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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, November 14, 1986, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar Heel Friday, November 14, 1986 Developers to toniild retail certer comdlos Dy ROCERT KEEFE Business Edfor The 3 1 ,000-square-foot Southern Bell building on West Franklin Street has been sitting dormant for over a year now. But if things go as planned, the dusty brick building will come back to life as a retail center in the next few years. Guilford T. Waddell, president and chief stock holder of Waddell Benefit Plans Inc., and Jenmar Securities in Chapel Hill, plans to close on the building and on another 55,000 square feet of parking lot Monday. The parking lots, one located next to the building and the other on Rosemary Street across from the Western Sizzlin restaurant, will be developed as condominiums by Waddell and Jenmar through a limited partnership called West Franklin Preservation Partners. Waddell paid $2 million for the building and the two lots. Develop ment of the properties is expected to cost about $5.1 million and will American Airlines launches plans for hub at RDU Dy AMY HAMILTON Stan Writer Beginning June 15, American Airlines will open a new hub whose route will include 28 new cities currently not receiving direct service out of Raleigh-Durham Airport, American officials announced Tuesday. Along with its commuter affiliate, American Eagle, American Airlines will open the hub in the new $60 million terminal with 101 flights to 38 cities and will expand to 137 daily, flights to 52 cities by Sept. 8, 1987. The hub is predicted to expand by 1989 to serve 70 cities with 275 flights, Donald O'Hare, America's Reagan hostages," Reagan said. "Nor will we. . . . We have not, nor will we, capitulate to terrorists. "The United States has not made concessions to those who hold our people captive in Lebanon," he said. Rather, Reagan said, his "secret diplomatic initiative" was recogni tion of the value of re-establishing "some degree of access and influ ence" with Iran. He said Iran's location, near the Soviet Union, and its rich oil reserves give the nation key significance to the United States. EMnj w hup $m mm sm THREE-POINT PASSIVE SAFETY BELT SYSTEMS ARE AN EFFECTIVE COMPLEMENT TO BELT-USE LAWS. General Motors is equipping 10 of its 1987 model cars with automatic lapshoulder belt systems for the driver and for the right-hand front seat passen ger. It is the first step in meeting a federal require ment to phase in passive restraints. The automatic sys tems will be standard equipment on most 1987 models of the Pontiac Grand Am and Bonneville, Buick Somerset, Skylark, and LeSabre, and Oldsmobile Calais and Delta 88. By 1990 we plan to equip all GM cars with passive restraint systems. The belts in the GM system will be connected to the car at three anchor points one toward the center of the front seat, and two on the front door. Three-point automatic lapshoulder belt systems offer the same advantages as GM's current three point manual systems Lap and shoulder belts allow begin late next year. The condominiums, called Frank lin West, will contain 40 1,500- to 1,800-square-foot units that will sell for between $150,000 and $175,000. The Franklin Street condominium (phase II) will be six stories high; the Rosemary Street condominium (phase I) will be five stories. Because of the their price, Waddell said sales of the condominiums will be geared toward two groups of people those in the middle to older ages, and those who don't live in town, but visit the Chapel Hill area frequently. "Chapel Hill is becoming more and more a residential part of the Research Park community," Wad dell said. "I think companies and people in this area will be associated with the Research Park, but not directly." Waddell said the reason the Southern Bell building has been empty for so long is because most developers have tried to develop it as commercial office space instead southeastern vice president, said at a news conference. American plans to start its oper ation next summer with 60 flights to 22 cities from 15 gates and will expand to 96 flights serving 36 cities by September. American Eagle will serve 17 cities with 41 flights in June. Both airlines will serve Greensboro. . The ten carriers at RDU, includ ing American, currently serve 27 cities with 95 flights, and three commuter airlines offer 17 flights. Recently, American Eagle announced that it would move its corporate headquarters from Lynch burg, Va., to RDU so that it could better manage growth of the airline from page 1 Reports of tne administration's dealings with Iran accelerated earlier this month when David Jacobsen, one of the Americans held hostage in Lebanon, was released. Earlier this year, two other hostages were released. In authorizing the transfer of what he called "small amounts of defen sive weapons and spare parts for defensive systems to Iran," Reagan said he was trying "to convince Tehran that our negotiators were acting with my authority." CUSTOMER INFORMATION FROM GENERAL MOTORS you to "ride down" the crash as the vehicle absorbs the impact. They also help pre vent you from being thrown from the car in an accident, where you are more likely to be killed or seriously injured. Safety belts have proved effective in reduc ing injuries and fatalities. That's why GM supports belt-use laws. Automatic lapshoulder belt systems will make it even easier for people to comply with these laws. Opening the door pulls the belts forward for entry. Closing it brings the belts into their operating position. A single push button at the center anchor point releases the system in an emergency. Retractors pull the released belts into storage positions on the door. Extra attachment points will be built into cars equipped with these systems so you can secure most child restraint systems with an auxiliary lap belt. General Motors is pur suing other programs that will help reduce the number and severity of injuries caused by accidents. We are Artist's conception of proposed of residential space. "We didn't see too much of a demand for more office space in Chapel Hill," Waddell said, "and our firm is small enough to do something particularly unique with it." Waddell feels Chapel Hill can be properly developed and still main tain a "village-type" atmosphere, which is something many townspeo ple have been stressing. "In choosing the word 'preserva tion' in our name, we didn't want people to think we were trying to preserve the Southern Bell building that's only been here since 1953. What we are trying to preserve is the 'downtown type of feeling that is typical of Chapel Hill." and improve communications with its affiliate, American Airlines. About 750 new jobs will be created in the Triangle area because of American' operations at the hub, O'Hare said. R. Marc Jordan, president of the Greater Raleigh- Chamber of Com merce, said the hub would have a great effect on area development. "Well look back on it in 10 or 15 years as one of the major factors in this area's growth, that is, the new hub opening and American Eagle's moving its corporate headquarters down here which has brought in approximately 200 people already," he said. With its expanded service to more cities and the addition of a commuter affiliate, American will be serving more than three-and-a-half times the number of flights that Piedmont, RDU's current dominant carrier, and its commuter airline have. Emily Stafford, owner of Prestige Travel in Raleigh, said, "Generally, thereU probably be some special promotional fares offered by Amer ican Airlines at the beginning to introduce people to their system. ItH be unusual if their competitors at RDU dont match some of their prices." The fares of non-stop flights to designing energy-absorbing interiors. We are phasing in rear-seat lapshoulder belts, beginning with some 1987 models kits will be made available through GM deal ers to retrofit most older cars with these systems. And we will be equipping some 1988 model cars with driver-side air bags to supplement safety belts. General Motors has been a leader in automotive safety because we believe that building safer cars is good for you. And good for us. This advertisement is part of our continuing effort to give customers useful information about their cars and trucks and the company that builds them. i Chevrolet Pontiac Oldsmobile Buick Cadillac GMC Truck H MARK OF EXCELLENCE iWt-J f-H -H i-tfsl M'i'i 11 I J I ' hii "f7-. Franklin Street condominium Waddell, a 1974 UNC graduate, started Waddell Benefit Plans Inc. shortly after graduation. The firm sells health insurance and handles pension plans and profit-sharing programs for other corporations. Jenmar Securities is a full-service stock brokerage firm that handles Waddell's real estate holdings. In addition to Franklin West, Waddell and Jenmar Securities are renovating the $3.2 million Mon tague building in Raleigh and have developed the $4 million Cedar Ridge office complex in Chapel Hill. "We also plan to break ground in January on a 1.6-acre development on Chapel Hill Bypass (N.C. 15 501)," Waddell said. cities not served directly by other carriers will probably be higher than fares of competitor airlines with one or two-stop service to the same cities, she said. But fares to New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and other similar, widely-served cities may come down because of the competition, she said. Twenty-three of the 28 new cities are non-stop flights. These cities include: Buffalo, N.Y.; Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Mich.; Hartford, Conn.; Islip, N.Y.; Rochester, N.Y.; Syracuse, N.Y.; Charleston, S.C.; Daytona Beach, Fla.; Fort Lauder dale, Fla.; Fort Myers, Fla.; Jack sonville, Fla.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Sarasota, Fla.; Savannah, Ga.; Tampa, Fla.; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Harrisburg, Pa.; Charlottesville, W.Va.; Roanoke, Va.; Newport News, Va.; Tri-Cities, Tenn.; and Khoxville, Tenn. The remaining five cities are direct, one-stop flights. These are Melbourne, Fla., Columbus, Ohio, Charleston, W.Va., Lynchburg, Va. and Chattanooga, Tenn. . RDU currently ranks as the 60th busiest airport in the country, according to an Airport Operators Council survey. John C. Brantley III, RDU airport director, said that RDU should move up to thejtop 30 busiest airports in the nation with the addition of the American Air lines American Eagle hub. NO MUSS. JUST CHILL AND SERVE SPECIALTY SPIRITS LTD.. PRINCETON. N.J. Student tickets are available for the Blue-White basketball game, which will be played after the Virginia football game on November 15th. This game will be played in the air conditioned Smith Center and the halftime will be only five minutes (so you can get out in time for the rest of your Saturday evening plans). Present your student I.D. and athletic pass at the Smith Center box office between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Students may also purchase guest tickets at $5.00 in addition to their complimentary student tickets. Student groups of 20 or more are welcome to send a representative to the Ticket Office with the groups' athletic passes for block seating. Lugar vows to resist Helms in bid for Senate committee From Associated Press reports WASHINGTON Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., said Thursday he will resist a challenge by Sen. Jesse Helms, R.-N.C, to unseat him as the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the 100th Congress. Lugar, the committee's chair man for the last two years, rejected Helms' assertion that he has a right to the post because of seniority. He told Helms in a letter that he Will ask Republican members of the committee to choose between them. In a letter to Lugar last week, Helms indicated that he regrets making a commitment during his re-election campaign two years ago not to seek the Foreign Relations chairmanship but to continue instead as chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Aquino supporter murdered MANILA, Philippines One of President Corazon Aquino's leading leftist supporters was found brutally murdered Thurs day, the day she returned from Wake Forest University gains more freedom from Baptists By PAUL CORY Staff Writer The North Carolina State Baptist Convention Tuesday voted to weaken its ties with Wake Forest University, an institution it founded in 1834. The convention's 3,300 members approved by a large majority to amend its charter to allow Wake Forest to elect its own trustees. The vote ended years of fighting between Wake Forest and the con vention over who would select the university's trustees. The convention founded Wake Forest in 1834. The convention previously had the right to veto the election of any Wake Forest trustee. The charter had also stipulated that only one-third of Wake Forest's trustees cbuld be either non-North Carolina residents or non-Baptist. The amendment also ended direct financial support of Wake Forest by the convention. In 1985, the conven tion provided $500,000 dollars of Wake Forest's $141 million budget. Formerly, churches could send donations through1 the convention to Wake Forest. "Now the individual " churches will have to send their donations directly to Wake Forest. NO (FUSS. ue-White Basketball Tickets Jowo in Cficf abroad to a capital swept by rumors of coup plots against her. Police found the mutilated body of Rolando Olalia, presi dent of the Partido ng Bayan (People's Party) and the militant May 1st Movement labor alliance, in a ditch on the edge of the capitol hours after his family reported him missing. Back in the U.S.S.R.? MOSCOW A family of emigres who returned home this week after 10 years in America because they felt like "eternal immigrants" want to go back to the United States because the teen-age boys are unhappy in the Soviet Union, the mother said Thursday. Faina Gonta said the U.S. Embassy told her that she and her family could leave Saturday on a British Airways flight to Lon don, but they had not yet obtained tickets or been given exit visas. Robert Philpott, chairman of the Wake Forest University covenant committee and trustee, said Wake Forest officials were "very pleased" with the convention's decisibn and confident that relations between the two would be smoother in the future. Philpott also said that even though Wake Forest will be losing funding from the convention, the university will not be dropping any Baptist related programs. MWe had already made a decision that any program we have will continue whether we got the funding or not," he said. William Poe, president of the convention, also said he was pleased with the vote. He agreed that it would help smooth relations between the convention and Wake Forest. "It will cut out the yearly controversies over who is going to serve as trustees," he said. The convention has not cut its ties with Wake Forest, as some newspap ers have reported, Poe said. "All that has happened was the convention amended its charter so that Wake Forest could elect its own trustees," he said. ' ' : ' Both Philpott and Poe agreed that Wake Forest would retain its Baptist identity. "We will remain a Baptist University," Philpott said. Ml 4 u i S A' s '1 -A I , - vw - fT" ""

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