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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, February 02, 1988, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar Heel Tuesday, February 2, 1988 Jordan itwrorooses deroaFtimert eternise By CHRISTOPHER SONTCHI Staff Writer Debate is growing in the N.C. gubernatorial race with Lt. Gov. Bob Jordan's proposal to replace the N.C. Department of Commerce with a state-funded private agency. Jordan, the Democratic candidate, said his plan would "promote growth from within," but Republican Gov. Jim Martin called the idea "dumb and dangerous." Jordan's proposal calls for the reorganization of the department into a corporation run by a board of directors of state businessmen appointed by the governor, who would serve as chief executive officer. The department would be replaced with an Economic Development Corporation to facilitate the growth Experts umcoiicemed about mew AIDS viras By BETH RHEA Staff Writer A second AIDS virus discovered in the United States in December is no cause for concern, medical experts said Monday. "I don't think there's any need for people to be alarmed," said Chuck Fallis, public affairs specialist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. "It's not a current prob lem, but it's a potential problem." Dr. Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris first discovered the virus two and a half years ago in West Africa, said Stanley Weiss, a profes sor of preventive medicine and community health at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, N.J. A woman from Cape Verde in West Africa was admitted to the Newark hospital during a 1987 visit to the United States, Weiss said. The woman, a victim of chronic illness, Senators' differences delay action, Helms aide says By AMY WINSLOW Staff Writer I U.S. Senate confirmation action is stalled for two federal judicial nomi frees and a U.S. attorney candidate packed by Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C, due to political tensions between Helms and two Democratic senators, Said a Helms aide Monday. ! "It appears that Sen. (Patrick) Leahy, (D-Vt.), and Sen. (Edward) Kennedy, (D-Mass.), are holding up action because they disagree with Helms' position on some things, articularly additional funding to the ienate Agncultural Coramittee,"said indrew Hartsfield, a legislative aide to Helms. ; But the delays have simply been due to the recent overload of the Judiciary Committee, not because of any personal animosity, said Joe ; rf) American Hoart : y Association Buq One Large 2-ltem Pizza, Get One Small Cheese FREE! Ifnhicrsity ftlall Est In Onecustomer TO u (piKftM ipiHin centime s4fS of businesses already in the state, said Phil Weils, Jordan's campaign press secretary. Although some job duties could change, none of the 200 employees of the department would lose their jobs, he said. Jordan made the proposal on Jan. 5 in Charlotte and reiterated it in the gubernatorial debate Jan. 22. It is a response to the fact that "the days of the great buffalo hunt are over," Wells said, referring to the ease of attracting businesses fleeing the frost belt. The department is "already spur ring growth from within" and "if it isn't broken there's no need to fix it," said Sam Taylor, director of public affairs for the Department of Commerce. was diagnosed by university doctors in December as having the HIV-II virus, he said. The first AIDS virus discovered is called HIV-I, or human immunodeficiency virus, type 1. Although it is still early to tell, Fallis said, experts think that the HIV-II virus is transmitted by the same means as HIV-I. Sexual contact with the exchange of body fluids and the sharing of needles by intravenous drug users are the two main means of transmission. The virus is not transmitted by casual contact. The woman, whose name was not released, said she had not used drugs or had sexual relations while in the United States, Weiss said. There is no evidence of the virus having spread in the United States, he said. The CDC conducted a study last year of 20,000 blood samples, many of them from high-risk populations, and found no trace of the HIV-II Jamele, Leahy's press secretary. "A lot of the Senate Judiciary Committee's time has been taken up by the Supreme Court nominations," Jamele said. "There has been no conscious attempt to delay the appointment of any federal nominees." It is known that Helms opposed increased funding to the Agricultural Committee, he said, but the relation ship between Leahy and Helms has been good since Leahy took over as head of that committee, which Helms formerly oversaw. The two North Carolina nominees for the judgeships, Richard Voorhees in the Western District and Malcolm "Mack" Howard in the Eastern District, are waiting for hearings to be scheduled by the Judiciary Com mittee, which has been delayed due to political differences, Hartsfield said. U.S. attorney nominee Robert Edmunds has been ready for confir 960-3024 expires 22287 TskeOst mm mm suit) He said that as far as he could tell there was "not much difference" between the current system and Jordan's proposal, with one excep tion. As a private corporation the Economic Development Corporation would still receive money from the government but would no longer be subject to audit, thus reducing the agency's accountability. Ail the people Taylor had spoken to "didn't think it was a good idea ... as a leader you have to be able to distinguish between good and bad ideas. People thought that the Hin denburg was a good idea," he said. Taylor noted that Jordan had not attended a meeting of the current Economic Development Board in more than a year. Jordan is a member of the board, which oversees the virus, Fallis said. But the CDC will continue its surveillance, he said. A screening test for possible victims of both viruses is in the experimental stages and is not licensed yet by the Food and Drug Administration, Fallis said. "The technology is there to license it quickly" if there is a real danger that the disease has spread, he said. Fallis said that the HIV-II virus seems to pose less of a risk of causing AIDS than HIV-I. "It seems to be less virulent," he said. "There are plenty of people in West Africa with HIV-II who don't have any symp toms of AIDS." According to Teresa Midyette, a spokeswoman for the surveillance department of the AIDS Control Program, there is no need to expand health education programs to include the new virus. She said the CDC's mation by the whole Senate since last July, he said. But an "informal hold" has been placed on the final approval of Edmunds, said Barbara Lukens, a Helms spokeswoman, and "all signs point to Sen. Kennedy" as the one who is blocking the vote. "If they (Leahy and Kennedy) are doing it (delaying action) just to be vindictive, we feel that's not appro priate," Hartsfield said. Kennedy's office could not be Speaker compares .human By CARRIE DOVE Staff Writer The concept of humans as unique reasoning creatures has gone the way of the concept of Earth as the center of the universe and creation science, Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon told about 300 people Monday night in Hamilton Hall. "Wonderful but understandable is the lesson of our increasing under standing of the human mind," Simon said in the third bi-annual Michael Polanyi Lecture, "The Psychology of Scientific Discovery." WHAT'S AHEAD FOR THE ECONOMY? HEAR LOUIS RUKEYSER, HOST OF PUBLIC TELEVISION'S "WALL $TREET WEEK" What's the outlook for jobs? Recession? Investments? Inflation? Wed., February 3 8:00 PM Memorial Hall Known for his ability to make economics both understandable and enjoyable, Mr. Rukeyser will take questions from the audience at the conclusion of his prepared remarks. Mr. Rukeyser's presentation is made possible in parrs by grants from the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Prime Enterprise, Northern Telecom and Cellular One, A Providence Journal Company. Mr. Rukeyser is the Institute of Private Enterprise Speaker as well as the Archie K. Davis Lecturer. (5s fftUMENTTS Be an Intern for Learn how to do newspaper layouts. No experience necessary. No required hours. Come to the DTH office Tucs Feb 0, 4:09 PH Elm 104f Carolina Union Department of Commerce. "Perhaps if he (Jordan) had gone once or twice he would realize that his proposals are unnecessary and counterproductive," said Kevin Brown, Martin's campaign manager. Wells said that Jordan had not attended the meetings because he chairs the Government Operations Committee at the same time the Economic Development Board meets. Jordan's proposal is supported by David Eldridge, former assistant secretary for economic development, Wells said. Jordan also consulted with former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt, under whose administration the Department of Commerce was formed in 1977, and received Hunt's support before announcing the idea. study, which included port cities all over the United States, was reliable because "that is where the virus would probably show up." It is unlikely that the disease had spread beyond the woman, she said. Fallis said other primary methods of transmission of HIV-I are the contamination of blood or blood products used in transfusions and the transmission of the virus from a pregnant woman to her fetus. The HIV-I was first discovered in the United States in 1981, and it is predicted that by 1992, 270,000 people will have developed AIDS. Those infected with the virus do not necessarily develop AIDS, but they may still transmit it through their body fluids. People with AIDS are vulnerable to serious illnesses that their immune systems can't fight because they are weakened by the virus. reached for comment. Final confirmation of judgeships and U.S. attorneys comes only after official nomination by President Reagan and approval by the Senate. Federal judicial nominees must also undergo hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee before a vote by the entire Senate. Howard and Voorhees have been waiting for Senate approval longer than any other current nominee except one, Hartsfield said. 3 Simon, who received the 1985 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science, has created BACON, a computer which is able to simulate historical scientific discoveries. "(From BACON), we know at least roughly what kind of processes the original discoverers were going through," said Simon, the Richard King Mellon University Professor of Psychology and Computer Science at Carnegie-Mellon University. BACON, named after Sir Frances Bacon, can use both induction and 1 American Indians release hostages after 10-hour ordeal From Associated Pross reports LUMBERTON Two heavily-armed American Indians released the last seven of their hostages Monday night after a 10 hour standoff, said Jim Sughrue, Gov. Jim Martin's press secretary. The Indians took hostages in a newspaper office Monday to protest the death of a black jail inmate and demanded to talk to the governor, authorities said. The governor did not talk directly to the hostage-takers, but did agree to look into the allega tions, said Charles Dunn, deputy director of the State Bureau of Investigation. George Fain, general manager of the newspaper, said 17 people were held hostage when the inci dent began about 10 a.m. The Indians, who identified themselves as Tuscarora Cherokee, said they would sur render to federal agents or the State Bureau of Investigation after pressing their concerns for a new investigation of the inmate's death, Carroll said. They were seeking an investigation by authorities from outside Robeson County, he said. Meese investigation continues WASHINGTON Attorney General Edwin Meese said Mon day that he did not recall reading the portion of a memo on a $1 billion Iraqi pipeline project that referred to a payoff plan involving the Israeli Labor Party of former Prime Minister Shimon Peres. The memo to Meese, from his longtime friend, attorney Robert Wallach, is the focus of a criminal investigation of Meese's activities by independent counsel James McKay. After receiving Wallach's memo in 1985, Meese took no action in regard to the potential illegal activity mentioned in the docu ment, sources familiar with McKay's investigation have said. "I do not recall having read the specific words that have now mushroomed into importance, but I certainly did not receive from the memorandum any impression of illegality whatsoever," the attorney general said. White House spokesman Mar lin Fitzwater declined to say whether President Reagan had approved the pipeline project. Top White House aides were briefed on reason to computer logic deduction to derive scientific laws, Simon said. "We now have a basic understand ing of the simple manipulations that enable humans to make scientific discoveries," he said. Simon showed that human cogni tive processes are very similar to BACON's by recording the stream of consciousness of human subjects figuring out puzzles, he said. "Almost second by second, the computer's behavior matches that of the human being," he said. BACON derived Kepler's Third Law in a few minutes, Simon said, when it took Johannes Kepler 10 years to accomplish the same task. "Given the data and the motiva tion, people can also find the answers in a very short period of time," he Speaker Ruether also spoke in favor of the ordination of women. "It is a key issue because women should have equal access, and it represents the fundamental way the church regards women," she said. But women are finding that they don't need to be ordained to minister to others, especially in the Rbman btusjrrn CHINESE RESTAURANT Chinese Gourmet Dinner Buffet All the SHRIMP, BEEF, CHICKEN & ORIENTAL VEGETABLES You Can Eat Plus Fried Rice, Eggrolls & Dumplings 967-4101 JSBHaH, Tfln teat as nm This summer may be your last chance to graduate from college with a degree and an officers commission. Sign up for ROTC's six-week Basic Camp now. See your Professor of Military Science for details. But hurry. The time is short. The space is limited. The heat is on. ARMY RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS Call Major Doug Earle, 1-800-222-9184 News in Brief Meese's role by McKay last week. Reagan pushes aid package WASHINGTON President Reagan argued Monday that Nicaragua's leftist leaders would not comply with a regional peace plan without a "threat hanging over them" and that his $36.2 million contra aid package would do the trick. Meanwhile, the White House scrambled to make the aid pack age palatable to doubtful House members as the outcome of Wed nesday's high-stakes vote remained in the hands of some 20 fence-sitters. The anti-contra lobbying has intensified on Capitol Hill and Democratic leaders exuded confi dence that they are headed for victory in Wednesday's vote. The president is fighting for a package that includes $3.6 million for ammunition and anti-aircraft missiles, which would be placed in escrow and released after March 31 if he alone decides that the regional peace process has not succeeded. Renewed West Bank violence ANABTA, Occupied West Bank Israelis killed two Arabs and wounded three others Mon day when they opened fire on a crowd of stone-throwing Palesti nians who had trapped a convoy of soldiers and civilians, the army said. Soldiers wounded four Arabs in two other clashes, a military spokesman said. The Arab-owned Palestine Press Service put the number of Arabs wounded by gunfire at 22 and provided a list of names. The renewed violence caused the first deaths from gunfire since Jan. 15 and brought to 41 the confirmed Arab death toll in the rioting that began Dec. 8. It came as the United States was exploring ways to revive the stalled Middle East peace process. Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin said he hoped the new U.S. initiative would lead to political negotiations, but he warned that Israel would use force and collec tive punishment to quell protests. said. People make the mistake of assum- ing that computers are purely logical, ' Simon said. "There is nothing particularly logical about a computer," he said, adding that computers have the same quality of "intuition" that humans do. '. BACON has an advantage over humans in that it is not distracted Kr Via irrtliim rf lata Qlmnn caiH "BACON is not troubled much by irrelevant data," he said. Simon said that there is not much difference between computer intelli gence and human wisdom. "What we often mean by wisdom is intelligence we like," he said. Simon will give 10 lectures on economics, psychology, physics and computer science this week at UNC. from page 1 Catholic church, she said. "When I meet a head of a battered women's shelter, it does not surprise me if she's an ex-nun," Ruether said. Ruether, an editor of 20 books and author of 450 articles on feminist theology, is an activist in civil rights and justice issues. $2 OFF Dinner Buffet For 2 with coupon only . expires 13088 G2H

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