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North Carolina Newspapers

The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, August 23, 1982, Page 50, Image 50

Below is the OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It is also available as plain text as well as XML.

12DThe Daily Tar HeelMonday, August 23, 1982 CO H Z UJ h to Z (0 UJ Q y K O 0. o u z 'CO H Z UJ 2 D C K CO z (0 UJ H Q u K O 0. o u z OS L5 3 -J a: Jl osy Fir o n r n Macs . Yuir N run in hi II Islni) ffoir Tejias InsflrumeiniV Hewleffl-Packard audi Sharp and a complete line of accessories altaulatoirs PLUS 90 DAYS OVER-THE-COUNTER EXCHANGE ON ALL CALCULATORS Texas Instruments TI-58C. Advanced programmable calculator with plug-in Solid State Soft ware modules and new constant Memory feature. Reg. $115.00 .. $103.50 TI-MBA. Advanced programmable for advanced business majors. Reg. $70.00 . $63.00 SLIMLINE TI-35 II. Economical scientific calculator for students and pro fessionals, with Constant Memory feature. Reg. $25 $22.50 TI-1750. Ill Light, small economical. Performs additions, discounts, square roots, percentages and has a 4-key memory. Reg. $14.95 $13.95 SLIMLINE TM031. Economical pocket portable electronic calculator with memory. A handy LCD calculator with most needed functions for everyday personal use. Reg. $10.95 .....$9.85 BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL TI-30 This unique Tl Algebraic operating system with 15 sets of parentheses and up to 4 pending operations allows pro blem to be entered in the same order it is stated algebrai cally. Scientific notation allows you to work with very larqe or very small numbers. Plus memory. Functions in clude percent, constant, roots, powers, reciprocals, logarithms, degreeradian, modes, and trigonometric functions. Reg. $15.00 $10.65 -PLAIN PAPER PRINTING CALCULATORS TI-5215 Reg. $175.00 .'. ....... . . . . $157.70 TI-5219 Reg. $205.00 $184.50 TI-5120 Reg. $75 .... $67.50 TI-5130 Reg. $90 ... . $81.00 BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL TI-59. An extraordinary card programmable calculator with plug-in Solid State Softward and magnetic card storage. For profession als in business, science and engineering. Reg. $250.00 $191.00 t mmm ,ZT if BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL TI-40 The perfect tool for today's students and profes sionals. The TI-40 has scientific functions and statistics with software support features. Special features include Pi, factorial, percent, constant and change sign. Streamlined, tilt top styling puts the facts at the best angle for viewing. Reg. $30.00 $22.95 T T1-PC-100C. Printer for above calculator. Reg. $225.00 $202.50 SLIMLINE BUSINESS ANALYST-II. A powerful LCD financial calculator with statistics. Constant memory feature retains data whether unit is on or off. Reg. $50.00 . . . . $45.00 TI-55-II. Versatile scientific calculator with statistical and mathematical problem-solving and simple programmability. Reg. $50 .-. $45.00 r BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL TI-54 The TI-54 advanced LCD scientific calculator has the power : to meet the professional and scientific challenges of the 80's. The calculator with algebraic computations for both real and complex numbers. Built in conversions include polar to rectangular coor dinates, degreeminutesseconds to decimal degrees- and their inverses, also linear regressions. Reg. $40.00 $30.59 v sHv ' BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL Great Value At Only Reg. $90.00 HP-37E Business Management. Best choice for a basic businessfinance calculator. Features HP's unique "cash flow sign convention" to let your solve problems intuitively. Can handle Present Value, Pay ment and Future Value calculations simultaneously. Calculates percents, discounts, markups, figures amortization schedules. Statistics with trend line forecasting. 5 financialxand 7 addressable storage registers. PH-33C Programmable Scientific With Continuous Memory. This entry level keystroke programmable features fundamental programming capability as well as a complete set of preprogrammed scientific f untions. With 8-user storage registers anda program capacity of 49 fully-merged lines, the HP 33C's easy-to-master programmings cabability can perform repetitive scien tific calculations quickly and accurately. Continuous Memory. Reg. $110.00 $99.00 HP-34C Advanced Programmable Scientific With Continuous Memory. In corporates the most advanced programming capabilities in a keystroke pro grammable. Designed for technical professionals and students who need the flexibility and power of advanced programmings. Includes the "Solve" and "Integrate" function. Reg. $150.00. $135.00 HP-33C Advanced Financial Programmable with Continuous Memory. HP's most powerful financial calculator. Multitide of built-in financial func tions. Easy to master programming capability. Reg. $150.00 $135.00 HP-41C. Alphonumeric full performance programmable with continuous memory. Communicates in words as well as numbers. Impressive power with over 400 lines of program memory, on 63 registers of data storage. May be expanded to 2000 lines of program memory or 319 registers for data storage. Reg. $250 $225.00 HP-41CY. Alphonumeric full performance programmable with continuous memory. Same as the 41 C but with 2,233 bytes or 319Sdata registers. May be expanded to 6,454 bytes or 603 data registers. Reg. $325 $292.50 HP-12C. Programmable Financial Calculator. Up to 20 data storage registers are available for manual storage of numbers. Reg. $150.00 $135.00 HP-11C. Programmable Scientific calculator with continuous memory. 63 lines of memory-storage registers and 20 data storage registers plus the in dex register (Rl). Reg. $100 $90.00 HEWLETT PACKARD BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL HP-32E Advanced Scientific with Statistics All HP-31E functions plus math and metiric capabilit ies. Hyperbolics. Compre hensive statistics. ENG, SCI, and FIX . display modes. Decimal degree conversions 15 address able storage register. Reg. $65.00 I m m ,m, a, Ci era ti m r 0 BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL v EL-507 Storo up to 38 program steps built up from any of the 507's scientific functions. 15 levels of parentheses with up to 7 pending operations. Easy-to-read 10-digit liquid crystal display. Scientific notation (8-digit mantissa, 2-digit expo nent). Memory Safe-Guard feature (protects all stored data andor program steps even when power Is off). Comes in its own attractive wallet. 10 digit LCD-8-digit mantissa2-digit exponent, 5 storage memories3-key independent memory, memory safe guard, 38 program steps, 15 levels of parentheses with 7 pending operations. Reg. $39.95 L ei ' IBS BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL EL-329 "Thin Man" Metric Converter. Wallet-sized 8-digit basic calculator with built-in metric conversion. 4 basic arithmatic functions with 2-key memory. Percent and square root keys. Auto power off. Reg. $16.95 $13.25 SHARR EL-506H. 10 digit LCD scientific calculator. 3 key memory, power, logs, exponential, reciprocals, factorial, percent, scientific notation, angletime conversions, coordinate conversion and statistical calculation. Reg. $29.95 $26.95 EL-323. "Thin Man" Wallet-sized 8-digit basic calculator. 4-basic arithmatic functions with 3-key memory. Full floating decimal point mode of operation. Percent and' square root key. Constant, power, reciprocal and chain calculations auto power off. SPECIAL PRICE S9.85 r Thin Scientific Calculator With A Super Capacity Dot Matrix, Alphanumeric Display That Writes An Equation And Remembers it. EL-5100 o o Reg. $89.95 $58.00 24-digit dot matrix LCD. Algebraic Experssion Reserve (AE.R.) mode stores formulas and protects them with Safe Guard'". Direct formula entry. Rolling writer display allows the entry of up to 80 characters. Trig., inverse trig., hyperbolic and exponential functions. Number of samples, mean, 2x, xx2, std. deviation, combination permutation and regression calculations. Instant playback of equations for review or corrections. K I M D u n 0 -js C D ) JE. nj H m x (fi to H C Pi Z H to 2 o O 7) 0 O H PI 0 H m x to z to H 73 C m z H to z o O 73 TJ O 2 H PI o 2 fH ti 4 i in w

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