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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, March 17, 1988, Page 22, Image 22

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r WHIM 12The Daily Tar Heel Thursday, March 17, 1988 A Key Lime stream of consciousness Authentic Key Lime Pie is not green but yellow. Limes grow badly (and yellow) in the Keys; scrub trees produce unmarketable fruits. Key dwellers make do and make pies. Making do with soft drinks in plastic bottles instead of cans saves an incredible amount of money. A six-pack of 12 oz. cans costs about 4 cents per ounce, while a six-pack of 16 oz. plastic bottles costs about 2 cents per ounce. Plastic surgery in its mildest form is ear piercing. Elizabeth Ellen Column Igor Stravinsky's ballet "Le Sacre du Printemps" is profound caco phony. To some it is ear piercing. Primitive rhythms drive the sacri ficial maiden to dance herself to death in a pagan spring ritual. At the work's premiere, Parisians rioted. They didn't know genius when they heard it. Our pagan spring rituals don't generally cause riots, just town council meetings. All we want to do is dance (and drink) out at Pi Kappa Phi; Stravinsky has nothing to do with it. I just don't see the problem. I do see a problem, however, with waiting for Godot, something we all seem to be doing when we're not taking part in pagan spring rituals. The cold truth is that Godot may never show up at all, or he may be a balding Bon Jovi fan with absolutely nothing to say. Like John Cage. He wrote "I have nothing to say, and I say it." So instead he composed a piece for 12 radios. (Each radio is played by two people, one controlling volume and the other controlling frequency according to the mus ical score. Whatever sounds emit from the contraptions are the music Cage envisions.) Randomness is a virtue. Every thing has a hidden connection to everything that the mind may see without being conscious of it. But why is wholesomeness a virtue? Having the "simple health or vigor of normal domesticity" is nothing to stop the presses for. Wholesome family entertainment most likely has no redeeming artistic value, or else the entertain ment in question would be adver tised for these qualities rather than for its wholesomeness. Much of what is billed as wholesome family entertainment is worthless nonsense. Like Pat Robertson. What has the man got going for him besides being fairly wholesome family entertainment? Anyone who advocates higher birth rates in order to save Social Security dwells under a rock. He also opposes child care by anyone but m tne sun witn a Jimmy Buttett the mother. Barefoot, pregnant, tape and a lime daiquiri, a frothy and in the kitchen is not a good frosty drink which could be a light way to be, Pat. snade of green. well, actually, barefoot can be However, authentic Key Lime Pie pretty good, if you are in the Keys is not green but yellow. A A A A A A A A A A A A A q Behind Johnmj T-Shirt A Mon-Sat 10:30-6:00 Our clearance sale continues with an additional f todaq onlq with the wearing of the green! 128 E. Franklin St. 968-0365 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HE'S NOT HERE St, Patrick's Day Specials ! Harp, Bass, Guinness and Black &. Tan draft 1.75pint jm. "v A s, a. --. . . Harp, Guinness & Watneys s1.75 bottle Watch For Green Bottle Specials! Bands Starting In April! Wear Green to the Village Green! Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at J Chapel Hill's Only Irish Pub Dry D?G fv2 CsV UTsJ Upj LpJ Headlining St. Patrick's Day Lunch Corn Beef Sandwich and Creamy Dublin" Potato Soup $4.25 Irish & English Beers on Tao Guinness Harp Bass Watney's ALL ABC PERMITS Lower Level NCNB Plaza Downtown Chapel Hill next to Ram Triple Bgosh, we're gonna celebrate! Enjoy your favorite Green Beverase and our Great Irish Drink Specials, Black 'n Tan Drafts and Irish Whiskey Don't Forget To Wear Green! i HWf7 i '! '-. in SPAARYS LIMITED EDITIOX igflSS T-SHIRTS ON SALE XOW! pirn 101 E. Franklin St 967-2678 rp ruin t

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