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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, March 22, 1988, Page 2, Image 2

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2Tbe Daily Tar Heel Tuesday, March 22, 1988 World and Nation Nicaragua recalls ttroop from border From Associated Press reports TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras -Nicaragua withdrew its soldiers from the Honduran border Monday and declared an end to fighting while it holds truce talks with contra rebels, according to reports from all sides. The border region remained tense, with Honduran patrols remaining on the lookout for any booby traps left behind by the Sandinistas. President Jose Azcona Hovo said the 3,200 U.S. troops sent to Hon duras last week, after the Nicaraguan army was accused of sending 2,000 men across the border last Wednes day in pursuit of contras, may not be needed any longer. "The worst is over and there is peace now in the border region," Col. Reynald Andino Flores, commander of the Honduran army's 101st Infan try Brigade, said by telephone from D IRA memmbers shoot and kill police officer From Associated Press reports BELFAST, Northern Ireland IRA gunmen killed a police officer Monday at a checkpoint in London derry, the 10th victim in two weeks of heightening tension and sectarian violence. Britain announced a massive man hunt in West Belfast's Roman Catholic ghettos for the killers of two British soldiers caught in an Irish Republican Army funeral procession. Northern Ireland Secretary Tom King said in London that the Royal Ulster Constabulary has launched an immediate review of its new policy of keeping a low profile at IRA funerals. The policy was aimed at avoiding clashes between police and supporters of the outlawed IRA. The police officer who was killed Monday, Clive Graham, 25, was shot Laundry University administration a list of alternatives available to the Univer sity with reference to the laundry," he said. "That list of alternatives will be reviewed and acted upon by the University. At this time, I have no certain idea as to which recommen dation will be effected." i One proposal would' entail'Treno vating, re-equipping and decreasing the size of the laundry at its current location. Second' opti&h would require building a smaller, new facility. The third alternative would eliminate all laundry operations except those that are coin-operated within campus residence halls. Symposium speech canceled Ernest Boyer, scheduled to deliver unable to appear because of illness, a lecture today at 8 p.m. as part of For more information, call 967-5505. the Carolina Symposium, will be For the In the box showing the latest presidential candidates' delegate counts, Michael Dukakis' count was If you have 60 accredited semester hours, and can achieve a high score in a special aptitude test, you could be just 22 weeks from earning the gold bars of a second lieutenant in the Army Reserve. And ready to take on your first Reserve leadership assign ment. Qualify, and you'll attend an 8-week Basic Training Course, then go on to a 14-week Officer Candidate School (OCS) which will challenge you both mentally and physically. When you gradu ate, you'll receive your commission as an officer in the Army Reserve, and continue training in a branch Officer Basic Course. Then you'll return home to serve in a nearby Reserve unit usually one weekend a month and two weeks annual training. It's a great opportunity to gain the skills and begin the practice of the kind of leadership and management prized so highly by civil ian employers. You need not have completed your degree, just have 60 semes ter hours and a lot of ability and confidence, to qualify. If you're interested in OCS, call: 929-4820 Sgt. 1st Class Jacobs ARMY RESERVE. IE ALL YOU CAM IE. ED1 his headquarters in southern Honduras. In Washington, Pentagon officials announced that a U.S. Army trans port helicopter participating in a military exercise in Honduras crashed on Monday with a number of soldiers reported injured. The officials, who requested ano nymity, said the accident occurred Monday afternoon near the Hondu ran town of Juticaloa and involved an American UH-1 Huey transport helicopter. While the initial reports were fragmentary, it appeared that the copter was carrying nine soldiers and that all of them survived, the sources said. "We have no reports of any fatal ities," said one official. "But we do have reports of some injuries and in the head in a jeep while at a checkpoint in the Roman Catholic Creggan district of Londonderry, Northern Ireland's second-largest city. He died later in the hospital. The IRA claimed responsibility for Graham's killing in a clandestine message to Belfast media. He was the 10th person to die since March 6, when British commandos shot dead three IRA guerrillas who allegedly were plotting a car bombing in Gibralter. The funeral policy was started Wednesday at services for the guer rillas killed in Gibraltar. A Protestant gunman opened fire and hurled grenades at the Catholic Milltown cemetery, killing three people and wounding 68. King's announcement of a review Shetley refused to identify the official to whom he submitted the preceding alternatives. University officials promised laundry employees alternative employment within the University community when notifying them last week of the facility's possible closing. "The University administration shares the concern of the laundry workers," Shetley said. "They have indeed been told that an attempt will" be made to find employment for all workers who would otherwise be adversely affected by the laundry's closing." Laundry service employees said Record incorrect. He has 527.5 delegates. The DTH regrets the error, ft UCA' CAR MICHAEL AUDITORIUM, TODAY, MARCH 9:004:00 P.M. medical evacuations under way." The sources said the accidents did not occilr in or near a combat zone and did not involve hostile fire. "It looks like it was mechanical," one official said. The accident scene was said to be about six miles south of Juticaloa. That would place it 35 miles north of the Honduras-Nicaragua border and about 60 miles west of the border region where Nicaraguan troops were fighting contra guerrillas last week. The Pentagon sources, who stressed they were awaiting more information from U.S. authorities in Honduras, said it was unclear whether the nine aboard the Huey were all American or whether some of the passengers might have been Honduran troops. The United States airlifted more of the policy stopped well short of demands by leaders of Northern Ireland Protestant parties to return to a heavy presence at IRA funerals. As expectations grew of an immi nent wave of arrests in West Belfast, there was also speculation that dozens of IRA supporters who were filmed surrounding and beating the soldiers' unmarked car with iron bars and dragging them out had gone into hiding. Three people were arrested Satur day and police sources said Monday that up to 30 others were being sought after hours of scrutiny of film taken by an army helicopter that hovered over the scene and by TV networks. Corporals Derek Wood and David Howes, in plainclothes, were sur rounded when they drove up to the they were confident that University officials would work to find them alternative employment within the University. "I believe they'll give us some kind of job," said laundry worker Minnie Oakley of Durham. "I don't know whether well want it." Most workers said they would like to stay with the University so they can retain their retirement benefits. "I'm 'concerned for those workers who had planned to retire here," said Cheryl Torain, 25, a laundry employee. "This is home for them. Reagan hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances." The White House has not sent a report, a spokeswoman said. The president must have congres sional approval within 60 days of filing the report or the time the report was required to be filed, or he must withdraw the troops. "It is doubtful that (Congress) will take (the resolution) in this instance," Boney said. The resolution does not apply to the situation in Honduras, said a spokesman for Republican Sen. Jesse Helms. "This is not a War Powers situa tion," said Tom Boney, deputy staff American Heart Association WE'RE FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE Cisco, Charlie, & Chang 115 N. 967 Opens at 11 a.m. BUY 1 GET Chicken Fajita Sandwich Ends April 15. Mon.-Thurs. Only. Special Lunches Daily Large Outdoor Deck Dining Mexican, Cajun & Chinese Food ON than 3,100 Army troops to Honduras last week in a warning to the leftist Sandinista government after Nicara guan troops moved into Honduras to attack base camps of the U.S. -backed contra guerrillas. After arriving in Honduras, the American soldiers dispersed around the country for joint exercises with Honduran forces. One of those exercise areas is near Juticaloa and a battalion from the 82nd Airborne Division was sent to that site. The Reagan administration has made it clear that it does not intend to send the U.S. troops into combat with the Sandinistas. Administration sources said Mon day that it appeared the fighting was ending in any event and that Nica ragua was withdrawing its troops from Honduran soil. cortege, dragged from their car, stripped, beaten and shot dead. King denied charges by Northern Ireland Protestant politicians that police and troops failed to come to the soldiers' aid because of political orders to stay away from IRA funerals. He said it was not immediately clear to police watching film relayed from the helicopter that soldiers were under attack because police "were certain there were no security forces in the area whatsoever." Since 1969, 2,638 people have been killed in the sectarian violence in this Protestant-dominated province. The IRA is fighting to end British rule and unite Northern Ireland with the Catholic Republic of Ireland under a leftist administration. from page 1 I'm also concerned for those workers who are foreign and have difficulty speaking English." Although workers said they believe that the University personnel depart ment will try to find them alternative employment, many said they are already searching for other jobs. However, several workers said their job-hunting is' ptcAnpted" by dissatisfaction with current condi tions within the laundry facility rather than by doubt of the University's ability to assure them of employment. from page 1 director at the Senate Foreign Rela tions Committee, which Helms chairs. Helms thinks the resolution is unconstitutional, Boney said. "It places unnecessary restrictions on the executive power," he said. Congress has little power to cen sure the president for failing to comply with the War Powers Reso lution in the short term, Keech said. "In the long term, (Congress) can cut off appropriations," he said. Congress won't take action directly to bring back the troops, said Edith Whooten, a spokeswoman for Valentine. Twelve senators, led by Demo cratic Sen. David Boren, introduced a bill Friday to provide $48 million in humanitarian aid to the contras, Whooten said, in reaction to the deployment. A similar bill was defeated earlier this month. In 1982, Congress enacted a joint resolution before the 60-day deadline to allow troops to remain in Lebanon, but the resolution has not been tested otherwise under Reagan's administration. Graham - 2534 1 FREE! ellOIB Troops kill Palestinian teen; PLO advocates further protest From Associated Press reports JERUSALEM Israeli troops on Monday shot a Palestinian teen-ager dead, and a PLO leaflet exhorted Arabs to "shower sol diers and herds of cowardly settlers" with stones, firebombs and iron bars. Soldiers were expanding their search for weapons caches in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip the day after an Arab shot and killed a soldier in Bethlehem. At least 106 Palestinians and the Israeli soldier have been killed since riots began in the occupied lands Dec. 8, according to United Nations figures. The army announced a new military law permitting any secur ity prisoner to be held up to six months with less judicial review than before. It said the law elim inated the requirement that a military judge review a case within 96 hours. Panamanian strike closes stores PANAMA CITY, Panama Panamanians began an all-out effort Monday to drive Gen. Manuel Noriega from power, closing stores and offices in a strike that could be the death blow to an economy already near collapse. This strike included Panama City's central commercial district whose small shops and stores cater to the lower and middle classes and have not joined previous shutdowns by wealtheir business men and industrialists. "We're sending Noriega a mes- Business calling Adams' office and telling him not to recommend their hotels because they are booked solid. Unfortunately, many of the high school tournaments are being over shadowed by UNC's athletic pro grams, he said. "Too many times people only think about UNC, when we probably use the University facilities just as often as UNC does," he said. "In other cities we would get more attention because we'd be a novelty." Amateur athletics, especially on Chancellor candidate. George Kennedy, chairman of the jUNC faculty and a member of the :search committee, said Monday that the secrecy is necessary to protect the candidates' present jobs. The Chapel Hill Newspaper Mon day quoted one source as saying although Williamson had support from within the committee, there was also strong opposition to his candidacy. "An outside candidate arrives without baggage in most incidences, although he will doubtless accumu late it," the source said. Other DTH sources at Drew Speaker It is important not to discourage learning by being afraid to ask questions, he said. "We must encourage those who are inhibited by classmates to ask the questions that others not dare to ask," he said. Dillon added that children show a sense of wonder and curiosity that provokes them to ask their parents many questions. "You can always find people who are good parents in the supermarket," he said. "Those parents who willingly answer their child's numerous ques LA 1 Mll LwA K LftiLl 1 I rTTTTX iTTWrMlL- M ft' oiTAnrnxgrTJVT y--M-urv-vj FAIR News in Brief sage," said the owner of a shoe store, who asked not to be iden tified for fear of reprisals. "We hope he's listening." 'Most wanted fugitive captured SEATTLE Danny Michael Weeks, an escaped Louisiana murderer sought as one of the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" fugi tives, was captured without resist ance here Sunday, the FBI said. FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Don Tokunaga said Weeks, 34, and a companion, Jorene Florea, 56, were arrested by a special 10 member FBI team on a residential area street in north Seattle. Weeks was serving a life sen tence for armed robbery and murder at the time of his 1986 escape from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Be prepared for the worst LONDON Shopkeeper Steve Nicholson is offering a pay now, die later service a do-it-yourself casket. He says it can serve as a handy table or cocktail cabinet until needed for its true purpose. Customers can buy a wooden casket kit in sections for assem bling at home at prices from about $100. Nicholson said he sold five in his first week, The Observer weekly reported Sunday. from page 1 high school level, are important i sources of revenue and publicity for Chapel Hill, Adams said. For exam ple, McDonald's created 650,000 trayliners depicting the "Road to Super Saturday" for Saturday's basketball championships in Chapel Hill. "Just ask the restaurant and motel owners to tell you what a big impact high school athletics have had in this town," he said. "I think it would be safe to say that Chapel Hill is the home to state championships in North Carolina." - " ;" from page 1 University, a small liberal arts college in Madison, N.J., said it is difficult to speculate on which high-ranking administration officials at Drew might be seeking other jobs. Tullio Nieman, director of student activities at Drew, has had clashes with the administration in the last year. However, the source said Nieman has stated he is not interested in leaving the University. Paul Hardin, president of Drew, could also be a candidate, but the source said it was unlikely. Neither Hardin nor Nieman could be reached Monday for comment. from page 1 tions are much better than those who only offer negative words, such as 'shut up,' in response to their child's wonderment." Parents who inhibit their child's learning by avoiding their questions are committing "intellectual abor tion," killing curiosity before it has a chance to start, he said. A sense of wonder and curiosity is very important to the well-being of all people, he said. "We need to keep our sense of wonder to protect us from boredom and despair." w o ao c 3 7 c re c - O N V M O S Q m 3 w S o 22

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