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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, April 07, 1986, Page 6, Image 6

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4 6 The Daily Tar Heel Monday, April 7, ZZ Top sizzles in po wer-packe Imagine this: A trio ot" Texas rock-and-roll thugs arises from the layers of smoke, cranks up their amps, turns on the lights and proceeds to boogy right into about 15,000 pelvises. Not too hard to visualize, if you were out at Greensboro Coliseum Thursday night to witness the sizzling rock V roll show put on by the lords of facial hair. ZZTop. Based on the ear-shattering, perfor mance and the just-as-loud ovations accompanying every move on stage by Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, this was a success. The appear ance of one of America's funnest bands signaled the arrival of honky-tonk time, hot orange lights and smoky nights. ZZ Top, a band who in 16 years has" gone from a Houston bar outfit to one of the major arena-packers in the industry, boomed beyond its blues-rock roots with a new synthesizer sound prevalent in its newer offerings, and the results left the crowd screaming and sweating for more. But the synthesizers had a rough-edged sound. This was no Air Supply concert. As Gibbons says of it, "Our synthesizers sound like a wrecked bombshell of a car being Low-bufldget - jet - setters By RICK BEASLEY Staff Writer New travel services that buy unsold tickets from airlines, hotels and cruise lines at cut rate prices and resell them to members are becoming popular way to go for budget-minded travelers. Discount Travel International, one such company, offers such tickets to tfsoctsiy jr. Present this Coupon When Ordering i 0 GO ess H4 y 0 TUESDAY Women's Tennis vs. Duke 2:00 pm UNC Tennis Center WEDNESDAY Baseball vs. Wake Forest 3:00 pm Boshamer Stadium Men's Tennis vs. West Virginia 2:00 pm UNC Tennis Center MMJME3 ww ww in mmmmwmmm ' im immn mi i nmm mim mum -up from our oven! Subway makes it better! XSandwiches & Salads y Franklin Centre WillowCreek Shopping Center Eastgate Shopping Center 1986 Concert dragged by a tow truck." f v Playing selections from their early albums, such as "Tres Hombres" and v Fandango!" which set a longevity J record for an American band by staying in the charts for 83 weeks and their recent albums, such as "Eliminator' more than a year in the top 20 and over 10 million sales world-wide and "Afterburner," maestro lead guitarist Gibbons' side-of-the-pick harmonics and bluesy leads keyed the hour-and-a-half show. The concert was decep tively short due to the outpouring of energy by everyone present. The Top. decked out in long black topcoats and white golf caps with "ZZ Top," lettered in. appropriately enough, gold script, started it off with "Under Pressure," a hit from their 83 "Elim inator" disc, then followed it up with present single "Sleeping Bag," complete with a 30-foot pharaoh in the back club members for an annual fee. 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A complete listing of every tune would be unneccesary, suffice to say that Gibbons and bass-playing pal Hill, who has seemingly fully recovered from a gunshot wound to the gut last spring, played with power and passion, and Beard, the only member of the group who doesn't have a beard, typical ZZ logic, backed them up with a consistent if unspectacular drumming backbeat. Some highlights: a wacky, -offbeat light show to go along with a couple of crazy songs called "Manic Mechanic" and "Ten Foot Pole;" a great extended improv jam on "Arrested For Driving While Blind;" a funky, get-down dance-a-thon with "Velcro Fly" give me just enough of that sticky stuff to hold the seams on your vinyl jeans; the band bringing out their famous furry MTV guitars to do a version of "Legs;" a great laser show; and the classic early tunes that brought them into national prom inence, "LaGrange" and "Tush," to finish off the show. 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Every fare includes free wine with your in-flight dinner and free cognac after. -Icelandair Values Continue After You Land: Free deluxe, round trip motorcoach between Luxembourg and select cities in Germany, Belgium and Holland. Special $15 train fares to Switzerland or France. Super Saver Kemwel car rentals at just $59 per week in Luxembourg. And, if you choose, a day or two stopover in Europe's most beautifully kept secret, Iceland. Super Bargain Fare, 6-30 day stay. tSuper Grouper Fare, 1-365 day stay. Valid 516-6886, $3.00 departure tax applies. For information & reservations, call your travel agent or Icelandair at 1800-223-5500. d show crowd which came to see the show. There were 50-year-old, toothless motorcycle mamas, MTV yuppies with their prude girlfriends, leathery red necks on acid and a veritable throng of young spandex-clad nymphettes loaded to the gills with rouge, mascara and suggestive leers. The crowd was put to sleep by an opening act of nauseatingly normal rock 'n' rollers who played a bunch of boring tunes and deserve no further comment. What was their name? But there was no question that this night belonged to ZZ and the searing persona of Gibbons, who tore across the stage playing his usual excellent technical guitar the late Jim Hendrix once came on "The Tonight Show" and called Gibbons the most promising young guitar player in America. It was hot, and sweaty and fun. Just plain, get-down, rock V roll fun. Gibbons once said. "We're not attempt ing to deliver any sociological break through other than, 'have a good time.' " ; Well, from the looks of things Thursday night, they succeeded at that with flying colors. member who will take the trip. Discount companies usually sell the cheapest tickets for the trips they list, and often the savings are considerable. Most trips include deluxe accommoda tions and other amenities that the budget traveler usually does not want to pay for. . ' . Discount travel companies are not members of the American Society of Travel Agents and many travel agents think that discount agencies are "shady." "It's legal or they couldn't be doing it, but I would carefully check into it before joining," advised Becky Austin, an agent with Small World Travel Agency on Franklin Street. . ) "I would be skeptical and check their prices before spending any money," she said. The test is in the price of their fares, according to Austin. UNC Music Department present LOUIE BELLSON on drums with the UNC Jazz Band Tuesday, April 15 8:00 pm Memorial Hall jffteC4KXJNk M oney Pit' shallow, poorly written plot "The Money Pit," the latest in a series of 'o'Os movies obsessed with people getting money, losing money and getting more money, is a dis appointing waste of whatever talents stars Tom Hanks and Shelley Long may have. t The new comedy concerns itself with poverty-striken, New York entertainment lawyer Walter Field ing and his violin-playing lover Anna Crowley. The two must find a new home after Anna's former husband, Max (Alexander Godunov) returns from Europe to conduct the orchestra. Walter's rotund and not-so-honest real estate broker directs him to a mansion which is an hour from the city, up for sale and going for a suspiciously low price. Maureen Stapleton, in a cameo appearance, plays the drunken, money-desperate, current house owner, whose Nazi criminal husband has been discovered and taken away by Israeli intelligence. Walter and Anna fall in love with the palatial estate, which is in need of a "few repairs." Borrowing heavily from Max and a haughty, cigarette smoking, child star, they make the purchase and begin to set up house. Presentation introduces newcomers to Chapel Hill By MIKE GUNZENHAUSER Staff Writer To acquaint .Chapel Hill newcomers with the University, UNC Director of Alumni Affairs Douglas Dibbert pres ented "On the Road to Chapel Hill" to about 35 newcomers Wednesday night at the Horace Williams house. The new residents are members of the Welcome Wagon Newcomers Associa tion of Chapel Hill and Carrboro. The association has about 350 members, all who have lived in the area less than three years, said the group's president, Mary Kistler. . Most of the newcomers are employees of the University and local businesses. Other new residents are retirees attracted to the town's atmosphere. The half-hour slide presentation featured recorded narration and com mentary by CBS newsman and 1955 UNC graduate Charles Kuralt. The presentation featured stories about some of UNC's historic monu- menj ,aij4 -jbydings, including -Kuralt 's favorite building, PlayMakers' Theatre. Kuralt's anecdotes included one EAST FfeUNUM initn Ml-Mtl j GO-BOTS (G 1:30 Sat & Sun. CARE BEARS II (G) 2:00 3:45 5:30 LUCUS 1 :15 . 3:15 5:15 7:15 9:1 5 POLICE ACADEMY 3 (PG) 7:30 9:30 ELLIOT ROAD at E. FRANKLIN " 967-4737 $250 TIL 6:00 PM EVERYDAY! FIRST TIME IN DOLBY STEREO! SLEEPING BEAUTY (G) 3:30 5:10 7:00 8:30 MOLLY RINGWALD PRETTY IN PINK (PG 13) 3:20 5:20 7:20 9:20 TOM HANKSSHELLY LONG THE MONEY PIT (PG) 3:15 5:15 7:10 9:10 The Carolina Union and DAK1OLB0 V iplS f- THEATRES - Is Landlubber's better than Calabash? That's what our customers are saying. You o be the iIii.i.rt.m y:m Cinema As the movie continues, they discover more problems with the house, and each other, and fall deeper into debt, creating the money pit. Unfortunately, the movie does more than roll; it drags ad infinitum. Had the gags been condensed into a 10-minute short, the flick might have been more successful; instead the jokes are few and far between and too predictable. The major antagonists Max and a terrifying crew of repairmen are not consistent throughout. In the face of absurdity, the few serious scenes do not really work and seem thrown in only to finish the movie, giving it a shallow blandness. Had the climax held a stronger bite, this B comedy might have been worthwhile. Instead its only function might be to cure chronic insomnia. Try again Universal, this movie about money will probably not bring much of it to the box office. In a word, it's the pits. about Thomas Wolfe, who is said to have turned in a composition on toilet paper to a certain Dr. Greenlaw, who used the paper for what it was originally intended and then flushed it. Kuralt reflected on how the Univer sity's "big dreams" were accomplished with "small budgets," such as the schools of public health, nursing and journalism. UNC had greatly enlarged since his graduation, Kuralt said, when his class consisted of 100 all male students. Despite the increase in size, Chapel Hill has maintained its small town spirit, he said. Background music for the presenta tion included "Goin' Home" and "Carolina On My Mind." The General Alumni Association uses the presentation to encourage alumni to join the association, Dibbert said. The presentation has won a national award from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Educa tion, he said. . r c Alumni highlighted in 4he presenta tion were fqrme Gov-- James B. Hunt,' former Sem Sarri Ervin, Andy Griffith and Steve Streater. LATE SHOW FM. ft (AT. 'PINK FLAMINGOS" N "THE BEST FILM OF THE CO'!" Andrew Saris, VILLAGE VOICE WOODY ALLEN'S Ml M I CR i tutu i "THE MOST DEEPLY MOVING FILM IN ALL OF 1985 IN A YEAR WHERE A IARCE N0M8ER OF ACTIIESSB DO BRHiiANTWORKTffiPERTORMANCEIVGERAlDINEFlACC B THE GREATEST OF THEM AO." Geralkne Pace t THE TIHDTn2w 111 Li torn Richard Resecca Heard Bradfogd De Manor HOftRNfOOTE PETER WSTD6CN Cellar Door Productions present with special guest HGQPOO GURUS- Saturday, April 12 9:00 pm Memorial Hall 6 Advanc UNC Shjdw Tlckrti $1 1.50 Day-ot-Show and Gmrnol Put: $12.50 Tick ot Union Bex OUcm - 962-1 149 12O0 noon-feOO pm WMhdayt Judge! Hwy. 54 East toward Raleigh TT . mmmm i i i nil ftJB : ,AMITI)jLlIJIBWire i .uni U tin-

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