " fTiiT ' "56 " 57 ' 58 : . f , I " I 1 i - 1 1 1 I I I I J M c;1S31 by Chicago Tribune N.Y. News Synd. Inc. All Rights Reserved 9281 r""'""""U"""1 WMtWUJ I "E Z.., 'I i I s I BAI BARGAIN MATINEES $2.00 PM MON.-FRI. ALL SCREENS HELD OVER 7TH WEEK "ARTHUR" Dudley Moore 3:00 5:00 7:00 9:00 NOW SHOWING 3:10 5:10 7:10 9:10 KURT RUSSELL AVCO EMBASSY PICTURES REIEASE m mom HELD OVER 3RD WEEK 2:45 4:55 7:05 '9:20 To love a stranger f "f ll ' b easy. 1 1 K W4 To k9l a lover is not I 1 "STMTS' EYE OF T THr UNITED ARTISTS $1.C0 ADMISSION ALL SEATS ALL TIMES NOW SHOWING! 2:00 4:30 7:00 9:30 TUC GEORGE McGOVERN r 'K "The Radical Right's Challenge 1 to Democracy" Tuesday, Sept. 8th 8:00 P.M. Memorial Hall Admission Free Presented by the Carolina Union Forum Committee By LINDA ROBERTSON DTH Slaff Writer The North Carolina men's soccer team takes on Atlantic Christian at 3 p.m. today on Fetzer Field in its second test of the season. The Tar Heels hope to repeat the results of last year's game against the Bulldogs, but by a much more comfortable margin. , "They took us into overtime last year and we barely came away with a 1-0 victory so they are definitely a capable squad," Carolina coach Anson Dorrance said. "They didn't lose anyone to graduation and we lost five or six starters so it should be quite a game." . UNC opened its season with an impressive 8-0 shutout of High Point Sunday. Dorrance said the offensive display was a good sign so early in the season. ' "Right now we are trying to establish patterns of play and of fensive patterns are tougher to get down than defensive patterns," he said. "I'm concerned with the front line players not running the patterns as well as the reserves at this point. Our super class of freshmen has already had a big, positive impact." Senior captain Ricky Marvin said he goes into today's game against Atlantic Christian with guarded optimism. "Every time we play these smaller schools, we can't take any thing for granted and lose all our concentration looking ahead' to the big games," Marvin said. "So far our progress has been good and what we're really happy with is our scoring." "We're all pretty confident," midfielder Mike Fiocco said. "We'd like to rack up as many wins as possible in the early sea son." , "Atlantic Christian will be stronger than High Point. They're not a push over," goalie Geoff Drayton said. "But we should win on our home field and it shouldn't be as close as last year." The Tar Heels continue the home stand with a game against Belmont Abbey at 3 p.m. Saturday on Fetzer Field. $ VALUABLE COUPON $ trraVERSiTY' L. W rui ifti BBQ SANDWICH FRENCH FRIES '12 0Z. DRINK . GOOD ONLY AT CHASE, LUNCH 9281 V our mi uuuruiN U wiW COUPON ! UuSJCP gXIXD 3SO vDmLXik3j3Cll d5j to CIDCD30 (!Lrr(b (Tteft? (!XDQ (CDfJClQife QGXll uGx? GDgXT; cUbsx? os efilD ox3B ate (h Tl mUnndFufSyn(cm.lnc. 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