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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, April 24, 1984, Page 5, Image 5

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i: Tuesday, April 24, 1984The Daily Tar Heel5 Boilings new album features young cellist French jazz pianist and composer Claude Boiling, like his earlier American counterpart George Ger shwin, has made a career of fusing jazz and classical forms of music. Boiling's latest album, recently releas ed on the CBS Masterworks label, continues this career with an enjoyable performance of the composer's Suite for Cello and Jazz Piano Trio. This work is the fifth in a series of suites for Boiling's piano trio and in strumental soloists. Earlier works featured violinist Pinchas Zukerman, guitarist Alexandre Lagoya and trumpeter Maurice Andre. A Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano, recorded with guest artist Jean-Prerre Rampal in 1975, remains a best seller. For his guest on this recording, Boiling chose the 29-year-old sensa tion Yo-Yo Ma, who is now in the 25th year of his career as a cellist. Boiling's own trio features Marc Michel on bass and Jean-Luc Dayan on drums. The suite as a genre was born in the baroque period as a collection of dance movements, all in a single key. Modern composers more frequently ordain that the suite is anything they darn well want to make it. Boiling combines the best of both ideas in his cello suite, but dance names still figure prominently in the titles of his suite's six movements. "Baroque in Rhythm" opens with a jaunty fueue as Boiling echoes Ma's cello statements. A set of jazz varia tions on the fugue's theme follows, and a lively beat propels the move ment. The melody alternately plunges and soars, giving the music a sense of spaciousness. In contrast to the first movement, "Concertante" begins with a moody cello solo over sketchy piano chords. The entrance of the bass and drums gives the movement a little more momentum. This miniature sym phony, with several different themes, builds to a dizzying, breakneck pace at its climax before recapturing the open ing mood. Bouncy rhythms punctuate a sometimes flowing melody in !! Jeff Grove Review "Galop." Drums are as prominent here as Boiling's rich piano har monies. The catchy, unexpected syn copations and changes of meter keep the listener on his toes. A restless solo cello part opens "Ballade," covering, fragile piano underpinnings. This gentle music evokes a frosty winter scene that is later dispelled by a summertime fan tasy of nimble playing from both Boil ing and Ma, who embellish a fours quare melodic line. This movement is a nice study in contrast. The fifth movement, "Romanti que," is arguably the best. Boiling's heartfelt, yearning initial phrases receive an answer from Ma's calm, assuring music. The piano eventually falls in line with the cello for a con tented, low-key duet. The music becomes a little more upbeat at the end, adding a feeling of hope. The finale movement, "Cello Fan," closes the work in ihe same bustling manner that "Baroque in Rhythm" opened it. Both solo parts feature angular leaps and dreamy high passages in a witty interplay. The only possibility this suite fails to realize is solo work from the bass and drums. Dayan and Michel make their presence known as best they can, while Boiling and Ma distinguish themselves handsomely. It is not hard to picture them grinning and tapping their feet; they sound like they're hav ing fun. The recording is closely miked in a dry acoustic, giving the whole album an intimate feel, almost as if the per formance were taking place in some out-of-the-way nightclub in Paris. The Suite for Cello and Jazz Piano Trio should be a hit with both jazz and classical record buyers. And on the basis of this recording, Boiling and Ma should have no trouble finding work together in the future. The Style Council's music is simple and honest The Style Council makes the rules and tunes worth listening to on the band's first full-length album, My Ever Changing Moods, the follow-up to last summer's EP, Introducing The Style Council. Paul Weller, former leader of the neo-mod English supergroup The Jam, and Hammond organ whiz Mick Talbot are The Style Council. The band creates a jazz-influenced Motown sound, a feeling of a time and a place long passed if it ever ex isted at all. And the group does it with style, a style com plete with image but still simple and honest. Check out the title track, "My Ever Changing Moods." It moves with magic and hope to Talbot's elec tric piano, Weller's enthusiastic vocals, Pete Wilson's funky bass synthesizer and the amazing trumpet of Bar bara Snow and sax of Hilary Seabrook, which stand out on a number of cuts. ' Check out the new versions 5f "The Paris Match" or "Headstart for Happiness," both originally released on the EP. The first versions of these songs captured themselves; "Headstart" was recorded in one take. But the new ver sions are just as essential, just as honest and just as perfect, because for The Style Council, there are no perfect songs, just perfect feelings and moods created by letting loose. Louis Corrigan Review The new album version of "The Paris Match" features Tracey Thorn on lead vocals rather than Weller, and Talbot on nightclub piano rather than upbeat organ. It is a slow, lonely, sad tune of a love, a time, a place and a feeling; a Paris cafe, a bottle of wine and a cool sum mer breeze. The album version of "Headstart for Happiness" rings jazzier and even more uplifting than the original. Seabrook's sax and Snow's trumpet replace Talbot's organ. Talbot plays background piano. Weller plays electric rather than acoustic guitar and shares vocals with D.C. Lee. My Ever Changing Moods includes just that, a number of successful and not-so-successful mood tunes. Among these are the jazzy "Dropping Bombs on the White House" and the string-supported "Blue Cafe." As Weller . discloses with tender vocals on the lazy sounding "You're the Best Thing," "I may get it wrong sometimes but I'll come back in style." Style does not mean putting on. It means being truth ful and striving for dreams. As Weller expresses in the in fectious sax tune "A Solid Bond in Your Heart," "Heart it's what's missing from this life And the trust you need to ignite any dream worth holding." Weller disbanded The Jam because the rock heights the group had reached were restricting his personal growth. Since Jjhe breakup, Weller has placed his trust in various forms of black music. Motown soul, jazz, R&B and even gospel music have brought The Style Council to what may be the forefront of a movement toward music purification. While punk had too much anger and New Wave techno-pop has too little emotion, The Style Council has the feeling of feel ing. The band is not so much revivalist as it is a step toward new, purer values. Thus, paradoxically, the new age of poprock may be coming from the intrinsically pure music of the past. As Weller sings in "Headstart For Happiness," "It's healthy to find all these feelings inside As I get on my trek with a headstart back to truth." Weller led The Jam for six years, but he's only 25 and popular music is always searching for a leader and a future. If The Style Council is the answer, let the future begin now. Film series aims to serve community baSeball Frompage 1 By STEVE CARR Staff Writer Managing a theater usually means do ing the economic juggling act of booking sure-fire box office hits. Bill Cash, manager of the Carolina Theatre in Durham, sees things differently. "We're not just a commercial theater. We serve the community," he said. A series of film classics, "Six by Fox," is the first of many such series that Cash plans to schedule. While not as commep cially viable as Cash's regular features, the films still have specialized appeal to the community. The "Six by Fox" series comprises six films either distributed or produced by ,20th Century-Fox during the 1940s and '50s. All the films are indicative of the classy, glossy style associated with the studio. While two of the films, All About Eve and Laura, have already been shown, The Grapes of Wrath is scheduled to be shown Wednesday at 3 p.m. Bringing Up Baby will be shown April 28 at 4:30 p.m. and April 29 at 2 p.m., with weekday matinees at 2 p.m. The following week Gentleman's Agreement will be shown, i Soft Contact Lenses $125 Includes a complete eye examination, daily wear soft contacts, chemical disinfection, and follow-up care. Tinted or extended wear at an additional cost. 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It's the first step in putting your money to work for you . lanMar Sacuritiaa, Inc. ia a mambar of tha National Aaaociation oi Secuntiat Dealer!, Inc. (NASD). '" 1 1 " 1 1111 ' iii'iiiiiiiiliiiiiiiJ'iui.JMi.iiniJl)llllii.iiiiiliiini mm uiujiiiiiiiiniu iimi 4 ) I ft liV J Waddell Benefit Plans. Inc. 890 Airport Road Post Office Drawer 36 16 Chapel Hill, NC 27515 Call Ms. Bonnie McKnight at 919968-4686 or 493-4998 Waddell Benefit Plain, Inc. is an SEC registered investment advisor and The Hustler will close out the series. All three films share the same showtimes. Just as in the "Golden Age" of tele vision in the 1950s, many theater owners are fearful of that medium once again. "I think the advent of cable has actually helped" Cash said. "Seeing the film on a small screen makes you want to see it on a big screen all the more." The prints for all the "Six by Fox" films are newly struck and in 35mm format. Out of all the films, The Grapes of Wrath most deserves a big screen show ing. Directed by John Ford, the film has all the poetic sweep and grandeur of the master's westerns. Yet for years it went unnoticed by his fans because it was a de pression drama and not a horse opera. Bringing Up Baby is a quintessential Howard Hawks screwball comedy. The film is fast-paced and wacky, with the dynamic teaming of Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant to boot. The weakest of the films, Gentleman's Agreement, is still indicative of the glossy social commentary statements studios were making during the late '40s. The film deals with a writer who poses as a Jewish person to expose anti-Semitism. Paul Newman stars in the classic pool hall drama The Hustler. Robert Rossen, long unrecognized as a brilliant director, finds a suitably sweaty and claustrophobic style. Cash has planned a future series of musicals including Help!, A Hard Day's Night, Singin ' in the Rain, Meet Me in St. Louis and Stormy Weather. Coinciding with Durham's American Dance Festival this summer will be An American in Paris, The King and I, Yankee Doodle Dandy and Tfye Red Shoes. The Red Shoes has a special signifi cance to Durham, Cash said, since it was so popular when it first came out in 1948 that it played a then-unheard-of six weeks. Cash claims this is one of the reasons why dance is so big in Durham today. Support the March of Dimes HHBBIRTH DEFECTS FOUNDATION bW the 9-4 win. Other highlights were center fielder Glenn Liacouras' .467 batting after an in jury had slowed down his regular season, and the performances of , new comers Matt Merullo and Paul Will. Merullo, a freshman, started all five games at cat cher and hit .316 with a' home run, while junior college transfer Will hit .300 for the tourney. But it was fitting that the senior Wilkinson win the tournament MVP after hitting .471, with four home runs and 10 RBIs, including three home runs against Wake Forest Wednesday. "He couldn't have played a better tourney," McCleney said. "Todd is one of the most determined human beings I've ever known." Asked later if he thought a month-long layoff before the NCAA Regionals start (against an as yet undetermined oppo nent) might hurt the Tar Heels, Wilkin son responded quickly. "We would like to go to Omaha very much," Wilkinson said. "As seniors, it's up to Jeff, Mitch and myself to keep everyone motivated." 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