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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, November 02, 1987, Page 5, Image 5

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The Daily Tar HeelMonday, November 2, 19875 n nn n GD(D j u o n Joe Herzenberg Joe Herzenberg, who is an advo- cate of neighborhood preservation, said he opposes the Pittsboro Street Extension. MI oppose it for about every reason in the books," he said. ' "One-way streets, in general, in the downtown area are not good." Herzenberg cited the one-way street system in downtown Durham as a confusing maze of traffic that he does not want in Chapel Hill. "Another major thoroughfare only 100 yards to the west of Columbia (Street) will threaten the pedestrian ambiance which we want to encour age in Chapel Hill," he said. "Despite what the technocrats say about it, the more roads you build, the more you encourage the traffic." Herzenberg, who authored the noise ordinance approved by the town in February, said he does not believe anybody should have the right to disturb others. "I would like to see how the current (ordinance) works and take recom mendations from the committee that is working on it before any more action is made," he said. He said University-town relations are important and he supports a commission to improve communica tion. "A perm an ant commission with the students would be an even better idea," Herzenberg said. Herzenberg lives three blocks from downtown and said he is anxious to protect neighborhoods. He is espe cially concerned about development on the edge of downtown, he said. He said he supports an entertain- Cassandra Sloop Cassandra Sloop said she opposes the Pittsboro Street Extension because it would generate more traffic congestion. "Because it would be one way, it would cause even more traffic problems," she said. Sloop said she supports the current noise ordinance, but would not object to extending hours for amplified' noise during special occasions. "I understand that college people want to have a good time, but I do not think that it should override the rights of others," she said. Sloop said the joint University town committee should continue work after the land-use plan is resolved. Sloop supports downtown growth because she said construction will help preserve downtown Chapel Hill. "Downtown needs to stay viable and keep busing there so Chapel Hill does not become a dead downtown," she said. Sloop said she supports the enter tainment ticket tax because it will tax the people who come from other towns and create the excess trash and traffic, but do not pay to clean up after the event. "An additional fee is not going to make any difference to the person," she said. Traffic congestion is only a prob- CKS Brins your receipt The pc plc wh bn mzed ")ur baby shoes and put you thn mjih c Hckc itv c minj tor a visit. While you tee! obligated to put them up, you feel guilty leeause a part of you wishes they'd TttEVA IMYERSIIYM I lighway 54 East,Chapel I IiU, t til Hill ment ticket tax. "It's not going to be a burden on anybody, and it's a way of making the whole tax system work," he said. Herzenberg said the town should try a system of park-and-ride lots to improve traffic congestion problems. "Transportation such as bus shuttles, going more frequently into town, could- offer a solution to traffic congestion," he said. He opposes the Rosemary Square project because is too large, he said. "There is not enough parking for the scale of the project," he said. Herzenberg was a member of the town council from 1979 to 1981. He has also worked with student regis tration drives on campus. km at peak hours of the day when people are trying to commute to and from work, Sloop said. "To build roads just for those hours is not sensible to me," she said. Rosemary Square should proceed as planned, she said. "Like I said before, Chapel Hill's going to become dead if we don't do something to keep it busy," she said. Sloop was a volunteer on the Chapel Hill Appearance Commis sions for about four years. AR BACK! Pick up qour 1987 Yacketq Yack m Room 106 Carolina Union. l,lm. Urni i fri rteu 6 or cancelled check. stay someplace else. At the I niversity Inn, our spacious suites will get y ur parents seal of approval. VVTiich is more than we can say for vou if vou put them up anv wherJelsc. Call 942-4132. Next To Slug's At The Pines. Bill Thorpe Incumbent council member Bill Thorpe said he opposes the Pittsboro Street Extension. "I am against it and I voted against it," Thorpe said. "It's just not a good idea and it will bring in a lot of traffic." Thorpe said he is undecided about the noise ordinance. He will wait for a recommendation from the the Noise Ordinance Revision Subcommittee members before taking a stand on amplified noise. "The committee contains a very diverse group of people and we need to find out what each of the repre sentatives of that group says," Thorpe said. University-town relations need improvement, Thorpe said. "The University is a part of the community too," he said. "We wouldn't be here if it weren't for the University. The administration, students and the town need to meet once a month." Thorpe said he supports an enter tainment ticket tax if students could be exempted. "Students should have a lesser price and non-students should have a greater price," he said. He had recommended that stu dents who present valid UNC iden tifications be exempted from the ticket tax. Park-and-ride lots would be an effective solution to traffic conges tion, Thorpe said. "That would keep Chapel Hill a pedestrian-oriented area," he said. James Wallace James Wallace, now serving as mayor, said he does not support the Pittsboro Street Extension. "I oppose the Pittsboro Street Extension and will not seek money for it," Wallace said. "If it ever got started, it would cost a fortune to buy the land and it would be accomplished at the expense of the Northside community." He said tfe is waiting for the conclusions of the Noise Ordinance Revision Subcommittee study before he takes a stand on amplified noise. Wallace said he thinks University town relations are doing well now. "The joint University-town commit tee is exploring in-depth a whole variety of issues that affect both the town and the University," he said. "I think' relations are in excellent shape and will continue that way." Wallace said it is unlikely that the town will levy an entertainment ticket tax because University administra tors would oppose it and the N.C. General Assembly would have to approve it first. "I think the General Assembly would strike it down," he said. Wallace said traffic congestion could be alleviated by synchronizing the traffic lights and building park-and-ride lots. Rosemary Square is another issue that has always concerned Wallace. "I continue to oppose Rosemary r i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i L Let your resume help you get the interview you want. Laser Printers Suite B 203 12 E Franklin Sl Chapel Hill, NC 27514 967-6633 We're located in the offices above Sadlacks' $3.00 Off a typeset resume with this coupon (resumes regularly $15.00fcage) coupon expires 121587 Are you considering professional school? HARVARD UNIVERSITY JOHN F. KENNEDY SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT Is Lookingor Future Leaders in Public Affairs. Come Learn About Harvard's Two-Year Master's Program in Public Policy, Leading to either the Master in Public Policy or ' City and Regional Planning Degree. JOINT DEGREE OPTIONS AND CROSS-REGISTRATION OPPORTUNITIES WITH OTHER SCHOOLS MEET WITH A KENNED Y S CHOOL REPRESENTATIVE DATE: TIME: LOCATION! All Students, All Majors, All Years Welcome! it - . i ; if Thorpe said he supports the Rosemary Square project. "We went into it with good faith and I hope to continue along those lines." He has served on the town council for a total of eight years and was elected mayor pro-tem in 1985. He served on the Community Develop ment Task Force and the Transpor tation Advisory Board, was president of the Black Elected Officials of North Carolina and now serves on the Board of Directors of the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials. Af.:;-ssft: Square because it will generate more traffic congestion," he said. "What we need there is a very good-looking parking facility." Wallace has been involved in Chapel Hill politics since 1960, when he was appointed to the Chapel Hill Planning Board. He served on the board until 1964, and then again from 1970 to 1971. Wallace was on the town council from 1971 to 1972, 1975 to 1979 and 1980 to 1983. He was elected mayor in 1985. Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm I i u - , n I Wed., Nov 11 9:00 and lOtOO group sessions PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CAREER PLACEMENT OFFICE FOR THIS INFORMATION Bob Varley Bob Varley said he supports the Pittsboro Street Extension, because it is part of the town's thoroughfare plan. "It's been studied and studied by the University and the town," he said. He also opposes a noise ordinance in Chapel Hill, especially after sporting events and other special occasions. "I don't think it's essential in a college town," Varley said. "To try to curb noise, particularly on the weekends, is fruitless." He said he is not concerned about University-town relations, because he is satisfied with them as they have been for years. Varley said he opposes the enter tainment ticket tax. "Traffic congestion is an ever present problem, too, and until we have a good Thoroughfare Plan that will alleviate it, it will remain a problem," he said. "We might even have to make East Franklin and Rosemary streets one-way to help." He estimated that this could happen in the next three to four years. Varley said he opposes Rosemary Square because he was one of many downtown merchants who put up money in the 1950s to purchase the property for use as a parking lot. The merchants then turned the property over to the town to collect revenue for the parking. The money received Roosevelt Roosevelt Wilkerson said he opposes the Pittsboro Street Exten sion because it would harm the Northside community, where he lives. He said the extension would also threaten pedestrians. "I understand why (the extension is) in the Thoroughfare Plan," he said, "but I still think it's wrong." Wilkerson supports changes in the noise ordinance because he said it is inadequate, and ineffectively written. The joint University-town commit-. tee is' a good step toward, improving University-town relations, Wilkerson said. "Maybe there needs to be a standing committee to deal with issues affecting the University and the town," he said. Wilkerson said he is not concerned about the entertainment ticket tax because it will probably never be approved. ' . Traffic congestion could be alle viated by park-and-ride lots, Wilker son said. "I also think we need to put fire on the (N.C. Department of Trans portation) to get synchronized traffic signals," he said. "The DOT has been dragging its feet." WERE FIGHTING FOR OURUFE - - Featuring: Nautilus machines, Olympic weight room, aerobics classes, Wolff Tanning Bed, Lifecycles, sauna, whirlpool Two Great Chapel Hill Nautilus Chapel Hill Blvd., Straw Valley South t I 1$ I LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZ0 Featured on Paul Simon's Grammy Award Winning LP, "Graceland." special suests: Casselberry-Dupree ?ocsdjy 'November 1i " 0:C0 Pr,l ' ftlcmoria! Eloii Tickets: S1250 UNC studentsIU50 seneral public Available at Union Box Office Sponsored by v in cooperation with -. . went to pay off bonds that were issued to finance the property and it was paid for within a five-year period, he said. "It was not purchased to put up a hotel," Varley said. "With the (councils) changing constantly over the years, many members who were new to the community were not aware of the historical importance." Varley served on the Chapel Hill Board of Alderman from 1966 to 1969. Wilkerson '..... Rosemary Square is another issue that Wilkerson said is beyond debating. "The council has spoken to it legally and the town has an obligation to move forth," he said. Wilkerson has been chairman of the South Orange Black Caucus for the past three years. American Heart Association FITNESS CENTER. INC WitfcF u (Two payments of only $65.00 each) Locations: Durham Nautilus Hillsborough Road (next to Best Products) Africa's and Blue Quail Productions Chesapeake Concerts WIMWWII ' linwiwrf

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