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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 30, 1982, Page 5, Image 5

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Thursday, September 30, 1932The Daily Tar Heel5 Performer f ound 'Fame 9 he was looking for By KAREN ROSEN Staff Writer Ever wonder how those kids in Fame got away with a party every day in the school cafeteria? Were you jealous because you never had a "Hot Lunch Jam?" Actually, lunchtime was just a form of detention hall, but Mel Johnson Jr. wasn't complaining. Johnson, who plays the roustabout Coe in PRCs current production of Life on the Mississippi, was senior class president at the High School of the Performing Arts in New York City. "The school was in an old, dilapidated building," Johnson said. "They could on ly serve stone peanut butter sandwiches and gooky soup, so they had to let us go out to lunch. To get us back into the building, they let us have a party every day. Each month a different kid was the DJ. You couldn't hear during lunch. It was absolutely wonderful." For his crack at fame, Johnson had to go through the infamous auditions, and he picked out two monologues to blow the panel away. "Everybody picks the two most dramatic things they can find," Johnson said. "Either you're in the potter's field over a grave, or you have a 'brute force' piece where you're on your deathbed. Every kid did a ripping-the-hair-out scene." Two senior students serve on the panel which judges auditions and act with the applicant in a scene as a part of the audi tion. "They're handed three scenes as they're waiting to go on," Johnson said. "It can be between two boys, two girls, or a girl and a guy. My entire time, no guy ever picked a scene with the opposite sex. They're junior-high students and don't feel the security to work with a girl." If they think that's tough, next comes improvisation, when they have to talk about why they want to be in the theatre. If they just want to spice up their high school years, they've come to the right place. The High School of the Performing Arts turns even such hum-drum activities as fire drills into spectacles. "We'd go out in the street and people would say, 'What kind of a school is this?' I used to come out dressed up like Winnie the Pooh. Or we'd be dressed as bunnies because we were doing animal impres sions." Johnson said that the school was half studio, half academic and all energy. "You could not fail," he said. "But you had to toe the line. After each semester, you constantly had the pressure going. With academics, there was always so meone there to help. If you were expelled, heaven help it wasn't for math. But if you couldn't dance, you were gone." In the case of the senior prom, the school said the students couldn't dance. But they ignored the decree. "Our prom was hysterical," Johnson said. "The. school canceled it, but we threw it anyway. I said, 'I'm going to have one.' There was no theme, we just did the prom. We had it on a Thursday night and the school said we had to be in class the next day. So we went to class in our prom clothes and slept." As president of that mutinous bunch, Johnson was supposed to organize the 10-year reunion. He was three years late. "We had a 13th-year reunion. The 10th slipped by and the 15th was too far away." Of his classmates who didn't go into the theatre, some became doctors, assistant DA's, or started their own businesses. They have one thing in common: high visibility, Johnson is probably the most visible of them all. He was featured in two Broad way musicals, On the Twentieth Century and Eubie!, and earned rave reviews for the latter. He has also appeared in several off-Broadway shows and even farther from the Great White Way in regional theaters all over the nation. For the soap opera addict, Johnson is a familiar face on The Guiding Light, One Life to Live and All My Children. That's not to mention his numerous television commercials. 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