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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 29, 1983, Page 5, Image 5

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Thursday, September 29, 1983The Daily Tar Heel5 Non-traditional folk band returns By IVY MILLIARD Staff Writer The non-traditional folk band of Dalglish, Larsen and Sutherland returns to Chapel Hill this week for perfor mances today and Friday at the Art School in Carrboro. The band, which s based in Bloom ington, Ind., has appeared at the Art School before and received enthusiastic responses from audiences for its distinc tive instrumental and vocal ar rangements. "They have great stage presence, and the audience reacts strongly to them," said Maria Evans, assistant director of the Art School. "They're not just musi cians, but well-rounded people. They are also very funny." The music of Dalglish, Larsen and Sutherland is a unique combination of a wild set of Kentucky mountain dance tunes with fiddles, hammer dulcimer and spoons and original pieces from a variety of musical traditions American, Irish, Scandinavian and French. "This group writes much of their own stuff," Evans said. "They are down home, yet funny, so you can understand what they have to say." The band's music includes new hymns with old harmony, old ballads with new harmony, and song writing with a fresh approach to alternative lifestyles with themes as varied as neglected wood stoves, personal politics, spiritual survival and leaky skylights. Evans said the band's inventive in strumentals have gained them nationwide recognition. Malcolm Dalglish on his 100-string hammer dulcimer produces a vivid range ' of sounds from harp to honky-tonk harp sichord. Gray Larsen's playing of flute, fiddle and concertina (a relative of the ac cordion) reveals multi-ethnic influences in his sound, while Pete Sutherland's ver satile fiddling provides much of the group's rhythmic intensity. "They reinterpret traditional folk music that will attract you and pull you into an interest in other folk music," Evans said. -::: -.;.:.v-x-:-.v & 3 - , -s t-ysss.-'i'--.---.:;:-:- .--:: :: - - : v.; ;::: vX-:sv.:.x- k:-:-x-:-..-.-.:-;-S S----vX-x-x-X.---.-x-x-:-xvX :-;:- H ' - - - f ' 4 s ? ? 5 - - :V.-xx 'yyy.-:-:-.:4 5- :::" . '-: ; --x y- y.; v - -,. yy-; :: - y - yyy x" -:-vx-x-:----x-: :xv: x--:vX : I r ) - " Vi- V SlFjHftWita ' V wfflnwiftTTTtinfir mwfrrnfv3alr.hnnrtrii i nnnrrin-i"i"'wiif'rfHJiftfrrTiW - ftnftnrtft wi The folk band Dalglish, Larsen and Sutherland plays hammer dulcimer, flute, fiddle and more and will be performing at the Art School. The band's first album, Banish Misor- Ticket prices are $4.50 for Art School tune (1977), has sold 50,000 copies so far. members and $5.00 for non-members. Their latest release, Thunderhead (1982), Box office hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. will be available at their concerts at the ; Monday through Friday. For more infor- Art School. Showtime both nights is 8:30. mation, call 929-28. Music department opens concert series with recital by voice professor By JEFF GROV E Arts Editor The UNC department of music kicked off its free con cert series for the fall semester Tuesday night with a recital by tenor Stafford Wing in Hill Hall Auditorium. Al though high notes gave Wing occasional problems, he car ried off the evening in fine style. Wing, a UNC voice professor, chose a program of songs by Mozart, Brahms, Barber, Debussy and Ginastera. Review Most of Mozart's songs and concert arias require a courtly, graceful style in performance, and Wing provided that sense for his first two songs. A final Mozart piece, however, called for a farewell to decorum. The song, "Warming" ("Warning"), is one of those off-color bits of naughtiness that can be innocent or obscene depending on the singer. Wing obviously had fun with this song, walking a tightrope between good and bad taste which had the audience chuckling along. A set of six songs by Johannes Brahms proved more challenging to Wing but also gave accompanist Thomas Warburton his first chance to shine brightly. On the whole, the general vocal range of these songs lies higher than that of-the Mozart pieces. Wing coped admir ably with the music, though the higher notes did not have the power he gave middle and lower tones. Warburton especially distinguished himself with the song "Auf dem Kirchhofe" ("In the Churchyard"), a gloomy piece of sturm und drang in which the pianist must set a turbulent mood before the singer begins. The first half of the program ended with three songs by American composer, Samuel Barber. Barber is generally acknowledged by musicologists to be the best song com poser of the 20th century; Part of the reason for this is that the young Barber himself was a well-trained baritone. , This gave him a keen understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the human voice, and his songs are, as a re sult, small masterpieces. The three Barber songs Wing performed were settings of texts by James Joyce. The first, "Rain Has Fallen," was simply and soulfully sung with good breath control. Wing encountered pitch problems in the second song, sometimes sliding onto a note after beginning it a little flat. In the final song, "I Hear an Army," Wing hit his high notes with a vigor he had not shown earlier, but this power was somewhat compromised by signs of slight strain. After intermission, Wing sang five songs by Claude Debussy. The first, "Mandoline" ("Mandolin"), was a tongue-twisting exercise. Wing rose to the challenge with rapid-fire declamation that remained clearly intelligible in spite of its speed. The fifth song of the set, "Fantoches" ("Phantoms"), gave Wing the opportunity to have a little fun. His playful singing of the spicy, flirty tale of Scaramouche and Pulcinella was highly enjoyable. The finale of the recital, Alberto Ginastera's Cinco Condones Populares Argentines (Five Argentine Popular Songs), was definitely the high point of the evening. Ginastera usually composed music in a somewhat forbid ding alien idiom, but this song cycle is one of his more ac cessible works. Ginastera died this summer, and Wing performed the songs in his memory. Ginastera would have been proud of Wing's work. One song in particular, "Triste," stood out for Wing's haunt ingly beautiful, carefully shaded singing. The song is a la ment of unrequited love, and Wing brought out its full poignance. The lullaby "Arrorro" was quite affecting, and the cycle's boisterous concluding song, "Gato," was, pulled off with youthful zest and energy. Overall, Wing's performance of the Ginastera cycle was exciting and powerful. As the evening progressed, Warburton proved that he knew the true meaning of the term accompanist. Too many pianists accompanying singers try to hide behind their instruments, to hide even behind the singer. But Warburton knows how to play with a singer. There was a give and take between Wing and Warburton which is ab sent in many recitals but which added a special dimension to Tuesday's concert. Wing was on leave from UNC last year, so it was very appropriate for this year's fall concert season to open with him in recital. Anticipation was high, and to a large extent Wing satisfied. And at some moments, especially during "Triste," he was downright magical. Animals at root of 'odor from below' at Davie Hall The bakery. The county fair. A meadow of fresh-mown grass. Puppies. Summer rain. How many times does a familiar smell send you reeling back to some unforgettable memory? And years from now, how many campus buildings will you recall by odor alone? If a stroll past the east side of Davie Hall doesn't jog some reminiscence deep within your nostrils, perhaps-it's . time ta pick a windless day and experience the btfilcUng-with bad breath. . . None of the Davie addition, and precious little of the in terior labs and classrooms, emit this particular essence. It comes from below. Nor does an odor cling to Davie's walls and windows. Two giant ventilation fans on the east wall gather and compact this unmistakable charge and send it like an aromatic bazooka blast out and away from the building. There, we are lucky to have an atmosphere large enough for the odor to diffuse. Oddly enough, in the eleven years that this phenomenon has been dubbed by students as "hamster breeze" and "guinea pig gale," neither hamsters nor guinea pigs reside in Davie "Hall. Although admittance :to the experimental 'animals Iabis restricted to staff and technicians ("Sorry, no re- porters downstairs"), Associate Professor of Psychology Lin da Dykstra helped alleviate some curiosity. "There are about 30 monkeys, 10 cats, 16 pigeons and 150 mice downstairs," Dykstra said. CHARLES KARNES mikeman From page 1 "I don't really even know who the mikeman is," said Dunlap. "It's not to my knowledge that any alumni per se have had any part in the decision." . Boulton said Wednesday that he had heard comments from various people, but would not comment further. Barnes said he did not know how or when a new mikeman will be chosen, if necessary. "The powers that be will have to make that decision," he said. Support the V BIHTH DEFECTS FOUNDATION We do it daily Cui Quality And Service 1 Shear" Delphi reelc . .... .v.- ?.-,, urwasny The Apartment People Now accepting limited applications for guaranteed fall occupancy. Avoid the lottery blues. Apply now! All apartments on the bus line to U N C. Call today for full information. 967 2231 or 967-2234. FOISTER'S BRINGS BACK THE 35mm CAMERA CLINIC. Bring your camera in for a check-up. All day Friday, September 30, and Saturday October 1 Our camera technician will be in the store to check your camera for correct mechanical and electrical operation. If a camera is in need of repair, let's get it in now so that it'll be back in good working order for the holidays. There is no charge for this service! ' FOISTER'S CAMERA STORE Downtown Chapel Hill Open 9:00-5:30 Monday-Saturday "Quality Service at Competitive Prices since 1911" YE OLE WAFFLE SW Mon. -Sat. 7:00 am-10:00 pm Sun. 9:00 am-9:00 pm Serving breakfast food and burgers "UheoverKur True Potential. . . Reveal the qualities you possess in an Intern ship Program with Northwestern Mutual. Students willing to: work flexible part-time hours earn good income gain real business world experience Plan to attend informational meeting TONIGHT 7:00 pm, 210 Hanes Hall ft-:.;- mi Mm tl 1 CHINESE AND SEAFOOD RESTAURANT ATTENTION SEAFOOD LOVERS We now deliver Chinese and Seafood to your door. Our specialities are the spicy Sino Calabash styled seafood and stir fried seafood. They are genuinely delicious. Our great selection of cuisines from Hunam and Szechan are delectable. 103 E. Main St. Carrboro, N.C. 27510 across from NCNB 942-0006 1 . FREE Egg Roll or Soup withjhis Daily Lanchcon is $2.75 Call us for oar dinner menu. All ABC Permits . Major Credit Cards Accepted I Cafeteria Luncheons Mon.-Fri. 11:30-2:15 Sun. 12:00-2:30 Regular Dinners Sun.-Thurs. 5:00-9:30 Fri.-Sat. 5:00-10:30 mi'"- n. f FUNFL WEBBS T' "Just For Fun!" Our nice fresh casual bunches of Funflotvcrs are specially priced from $5.00 (mm MiiilY Ea.chof these advertised items is reauired to be readily available for or below the advertised price m each A&P Store, except as caUy noted in this ad. PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU SAT, OCT. 1 AT A&P IN CHAPEL HILL AND CARRBORO ITEMS OFFERED FOR SALE NOT AVAILABLE TO OTHER RETAIL. DEALERS OR WHOLESALERS iillll (G( ' FC3 EYOT $13.0 YCJ SKX), KE KILL CCJSIE . 5 tuxufttTunia's rx'tcss, example: $ia purchase 5 ccupcxs, $23 PUHCKASE 13 CCJPCXS, $1C3 PUHCHASE 53 CCUPCXS. ADDITIONAL COUPONS REDEEMED AT FACE VALUE! i now and OcL 1. va M i tjntavoff couDons uo to 60 tor ooubM) thsir whit. Offtv 9000 on nobonoJ mom flBOtUFOFO OOTtOtff COUpOHO OAfy (FOOd lOtaHOf M not O0oopvj0i ojotooMr muw purcnoM n product In opocMlod otstx btptrod coupons wM not bo tfconorodi Ono coupon per customer por psd for ttrco ntopcrtondfoo. 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