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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, April 21, 1986, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar HeelMonday. April 21. 1986 tt n 2it jn ' and on upysa jjiuisuiiiiiige9 copgiresspaee .say By JEANNIE FARIS SMff lVfifer . Several ol North Carolina's 1 1 congressmen said they supported President Reagan's decision to launch 'retaliatory air strikes against Libya for alleged terrorism, but some offered more cautious justifications than others. Democratic Rep. Walter Jones of Farmville was the only congressman who had previously criticized the action, but this was a misinterpretation of his comments, said Tommy Payne, Jones press secretary. Last week. Jones was quoted as calling the attack "totally ill-advised," but that was not his official opinion. Payne said. "If this action by the president should in any way reduce the acts of terrorism to which this world has been subjected in recent months, then one must applaud the action," Payne said, reading from a statement prepared by Jones. But if the . United States has alienated any of its allies or strengthened Libyan leader Col. Moammar Khadafy's popularity, the decision was unwise, he said. Rep. Stephen Neal, a Democrat from Winston Salem, said he supported the air strikes but thought the president should have included Congress more in his decision making. "There was not adequate consultation of Congress," Neal said. "Under the War Powers Act, consultation is required. But it should have happened earlier on, with time for full discussion." Reagan spoke with foreign affairs committee members and House and Senate leaders after the planes were in the air, but he should have notified Congress a couple of days before acting, Neal said, adding that some action was necessary. "We have tried over the last several years through diplomatic means and economic sanctions to stop Khadafy from harboring and supporting terrorists," he said. "It hasn't worked." The air strikes will probably not end terrorism, but there would have been more terrorism if the United States had not acted, Neal said. Rep. Charles Rose, a Democrat from Fayetteville, supported the U.S. decision to strike because Reagan had no better options, said Ivan Swift, Rose's administrative assistant. "When it comes to dealing with international terrorism, it's a horribly difficult problem for any president," Swift said. "You just can't predict how someone with the mental attitude of Khadafy . . . (will) react. But we can't continue to let our citizens be killed in terrorist attacks without trying to get across that we will act." Republican Rep. Howard Coble of Greensboro supported the air strikes because Khadafy admitted his involvement in terrorist activities aimed at Americans, said Ed McDonald, Coble's press secretary. "It's time we called Khadafy's hand," McDonald said. "As the president said, he (Khadafy) counted on Americans to remain passive, but he counted wrong. We were not passive." Opponents of the air strikes have criticized the president for provoking Khadafy, but the United States was terrorized even before provoking the leader, McDonald said. "We should impose casualties and damages until Libya gets our message," he said. Democratic Rep. Tim Valentine of Nashville told the president over the telephone that he supported the air strike, said Dean Brown, Valentine's press secretary. "America can't lie around like a sleeping giant to let events overtake us," Brown said. "But we should also be aware of the need for caution in using military force. We need to strike (terrorists) until they roll over and cry uncle. Rep. Alex McMillan, a Republican from Charlotte, also fully supported the air strikes, said Jay Timmons, McMillan's press secretary. "Congressman McMillan believes that anytime we can link terrorist attacts to Libya, and especially to Moammar Khadafy, we must hit Khadafy again and again until he learns that he cant murder innocent people," Timmons said. Khadafy will probably try to save face with other Arab nations with counter-offensive attacks, but the magnitude of his actions is uncertain, Timmons said. The congressmen said they would support similar retaliatory strikes against other countries if the circumstances and the evidence were similar to Libya. ForihoQccc?dl Castro likens Me&gae to Hitler In Friday's article, "Lillie could serve again," The Daily Tar Heel incorrectly reported the Student Congress's vote on the decision not to reappoint 1985-86 Elections Board Chairman Bruce Lillie. The correct votes were 13 against the appointment, five for the appointment and one abstention. The Daily Tar Heel regrets this reporting error. No one faces cancer alone. AMERICAN &? CANCER V Associated Prtss HAVANA President Fidel Castro marked the 25th anniversary of Cuba's Bay of Pigs victory with a bitter personal attack this weekend on Pres ident Reagan and a pledge to combat laziness and corruption in Cuban society. Castro told a gathering at a local theater Saturday night that the U.S. air attack on Libya last week was compar able to the bombings of European capitals by Adolph Hitler during World War II. In what appeared to be Castro's harshest attack to date on Reagan, he called the U.S. attack "brutal, shameful, criminal and terrorist," and said Reagan "is as unscrupulous, opportunistic and irresponsible as Hitler." The statement drew sustained applause from the invitation-only audience, which included families of mi i r j Present this Coupon When Ordering an N svi vww ""ww t-j "vj vfc3ju -vr v 'juufaj; ,y !SE UtegnETO i QCsnzuHD CLOSES! 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Castro spent the first hour and 45 minutes of his speech recounting the Bay of Pigs invasion, . but his principal message came during the final hour of his appearance when he spoke about the U.S. attack on Libya and shortcom ings in Cuban society. He called Reagan the "legitimate heir of Hitler" and said Reagan is potentially more dangerous than the Nazi leader because Washington has nuclear weapons. "Compared with what Reagan has. Hitler had what would seem to be bows and arrows," he said. Castro also said he attached signif icance to published reports in the United States that Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy was a target of the attack. "What had never taken place until now was that the president (of) one of the most powerful countries on Earth has used his armed forces, his sophisticated OT) March of Dimes Sj HBKIH DEFECTS FOUNDATION aMBIi bombers, to try to assassinate the leacier , of a country with which it is not at war," he said. Reagan has denied any such inten tion. He said the attack was warranted by what he termed repeated acts of Libyan-sponsored terrorism. Castro said the predawn attack on Libya Tuesday occurred 25 years to the day after exile pilots launched air strikes against Cuban air force targets in an effort to allow the invasion force to land uncontested. The tactic failed. Castro said the memory of those who died at the Bay of Pigs is not served well by the many Cubans who are corrupt or shirk their responsibility. He cited the case of a Cuban who earned $240,000 in one year selling to state agencies and other purchasers paintings which were not the works of "Picasso or Michelangelo." "We have lazy people, negligent people, people who don't want to struggle, irresponsible people, people who are not sufficiently demanding within their areas of responsibility, people who want privileges, people who seek easy money . . . through specula tion and illicit transaction," he said. We're Your Type WHY WAIT? for somebody else to type for you? 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Moam mar Khadafy's headquarters fright ened the Libyan leader, emboldened his enemies in his own country and put renewed pressure on America's European allies to combat terrorism. At the same time, however, the same officials expect the United States may well be prompted to strike again. The officials, who were involved in administration policy-making in the weeks leading up to President Reagan's decision to launch the bombing raid, agreed to discuss their view of its effects only on condition they not be identified. Khadafy's drop from public view immediately after the attack and subsequent appearances only on television, rather than in the streets of Tripoli, "suggest that he's very scared," one official said. Marines may have trained KKK RALEIGH U.S. Marines based at Camp Lejeune helped train Ku Klux Klansman in the use of weapons and combat techniques at the Johnston County farm of Glenn Miller, according to sworn state ments by two former White Patriot Party members. t The statements, taken in 1 984 by lawyers for the Montgomery, Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center, were made available to the News and Observer of Raleigh Friday. They say Marines from Camp Lejeune also helped provide uniforms and other military equip ment for Miller's white supremacy group, whose members typically wear combat fatigues instead of the traditional white sheets of the Klan State & cffiertal at rallies and other gatherings. One of the statements was taken in the offices of Thorp, Fuller and Silfkiri, a Raleigh law firm. The other was taken at Lee County Office Building in Sanford. Italians piqued by Roman McD's ROME Opponents of the Americanization of the Italian diet decided on Sunday to fight food with food. They dished out spaghetti yards away from Rome's first McDonald's restaurant, which recently opened on the edge of the Eternal City's most famous piazza. The restaurant has prompted protests from those who don't like the crowds lining up outside each day even before it opens. Critics in Mayor Nicola Signorel lo's government have suggested that the McDonald's be closed in exchange for quickly cutting through Rome's red tape to give the fast-food chain two locations in other parts of the city, away from the heart of the historic city center. But participants in Sunday's spaghetti protest said they don't want any American-style fast food in the Italian capital. "What disturbs us most is the Americanization of our life," said Lucianio De Crescenzo, an author and director who attended the rally organized by "The Committee of Public Health Against the Degrada tion of the City." "Anyway, Neaopolitans have always had their fast food," he said. "It's called pizza." Gorbachev says summit possible Associated Press POTSDAM, East Germany Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev said Sunday that he was willing to meet President Reagan this year if the United States changed policies he charged were poisoning relations between the superpowers. Speaking to reporters at Potsdam, site of the 1945 Allied conference on Germany, Gorbachev said, "The meet ing (with Reagan) can take place if the United States realizes that it is necessary to take this path. "But if it (America) goes on acting as it is today, trying to poison the atmosphere, this will throw a shadow over any future meeting," the Soviet Communist Party chief said. "If it (the summit) is to happen, a better atmos phere is necessary." Gorbachev did not elaborate, but he appeared to be referring to last week's bombing raids on Libya and recent U.S. underground testing of nuclear wea pons. White House Chief of Staff Donald T. Regan said Sunday that the United States expected Gorbachev to "live up to his word" and meet with Reagan this year. The two men agreed at their Geneva summit in November to meet this year in the United States. MEHER BAB A and me PATH OF LOVE r 1 I A? J ' 1 i I Si "The aim of life is to love God. The goal of life is to become one with God." Meher Baba a talk and films of Mohor Baba presented by Charles Haynes, Ph.D. Monday, April 21, 1986 8:00 pm Friends Meeting House 531 Raleigh Rd. Chapel Hill, NC (1 block west of Carmichael Gym) TAR HEEL SPECIAL LEADING EDGE Model D Computer Ue $149:5 Nota Bene $390 PATAWAY CarrMill Mall " Carrboro, NC 967-7499 VIDEO CAMERAS FROM. 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