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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, February 10, 1988, Page 1, Image 1

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i"H"Hii Get mostly warm A iallk with a former " WomeiH) te Need a summer jb? j Mostly sunny. High 53. - n t a 1 " n '' ' ' P ' ' Go to Camp Day I ; ' ; . ;.,Oiriiy;C3apCeir- Page7 . WOl If paClll Page 8 Vj" . GreatHall,10amto4P.m. Serving the students and the University community since 1893 & Copyright 1988 The Daily Tar Heel Volume 95, Issue 128 Wednesday, February 10, 1988 Chapel Hill, North Carolina News Sports Arts 962-0245 Business Advertising 962-1163 even stundleimts By KIMBERLY EDENS University Editor Seven UNC students are fasting to protest a CIA recruitment visit to the law school Feb. 25, CIA Action Committee members said Tuesday. Steve Sullivan, a part-time student, said he has not eaten since last Wednesday and has lost 17 pounds. Dale McKinley, a member of the CIA Action Committee, said the fast' has two purposes: "Either to force the (UNC) administration to address the issue of. whether the CIA should recruit on campus, or for the CIA yZ; Ik - ov I . 4 - :: , - 4 , 'v ;v I I ?; ""? ) If f) lV'- -f- - ' i V.-r i s f ? X kA - ':;,,, - I : : f I ... - -y ' 1 .:: 1 . V I ' I i :::"l I , 0 I t;, J h f, I til ; mnmim mi mtcMtimiimiim' 1 I - s. - "'"". ,"msi ill J rjf- A v i It - M ' '"W I ' i Wtiwwywwy l '- nlml ' 11 111 11 r I'll nil IH-Itt ir ,1 n, r ,, r,,-. ,.,n fe-,f.v. LA l& 1 . . Blastoff Dail Massey, a worker for the UNC Physical Plant, sandblasts the red paint that was thrown Student liaison position will improve UNC-town relationship, Bailey says By WILL LINGO Staff Writer The creation of a student liaison to attend Chapel Hill Town Council meetings is a positive change for relationships between the University and the town, said Student Body President Brian Bailey. "We got what we could get," Bailey said. "I'm not satisfied in the sense that it's exactly what we wanted, but I think it's the best we could do." The town council unanimously approved a resolution Monday night that creates a UNC Student Govern ment liaison to the council. Accord ing to the resolution, "(The liaison) shall be recognized as the formal line of communication between the town I itself to call off its visit." The fasters are not overreacting, McKinley said. "Many people are dying as a result of CIA actions," he said. "I don't think it 11 go that far (for the students to die), but they are certainly willing to jeopardize their health." Sullivan said the committee members had debated confronting the CIA in a different way. "At first we were thinking about trying to debate with the CIA, and then we decided that would be legitimizing their claims," he said. council and the UNC Student Government." - Bailey and Rob Friedman, speaker of the Student Congress, petitioned the council last November to create a student non-voting ex officio position on the council. But the idea was not feasible because of legal difficulties; North Carolina law does not authorize an ex officio member ship on an elected municipal govern ing board. "It's hard for a town council to change its structure," Bailey said. "To have a true voting member of the council, students will have to elect one. But the student liaison position can serve several important functions, can live for two fast to protest CIA: recriaitmeinit The CIA's prime purpose is to subvert democratically elected governments, Sullivan said. "Our point is that at least 6 million people have died because of CIA sponsored terrorist actions over the last 50 years or so," he said. "I would compare .it to having the Mafia or the Ku Klux Klan coming to visit." Fred Schroeder, dean of students, said the CIA is not a criminal organization. "There is a difference between a criminal organization, like the Mafia, and an agency of the government," DTHTony Deifell on the Bell Tower. It has taken workers over two weeks to clean off the oil-based paint. Bailey said. The liaison will tell students and campus organizations how council actions will affect them. The council will also become familiar with a student representative, Bailey said. "It's important to have someone representing the students at every meeting, not just when some thing important comes up," he said. Bailey said he would not fill the position during his term as president. He said his goal was to establish a position on the council, and he will leave it to the next president to select the liaison. Although it will be up to the individual elected president, the new See LIAISON page 5 months on a good compliment. he said. Students have a right to protest the CIA visit, but other UNC students also have the right to be interviewed for jobs, Schroeder said. "A government agency or a private agency might be objectionable," he said, "but the University is going to have to maintain an openness towards organizations that are rec ognizable throughout the country." Sullivan said he understood the University's position, but would still resist the visit. "I can see their (the University T (TT IV cMuise By BRIAN McCOLLUM Staff Writer A clause in student housing con tracts that allows the University to charge entire residence halls for vandalism and damages violates N.C. law, Residence Hall Association (RHA) members said Tuesday. Kelly Clark, RHA president, said he has sent letters to Wayne Kuncl, director of University housing, and Susan Ehringhaus, assistant to the chancellor, expressing his concern about the clause. The clause, which is found on page 'lection- fforeinni Student body president candidates debate function of council liaison post By JUSTIN McGUIRE Senior Writer The relationship between the Uni versity and the town of Chapel Hill was a major issue addressed by the seven student body president candi dates at a forum held in Cobb Residence Hall Tuesday. The candidates who appeared at the forum, sponsored by the Resi dence Hall Association, were Bill Yelverton, Sandy Rierson, Keith Poston, David Maynard, Kevin Martin, Brien Lewis and Jody Beasley. Yelverton said it is important for the town to respect the students on Jordan begtas college By CHRIS SONTCHI Staff Writer Young people and young ideas are an important element of his campaign for governor, said Democratic gub ernatorial candidate Bob Jordan in a speech to over 100 supporters in the Student Union Tuesday. "IVe heard some people criticize me because they say IVe got too many young people involved in my cam paign," Jordan said. "I say IVe got enough gray hair to go around." Jordan's speech, the kickoff for his statewide university campaign, focused on his accomplishments as lieutenant governor and his qualifi cations for the gubernatorial nomination. "For North Carolina to do well, the person who's in the governor's office doesn't need to be somebody that you have to step around or run over or push out of the way. It needs to be somebody that's committed to doing the things we're accustomed to in this state," Jordan said, calling Republican Gov. Jim Martin a "sitting governor." He said he has been committed to education throughout his career, sitting on the UNC Board of Trustees from 1961-71 and the UNC Board of Governors from 1971-76. This commitment continued in his three years as lieutenant governor, he said. "We passed the Basic Education Plan, we passed the North Carolina See JORDAN page 5 administrators') point," he said. "But the suffering: the CIA has caused nullifies any right they have to be on campus." ; All students have an interest in the CIA visit, McKinley said. "It's our university, and as long as it allows an organization like the CIA to come recruit on campus, we feel it's wrong," he said. "It (the fast) is also an educational tool, because we think most' students who would interview with the CIA don't know about its actions abroad, and this is a way of educating them." yon Hioun M qpesttnoini 14 of the "Hallways and Highrises" contract booklet, reads: "In the public areas of a residence hall ... the replacement or repair costs are charged to the individual(s) when responsibility is established. "However, when individual(s) responsibility cannot be determined, the residents of a floor, suite, wing or the entire hall become collectively responsible for restoration costs." In Clark's letter, he asked the housing department to review the policy and consider changing it. Legal action may be taken if housing Campus Elections issues that directly affect them, and also for students to show the town that they are concerned about impor tant town issues. The Student liaison on the town council is a positive step, but more is needed, Yelverton said. "We can also appoint people to be liaisons to the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro planning boards," Yelverton said. "That would address problems, like growth, that we're a big part of here." fig ss? simp; 5 liiiillllll ka --s -- - . Gubernatorial candidate Bob Jordan Mark Twain Sullivan said he had faith that the University would cancel the CIA visit. "I do have trust that the conscience of the administration will come through," he said. McKinley said the fast could prevent the CIA visit. "People can choose to turn a blind eye to it. if they want," he said. "I don't think that it (the fast) will be successful overnight, but if we con tinue the pressure they will have to submit." See FAST page 6 O officials decide not to change it, the letter read. "If you and your staff feel that the ; policy will not be changed," Clark wrote, "the (RHA) Governing Board has directed me to consult the office ; of Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division." Paul Brandes, a professor and attorney who is serving as the RHA's legal adviser, said the situation involves a legally unbinding agreement. See CLAUSE page 6 Rierson said a campus-wide voting district should be a long-term goal to increase student voting, but having a student elected to the council would not be effective because it would only give students one vote. The student liaison can be effective, but Student Government must make sure it keeps in touch with the liaison, she said. "We need to be working right now on this liaison position," Rierson said. "We have to get a person in there speaking up for student concerns, before problems are to a point where See FORUM page 7 campaign 1 .."Jvi-.-.W DTHTony Deilell r

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