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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, July 14, 1988, Page 33, Image 33

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License to It would be easy to dismiss the new movie "License to Drive" as just another of those inane, shallow "PorkyV-type movies. Indeed, the previews certainly lead one to think that of the film, but there is some depth to "License to Drive." That's not to say that it's another "Pretty in Pink" or "Risky Business" filled with social significance, but it does offer some insight and true-to-life moments for the viewer. The plot centers around every young driver's worst nightmare damaging Dad's car, although in this movie, the car in question is Grand pa's car. And it's not just any car. It's a baby blue 1972 Cadillac with only 20,000 miles on it. Imagine what hell there would be to pay if this car were wrecked by a young driver. Well, Les doesn't worry too much Number Five returns From the ads, "Short Circuit II" looks like nothing more than a vehicle to show off a bit of high-tech cuteness, but the movie actually has a funny, exciting story with some interesting characters and an only slightly sentimental theme. The star, of course, is a robot whose artificial intelligence is such that he can feel emotions. Admit tedly, there is much entertainment in this robot simply as a screen person ality. For viewers who did not see the first movie, there is novelty enough in a robot that is alive who says funny things and speaks in funny voices. And there is much humor in how he reacts to the same world we see every day and in how people react to him. Fortunately, the screenplay does not depend on the robot to carry the movie. There is a developed story here, about two young guys trying to run a business, and a band of MOUNTAIN Schwinn Diamond Back 9 Jamis Starting at $19995 USED BIKES starting at $50 I cfeVT rw re nnrMireT filing I regular $29.50 ' Tune Wheels Adjust Brakes I Adjust Gears & Bearings Check Tires I Oil & Lubricate Moving Parts - Expert One Day Repairs done by factory-trained mechanics I with over 15 years experience J with this coupon J ALL WORK GUARANTEED SALES SERVICE REPAIRS 104 W. MAIN STREET., CARRBORO 967-51 04 (Across from Wendy's on C busline) Mon.-Sat. 9-6 OPEN SUNDAYS! Drive' predictable, but brings issues home James Mills Cinema about that. He passed the road portion of his license examination with flying colors. It's the written portion that he's failed. Thus Les doesnt have a driver's license, but he can't face the humiliation of telling his friends this. So, when a girl Les has the hots for calls and wants to go out for a spin, Les agrees, saying, "What could possibly happen?" Little does Les know what awaits him on those mean L.A. streets. Before long, Les and the girl, who just happpens to be named Mercedes, are out on the town. Mercedes gets drunk and ends up in the trunk of Dale Smyth Cinema criminals whose own plans interfere. Ben. the main character and owner of the robot, iiimself says funny things, due to his imperfect command of English. But he is no two dimensional figure; rather, he's a It brings out the best in all of u& United way THE Since 1971 SALE the Cadillac to sleep it off, but only after she's danced on the hood of the car with her spike heels on. Next thing Les knows, some friends have convinced him to drive the car out to Archie's, a drive-in that's the hip spot for all the right people. You are somebody if you go to Archie's. Once there, Les and the guys get into trouble with some rednecks, and things begin to escalate. They're scared for their lives and don't worry too much about what happens to the car if they can just get home alive. Meanwhile at home, Mom and Dad, played by Carol Kane and Richard Maseur, are sleeping peace fully, believing Les is also asleep in his room. Then a very pregnant Mom begins to go into labor. They rush as living robot in 'Short Circuit IT believable character with a consistent personality and values. Ben's business partner and his girlfriend are shal lower characters but still interesting for the sake of the story. There's a touch of romance, some adventure, and quite a few laughs along the way. r Jb itc D orm Room Or Apartment See Us For w See Us Corner Clips Sw r IP Brackets The easiest, H 7 (ft m Z ( fastest. i I Mil 7 put-It-together- J T J t y0f ,J -yourself : 9 i furniture Idea Ur jA W s,ncena,,s- U Oon Custom Wood 1 : ffg See Us I CC Shop Will Fill -vY-j for (J I Youu Cutting ... M&"bIOC & V I If Needs! jjjjpsi,e,vln8 J 309 North Greensboro Street CarrboroChapel Hill Telephone 942-3153 Open Daily 8-5, Saturday till noon The to the car to leave for the hospital just at the moment Les returns home with Grandpa's Cadillac, which has a few more miles and a lot more dents and scratches on it than when Les borrowed it six hours earlier. Corey Haim plays Les while Corey Feldman plays his best friend Dean. These two were seen together in last summer's "The Lost Boys," and have certainly developed a chemistry between them. The two Coreys play off each other well. The jokes and smart remarks just seem to flow naturally between them. "License to Drive" contains some very true-to-life moments thanks to director Greg Beeman and screen writer Neil Tolkien. Even if the audience doesn't particularly like Les or his friends, viewers can't help but A bit of attention is given to the theme of how a robot fits into society, the rejection and loneliness he feels at being different from those around him. This serves to make him more believable a character and, therefore, to give value to his actions. Any more Up Your far Heel Thursday, July 14, 198833 relate to their situation. WeVe all been there before. The humiliation Les feels when his parents find out he failed his driver's test is very real, and the helplessness he feels when his friends finally goad him into taking the car to Archie's where they can be seen by the right people will definitely hit home. The embarrassment he feels when he drives by a pretty girl who sees that Dad is also in the car will certainly stir up memories in the minds of many viewers. This is not to say that "License to Drive" is high art far from it. The plot is predictable and the car chase scenes have all been done before. But there are some important moments and several insights which can make the movie worthwhile to those who give it a chance. attention given to such a theme in what is basically a comedy-adventure movie would have slowed it down. "Short Circuit II" is as good as a movie produced (although not directed) by Steven Spielberg. View ers will be surprised how good it is. New awwuiMiiwiiHiiiiiBiiiiiiiiiniiif W W W7 rr " "mi

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