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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 30, 1982, Page 6, Image 6

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6The Daily Tar HeelThursday, September 30, 1982 crash Frompagei morehead From page 1 according to airport officials and television reports. Several explosions followed and the plane caught fire. About 250 members of emergency medical and rescue teams were at the scene. The Soviet ambassador and other embassy personnel also were at the airport. Rescue workers brought powerful lights to the scene of the crash and called out for sur vivors in several languages, including Russian. RTL television said it was the first major air ..disaster in the history of this tiny grand duchy of about 30,000, surrounded by Belgium, West Germany and France. In Metz, France, the Freyming Merlebach Burn Center was placed on alert arid emergen cy teams were called in to treat burn victims. Traffic controllers in the airport tower said the pilot had approached from the west and landed without instruments because weather Xuz Quality And Service Is "Shear" Delight Downstairs Gamerocm The 1S02 Sigma Chi "q I EE? featuring aiy)D - i r i Tiiursilcai, September 30 in the Great I loll of tho Carolina Union 0:00-12:00 $1 admission BYO Beer or Wine Tickets from your favorite sorority or at Union Desk WRITING 15 TOO SX0P6 BIG BROTHER ..W MEEP TO DRITE WITH MORE FLAIR. ..LOOSEN UP... DOOKHSBURY TOFWTKSRGHTltXXV 10 W(JZ fata ) fom Hi APlUNQQN?y s' iv r ) r rf nrto' U.r-arR.KO. ( h -A : '.,.' .. . ' . i conditions were good. "The air was clear, there was no mist or anything," according to one local reporter. Luxembourg airport officials said the II yushin was scheduled to continue on to Lima, Peru, after the stop in Luxembourg, where 15 passengers were to get off. ; The most recent reported crash of an Aerofiot airliner was last July 6. An Ilyushin-62 crashed shortly after takeoff from Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, and Western sources said about 90 people were kill ed. Soviet authorities did not release a casualty figure for the crash, which was the sixth known air disaster involving an 11-62 or its sister plane, the Il-62m. The worst reported disaster involving a Soviet airliner was Oct. 13, 1972, when 176 people perished in the crash of an Ilyushin jet in Moscow. am 563-3111 Appearing Tonight and Friday: Coming Saturday: Brko Stroll Open at 2 p.m. Daily 3 - caaD t , TO MtWOFCOUm. HOUA30UT QiSA5TmS"AlS0 XDLQfflV? l&eLF, C&FmARS pucA&?cnum?L csmuvfmieas 1MB SPIRIT OF-Y0U& Fscomtwttwcouu? 1 1 711 r -i lii-l l I A 1 XJt I h 1 scholarship committee conducts personal inter views. "We look for excellent students who represent themselves well orally, or they won't fare well at the county level," said Phil Watkins, senior class counselor. Because the selection process is so competitive and the selections are based on interviews, many North Carolina schools coach their nominees on how to present themselves. "It's very impor tant, that interview," Watkins said. "We work with them on their presentation, fire questions at them - on current events, their future plans " There are 37 American independent and 24 British schools which also send nominees to the final competition. The schools were picked because of their reputation. Most are in the Northeast, but this year 13 Southern schools were added to balance the list, Pritchett said. Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, N.H., nominates students from a list of those who ex press an interest in the scholarship, as well as the 10 or 20 top scholars in the school, said Rick Mahoney, dean of students. A five-member panel studies the potential nominees and picks two who are qualified and interested in attending UNC to send to the final competition. "We could nominate, without thinking, two or three of our best kids," he said. "We think that's not fair to the University." Instead, only those interested in UNC are sent, he said. At Groton School in Groton, Conn., the top seniors in the class are selected regardless of their interest, said college adviser Charles Alex ander. "Being from the Northeast, most of our kids have thought of North Carolina from the TAKE OUT 942-7178 790 Airport Rd. Next To A&P 11 am-8 pm Except Sunday Luncheon Specials available at lunch 11 to 2 p.m. M-F Pizza buffet .... Spaghetti Lasagna Salad bar Great Potato .... FUESEOT TIIIS AD FOH 2 FOIZ 1 PIZZA SPECIAL! I 1 . M. i" I I I I Open Mon.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-midnite, Fri. & Sat. 11-1 a.m.. Sun 4-11 p.m. 203 W. FRANKLIN ST. 942-5149 THAT'S BETTER... lSMUPGE WITH FLAIR! by Garry Trudeau ANQYBT, WHS "CfiTmOPHtC FIXATING. STAYS WITH PUT IT MS.. - ASPSfm AWHIL5. mo weep? nil start," he said. "The kids are aware of the tremendous opportunity the program provides.' Neither Groton nor Phillips Exeter coach their nominees before the competition. "We're confident enough in them after 18 years," Mahoney said. Of the approximately 120 students who were in the final competition this winter, 81 were selected. Seventy-seven accepted. Those who did not get the scholarship were offered a merit tui tion award, which pays full tuition costs. The nominees went before a 20-member cen tral committee for a 15 minute interview. The committee asks each nominee a "thought" in stead of factual question, Pritchett said. Michelle Volpe, a sophomore from West Hartford, Conn., said she was sure she'd lost the scholarship after she appeared before the committee. "Those interview questions were weird," she said. "They asked me, 'What makes a nice little girl like you angry?' I thought my interview was terrible." Volpe received a Morehead Scholarship, but Summey Orr, a senior from Monroe, did not. "My feeling was that it was kind of a toss-up," he said. "I thought they'd already made their decision from looking over our recommenda tions and records. "There were a lot of people I met that weekend that I thought were shoe-ins. But many didn't make it. I guess you've got to draw the line somewhere." Mebane Pritchett agreed that many times the large amount of information on grades and ac tivities which the central committee has in front of them is very much a deciding factor in the final selections. s ............ ............ "-v 1 r.' .;W.V'i!-,l TT1 i j Monday Lasagna & all the salad you can eat! only $2.95 Tuesdayall the pizza & salad you can eat! only $2.75 Wednesday all the spaghetti & salad you can eat! only $2.75 $2.95 $1.95 $2.95 $1.95 $1.95 GOLD OR SILVER IMPORTED & BOTTLED BY TEQUILA JALISCO S.A. ST. LOUIS. MO. 60 PROOF 1 Julian's -proudly presents Alexander Julian's Navy and Oxford Blue Heather Blazer Blazer crest in golden bullion, with your own monogram Downtown Franklin St. 7L :w vl Gam pus - Ca l e n i a r Public service announcements must be turned into the box outside DTH offices in the Carolina Union bv 1 p.m. if they are to run the next day. Each item win be run at least twice. TODAY'S ACTIVITIES btenriewing Workshop, sponsored by the Office of Career Planning and Placement Services, mil be hdd at 3:30 p.m. in 209 Hanes HaO. Activities based on the Skills Guide (available in 21 1 Hants) win help you prepare for job interviews. Change in Time of Uobai Issues Committee meeting at 6 p.m. at Mr. Gatti's. We are still looking for ideas so all new interested people please attend. For more information, call Holly Herring at 933-6073. Housing Committee of Studeal .Government will meet at 6 p.m. Old and new committee members should attend. Please contact ESen if you cannot be there. Ask at the Carolina Union desk for the room number. Call 933-5201 or 967-9377 for more information. . ; AH Hotfine Committee members and researchenK There will be a brief meeting at 3:15 in room 318 of Connor Dorm. Please at tend specific duties will be assigned. Call Kathy McNulty at 933-5241 for more information. Dr. Rod Brysoa, professor of meteorology and geography at the University of Wisconsin Madison and author of the book titled "Climates of Hunger." will speak on "Past and Future Climates" at 12:30 p.m. in 116 Beard Hall. Call 966-2358 for more information. The Baptist Stedeat Uaioa program will feature Cliffe Krtech tk from the Inter-Varsity staff in Boston, Mass., speaking on "Sharing Your Faith." The program wflt begin at 6 p.m. at Battle House, 203 Battle Lane. There will be a Franklin Street Gourmet organizational meeting at 4 p.m. in the Carolina Union. Sponsored by the SCAU. Understaadfog the Afrirmfc Eaviroamtl can help you lake a more active role in your education at Carolina. Learn about dif ferent types of instructors and courses, and what to do about "problem" courses. The group meets at 7 p.m. For pre registration and more iriformation, contact Student Development & Counseling Center, Nash Hall, 962-2175. Lean to skydh join the UNC Parachute dub. The ClubwiB meet at 6:30 pjn. in the Carolina Union. New membci's and in terested people are welcome. There will be a film and equipment display. The ABS PoScy Conunittee will meet at 4:30 p.m. in 300 Old Carroll Hall. MIMM (Minorities ia Mast Media) will meet at 7 p.m. in the Carolina Union. Ask at the Union Desk for the room number. Everyone is invited to attend. The Oapd im Parks & Rccrealioa Department will sponsor a senior hiking trip to Hanging Rock State Park. Bring a picnic lunch. The trip is open to persons aged 33 and older The fee is $9 per person. The film Hoppity Goes to Town will be presented at 4 p.m. as part of the Wendy's Art School After School Film FesdvaL The Spectator and the Art School present Aterftum Coo as part of the Oaeaaa60'a Fttoi Festival at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. in the only Draft House Cinema in the area. COMING EVENTS Cult Ffca Festival, a three part series, will begin on Friday and Saturday with Eraserhead, directed by David Lynch who also directed tint Elephant Man. Show times are 8 and 10 p.m. in the Draft House Cinema. The Ssfiaia Cultural Ceoler, in association with the Black Stu dent Alliance of Duke University, proudly presents the Lou Donaldson Quartet in concert on Friday at 8 p.m. in Baldwin Auditorium on Duke's East Campus. For more information, call 684-4154. The Arts Office of North Carolina State University is sponsoring aa exhibit of the NCSU remanent CoCectfoa t Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the North and South Galleries of the student center. The Emperor's New Clothes win be performed on Saturday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in Thompson Theater on the North Carolina Sate University campus. There will be a solar water heater coastructioa workshop on Saturday from g a.m. to 3 p.m. at Northwood High School in Pit- Week of September 27-Qctober 3 Sat. 1 pm Football vs. Georgia Tecru t l- iviii;,- '-",-iKehan:Stadlurn Um. aiv vsrf Sun. 1 pm Men's Soccer vs. Virginia Fetzer Field 213 West 1800 Chapel THE Daily Crossword By Emory H. Cain ACROSS 1 Lady of the house 5 Salamanders 9 Arrow poison 11 Contemptu ously bold 13 Farm signs of bad times 16 BPOEword 17 Roman pro curator of Judea 18 Vile sneak 19 Egg: comb, form 20 Scene of confusion 21 Condition 23 "Nothing can lie" 25 Girl 27 Solar disk 23 Emphasized 30 Lightwave amplifiers 32 Movie locales 33 Nessen and Howard 34 Clothe 37 Set of seven 41 Porsena 42 Gait 44 Fundamental character 45 Wood strips 47 Subtle emanations Yesterday's Puzzle Solved: i B A D j E f jU R IA IL F TF IA C IE ALEX lAjM QUE JLEAD s I i I l o I io.js.cifJ L0.JLi.lL SfTl l jNGR aIyJ 1 I H 0NY I R.1 k jrTh e aT tToTb r i pi l a u or"; MM illAi. lO 111 IT A.N.A llHl L M Ail lAJLi. 111 e ZifiA jixl 1. mii R0T J 0 H Hjli B G ATfjE" ATbTo V E ANT I E tTaM 1 AMI l yTt RE"TUBA A11I liA G.1JU III! R 1 1 Inid L JS IT 10 Ir Iy L lo Is IT Ie 9 3042 r p R H 4 j is 16 17 i f " n" iT '--timi rn MsaaaaBjji MHHaaiM IBBBaaiaM HMH BMISIIBIBBS HMssl hSMSMMMI BMMiHi SSSSMMSBBl saaaMMM MNM HMH tmmmmm "immsrn 13 14 15 Ti ' " T7" 1 r 19 ' 2fT" mmmm " 21 22"" " " " "H" "" " iV "" 25 " """" 26 27 "" " W " " " 2 9 " w ir " 32 ' 33 srnjsr"" if """" " "37 "" " " m394 4T"""""" 42 43""-"" 44 ' . -JJ- 4j 47 g ; 5a"" " "' 1 51 S2" """" """" "" " 53" """" "" . - . " j 1 1 I j 59 &5I 1L ' ' ' 1 1 1 , 1 l.. 1S32 Tribune Company Syndicate, Inc. All Rights Reserved welcome to come help build or observe. For more information, call Elsie Cunningham at 542-4512 or 542-4889. The Muslim Student Asaodauo of UNC presents the film Muhammad sJessenger of God on Saturday at 1:30 and 7:30 p.m. in Carol! Hall. Cab COoway'i Cottoa Chib Revisited, a musical revue of an age gone by, opens the 1982-83 Signature Series on Saturday at 3 and 8 p.m. at Stewart Theatre on the North Carolina State University campus. Are you "O.K. A Sol Growing?'' Increase your sdf-awarencss . and ability to relate to others. Workshop begins on Monday. Screening is required. For pre-registration and more information, contact Student Development & Counseling Center, Nash Hall at 962-2175. Do you fed out of control with food? Overcoming Cootpu&ve Eating group can help women break the dietbinge cycle and develop normal eating habits. The group will begin in early Oc tober. Screening is required. For pre-registration and more infor mation, call 962-2175 or drop by Nash Hall. LBComfortabk about pubic speaking? Speech Anxiety group can help you relax and build skills. The group begins meeting Monday at 7 p.m. Saeening is required. Call 962-2175 or drop by Nash Hall for pre-registration and information. The Office of Career Planning and Placement Services offers practice aaervlrw seasons with a counselor on Friday from 10 a.m. tQ 12 pjn. and from 2 to 4 p.m. To make an appointment come by 211 Hanes Hall (a resume is necessary to make the appoints merit). Sessions involve videotaping and critique of a practice in terview. BSM Opeyo Dancers present the first annual Fall Dance Invita tional featuring groups from Duke University, N.C. Central University, Fayetteviue State University and UNC-C at 7 p.m. Fri day in the Great Hall of the Carolina Union. Call 929-863 1 for more information. La Tertiifia, the Spanish Conversation Club, will meet at 4 p.m. Friday at "He's Not Here." Vengan todos para divertirse y hacer amigos nuevos mientras hablando espanol. Now here this: The Campos Y Publicity Committee is having its first meeting at 1:30 p.m. Friday in the Y building. AH are welcome. Call 933-7741 for more information. SCAU is forming a legislative task force to monitor, lobby and research issues that affect students economically. An orientation meeting win be held at 2 p.m. Friday in the SCAU office in Suite B of the Carolina Union. Please come to find out more. For more information, call 962-8313. ITEMS OF INTEREST Tarhee&um is here! Buy balloons for the Georgia Tech game.n Group purchases are available. Call 9-5 Mon. through Fri. at 966-2575. Sponsored by the Sweet Carolines. The New Well is the campus Wellness Resource Center, and its purpose is to promote positive health in the University popula tion. It will be staffed Mon. through Fri. by trained peer educators. Our hours this fall are: 10-3, Mon., 10-1:30 Tues., 10-4 Wed., 10-4:30 Thurs., 10-1 Fri. The New WeU offers drop m peer consultations and welcomes all to visit our browsing library and lounge. The New WeU phone number is 942-WELL (9355). CaO Jo Ann Collins at 966-228 1 (extension 275) for more informa tion. The UNC-CH Media Board announces the openings of two at large positions. Applications are due Oct. 1 at 3 p.m. For more in formation, can Joe Cannady at 933-1668 or 933-7366. Don't talk politics unless you register to vote. Registration is in the municipal building and Carrboro Town Hall from 1 1 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bring a photo I.D. and proof of local address. NTE (National Teacher's rjuuuinatioa) Specialty Area Testa, Oct. 30, Applications must be received by Sept. 27 in Princeton,' NJ-, with $30 fee. Late registration until Oct. 4 costs S12 extra. Please note: NTE has been revised this year. Specialty Area and. Core Battery Tests are now given on different dates. Be sure to register for the correct test. Applications available in 101 Nash Hal For more mformation about certification requirements, con tact the School of Education. Franklin St. & Hill - Durham Blvd. 49 Ethiopian prince 50 "What a good boy ' 51 Gait 53 Sagacious 54 Farm signs of good times 57 Indicate 58 Toothsome 59 Stocking nuisances 60 Basketball team DOWN 1 Gloomier 2 Bowlike curves 3 -Jongg 4 Tortilla's relative 5 Formerly, once 6 Destinies 7 Lao- 8 Like a saw 9 Actress Corinne 10 Foodstuffs 11 Gods of Canaan 12 More orderly 13 Mexican laborers 14 Make entreaties 15 9-mm. car bines 20 More despicable 22 Upper thigh armor 24 Stop 25 Feed for hogs ' 29 Let it stand 31 Poker bets 33 Kind of tire 34 APreakness winner 35 Jewish canonical law 38 Highway vehicle 37 Davis's domain 33 Tufted herbs 39 Comfortably warm 40 Curves 43 Grazing area 48 Descendant 48 Indo European 52 Hill dwellers 53 Habit 55 African antelope 56 Fib 93082

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