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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, March 18, 1988, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar HeelFriday, March 18, 1988 World and Nation Uoo battalions depart for Honduras From Associated Press reports FORT BRAGG, N.C. Two battalions of Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne Division boarded transport planes and took off for Honduras today as part of President Reagan's "measured response" to border fight ing between Nicaragua and the contras. "The soldiers are well-trained and are prepared for this mission," said Lt. Gen. John Foss, commander of the 1 8th Airborne Corps. "They're excited, but 1 would not say they are nervous. This is the sort of thing we Mourners 'gather for funeral of I IRA member From Associated Press reports BELFAST, Northern Ireland The Irish Republican Army (IRA) buried a guerrilla Thursday alongside the trampled graves and tumbled tombstones where a Protestant gun man killed three people and wounded 68 at an IRA funeral a day earlier. Wearing shamrocks and green or black armbands on a somber St. Patrick's Day, 3,000 mourners gathered in the Roman Catholic Milltown cemetery to bury Kevin McCracken yards away from where Noriega troops patrol streets in Paoaroa From Associated Press reports PANAMA CITY, Panama The government on Thursday took over major public services crippled by strikes, and heavily armed soldiers patrolled the capital to keep order after an attempted coup against Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega. Leaders of the National Civic Crusade, an anti-government coali tion, had planned demonstrations Thursday, but the sight of hundreds of soldiers carrying automatic rifles and tear gas canisters apparently discouraged them. Opposition activists and public employees, furious about not being paid, poured into the streets Wednes day in the biggest protest of Noriega's GET MORE THAN A JOB GET A CAREER. FRESHMEN - GRADUATE STUDENTS WELCOME TO THE ALLIED HEALTH CAREER -AWARENESS FAIR Over 90 employers from hospitals and health agencies, and career advisors available to discuss job opportunites and degree options. THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1988 10:00 am-5:00 pm CARMICHAEL AUDITORIUM Sponsored by: Medical Allied Health Professions and Career Planning and Placement Services, Division of Student Affairs FREE PIZZA & YOGURT! New York Garlic Bread 19 1 &uwNi Budget Gourmet rbri Slim Selects -A 7 V' do all the time." The White House described the movement as "an emergency deploy ment readiness exercise" triggered by what it said was an invasion of Honduras by 1,500 to 2,000 Nicara guan forces pursuing contras. The first of 25 C-141 transport planes left nearby Pope Air Force Base at 7:03 a.m and others left for the Palmerola air base in Honduras at 30-minute intervals. Foss said a total pf 2,000 soldiers were being sent from Fort Bragg, including two 600 man battalions and 800 other combat the gunman opened fire and hurled grenades on Wednesday. At St. Patrick's Day services, Catholic leaders appealed for calm amid fears the cemetery killings will herald new and prolonged sectarian clashes. Police kept a discreet distance while funeral speakers, standing amid tombstones knocked over in Wednes day's pandemonium, renewed charges that British authorities and Northern Ireland's mainly Protestant police force colluded in the attack. military rule. In the face of widespread walkouts by public employees, Noriega's Defense Forces took control Thurs day of all major utilities, most government ministries, railroads, ports, airports and the post office. The employees were striking because the cash-starved government, under economic pressure by the United States, was unable to pay them. Shops and stores in the central business district gradually reopened Thursday, and electricity was re stored to most of the nation after an 18-hour outage caused by an electri cal workers' strike. Taxis and buses that had deserted the capital's streets r Assorted 16 oz. Morton Macaroni & Cheese .69 8oz. L , 10 OZ. 306 support troops. About 800 para troopers would be dropped about five miles from the Honduran base. "We are always ready; we train this way to be ready," said Maj. Gen. Carl Stiner, commander of the 82nd Airborne. "This exercise is similar to one conducted at the end of last month. We got back from one of these Tuesday morning." Stiner said that after the troops landed in Honduras, they would participate in joint training exercises with Honduran forces, including patrols, practice air assaults and other A British army patrol shot McCracken, 33, on Monday night in Belfast after he fired on them, the army said. Before his funeral, three hooded IRA gunmen fired three volleys the movement's traditional salute to its dead in a side street near his home. They fired over a makeshift shrine of his photograph surrounded by wreaths. Black flags fluttered from the windows of row houses in West Belfast's cramped streets as began running again. "Nobody is buying anything," said a lottery vendor, displaying a fistful of unsold tickets. "Look, I have to return all of this." The United States has applied economic pressure, including a freeze on Panamanian government accounts in U.S. banks and withhold ing of Panama Canal revenues. This has dried up the supply of U.S. dollars, Panama's national currency. There were differing opinions Thursday on how the coup attempt by a group of officers had affected Noriega, chief of the 15,000-member Defense Forces and the power behind Panama's civilian government. "If nothing else, what happened ROSES reg. '14.95doz. with ad 11.95doz. .. CARNATlbNS reg. 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McCracken's coffin, topped with the Irish tricolor flag and his guerrilla insignia of a black beret and gloves, was driven to Milltown. Northern Ireland Secretary Tom King, Britain's top official in the province, described the charges of police complicity as a "disgraceful allegation." The mainly Catholic IRA is fight ing to drive the British from Northern Ireland and to unite the province with the predominantly Catholic Irish Republic. Wednesday showed that the mono lithic Defense Forces are not so monolithic after all," said one West ern diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity. Response and will begin work July 1, Boulton said. Gillian Cell, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said she would not comment on what her response will be because she wants to respond directly to Perry. She has met with Perry twice this semester, and her office was ready and willing to talk with him, she said. "I don't think there has been any South Africans get stay From Associated Press reports . JOHANNESBURG, South Africa Supporters of the '? Sharpeville Six" celebrated by singing freedom songs Thursday when a judge granted a one-month stay of execution 15 hours before the black prisoners were to be hanged. Justice Willem Human, who sen tenced the five men and one woman to death three years ago for complic ity in a mob killing, said there was new evidence that a key prosecution witness had perjured himself during the trial. There have been worldwide calls for clemency for the six. Scores of blacks inside Pretoria Supreme Court broke into applause J I "MIRAGE" REVERSIBLE PLAIO JACKETS MENS COTTON SWEATERS NOW V9 30 OFF SHORTS BUY TWO GET ONE FREE ALL MENS JACKETS N0 LEATHER) r mmm- mmm mmmm mmmm pmmm f fun . y y D MARCH U Atfm F (faf MWS ANtylNG GET50o any I Jy!T wfilH SiTnVs Sl0 Jj OFF ANY THREE g fipWV SHIRTS, V jfHIRT af jk SH'RT 'UMS fTTrTl $8 I I 25 OFF 1 1 OFF WQMENS ANYTHING SOLID WITH SWEATERS STRIPES II ALL SUNGLASSES $8 OFF NOW S6 ALL LEATHER SHOES WHILE SUPPLIES LAST ON REGULAR PRICED MERCHANDISE. 157 E. Franklin St., Soviets launch first satellite funded by foreign customer From Associated Press reports MOSCOW The Soviet Union said it launched its first satellite for a paying customer Thursday, lifting the Indian owned payload into orbit from the Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan. The launch was the first on commercial terms with a foreign country or company, said Nikolai Semyonov, an official in the international liaison office of the Glavkosmos space agency. He added that negotiations were under way for similar deals although no contracts have been signed yet. The satellite, called IRS, will operate for three years studying India's forests, water resources and mineral deposits using remote sensing devices, Radio Moscow said. All believed dead in jet crash CUCUTA, Colombia A Boeing 727 jetliner carrying 136 passengers on a domestic flight crashed Thursday in northern Colombia, local police said. Police in the town of Zulia said they had been told by three witnesses that the plane crashed into trees and later slammed into the earth. The witnesses said the plane burst into flames and no survivors were apparent, the police said. There was no immediate con firmation from Avianca airlines or unwillingness to communicate, on our part," Cell said. Assistant Provost Carol Reuss said Perry had not contacted the provost's office. "No one (in the office of the provost) knows what he's after," Reuss said. Perry and Harold Wallace, vice chancellor of University affairs, could when Human announced his deci sion. Several hundred more people outside cheered, raised clenched fists and sang freedom songs before police ordered them to disperse. One of the defense attorneys, Prakash Diar, was hoisted into the air by supporters, then went to Pretoria Central prison to tell his clients they would not die at daybreak. They were overjoyed," he said later. "Until I arrived there, they believed this was their last night." Also on Thursday, a car bomb exploded outside a courthouse and police station 25 miles away in Krugersdorp, where the six had been detained before their trial started in SOLID ANY MENS PANTS OUTFIT II or I 10' 'OKI PLAID SHIRTS 21 to Ml of REVERSIBLE off off Ld 20 I I 1 25 I I 35 OFF I I I OFF 1 I 1 OFF ANYTHING I ANY I "ULTRA PINK LODGE LABEL PINK LABEL APRIL ( T-SHIRTS BUY TWO GET ONE FREE 20 OFF 25 .PJFF ANYTHING WHITE LEVI'S DENIM JACKET i:j ALL WATCHES I I SMALL LEATHER BAGS 30 OFF NOW 25 ALL WOMENS JACKETS NOW tfflPl iDr N0 H0LDS ALLOWED. ULlLd MPt lb OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE I : : ..a 'm Chapel Hill 2340 Hillsborough St., Raloigh News in Brief the Civil Aeronautics Agency. The state-run Avianca airlines jet left the city of Cucuta, about 250 miles northeast of Bogota, at 1:16 p.m. EST, the agency said. It said the plane was headed for the Caribbean port city of Barran quilla, on the northern tip of Colombia. Mecham protests impeachment PHOENIX, Ariz. Gov. Evan Mecham angrily denied at his impeachment trial Thursday that he ever intended to obstruct justice and suggested an alleged threat by one of his aides was "a total manufactured thing." Mecham insisted he was kept in the dark about details of a death threat allegedly made by one of his staffers. When he did hear about it, he indicated, he didn't consider it a serious threat. Mecham acknowledged, how ever, that he ordered the state's top lawman not to cooperate with an attorney general's investigation of the alleged threat. The one-term Republican was answering the first of three impeachment charges. He is also accused of concealing a $350,000 campaign loan and of misusing $80,000 from a state fund by loaning it to his auto dealership. from page 1 not be reached Thursday for comment. Parking fromPagi 107 Wilson Hall. B Friday, March 25, 1:30 p.m. in Hanes Art Center Auditorium. D Wednesday, March 30, 3:30 p.m. in the Public Health Auditorium. B Wednesday, April 6, 10:30 a.m. in the Student Union Auditorium. of execution 1985. The blast killed three black men, including a policeman, and injured 20. The six were convicted of complic ity in the 1984 murder of a black town councilor during anti-apartheid riots, although there was no evidence they directly contributed to the victim's death. Government leaders, churches and human rights groups around the world had appealed for clemency. Human based his decision on a defense application questioning the reliability of testimony by prosecu tion witness Joseph Manete. Human cited a May 1985 statement in which Manete said police coerced him into claiming two of the accused were at the scene. D D ANY SOLID SHORT ANYTHING PLAID D D 3 D "LEVI'S & LEE" JEANS 25 OFF "OCEAN PACIFIC" LABEL NOW $29 35 OFF $5 OFF "CABIN FEVER" JACKETS PLAIO SHORTS I.) "SPORTO SNEAKERS K BUY ONE SHORT GET 50o OFF ANY T-SHIRT NOW D 3C3I C3 E3 EZ3 C3 C3 C3 EH EZ3 EZ1 E3 C3 E3 E3 Li

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