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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, November 28, 1983, Page 37, Image 37

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T 1983-84 Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball Schedule 18 DUKC M WAKE FOREST UNC Warn m NC STATE vmamu, at . camouna tv i3 ACC teiitea 21 WAKE FOREST NC STATC (TV) NO. CAROUNA m OUKE cUMSOiirrv) MANVLANO a Old OofflMA J A N. c o n t. WonordaiOA TECH. STATE MO. TCCM. ( AuqljsU cm m OA TCCM AM aunts fWrad 28 VMQMUMQA. TCCM (TWl WAKE FOREST UNC IT V CLBMOM m OA. TECM. (Pay NC STATE OWE (Par TVt (TV, OUKE a CLEMSON (TV) Maryland a Nona Dana (TV-NBCI MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Nl 1 9 30 I 1 I "StZ'JS'Vr " RnQ Maw DU MAFm.AAXKj Si Gawoa a OA TCCH NC STATC-Va Tac at KIHHWM Farman a CLEMSON MoiAno WAKE MKBI W Tac Oaanaoco OSKOOKMI Giaanauao NO UMUUnSuMM 1 1 MO CAMX.MA A Stanford ImntMenai mwanona So Caofcna at CltmOW 7 NC STATB-UNC-Ctiar at DUKE at Oanoaon Vltt at M VGA TECM GansOOra Caraaws at MARVLAMO UTCr-ai a) NO CAROLMA Jam MaMon a HGA (Pay ivi WAKE FORCST-UNC-Ctiv al tuimf a WAKE FOREST GrnDoto s t . T 1 1 75 DaMMon a WAKE FOREST MM OoUl a NC STATE Mm Km m mQfA Aopalacfta. a WAKC aaUVTLAMO a Pan Staa OMUaOWi aoIiaMNlA a 1 VMGMIA a Gaotga WaMi -1, CaaoMAI CUMSON DEaa Caraana a OUKf MAA1TLAM0 m OiNjaaana 12 13 1 IS a 17 EFiagta a CA TCCM Marviand-Eaaam Snot, a OA. TCCM at Caaaoa Claaac Lotnsm. a NC STATC (TV- Mau a DUKC MARYLAND CBSI GA TECH a Caaaoa Oaaac CLEMSON a vandartjat UNC-MMa Ai (RAQRIIA Clt 20 21 22 23 2 B Barn a CLEMSON NC A T a NC STATE JHSSSTHaV" ManjuMW Soaon CoHaga CAAOUMA(Pa Tv mnTi mini 1 i vam Canxaao ai POKE 26 27 ?8 29 30 31 WAKE FOREST Gaof 8o ",tCH " C"" SU OA. TECM Cotton Slam WA FOREST a Roaau Tournamam Mu( iw.. fimut, Classic Campoea a NC STATC NO CAflOLMA a MOMMy ""nananT " CAHOLalA a Hokoay CUNmNlanM a Laa Faaa ao caholma a Hoaoa. ""' DUKE a Raoto Oaaac T OUKE a Hanbo.. Claaac MARYLAND Mailana Tovun a NC STATE MAtANO - Nan. MMNM CLEMSON a Laa vagal mmlaiiona OUKE a Ranoov Claaac 112 3 a i t Appaacn-anaGA TECM Rcnmond V WAKE EONEST NO CAMXJNA-Boann U- at WAKE FOREST a OA. TECM J MARYLAND a NC STATE Cnanona (Pay TV) ( ,,v. NO. CAROUMA tt NC STATC SI Ftanoa a CLEMSON (TV-N8CI IXNMtiaDua DUE a WATV Tacn a wa MARYLAND 9 TTj"""-t 1 " t2 13 14 SO CAROLINA ST. a OA. SamI'wak? NO. CAROLINA a WAKE FOREJT-NO NTECH FOREST MARYLAND (Pay TV CAHOLRM1 a On.MRJH NC STATE a CLEMSON (TV) NC lllll a aaraM ,r.j (TV-OS suwiaaaOuKC nc iti a vaauaA(PT, sw a clemhw AtwaiaOUKC I MAMTLAMO a PLACE (TV) F E B M A R. Sono. Jan m nt nait (fay i vi fTVNSCl 30 DUKC at OA TCCM. .2 Sornjav 0. CAAOUNA Arkanut (TV-NOCl GA. TECM. al MC STATE i msat EfTVl 13 Daywrt m MAftVLANO lWSoMty MaftJTOJfcMD m No Cwokna gv weci WAKEPOMCST M MANVLAMO TVf NO. CAAOLMAai CLCMSOH (TV) ACC TOUWMtV (TV-NBCi i 00 IG. TCCM. m 1NWOSIIA NO CAMCUIA-CLEMSOM TECM. CST nnwow m nc statbpv TV) MAMVLANO-WAKE FOREST al GrwnsDoro I Pay TV) DUKE m Harward at NC STATE SO CAROLINA at OA. TECH CLEMSOftMWAKE FOREST OUKE at Stetson WRGINIA-Vifgwva Tacn RtcftmonO OUKC NC STATE (py TV) HNnrnoutti WAKE FOST NC STATE m IKARVtAND fTV) NO. CAROUNA OA TECH WAKE FOREST at AKMA (Pay TV i CLEMSON M OUKE GA. TECH at NC STATE (Pay TV) NO. CAROUNA at VtRGRWA ITV, GA. TECM. m IMRVLANO iff TV NC STATE-Cad a Chartona ACC TOURNEY 1200 2 00 f 00 900 NC STATE-Fumiai a CnanOIN Cnanona MARVLAMO a OA TCCH. (TV) WAU EORCST m CLT MS ON (TVI WO A a PUKE (TV! UNC wan a WAKE FOREST CLEMSON a Solun Caroana DUKE a MARYLAND (TVI VNKMMA M LouitwAa (TV- WBCVOEO TECMaWAKt FORESTIPl ITtPay TV) It NC STATC NO. CAROUNA (Pay TVI (Pay TV) WAKE FOREST a DUKE (TV! VWOMIA a Houaon (TV- yWQKKA a NC STATC (TV) OA. TECH. a DUKC (TV) NC STATt-WAKS FOSCtT OUKE a No Caraana CampDM a CLCMSOM ACC TOURNEY 1 30 IX (BC 03 1 iJL?JJLti 128 (ikmB ruitjfe rim cifMW. TWO- YE OLE WAFFLE SHOP Mon.-Sat. 7:00 am-10:00 pm Sun. 9:00 am- 9:00 pm Serving Breakfast Food and Burgers I B 0 Present Coupon 50$ OFF any burger after 5 pm Expires 12983 Enjoy All The Benefits Of Spring With All The Conveniences Of 3 where you'll enjoy All-You-Can-Eat Meals, weekly maid service and active social programming. We're adjacent to campus and downtown (no more commuting hassles) and don't forget about our swimming pool and air conditioning for those hot days to come. We are now accepting applications, so drop by and see a room. Granville Towers 929-7143 Now Burger King has a great new way to enjoy salad ... in a pita! ... Or knife and fork more your style? Then try our Salad on a platter. Either way, you can choose from our mouth watering selection of crisp, delicious ingredients aioursaiaa oar: lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumbers, to name just a few. Top with qrated cheese, crunchv croutons and real bacon bits. Then finish with a dab of your favorite dressing. Any way you make it you'll love it. baiag Your way. . . only at uvj KiimorKinn I 1 I

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