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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, January 30, 1989, Page 10, Image 10

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10The Daily Tar HeelMonday, January 30, 1989 Ufa? Satlg 96 th vear of editorial freedom KAREN BELL, News Editor MATT BlVENS, Associate Editor KlMBERLY EDENS, University Editor JON K. RUST, Managing Editor Will Lingo, aty Editor Kelly Rhodes, Am Editor CATHY McHUGH, Omnibus Editor SHELLEY ERBLAND, Design Editor A breach of towing etiquette If there's anything worse than having a car in Chapel Hill and not being able to find a parking space, it's finding one and then getting towed. Last week, 10 to 20 cars were towed from Boundary Street, marking the end of an era; the street has long been a haven for the many unfortunates who cannot get parking stickers for campus lots. Some students left class and walked to Boundary Street only to discover their cars were gone, without any signs, notes or clues about where they might be. The frantic students eventually discovered the cars had been towed not an unheard-of practice in Chapel Hill, home of the parking crunch. This time, however, the University and Chapel Hill police could not be tagged the villains. This time, it was local developer Gerry Barrett who sicced the tow trucks on cars parked along Boundary Street. Barrett, who extended and deve loped the street, had the cars towed because he insists the street is private property and he does not like it being used as an extraneous parking lot for University students. However, Barrett posted no signs, a method which would have been more considerate and effective than unannounced towing. It's no fun, counting illegal aliens In the 1780s, politicians from Southern states fought hard for the inclusion of non-citizens namely slaves in the head count to deter mine the number of a state's U.S. representatives. Ironically, 200 years later, the same constitutional clause could limit the representation of these same states. : Unless a North Carolina-backed federal lawsuit is successful, the recent influx of illegal aliens into the United States will affect the reapportionment of U.S. House representation after the 1990 census. States with a high population of illegal aliens, such as California, Texas and New York, would receive additional congressional districts while other states would lose them. North Carolina has joined Pennsyl vania and Kansas in a legal battle to keep illegal aliens from being included in Census Bureau figures, which will be used to reapportion Congressional districts in 1990. Estimates have indicated that California and Texas rnay receive four and three additional seats, respectively, after the nation's 3 million to 5 million illegal aliens are (taunted. North Carolina could lose a J 2th congressional district that it Otherwise would have gained if this class of non-citizens were not counted. ; But the success or failure of the lawsuit could hinge on North Caro lina's ability to prove that it would indeed suffer if illegal aliens are dounted. This may be a difficult About once a week, the DTH's editorial board fries to publish a "board opinion" editorial. Contrary to popular belief, these editorials don't reflect only the opinion of Jean Lutes, our illustrious and much-feared editor. Rather, they are the result of intelligent and well-informed debate that occurs weekly in our editorial board meetings. The board includes the editorial writers, the associate editors (otherwise known as the backbone of the DTH) and Jean. During the meetings, we discuss potential edit topics for the week. Under ideal circumstances, we come to a consensus on one important issue; the board opinions are truly board opinions. In February, we will bring to you, our readers, the ultimate series of board opinions the candidate endorsements for campus elections. Unlike last year, when all the editors participated in the process, only the lucky editorial board will conduct the hours of endorsement interviews (much to the dismay of all the other editors, of course). In order to form responsible opinions on which candidates are most qualified, members of the editorial board will survey current campus leaders to find the answers to such questions as what oTar Hetl Jean Lutes, Editor KAARIN TlSUE, News Editor LAURA PEARLMAN, Associate Editor KRISTEN GARDNER, University Editor WILLIAM TAGGART, State and National Editor Dave Glenn, sports Editor Leigh ann Mcdonald, Featmres Editor BRIAN FOLEY, Photography Editor Kelly Thompson, Design Editor Furthermore, there is a legal ques tion as to whether Barrett actually had the authority to have the cars towed. The town of Chapel Hill has assumed responsibility for maintenance on the street, which should make it a town street. And according to attorney David Crescenzo of Student Legal Services, parked cars cannot be towed from a street unless signs prohibiting parking are posted. Crescenzo has written a letter to Barrett asking him to reimburse the students for the tow charge. If Barrett does not comply with the request, Crescenzo said he will take the case to small-claims court to recover the $30 to $45 towing charges. Assuming Barrett did have the authority to tow the cars it was , questionable at best not posting the street as a no-parking zone and towing even though students have parked there for years was a rotten thing to do. Barrett should begin to straighten out this mess by reimbursing the students who were towed and then finding out from town officials who has the legal right to dictate parking policies on the street. If Barrett does indeed have that authority, he can post the street and then call in the tow trucks at will. Sandy Dimsdale undertaking; a similar suit was dis missed on these grounds in 1980. Including illegal aliens in the reap portionment process is detrimental to our democratic system of government in two ways. First, as U.S. Rep. Tim Valentine of Nashville has pointed out, the practice allows people guilty of a criminal activity to reshape the govern mental structure. WI don't see any justice at all where people who have little enough respect for our system of government to come here illegally should . . . influence representation in the House of Representatives." He said it would be a "ridiculous situation" for any state to lose congressional repres entation because of people who ignore our laws. Also, the people for whom new districts would be created are non voting citizens, and they would not be represented by their elected U.S. representatives. If anything, the repre sentatives probably would try to impose stronger enforcement mea sures on them. And in districts with a high number of illegal aliens, the citizens would have exaggerated representation. Whether through the judicial system or through the amendment process, the practice of counting non-citizens for the purpose of reapportioning House districts must be stopped. Otherwise our nation's entire system of representative government, not just North Carolina's, will be weakened. Louis Bissette iha last word personal qualities make a competent student body president, what issues will face the next Residence Hall Association president and what experiences would be most helpful to a Carolina Athletic Asso ciation president. Board members also will be required to attend at least one candidates' forum. Based on the information compiled, the board will form questions to ask during endorsement interviews. In the interviews, the candidates will have a chance to give their platforms and then answer the board's questions. Following these interviews, the board members will discuss the candidates' positions and vote for the candidates of their choice. (The vote won't be anonymous because we're such a happy, close-knit bunch on the editorial board.) A vote count will be published with the editorials to give readers a better idea of how strongly a candidate was supported. This process is designed to give the editorial board the best possible base for forming an opinion, and hence to give the readers the best possible idea of whom to vote for. In the true spirit of board opinions, the board will struggle together and decide together, helping each other along that rocky path. in the never-ending quest for The Truth. Laura Pearlman Bailout shouldn't be depositors' burden TT really want to be a good citizen, so will someone please explain why I have JLLto foot the bill for the savings and loan industry bail-out? Someone? Please? I pay my taxes. I want to do my part for the strength of my country's economy. I'm even willing to make a few sacrifices if it will help out in the long run. But I draw the line at financing a give-away for rich people. Not that IVe got anything against rich folks I just doubt they really need my money. But George "Read my lips" Bush seems to think so. Last week he suggested a way for me to help pay for the savings and loan bail-out without paying more taxes. George's plan is that every time I go to the bank to make a deposit there will be a Fed there to take a cut off the top. Then George will take all that deposit money and put it in a big national collection plate. When he gets $100 billion or so, voila! No more savings and loan crisis! Nice try George. Now, I'm no economic expert, and I don't pretend to be. Ask me to name the leading economic indicators and all 111 be able to tell you is "money." But I know what a tax is, and a tax by any other name stinks as bad. I also know what a bill is. I pay bills every month with money I earn. I consider my taxes a bill, money paid for services rendered by my government. I don't always feel happy when I pay bills and taxes, but my parents raised me to be responsible, and paying your way is the American way, isntit? Minors stifle education To the editor I read with interest the prop osal by the Academic Affairs Committee of student govern ment for establishing an aca demic minor. If .students favoring the option of a minor at UNC are operating on the assumption that it will help them in the job market, they need to think again. Establishing a minor will only lock students into addi tional rigid requirements. Cur rently, students who wish to supplement their major with coursework in another area may choose the courses they wish and legitimately claim them on their resumes as a "secondary concentration." If a minor is available at UNC, students will no longer have this . flexibility. University Career Planning and Placement Services (UCPPS) recommends that liberal arts students planning to enter the business world directly upon graduation take elective coursework in account ing, business, statistics and computer science. If the objec tive is to increase attractiveness to employers, students would be better off encouraging these departments to offer more service courses to non-majors than pressing for the establish ment of a minor. Rarely is the effort and narrowness of a double major (or a minor) required or even appreciated by an employer. I encourage students as well as the Academic Affairs Com mittee to consider very care fully their reasons as well as the 1-30 dTH Liquid diets, " think he will be overthrown soon. I would not bet 10 rubles on Gorbachev." Yelena Bonner, human rights activist and wife of Andrei Sakharov. Bonner and Sakharov told the French daily Le Figaro that they believe Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev will be ousted because he has failed to seek popular support in direct elections. ana "I was a very angry young man during the first wave. I thought I had all the answers to all the problems. It wasn't until I was about 30 that I realized not only did I not have all the answers, I had just begun to realize how to ask all the questions." Franklin McCain, a civil rights activist, on his role in the sit-in protests of the 60s. McCain was speaking as part of the Martin Luther King birthday celebration week. "That's not the last thing III remember about Bill. I'll remember the things that happened before that. " John Haydock, friend and co-worker of William J. McMichael. McMichael was shot and killed after forcing his way into a Chapel Hill home on Jan. 10. Police have concluded that McMichael had taken LSD hours before the incident. HDD "We don't need the cushy seats. What we need is more people. It would create a more Carmichael-like atmosphere. " CAA President Carol Geer, on the possibility of installing bleachers in the student sections of the Dean Dome. Daniel Conover Staff Writer But paying the bill for the savings and loan industry is not my responsibility, and it isn't yours either. Our S&L's are in debt because they gambled their money away when Ronald Reagan deregulated them early in his presidency. He believed the market would weed out the sickly thrifts while the strong ones would survive, that economic Darwinism would make the economy healthy. We now know it didn't work out that way because Reagan's political offspring is asking us to pay for this failed experiment. The failure of the deregulated thrift industry has a complicated history, but here's the Cliffs notes version: Reagan let the thrifts loan money they didn't have to people who couldn't pay it back, somebody made a fortune off the transaction, and now you and I have to come up with $100 billion or we all go into an economic depression. You and I come into the equation because the federal government (with our tax money) insures S&L deposits. The financial executives who squandered the money in the first place now say they don't have enough money to cover their deposits. They've passed the bill to us. This system of insuring and regulating financial institutions was invented in the depression after banks and thrifts ran amok in the 1920s. Reagan said the Readers9 Forum GUNS DON'T vino cud Liy W PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. facts before endorsing a prop osal for a minor at UNC. MARCIA HARRIS Director UCPPS Pageant closed to campus To the editor: As I read the article about the "Miss Omega Psi Phi" pageant in the Jan. 25 DTH ("Fraternity pageant's proceeds to benefit black scholarship fund"), I became disappointed in Mr. Penasoto (the spokes man for Omega Psi Phi) because his comments came across as sexist, hypocritical and patronizing. Specifically, Mr. Penasoto was quoted as saying, "Five girls are entered in the contest." As a black man I resent anyone referring to black women as girls. Girls are in high school; women walk UNC's campus. Also, as a black man I resent, and am embarrassed by, the statement, "Letters about the pageant were sent out to several campus minority groups . . . But it was basically open to everyone." If only campus minority groups were informed (badly, I might add) about the pageant, then it was effectively not open to everyone! I have no problem with a pageant for black women. But if it is that, then saying it is open to everyone is absurd. I, and many other blacks, can think of too many analogous situa tions in the real world where we have been (under) informed. In the future, perhaps Mr. Penasoto will truly inform the entire campus about the pageant, or hell not put his foot in his mouth by saying the pork rinds and Week in Quotes "We've been really busy lately because of the Oprah Winfrey thing." Anne Wilbourne, medical secretary for the HCA Raleigh Community Hospital, on the popularity of the liquid diets administered by the hospital. DBA " think guys here will all sit together in bars and watch the girls go by. They don't have the guts they wait for the girl to make the first move. " A female senior economics political science major, on the trials and tribulations of dating at UNC. ODD "We want to provide accurate and up-to-date information, act as a referral service and talk on a one-to-one (basis) with people who have concerns about sexuality and relationships." Devetta Holman, assistant health educator at Student Health Service, on the new Sexuality Hotline. BOO "The people of Florida today have administered justice. If there's ever been anyone on Florida's death row that deserved the electric chair, Ted Bundy was that individual." Gov. Bob Martinez of Florida on the execution of murderer Tpd Bundy. regulations were strangling enterprise, but: as soon he took off the yoke the S&L's; were at it again. The result is so much" privatt icbt that the FSLIC reserve cannot cover existing deposits. The government can't afford to buy the bad thrifts, but unless it arranges for their protection a rash of failed S&L's could send the nation spiraling toward depres sion. As a compromise, the government has given sweetheart deals to solvent companies and banks who buy up S&L debt. It's a risky business, so the Feds had to sweeten the pot with tax incentives and loan guarantees. Simply put, the Ford Motor Company buys a bankrupt S&L and then doesn't-; pay corporate taxes for the next four tot; seven years. My economist friends tell met folks who buy up these bad S&L's ar going to make a lot of money. That's lit the savings and loan system doesn't got belly-up and sink the whole country. 'K In other words, fellow citizens, your friendly neighborhood savings and loan is' holding our economy hostage. And we're C paying the ransom. : : ; Well, if it's a choice between forking over: my pay to George and his friends or selling! apples on a street corner, I suppose 111 empty my pockets. It would be great if we could mail the bill to Ronald Reagan . and his free-market carpetbagging cronies, but in the real world the unethical leave no forwarding address. Where have you gone, George Bailey? : Daniel Conover is a junior journalism major from Carrboro. KILL PEOPLE, Aw wir rKv& pageant was open to everyone. Maybe he will retain what little credibility he has left by not saying anything at all. J.L. WESLEY III Graduate Business administration Letters policy The Daily Tar Heel welcomes reader comments , . and criticisms. When writing.' letters to the editor, please' follow these guidelines: a Place letters in the box, marked "Letters to the Editor '". outside the DTH office in the,; Student Union. B All letters must be typed and double-spaced, for ease of editing. electrocution "Give my love to my family and friends. Bundy's last words. OOD "We continue to be strained in terms of the budget that allows us to offer the options that students want and deserve. I think faculty are already at the end of their ropes." Donald Boulton, vice chancellor and dean of student affairs, on the record number of classes closed at drop-add. t B B B " do not intend to be an international Anglican gadfly, moving around to proj mote ordination of women, but I will b'q as supportive as possible. " The Rev, Barbara Harris on her election as the first woman bishop in the 2,000-year history of apostolic succession. BBS "Same way that some Texans were born in Kennebunkport. " House Speaker Jirh Wright's explanation of how a bottle of Texas hot sauce presented to President George Bush could have a made-in-North Carolina label. ' BOB "Just lovely. " Bush's reaction when presented with the hot sauce and a jar of pork rinds by Wright and other leaders of Congress. Compiled by associate editor Matt Bivens. S

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