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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, October 28, 1981, Page 5, Image 5

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r Wednesday, October 28, 1981The Daily Tar Heel5 if tt n TTTT el Iiave to mimdLi off lo Heels ninth I Me 1980, get. V 3M Alan Burrus By CLIFTON BARNES Sports Kditor It's kind of like last year. The Tar Heels were 7-0 and looking at the possibility of a national championship when the Oklahoma Sooners knocked them down 41-7. " , This season the Tar Heels were 6-0 and No. 3 in the nation when South Carolina handled them 31-13. A year ago, North Carolina had to get its mind on the Atlantic Coast Conference championship a week after the Oklahoma loss when it played Clemson. The Tigers, though a less talented team, played the Tar Heels tough as UNC pulled out a 24-19 win. This year it's Maryland the Tar Heels must get ready for and Coach Dick Crum said he felt his team would have no trouble getting mentally prepared. "They seem to not like North Carolina very much up there (Maryland)," Crum said at his weekly press con ference. "There's no question our youngsters will go up there and play hard. They have a lot of character. "It's different than the Clemson game last year after Oklahoma because we weren't as. beat up as now," he said. "We'll go to Maryland with a disadvantage physically." Soccer team aims for title By LINDA ROBERTSON Assistant Sports Editor The women's soccer team, a pioneer in the sport, has seen its trailblazing payoff in a No. 1 ranking by the Intercollegiate Soccer Association of America. As the season winds down, UNC is hoping, to live up to that ranking on the field as well as on paper. "We've made no bones about it. Our ambition all along has been to win the na tional championship," UNC coach Anson Dorrance said. "Our spot'in the poll is indicative of the great support from the athletic department and a good recruiting year." Carolina is 17-0, moving to No. 1 after defeating Connecticut Oct. 11. "This is the first year they've had a poll and we don't like to place a lot of value on it," assistant coach Bill Paladino said. "The one aspect of the poll that is impor tant is the fact that the final ranking de termines the top four teams who get first round byes in the national tournament." But before the nationals, UNC has a couple of warm-up matches to get through. Friday and Saturday the Tar Heels host the N.C. Round Robin tournament. Warren Wilson College (located near Asheville) and Georgia Tech are scheduled to attend, but Tech, 12-0 losers to UNC Oct. 17, may decline the invitation, The AIAW Region II tournament is slated for Chapel Hill Nov. 6-7. "For the regionals, we've had no com mitment from anyone yet except Vir ginia," Paladino said. "Each of the nine regional champions gets an automatic bid to the nationals and there are three addi tional at-large bids.' ' The showdown will be in Chapel Hill Nov. 19-22 at the AIAW national tourna ment. As home team, UNC has a special stake in the. action. The semifinals and finals will be held in Kenan Stadium. It may seem a little early to be talking about the nationals, but team members have been thinking about it ever since their se-. cond place finish at the national invita tional last year. "We're really working toward nationals right now," Iiz Phillips said.. "We're trying to buildup our fitness and keep everybody healthy." Senior Liz Crowley has been with the team since its inception as a club sport four years ago. . "The biggest change has been going from having a few stars to having incredi ble depth and lots of talent," Crowley said. "We used to work hard hoping we could win. Now we work hard knowing we can win." Close games of a year ago became wipeouts this season. 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News Synd. Inc. All Rights Reserved 102831 The Tar Heels were hit hard with injuries and no less than five starters are doubtful for Saturday's game at Maryland. , "We'll have more of a base attack because of that," Crum said. That's his way of saying that the offense will be more conservative. But fullback Alan Burrus 'said his role would not change. "My role is mainly as a blocker,", he said. "Sometimes we'll keep them honest rjy running me up the middle just like always. .' "We'd won six games in a row and we just stopped doing the things we had to do," he said of the South Carolina game. "We didn't take practice as seriously as we had been since we had just had (fall) break." ... The only goal the Heels cannot reach now is going undefeated, Burrus said. - "Still, we can go to a major bowl," he said. "I guess it was in a lot of people's minds that we might win a na tional championship, but that's not something that we can discuss on the team." Nose guard Steve Fortson said that the team would move on with the rest of the season and not think so much about the South Carolina game. "Just as you can't dwell on wins you can't. dwell on losses," Fortson said. "On Saturday we thought about the loss. On Sunday we reflected on it, but Monday we started thinking about Maryland. "We are fine mentally." , But physically it's different story. With the probable loss of defensive tackle Jack Parry for the Terp game, Fortson will have a different teammate to work with Joe Conwell, a junior who was red-shirted last year. "I don't see that much problem with the injuries," Fortson said. "When you play together, naturally you get dependent on one another. I always expect Jack (Parry) to be there. But we have confidence in our back ups. . ; "It always hurts to lose great players but it will make us work that much harder. We'll pick up the pieces." Notes: On the injury situation Crum said, "We won't know who we'll have until Thursday. Doctors make the decision, not me." Senior Alan Burrus said that if quarterback Rod Elkins could not play against Maryland, he would not be. the leader on offense. "I'm a quiet player," he said. "I don't consider myself the leader or anything; Rod's pretty much the leader on offense. There's been a lot of criticism of (back up quarterback) Scott (Stankavage) but's he in the same category as Rod in leading." ' - " AP POLLS No. Team Record Points 1. Penn St. (45) . ..... .6-0-0 1,259 f Pittsburgh (19) ..... . 6-0-0 1 ,235 3 Clemson .7-00 1,105 4. Southern Cal. ......6-1-0 1,079 5. Georgia .......... .6-1-0 990 6. Texas 5-1-0 893 7. Mississippi St . .6-1-0 796 8. Alabama ....... ...6-1-1 730 9. North Carolina .....6-1-0 630 10. Arizona St. ....... .6-1-0 557 11. IowaSt. . . ... . . . . . .5-1-1 548 12. Nebraska 5-2-0 520 13. So. Methodist ...... 6-1-0 509 14. Washington St. . . . . .6-0-1 501 15. Michigan 5-2-0 435 16. Iowa ......... . . . . .5-2-0 327 17. Florida St. . .5-2-0 " 272 18. Washington ....... .6-1-0 173 19. Oklahoma 3-2-1 128 20. Arkansas ......... .5-2-Q ' 104 Sports goal last year, but amassed scores of 15-0 and 9-0 this year. UNC has outscored opponents 139-7, including 12 shutouts. "I don't think we had a competitive enough schedule," Crowley said. "But we had a couple tough matches." "So far everything is going just as we planned," Dorrance said. And those plans include a national championship. The Carolina Union Presents. . Sunday, Nov. 1 8:00 pm Memorial Hall Tickets: $7.50 reserved seats at the Union Box Office 6SE PSYCH GEE BIO KAT CSUT-DAT-QCAT'PCAT VATSAT.ACTCPA-TCEFL USKP NATL UED BDS ECFMG FLEX VQE K03 NPD I NLE IOUCATIONAL CENTER Test Preparation Specialists Since 193S For information. Pitts Cull 91483-8720 I HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUTMARGE... THE UJAY I SEE II THERE SEEM TO BE MORE QUESTIONS THAN THERE ARE AN5UJER5 50 TRV T0 BE THE ONE IUHO ASKS -THE QUESTIONS.' i DOONESBURY by Garry Trudcau LiL. 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