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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, April 03, 1986, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar HeelThursdayJ April By DONNA LEI NW AND Staff Writer Creating artificial intelligence addresses the question of whether a machine can be built like a person or whether a person is a machine, a philosophy professor at the University of Pittsburgh told an audience of 70 people Wednesday in Carroll Hall. John Haugeland spoke on "Artificial Intelligence and the Western Mind" as part of the Carolina Symposium 1986, "Technology, Society and the Individual." "Artificial intelligence is the very best horrible mistake psychology has made," Haugeland said. "There is a conception of the mind which underlays the apparent theory behind artificial intelligence." The computational theory of thought defined thought as the manipulation of symbols to rational rules, he said. Cornell sMraes doMiM Mstt week of Ami By SUZANNE JEFFRIES Staff Writer If you haven't seen Halley's Comet, now would be a good time to look because during the last week of April and into early May the comet will be leaving the sun's and Earth's paths, assistant director of the Morehead Planetarium James G. Manning said. March 8-23 was a good viewing time, he said, because without the moon in the morning sky it was darker and the timdeinit legislataire eairmis lioiniOFS at By RACHEL STIFFLER Staff Writer The UNC delegation to the 49th Annual Session of the N.C. Student Legislature enjoyed recognition this year, receiving the award of best large school delegation for the 1985-1986 school year. Several UNC students received awards or were elected to offices during a week-long session in Raleigh that ended Sunday. The 31-member UNC -delegation was the largest of the NCSL, which was attended by about 250 students. Steve Epstein, a junior and delegation chairman, was elected the new governor of the NCSL. Katy Whitener, senior and session coordinator, received the . Carlisle Award, the most prized indi vidual award which is given each year to the most outstanding delegate. After being sworn in as governor Sunday afternoon, Epstein appointed sophomore Brandon Jaynes as his executive secretary. ; Whenever you have a question or problem of any kind, we have someone who will listen. We have a large, young, enthusiastic staff living right on the property. We're always there to answer questions, provide counseling, or to just be friends. Come to Granville, and share with us a worthwhile college living experience. It 1 985-86 GRANVI LLE TOWERS ON GRANVILLE TOWERS at University Square 3M 986 CAROLINA SYMPOSIUM 19 8 6 "If this theory is true, we, ourselves, you and me, are as much computers as anything made of copper and silicon," he said. The concepts behind artificial intel ligence began with Thomas Hobbes, a 17th century English philosopher, . Haugeland said. Hobbes said thinking is a mental discourse, mental operations are conducted internally and thinking is best' when it follows rational rules of reason, Haugeland said. "Hobbes , fundamental difficulty is 1 that, he cannot tell the difference . between minds and books," he said.' comet showed up better. Also, the comet was higher above the horizon and could be seen by the naked eye or through binoculars, he said. Manning said that the comet would still rise in the morning sky until about the second week in April. Viewing would not be as clear, he said, because the moon now lightens the morning sky. Also the comet will , be less than 10 f)porpoc Helrw tV vrriT"Tv which is Senior Jim Slaughter was elected speaker of the legislature's House of Representatives on Wednesday. Patrick Bradshaw, also a senior, was elected speaker pro tem of the House. "The Chapel Hill delegation defi nitely dominated all the elections and the awards," Slaughter said, adding that the success of the delegates was a result of a "tremendous amount of work done on this campus all year long." The NCSL, founded in 1937, is the oldest and largest state student legis lature in the country, he said. Over 5,000 students from 25 schools in the state have been members of the organization in its history. The NCSL has two fundamental purposes, Slaughter said. It provides a forum for members of the state's college population to express their opinions on current issues and to gain experience in government. He said the delegates did research throughout the semester on the two bills they proposed to the student legislature 1 1 A k if .tv.vv-v-Xv . . .-I Granville Towers TM AT' 3. IhmsticiDF "Meaningfullness depends on prior thoughts." A question connected with artificial intelligence is the mystery of original meaning or where thoughts are derived, Haugeland said. Rene Descartes, a 17th century French mathematician and philo sopher, also contributed to the concept of , artificial intelligence by translating geometric problems from Euclidian geometry to algebraic terms and then solving them, Haugeland said. "In effect, traditional algebra and geometry had become to different notations, either figures or numbers," he said. "Neither notation is intrinsically related to anything.Geometry, algebra and physics are just applied math. Math is not concerned with specific matter, just proportions." Haugeland said there was a paradox lower than it has been. The comet rises now at about 3:00 a.m., Manning said. By the last week in April, viewers can see the comet in the Southeast after the sun goes down, he said. Manning said viewers need a clear night and a low Southern horizon with no trees, houses or hills to block the view of the comet. Moonlight makes the comet harder for adoption. The approved bills are compiled and presented to the N.C. General Assembly and prominent state leaders for their consideration. A bill written by Slaughter that would provide for the appointment, rather than election, of all state officers of North Carolina except for the lieutenant governor and governor was passed by the NCSL Thursday. Slaughter said he proposed the bill because the present system of determin ing whether officials are elected or appointed bases the decision on the date the office was created, not on the importance of the position. "Right now, North Carolina elects more state officials than virtually any state in the country," he said. "This bill wouldn't change the law. It would simply put a referendum before the people so they could decide who they want to elect and who they want appointed." : Another advantage of allowing more officials to be appointed is that it would 3 -. . . ' - SITE STAFF 929-7143 i ( j r c to mechanical reason. "Reasoning is the manipulation of notational symbols according to rational rules," he said. "The manipu lator pays attention to what the symbols and the rules mean. If the manipulator does, it is not mechanical. "Meanings are not mechanical. If a manipulator does not pay attention, it cannot reason. The manipulator reads the symbols in the relevent mind, figures out what they mean, looks up the rules, and applies them. Thoughts are needed to carry out the manipulation." Behaviorism set the stage for artificial intelligence, Haugeland said. "Computation is the rule guided manipulation of symbols which com puters do very well," he said. "Given the right system, if you take care of the syntax, the semantics will take care of itself. Computers can take care of the syntax." 11 to see, so early morning is a good viewing time, he said. Binoculars will allow viewers to see the comet's head, but not very much of its tail, Manning said. The comet was named for Edmund Halley, an English astronomer who believed that comets had definite paths in the solar system and appeared regularly. Halley's Comet was last near the sun in 1910. comveinitaoini take some of the politics out of the departments of labor, agriculture and insurance, all of which currently have elected officials as their department heads, Slaughter said. A bill written by Epstein calling for stiffer penalties for those convicted of selling controlled substances to children under 18 was passed Friday, Slaughter said. "This bill would hopefully stop some of the problems we are having with drugs among (people of) such a young age," he said. Ambassador to speak on U.S. intervention Charles M. Lichenstein, the deputy U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from 1981 to 1984, will speak at 8:00 p.m. Thursday in 100 Hamilton Hall. 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An Air Force search-and-rescue airplane carrying 11 crew members crashed in a ball of flames Wednesday in a desolate area of west-central New Mexico, and authorities said all aboard were killed. The HC-130 plane was assigned to Kirtland Air Force Base at Albuquerque, said Kay Peterson, representative from the base. Ruben Leal, public affairs training specialist at Kirtland, said the airplane was on a routine training mission. Winnie Mandela returns home after government lifts restrictions JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) Black activist Winnie Mandela triumphantly returned home to the black township of Soweto Wednesday after her lawyers said the government ended 23 years of restrictions on her movements. Meanwhile, Bishop Desmond Tutu openly called for punitive economic sanctions against South Africa for the first time, risking a charge of treason. Ismail Ayob, Mandela's lawyer, said, "The government is abandoning its attempts to uphold the banning order" on Mandela. Banning orders are used by the government to suppress dissent by restricting the activities and contracts of prominent opponents of apartheid, . the system under which 5 million whites dominate 24 million voteless blacks. Mandela, the wife of jailed anti apartheid leader Nelson Mandela, returned to her four-room home in Johannesburg's black township of 1.5 million people in the afternoon, embraced by neighbors and surrounded by school children. Asked whether she saw the step as a concession by the government, Man dela told reporters: "No one is grateful for a right that is rightfully ours." Ayob said Mandela remained "listed" under the Internal Security Act, mean ing that she still may not be publicly quoted in South Africa. But he said the government's decision not to uphold the order "would have the effect of setting aside the banning order." Mandela, the best known of a handful of anti-apartheid activists still under banning orders, and Ayob spoke to reporters at a hotel outside Johannes burg before she returned to Soweto. There was no immediate comment from the government on Mandela's statements or on Tutu's call for eco oiomic sanctions against ,Ahe government. ,, j j- v Tutu,; the black Anglican bishop of Olympus VX-402 VHS Movie CAMCORDER Reduced to only . . . $130000 Special Savings on oil Video Camera and s ystems this month 133 E. Frcnklin St. pines cFaoIies 11 aboard Idled Eastwood talks 'tough' CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, Calif. Actor-mayoral candidate Clint Eastwood broke up a fight and told the present mayor's campaign man ager to "just shut your face" during a news conference on city hall steps. Mayor Charlotte Townsend had called the conference to respond to complaints that registered voters had "questionable" authenticity. Johannesburg who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his anti apartheid campaigning, told a news conference: "I have no hope of real change, .from this government unless they are forced." "We face a catastrophe in this land and only the action of the international community by applying pressure can save us," he said. Tutu declined to specify what types of sanctions he would like to see imposed, saying individual countries should decide for themselves. But he said sanctions should be "concerted and united" and imposed immediately. Elsewhere, police headquarters in Pretoria reported several incidents of overnight violence. In a township outside Port Elizabeth, a black police officer was injured when his home was hit with stones and gasoline-bombs, and blacks near the town of Mossel Bay stoned and set fire to a bus, injuring the driver, police said. Most black students returned to classes Wednesday after Easter recess, heeding a weekend decision by a conference of parents, teachers and students. But low attendance was reported in some areas, including the black town ships around Cape Town and the tribal homeland of Lebowa in the north. The decision not to resume school boycotts, which involved up to 200,000 students before being halted last December, was made Sunday in Dun ban at a conference of 1,500 teachers, parents and students organized by the National Education Crisis Committee. Voter's registration drive ending today Thursday is the last day of the voter registration drive sponsored by UNC Student Government. Prospective voters may register from 10ra.m. to 2:00 p.m. at a table set up in front "of the ;s Union. i4 .- VIDEO SALE only at: 042-3020 m ?J f 4 v y i r in O ,

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