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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, February 10, 1988, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar Heel Wednesday, February 10, 1988 i owe coumcmi approves mm By AMY GRUBBS Staff Writer , Chapel Hill residents' needs for ;more recreational facilities, better fire ; protection and another commuter jparking lot will soon be attended to jwhen the town purchases land to 'build a new community park. The Chapel Hill Town Council voted unanimously Monday to auth orize the $1 million land purchase south of Chapel Hill. The 50-acre tract, located off U.S. 15-501, will be converted into a park, including a fire station and park-and-ride lot. Funding for the purchase will come from general obligation bond pro Speaker describes U.S.-Mexkae By STEVE LONG Staff Writer The United States and Mexico are cooperative but emotional partners with many problems left to address, said Carlos Rico, a former consultant to the Mexican Foreign Minister, in a Great Decisions speech Tuesday. "Mexico and the United States are peculiar allies," he said. Rico, a senior researcher at the Colegio de Mexico and an expert on U.S.-Mexican relations, said it is only recently that Mexico has become a high-priority decision for the United States. The present Mexican government is the most pro-American govern ment in many years, he said. There are five realities of U.S. Mexican relations, he said: the border, nationalistic emotions, eco nomic systems, multiple domestic actors and complex interactions. Iowa cauiciis shakes up candidates' status By SHARON KEBSCHULL State and National Editor Monday's Iowa caucus established at least three viable candidates and created a challenge for previous front runners, political scientists said Tuesday. The strong showings of Democrats Rep. Richard Gephardt and Sen. Paul Simon demonstrated that "they are in the game," said UNC political science professor William Keech. The Republican outcome, with Rep. Robert Dole and former Rev. Pat Robertson coming out on top, creates a fuzzier forecast for the New Hamp shire primaries next Tuesday, he said. If Dole wins in New Hampshire, he would replace Bush as the can didate to beat in the Republican Party, although for now Bush retains his national front-runner status, Keech said. It is also conceivable that Robertson could win there, which Lunch Buffet I Mon-Fri 11:30-2 j Salad Bar Free with Roast Beef Buffet coupon J expires 21488 i To Sign Up Or For More Info MnCBDAEL 942-6942 on TWw QuadOccupancy'T (A W ? Full Package 1 (fhE! I '! "' a 1 I " . j v -Vil I J v fi DB lit ADD 007-9042 ceeds, under the bond referendum passed in 1986. Town plans for the park include building athletic fields, hiking trails and a recreation center complex. Other leisure activities will also be available. "WeVe been dreaming about this for years," said council member Joe Herzenberg. "Since the mid-70s, weVe been concerned about our lack of adequate facilities." Each acre will cost approximately $21,000, which is not unreasonable, considering rising property values in the area, Herzenberg said. Great Decisions "The 2,000 mile-long border, one of the longest unarmed borders in the world, is very much alive," Rico said. "It is the only one where a Third World country meets with the most developed country in the world." Relations between the United States and Mexico are emotionally charged, he said. Mexico lost much of its territory to the United States, which left many Mexicans resentful of Americans. "We have market economies that tend to relate to each other," he said, comparing the countries' economic systems. There are more than 40 U.S. agencies dealing with Mexican affairs News Analysis would leave the party in disarray, he said. Robertson's 25 percent showing was stronger than analysts predicted, but "there were glimmers of reasons to expect Robertson to do remarka bly well," Keech said. "It was not totally unforeseen." But Sue Tolleson-Rinehart, a visiting assistant professor in political science, said she expected the strong finish for Robertson, because data from the past few elections predicted it. Nicknaming Robertson's suppor ters the "invisible army" is not completely accurate, she said, because although they're hard to pinpoint,Jthey." were" involved in politics before 1988. - "These people probably always voted," she said, although they were not otherwise politically active. Reagan appealed to both finan cially conservative and socially con servative Republicans, unifying the party. But those groups have split again in 1988 as Robertson appeals to both the religious right and the socially conservative, she said. They are also intense participants in 1988, she said, compared with Bush's more mainstream support. The strength of religious conserva tives in the Republican Party has also featuring the famous TEXAN MOTEL Home of 1987 MTV Spring Break Coverage and Daytona's Hottest Night Club - 701 South Driving Package Without Transportation! Quad Occupancy1 Full Package With Transportation K & Quad Occupancy Full Package With Transportation K Five Per Room Arrangements by ECHO TRAVEL INC. The largest in college tours to Florida for over 9 years THE BEST OF EVERYTHING TO 14a 205 195 Ji y v its 1 - 7 X Chapel Hill Mayor Jonathan Howes said he hoped residents would be able to use the new parking lot by next fall. The lot, which will be located 1.3 miles from downtown Chapel Hill, will serve park visitors on weekends and nights, he said. The lot will be used as a park-and-ride lot during weekdays. "The most congested road at rush hour each morning is the one coming from the south of town," Herzenberg said. "This lot should ease the traffic problem in that area." Town officials have not yet decided upon the number of spaces or cost of parking at the lot. which result in complex interactions, Rico said. Relations between the United States and Mexico deteriorated over the last five years because of changes in the international system and domestic political systems of both countries, he said. "The two countries had to look for new terms of endearment," Rico said. The United States wanted political stability in Mexico, regardless of how it was achieved, he said. "The system was not democratic then, as it is not now," he said. Nationalism was important for political stability and foreign policy because Mexico could project a revolutionary image, Rico said. "The United States and Mexico have very good reasons to disagree," he said. Rico said economic complemen taken over conservative Democratic power, she said. "This ends the stronghold of conservatives in the Democratic Party," she said. Twenty years ago, Robertson could have run as a conservative Democrat, but that would not be possible today, she said. But the results will not help Robertson as much as theyll hurt Vice President George Bush, said Michael Lienesch, associate professor of political science. "Robertson's support is solid it's always been there and it's always going to be there," he said. But Bush probably didnt expect to come in third behind Robertson, and he can only look forward to less enthusiastic media coverage than he has now, Lienesch said. Bush has local mainstream support in New Hampshire, and he must win there to-retain his front-runner status, he said. In the Democratic caucuses, Gephardt and Simon were predicta ble winners because of their regional support, but other candidates are still viable, the experts said. Gov. Michael Dukakis (D-Mass.), who came in third, is probably still the candidate to beat in New Hamp shire, Keech said. 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You might find a cheaper trip, but why risk your Spring Break cash on a cheap imitation!) ; pmnrmase Fire officials began a study several years ago to determine the need for a fifth fire station in Chapel Hill, said Beverly Kawalec, administrative assistant to the mayor. "(The study) considered the response time, how many fires there are and the popu lation of the area," she said. The study also indicated a need for a fire station at the southern end of town, Kawalec said. Town officials said they expected to close the sale at the end of February, after which they will design a master plan for the development of the land. relations tarity, different political centers and the silent integration of the Mexican economy into the U.S. economy are some of those reasons. "The United States government is trying to pressure Mexico to mend some of its ways," Rico said. However, the "paradox of the brink" keeps the U.S. government from pushing too hard, he said. "When Mexico is on the brink, the United States never pushes it over." Mexico's $ 100 billion debt problem does not affect its relations with the United States, Rico said, because Mexico's government is responsible and wants the debt paid. Mexico has privately invested more than $60 billion in U.S. banks and real estate, and this amount is more than it owes the United States, he said. Other Democrats have a less positive outlook, Keech said. The results destroyed former Sen. Gary Hart's campaign, as he got less than 1 percent of the vote, Keech said, and Albert Gore Jr. needs to do well in a large number of Super Tuesday states to be viable. "Until Gore does something like share first or second place with (Jesse) Jackson in a large number of South ern states, he's not a serious con tender," Keech said. "But if he runs that way, and runs strongly against the white candidates, then he is among the top contenders." Gore chose not to campaign at all in Iowa, focusing his energy on the South, and received less than 1 percent of the vote Monday. This leaves four serious players Gephardt, Simon, Gore and Dukakis in Super Tuesday, and Jackson, while he has no possibility of winning, will be very influential, Keech said. U.S. envoy begins peace talks in Israel From Associated Press reports JERUSALEM The army said Tuesday an Israeli officer shot and wounded a 16-year-old Arab protes ter, and Arab reports said another youth died of beating injuries. A Jewish settler was being investigated in the fatal shooting of a demonstrator. U.S. envoy Richard Murphy began talks Tuesday night with Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir on a peace process to help end rioting in occu pied territories that has claimed 51 lives since Dec. 8. The Palestine Press Service, an Arab-run news agency, said Faud Tarazi, 17, of Gaza City died Tuesday of injuries sustained during a beating while in army custody. Palestinian sources said soldiers chased the youth and arrested him in his house after he threw stones Monday. His mother told a reporter: "They took my son, they beat him. They broke his bicycle." Many of our nicer earrlnrs -olltlnalhho -340- art halt -priced now through february 14 A wentinr special: Met and 3ialf-trlce V L University Square Chapel Hill it Men's Pants - Buy One, Get One FREE! it it All Coats are 12 Price! it it Selected Sweaters are 12 Price! it 1 988 Swim wear is Here in Time For Springbreak! it : 143 E. Franklin St. 968-5235 New Arizona governor wants to reinstate MLK holiday From Associated Press reports PHOENIX, Ariz. Acting Gov. Rose Mofford's call for reinstating a Martin Luther King holiday drew a partisan reaction from legislators Tuesday, with Republicans calling it a "divisive" reminder of problems facing impeached Gov. Evan Mecham. One of Mecham's first moves after taking office last year was to rescind former Gov. Bruce Bab- bitt's order for a holiday honoring the slain civil rights leader, to be observed by all executive branch workers. Mecham rescinded Babbitt's executive order in January 1987, contending it was illegal. He also said he did not believe King deserved a holiday, creating a storm of controversy. Although each house of the Republican-controlled Arizona Legislature has passed a King Day bill in recent years, the measure has not made it through both houses in the same year. Some lawmakers said there's no guaran tee that Mofford's backing will change that this year. The Senate formally scheduled an impeachment trial for Feb. 22 another manifestation of Gorba for Mecham, who also faces a May chev's policy of glasnost, or more 17 recall election and criminal charges of allegedly concealing a $350,000 campaign loan. Mecham has pleaded innocent to the crim inal charges. Waldheim guilty, panelists say VIENNA, Austria Claims that an investigative panel found President Kurt Waldheim inno cent of war crimes "stand in starkest contrast to our findings," a commission member said Tuesday. The international panel of six historians declared in the report that Waldheim was in "direct proximity to criminal actions" during his World War II service as a German army lieutenant in the Balkans. They said Waldheim knew of Nazi atrocities and did nothing to stop them. The 202-page docu ment said the investigators found contra rebels in Nicaragua, no proof that he was guilty of war Blandon also testified that crimes but were leaving the ques- Noriega, Panama's military chief, tion of guilt open. worked closely with the CIA and It became clear during a news regularly received classified conference Tuesday that panel reports on the political leanings members had argued until the last and personal lives of U.S. senators minute about whether to say and congressional staff members. Waldheim bore "moral guilt" for Noriega has adamantly denied his conduct. the accusations by Blandon, a Panel member Manfred Mes- political rival. Noriega's lawyers serschmidt of West Germany and have demanded the right of cross panel chairman Hans Rudolf Kurz examination to protect their client of Switzerland said the phrase was from allegedly "vicious untruths." The army confirmed Tarazi's death but said the cause was under investigation. A military spokesman said that during a demonstration an Israeli officer drew his pistol and shot a 16-year-old Palestinian in the legs in Rafah, a Gaza Strip town bordering Egypt. Yosef Fares, spokesman for Samaria police, said a Jewish settler would appear before a judge for a bail hearing in the shooting death of a 25-year-old Arab on Monday. Fares said two settlers from the Jewish settlement of Kedumim came to the Arab village of Kfar Qaddoum to pick up workers Monday and were stopped by stone-throwing, masked youths. He said one settler shot in the air with an Uzi submachine gun. "We suspect that the man who was killed was killed by one of those bullets," he said, adding that under Israeli law a suspect may be held in custody but is not charged until the 967-8935 News in Brief dropped late Monday morning after the members decided they might be accused of overstepping the mandate with a "judgmental" statement. Soviets broadcast parliament MOSCOW Soviet television brought glasnost to the seat of Soviet power Tuesday when it broadcast a live session of the Supreme Soviet with officials urging ratification of the treaty banning intermediate-range nuclear missiles. In an unprecedented move, state television ran two hours of the session held in the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, the nominal parliament. Speaking under the gold hammer-and-sickle seal of the Soviet state, top officials called for the treaty's ratification, but ques tioned the trustworthiness of the United States. Major newspapers published the schedule of the live broadcast, openness on some issues. In the past, hearings of Soviet govern ment committees have been held behind closed doors. Panama's top man condemned WASHINGTON A former associate portrayed Panamanian strongman Manuel Antonio Noriega on Tuesday as the driving force behind a "gigantic machine" that generated hundreds of mil lions of dollars through drug trafficking, money laundering and other criminal enterprises. Jose Blandon, a former Pana- manian intelligence official fired by General Noriega as his coun- try's counsel general in New York, told a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee that one cocaine shipment by an alleged Noriega associate involved an apparent connection to the U.S. -backed investigation is completed. Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin said a minority of the 65,000 Jewish settlers were involved in vigilante acts, but they could cause great harm. He added that in most cases rumors alone had touched off violent protests. Shamir, who met Murphy at his home, reportedly rejected Foreign Minister Shimon Peres' suggestion that the two meet jointly with the U.S. envoy. Murphy arrived from Cairo after meeting Jordan's King Hussein and the leaders of Syria and Saudi Arabia. U.S. officials said his mission was to' bring about Arab-Israel negotiations and help ease tensions in the occupied territories. An aide said Shamir would insist any new peace proposals be based on the 1978 Camp David accords which envisioned limited autonomy for the 1.5 million Palestinians in occupied areas. It brings out the best in all of usi Unibed V

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