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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, April 18, 1988, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar HeelMonday, April 18, 1988 World and Nation -O military perattiioinis official kolDed ID) From Associated Press reports JERUSALEM Israeli sources said Sunday that Israeli agents had assassinated Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official Khalil al Wazir, the No. 2 man in the organ ization who headed the uprising in the occupied territories. Prime Minister Yitzak Shamir declined to comment. The sources said the operation was carried out jointly by the Mossad intelligence service, the Israeli army and an elite commmando unit. They spoke on condition of anonymity. They said it had been postponed several times before Saturday. Al-Wazir, who was in charge of the PLO's military operations against Hostage urges authorities to release prisoners From Associated Press reports ALGIERS, Algeria A passenger aboard a hijacked Kuwait Airways jumbo jet said Sunday about 35 hostages on the plane faced certain death if Kuwait refused to release 17 convicted terrorists. "All the passengers are in good health. I hope the Kuwait government will act quickly to liberate the 17 young prisoners. Otherwise we all face a black end," said the man. He identified himself as Suleiman Far nan Doukhi. Doukhi, who spoke Arabic in a firm voice, also sent "greetings to the Kuwait people, to my mother and Kustiers caught after brutal camp From Associated Press reports NAIROBI, Kenya Rustlers armed with machetes and rifles raided nomad camps at dawn and killed 192 people and injured 50 in a remote part Desktop Publishing, Inc. the experts in laser printing &. computer typesetting Why trust your rsum6 to a quick copy shop?? Don! take chances. Your resume is too important to trust to amateurs. Let the experts at Desktop Publishing typeset your resume. We will save you time, money & hassles. 304 -B East Main St., Carrboro 967-1880 (next to Ou new ArtsCtnter) FrF iliiV mil The Burger that's prepared just the way you want it. Hot and delicious with your favorite toppings . . . extra mayo, you got it . . . hold the onions, no problem! !iyw... The Burger that s flame-broiled not fried! in OFFER GOOD THROUGH APRIL 24th. 130 Elliott Road 21 5 Franklin SlTeet 1988 Burger King Corp. Israel, was shot to death Saturday at his home in the Tunis suburb of La Marsa by an eight-member squad. PLO officials blamed Israel, saying the killing was designed to demoralize Palestinians and end PLO-directed protests in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, co-leader on the coalition govern ment, said in an interview on Israeli radio that he hoped al-Wazir's assassination would not affect peace efforts. Apparently referring to al-Wazir, he added: "We have to uproot violence as a . . . factor that delays a political development. People who use violence will in the end see the father and to all those who miss me." The message appeared to be a recording. On Friday, the hijackers brought two other passengers to the aircraft's radio to make similar statements to the control tower and one on Thursday. Since the Bangkok to Kuwait flight was hijacked April 5, the hijackers have demanded the release of the 17 extremists, jailed for bombing the U.S. and French embassies in Kuwait in December 1983. Kuwait has rejected the demand. The plane, carrying 1 12 passengers, first landed in Iran, where 57 hostages of northwestern Kenya, the govern ment said Sunday. The rustlers stole about 3,500 cattle, sheep, goats and donkeys, officials said. Forty of the 50 rustlers $15 00 per page quick service no hassles free parking BURGER KING BLITZ WrmTTTTU iiuiujii to M W&a"VV -6ir.iM.Ma.i- - v-.ri.T ramTTtpTinjn wjujmiujjiijij Watch for our special every week! uuLruvLr limits of violence. It leads nowhere." NBC television said Shamir, Peres and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin approved the assassination after Fatah geurrillas hijacked a bus and killed three Israelis in southern Israel's Negev desert last month. Former intelligence officials and Israeli newspapers openly compared the assassination to Israel's April 1973 raid on PLO offices in Beirut in which three top PLO officials were killed. They also noted Israel, not rival PLO factions or Arab regimes, had the ability to mount such a sophis ticated operation 1,500 miles from its shores. The 1973 slaying was aimed at Ali Hassan Salameh, known as Abu were released and additional hijackers reportedly boarded the plane. The jet then went to Larnaca, Cyprus, where the gunmen killed two passengers and released 13. On Tuesday night, it arrived in Algiers and on Friday the hijackers released an ailing hostage. Algerian officials said Sunday that Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Aarafat was expected in Algiers but declined to say when he would arrive or whether he would play a role in the negotiations. On the morning of the 13th day of the crisis, Algerian authorities abruptly expelled hundreds of print were captured and killed and about 3,000 animals were recovered. The sky over the massacre scene was black with vultures. Hyenas and other wild animals ravaged the bodies of the victims, said the Sunday Nation, an independent newspaper. Laban Kitele, a minister of state in the office of the president, said police tracked and killed about 40 of the 50 rustlers in a search aided by recent heavy rains in the district. The rest escaped across the border to Sudan. Kitele said in a statement that the attackers were a well-armed "terror gang" of Sudanese from the Toposas tribe and Ndongiros from Ethiopia. The attackers hit 30 nomadic camps about 30 miles west of the 'ID n o The Burger that's always been topped with cool, crisp lettuce and tangy garden tresh tomatoes. PBS Hassan, the PLO's security and intelligence chief who later died in a car bomb attack. Instead, al-Wazir's predecessor, Kamel Adwan, Fatah spokesman Kamal Nasser and Mohammed Abu Najjar, a key figure in the Black September terrorist group, were killed. Three Israelis involved in the 1973 raid now hold senior security positions. Israeli experts say al-Wazir was responsible for a list of bloody attacks such as the 1975 takeover of the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv in which 1 1 hostages were slain and a March 1978 bus hijacking in which 33 Israelis were killed and 82 wounded. and televison reporters from the section of the VIP lounge where they had been staying for nearly a week. Reporters moved into tents erected by Algerian security guards on the lawn near the lounge. At about the same time, Algerian police, armed with pistols, took up position on the roof of the terminal building facing the plane. It was not clear why they had been dispatched. One official, who refused to be identified by name, said the lounge was needed for Arab ambassadors expected to come to the airport for a possible expansion of the negotiations. massacre border town of Lokichoggio on Wednesday. The semi-arid district, whose mountains and rugged valleys make it inaccessible by car, is near the borders of Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda. Police recovered 3,000 of about 3,500 animals stolen by the rustlers, Kitele said. On March 30, rustlers hacked 15 nomads to death in northern Kenya and stole 2,000 goats. "Rustlers have lost all respect for human life to the extent that they will massacre human beings in cold blood," Kitele said. "I wish to warn anybody within Kenya or outside still harboring ideas of rustling to desist.. . . Government response to rustling will always be prompt and aggressive hot pursuit." Rustling is a tradition among East Africa's nomadic tribes, who regu larly cross borders in search of pasture for their animals. GOING TO SUMMER SCHOOL...? NEED A PLACE TO LIVE...? THE DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY HOUSING AND CAROLINA DINING SERVICE have got a deal that's HOT for Summer School '88 UNC's first room and board plan. More housing options than ever - choose to live . r.hni f A moal nor ook "Al I YOU HAN in Everett, Cobb, Lewis, or Craige residence halls EAT food plan at the Cutting Board (serving Monday breakfast through HALL ROOM STYLE AIR COND. MEALSWK COST PER RESIDENT Cobb (co-ed) Double Yes 14 $452.00 Single Yes 14 $551.00 Everett (female), Lewis (male), Craige (co-ed) Double No 14 $436.00 Single NO 14 $529.00 Double No 0 $220.00 Single No 0 $313.00 Prices are per summer session. FOR MORE INFORMATION... Additional information about on-campus summer housing opportunities may be obtained from the Department of Housing, Carr Building and from any Housing Area Directors Office. Summer job openings for Camp counselors at Camp Seagull (boys). Serving as a camp counselor is a challenging and rewarding oppor tunity to work with young people, ages 7-16. Seagull is a health and character development camp located on the coast of North Caro lina and features sailing, motorboating and seamanship, plus many usual camping activities including a wide variety of major sports. Qualifications include a genuine interest in young people, ability to instruct in one phase of the Camp's programs and excellent refer ences. For further information please come to a meeting at the South Gallery in the Carolina Union Tuesday, April 19th at 7 pm or call any of these counselors contracted for Summer 1988: Beau Fisher 933-7205 Carson Anderson 933-4624 Michael Patton 968-6940 Race for nomination heats up as N.Y. primary approaches From Associated Press reports NEW YORK Jesse Jackson on Sunday accused his Demo cratic presidential opponents of inconsistent policies toward South Africa as the New York primary contest moved into its final hours with a flurry of ethnic campaigning. With a new poll saying the race for New York's 255 Democratic convention delegates is tightening, Jackson, Michael Dukakis and Albert Gore aired their differences over policy toward South Africa and the Middle East, as well as funding for combating drugs. The candidates also vowed to work for party unity, regardless of who wins the Democratic presi dential nomination. "It's Too Close To Call," pro claimed the New York Daily News in a front-page headline Sunday as it released the findings of its latest poll. The overall poll numbers, based on responses from Democrats questioned Monday through Thursday, had Dukakis in front of Jackson, 51 percent to 37 percent, with Gore trailing at 10 percent. However, the Daily News reported that in the final two days of polling, Gore had begun to pick up support at the expense of Dukakis. Turnout will be the key, with a low turnout favoring Jackson, said N.Y. pollster Lee Miringoff, head of Marist College's Institute for Public Opinion. Police crack down on gangs LOS ANGELES Police arrested 147 people in a weekend sweep aimed at street gangs as the movie "Colors," which some people fear will incite gang vio lence, opened with only a few minor disturbances, authorities said Sunday. Trouble at a theater in Northern California and another in San Diego led to cancellation of the film, but few problems were reported in Los Angeles despite predictions that the portrayal of the local Crips and Bloods gangs would cause bloodshed. A 200-member police task force Saturday night stopped suspected gang members on the street and checked for outstanding warrants, making 147 felony and in Lenoir Hall Friday lunch.) Choose rooms. LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES! Zac Hanner 933-4684 BC Cone 933-1930 Dana McCall 933-2625 Ranchor Harris 929-5260 Nathon Duggins 933-4684 Walt Tippet 933-8633 Denny Whorley 942-7612 News in Brief misdemeanor arrests. Seventy three of those arrested were sus pected gang members, said Officer Larry Judd. "Colors," an Orion release starring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall as Los Angeles officers in a police anti-gang unit, opened at 425 theaters nationwide. Director Dennis Hopper employed real gang members as extras during filming and relied on off-duty officers as technical advisers. Contra trial may affect pardon WASHINGTON The timing of the Iran-contra criminal trial of Oliver North and John Poindexter could play a major role in deter mining public reaction to a pardon by President Reagan, experts say. However, the experts disagree whether a pre-trial or post-trial pardon if Reagan should decide to take that course would be more acceptable to Americans. Some of the university profes sors and senators interviewed by The Associated Press said pardons before trial would be more accept able. This way, the prosecution would not get a chance to bring out potentially damaging evidence. But others said pardons before trial would bring an immediate assumption of guilt, and they suggested that Reagan await a conviction if he wants to forgive the defendants. Prince pays get-well visit DAVOS, Switzerland Prince Charles has returned to Switzer land to visit a friend who suffered two broken legs in an avalanche that nearly engulfed the heir to Britain's throne. Charles visited Patti Palmer Tomkinson on Saturday evening at Davos Hospital, where she has been recovering since the March 10 tragedy involving the royal ski party. Maj. Hugh Lindsay, a former aide to Queen Elizabeth and friend of the prince, was killed in the avalanche above tthe village of Klosters." Charles was leading a group of six down an extremely steep, unmarked slope when the avalanche hit. air-conditioned or non-airconditioned Robert Kennedy 968-3854 Greg Faucette 933-5229 Dan Blair 933-3104

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