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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, November 10, 1988, Page 4, Image 4

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i - 4The Daily Tar Heel Thursday, November 10, 1988 GarcSeer By JIM GREENHILL Special to the DTH Although Tony Rand refused to concede the race, Jim Gardner declared himself the winner Wednes day in the bitter campaign for lieutenant governor. But his problems may only just have begun. Gardner spoke on the campaign and his political goals at a press conference . and an interview Wednesday. The Republican is facing a lawsuit filed by Rand, which involves an advertisement run by the Gardner campaign alleging that Rand defended drug dealers, harbored a Bond issue's approval pleases By MARY PARSONS Staff Writer Approval of a $30 million Orange County bond package has left county officials ecstatic. The package includes $22 million for county school buildings, $7 million for the renovation of county buildings and $1 million to pur chase land for a reservoir. Kim Hoke, director of school community relations for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, said, "I am delighted. I thought the response to the bond package showed that people were aware of the needs to adequately address facility problems and support them financially. "Now the task is ours to move as quickly and thoroughly as we can .c r.. ' drg 1 lf Coors Extra Gold 24-pk, 12oz.cans Natural Light 19.nk 19 nr rone pJ IhWkiVUlM "1- ' 4 Miller Light Suitcase 24pk.,12oz.cans Matilda Bay Wine Coolers 4-pk, 1 2 oz. bottles j; J 1 1 1 r nemeKen neg. 6-pk, 12 oz. bottles to face Rsmd Dawsoit against campaign ads wanted man in his apartment and helped the man escape to Miami. "Had the situation been reversed, I would not have filed that lawsuit until after the campaign," Gardner said. "It was a last-minute gimmick on his part to try to pull the campaign out. "You can sue anybody for anything at anytime. The courts will have to decide this. Every single thing in those ads, to our knowledge, was true and we only put it out there to let people in this state decide exactly like he did in his ads talking about various things that I have done in my lifetime," Gardner said. to get facilities constructed." The bond gave the school system half of the revenue it needed, Hoke said. The other half will be met with state sales tax revenues, she said. A ballpark date of 1991 has been set for the completion of middle school construction that will be paid for by the bond, she said. All of the school projects will be addresssed simultaneously, because " all "were needed yesterday," she said. The school system intends to hire an architect immediately to get the projects under way, she said. Orange County Financial Direc tor Ellen Liston said the county plans to sell the bonds in the spring and begin construction of addi THE Nobody holds as much beer 1 ul'rrsrlSi J n m 1. a uarK "I thought the negative campaigns on both sides washed out. I don't think I picked up anything, and I don't think he picked up anything," Gardner said. By Wednesday evening, Rand hadn't conceded and said he would not call Gardner to congratulate him. "I'm sorry that my opponent didn't see fit to call me. In every campaign that I've ever been in, win or lose, that's been part of the process, always to congratulate the victor," Gardner said. If Gardner is officially declared the winner, his next task is to work with the Democrat-controlled legislature. tional county buildings. Orange County Commissioner John Hartwell said he is pleased that voters have taken an interest in a long-term solution regarding the reservoir. Sites at Corporation Lake and Seven Mile Lake are being surveyed to determine the best possible location. The $1 million is just enough to buy the land for the reservoir, he said. It will not pay for the cost of construction of the reservoir, but it will make an excellent start in buying the land at today's market value prices, he said. The commissioners will make their interest as a willing buyer clearly known, but they will not run up prices by applying pressure to sell, Hartwell said. The land they IN TO WW as "Big Bertha." She's the coldest fridge in 79 $!79 If $099 $949 $2)89 North Carolina's lieutenant governor has traditionally been very powerful because he can appoint committee heads. He can have more power than the governor, because the state's governor is the only one in the country to have no veto power. It has been speculated that Demo crats may try to strip Gardner of his appointive powers. But if they do, "I would carry the fight to the people of North Caro lina," Gardner said. "I would say, 'You've elected me fairly. IVe tried to extend my hand. IVe tried to work with them (the Legislature). They don't want me to officials are looking at should be up for sale in the near future, he said. Voter turnout in Orange County was strong, with a 65.7 percent turnout of registered voters. This figure included 65.9 percent of registered Republicans voting, 66.6 percent of registered Democrats and 67.8 percent of the unaffiliated voters casting ballots, officials at the Orange County Board of Elections said. The two districts encompassing the UNC campus, Greenwood and Country Club, reported a 55.5 percent and 35.5 percent turnout respectively. The actual results will not be final until they are certified by the State Board of Elections on Nov. 29. Amstel Light 6-pk, 12 oz. bottles National Bohemians 12-pk, 12 oz. bottles sale ends 111588 306 W. Franklin St. Chapel Hill 942-3116 do this. Now youVe got to help me replace them.' " State legislators will be up for re election in 1990. "The people of North Carolina have made it , very clear they want a two-party state. If the General Assembly ignores that, that would tell the people of North Carolina that their vote doesn't count," Gardner said. "That would do long-term harm to the Democratic Party." Gardner sent a letter Wednesday to the newly-elected state senators congratulating them and stressing his hopes for bipartisan government, he said. "I hope to meet individually with each one of them and talk together . . . about what I think can be accomplished in the next four years. I want to meet with them, not halfway Republican supporters;: defend Bush campaign" By KAREN DUNN Staff Writer Although Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis attributed his presidential election loss to the distortion of his record by President elect George Bush, N.C. Republican Party officials said Wednesday Bush won the election fairly. "George Bush ran a good cam paign," said John Carney, commun ications assistant for the N.C. Repub lican Party. "People made a choice on what they heard. Michael Dukakis talked about George Bush, and town! $389 $.g89 but two-thirds of the way, to shoVv that we can have a bipartisan admin istration," Gardner said. "Let's try to improve education, let's try to improve roads in this state," he said. "Let's do something about drugs. You cant do that if you're sidelined fighting political skirmishes." He said other priorities include making the General Assembly more open to the press and public and working for gubernatorial veto power, he said. One way Gardner hopes to opem the legislative process to the public is by holding regular news conferen ces. He also said he plans to invite committee chairmen to join him at those conferences and discuss pend ing legislation. George Bush talked about Michael Dukakis. Voters believed George Bush and went to the polls accord ingly." Both Bush and Dukakis ran a campaign in which they tried to define each other's record, and the voters found Bush's record more favorable, Carney said. ;. The Dukakis campaign needs time to reflect on what went wrong fo'r their candidate, said Tripp Jones', press aide for the Dukakis campaigri. "Hindsight is always 2020," he said. "We ran a good campaign. We're obviously a little disappointed. The best man didn't win the race.": Dukakis will now concentrate on his gubernatorial duties until his term expires in 1990. He has not decided whether to seek other political office, Jones said. "He loves his job and is looking forward to getting back to it," Jones said. Although Bush's negative cam paigning had an effect on the Dukakis defeat, the accusations made by Bush won't be considered libelous, Jones said. "The distortion and lies had an effect on the ability of Governor Dukakis to get his message out," he said. The wide margin in the final electoral tally was not surprising, although the magnitude of the pop ular vote for Bush was unexpected, said Richard Richardson, chairman of the political science department..; Richardson said the presidential campaign will probably be the last national position Dukakis will seek; "Hell be-playing the.role of a Mondale-Carter, even though he ran better than other Democrats in the 'SOs," Richardson said. The outcome of the N.C. gover nor's race was not surprising, because it is common for incumbent gover nors to be re-elected, he said. "(The voters) saw no reason to change." Aftermath from page 1 conciliatory tone, except when asked about negative campaigning and the choice of Baker, Bush's campaign director, as secretary of state. "I believe in the redemption of souls," Dukakis said. The distortion of his record con tributed to his defeat, Dukakis said'. "Look, there's no question that the negative campaigning hurt me," he said. "I think one of the lessons of this campaign is that you have to respond, and you have to respond quickly." The candidates disagreed whether the election set a mandate for Bushl "I don't see a mandate, not when the House of Representatives increased its Democratic membership and the Senate increased its Demo cratic membership," Dukakis said. Bush said: "I am very pleased with the results and I don't think it was overly close. The latest I saw was 54 percent which I think most people would consider a big win . . . there fore I will take what I think the primary issues of the campaign were and work constructively with Congress. Forums from page 1 "I think it was really effective," Ferris said. "The goal was to find out what people thought about proposals and get additional proposals." In response to the forums, student government plans to create a student based teaching award, which would allow students to reward outstanding teachers, Ferris said. The fourth forum, "Student Learn ing in a Research University," was also very effective, Schwartz said. The forum focused on the lack of under graduate involvement in University research and resulted in a proposal for a new office through which such research cooperation could be coordinated. ! The proposal was for "an office specifically set up to promote, encourage and facilitate this kind of collaborative effort in doing research," he said. ', Ferris said that since many of tlie proposals are long-term, the results of the forum must not be forgotten when the group of students involved leave UNC. 1 V V,. V

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