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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, February 21, 1989, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar Heel Tuesday, February 21, 1989 World and .'Nation : - Report to help Tower, officials say From Associated Press reports WASHINGTON The White House sent the latest FBI report on Secretary of Defense-designate John Tower to Capitol Hill Monday and a presidential spokesman said offi cials hoped the report would clear the way for Tower's Senate confirmation. "We feel that the report has nothing in it that would preclude Sen. Tower's nomination going forward," said deputy White House press secretary Alixe Glen. President Bush, returning from a three-day weekend at his Camp David mountaintop retreat in Mary land, gave a thumbs-up sign when asked about Tower but refused to comment. White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray headed to Capitol Hill to deliver the report to Sen. Sam Nunn, D-Ga., and Sen. John Warner, R-Va. Nunn is the chairman and Warner the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, which Diolomniats leave Iran over book fyror From Associated Press reports European Common Market governments decided Monday to withdraw their top diplomats from Iran to protest Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's renewed order for Mos lems to kill novelist Salman Rushdie. Britain went further by pulling out its entire embassy staff. Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe said the death threats against Rushdie and the publishers of "The Satanic Verses" for allegedly blas pheming Islam were "unwarranted interference" in Britain's internal affairs. He left open the possibility of expelling Iran's lone diplomat in Price discusses health By CRYSTAL BERNSTEIN Staff Writer Rep. David Price, D-N.C, spoke on the future of federal health care policy to a group of about 30 in Berry hill Hall Monday night. The congressman from the fourth district spoke mainly of improving Medicare coverage in spite of rising health care costs, providing coverage for long-term hospital stays and encouraging more businesses to provide health care coverage for their workers. "The challenge here is to bring the budget deficit under control" without compromising medical care, Price said. The Medicare program, which provides basic health insurance for retired people, was instituted in 1965. Funding, provided by payroll taxes, is divided into two categories: part A covers hospital expenses, part B the physicians' expenses. Supplements to the Medicare program include "medigap" pro grams, which insure health care Live Entertainment tonight at 9:30 Ordinal Acoustic Guitar I Cathy MacKinnon & Marty Houglan Light Pitchers $275 Dr. Peppers $275 Study in Denmark, r a in ' tSSjTKu -vr.? -annaoaai' K0BENHAVN Informational Meeting with Slide Presentation Meet Returnees February 21 3:30 Study Aboad Office, Room 12, Caldwell Hall may vote on the nomination later this week. Earlier, committee staff members met with Berne Indahl, a State Department security officer sent to Geneva in 1986 to investigate allega tions of security breaches in the U.S. delegation to missile talks with the Soviet Union while Tower was a member of the contingent, said congressional sources who requested anonymity. On Sunday, Indahl had spoken to investigators of a House subcommit tee about a separate inquiry that had turned up allegations against Tower. At that meeting, the sources said, Indahl corroborated a report that Tower, while in Geneva, had used his secretaries as mistresses. The sources would not go into detail on what Indahl told the House committee. The FBI presented its latest report on allegations into Tower's personal London, where Rushdie lives. The 12 European Economic Com munity governments, in a sharp blow to Iran's hopes of improving relations with Western nations, decided to recall their diplomats for consulations and suspend high-level visits to and from Iran. They said they also will restrict the movement of Iranian diplomats in their countries. Howe told a news conference that the EEC foreign ministers, meeting in Brussels, had sent "a strong, concerted signal to the Iranian leadership that Khomeini's threats are an affront to international stand ards of behavior and will not be Congressman David Price beyond the limits of Medicare and often have high premiums, and a new "catastrophic amendment," which attempts to pay for long hospital stays not covered by Medicare. The amendment also covers pre scription drugs and liberalizes home health and hospice care policies. "It's a long-needed expansion of Medi care," Price said. The catastrophic amendment is a widely contested one, he said, because the increased coverage it offers is paid mainly by the beneficiaries them selves instead of being subsidized by the government. "There's quite a fire storm out there" to repeal the bill, he said, which .V." .v.w.. ,.vsvkNr.-.-. . . ..'..'..,.v.'i'-ifil X N ?V ' j V Jhtiisjitn CHINESE RESTfiURfiNT Chinese Gourmet Dinner Buffet eight main entrees All the SHRIMP, BEEF, CHICKEN & ORIENTAL VEGETABLES You Can Eat PLUS Fried Rice, Egg Rolls & Dumplings VISA Courses in English i. 13$ and business affairs to Gray early Monday afternoon. Bush was briefed on the new report, said White House sources, who requested anonymity. The committee may vote this week on the embattled nomination, but Nunn and Warner said they will not schedule a vote "until all the evidence is in." Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, D-Maine, promised a speedy vote on the nomination once it leaves the committee. Mitchell, interviewed over the weekend, said that he has not read the FBI reports but that the allegations surrounding Tower's private life are "an appro priate subject of inquiry" because of the importance of the defense post. Not so, said Senate minority leader Bob Dole, R-Kan., who told repor ters Sunday he has read the earlier FBI reports, seen nothing that would disqualify Tower and suggested moving ahead on the nomination. "I think we should stop checking tolerated." For Britain's part, he said, "it is no longer sensible to maintain a diplomatic presence in Tehran." He said Iran's charge d'affaires in London, Mohammad Basti, would be summoned to hear "the reasons for this action along with the implica tions for Mr. Basti and his mission." Asked if that meant closing the Iranian Embassy, he replied: "I leave it for your own conclusions." In London, Basti was summoned and told of the decision but made no immediate comment. Rushdie, 41, apologized Saturday for any distress the publication of his ' care issues has been called a "discriminatory tax on the elderly." Contrary to public belief, only 10 percent of the elderly will pay the maximum premium for the coverage, and 60 percent won't have to pay the additional cost for the coverage at all, Price said. Price also spoke of a need to increase incentives for people to join the nursing profession and to provide work-related coverage to the approx imately 37 million uninsured Amer icans. Lack of coverage is a "serious public health problem" and "a tre mendous drain on the health care system," he said. But implementation of more exten sive Medicare coverage is difficult to finance. "Health care costs, for a long time now, have exceeded the rate of inflation by a considerable margin," Price said. This rise in costs is due partially to increasing pay to physi cians and expensive technology used in hospitals, he said. Price suggested raising the payroll tax and restraining the increase in physicians' salaries to help pay for the expanding Medicare coverage. A relative value study will help determine new proposals for physi cians' fee schedules, Price said. "I think it's fair to say that part B of Medicare is going to receive a great deal of scrutiny," he said. It's "hard to predict exactly what's going to come," Price said, especially since President Bush made a $5 billion cut in Medicare funding in his recently released budget plans. I C2m - . I I GDLrl? J I Dinner I Buffet I Lunch I Buffet i with coupon only expires 22889 Wednesday, Feb. 22 - Saturday, Feb. 25 Save up to 50 o on these items: winter clothing tents bags packs soft luggage acorn slippers and booties mi i and Sierra Designs FACE I.J i-'tt Chapel Hill 929-7626 Arr a rr pi Hours: M-F 10-7 ' Sat 10 11 A UlI ': .'as every rumor," Dole said. "Unless there's some criminal activity, let's get on with the vote." While eleven of President Bush's choices for Cabinet posts have sailed through the confirmation process, Tower's selection ran into a mael strom fueled by rounds of allegations about the former senator's personal and business affairs. Charges surfaced that Tower drinks excessively and is a woman izer. Many senators also expressed concerns about their former col league's close ties to defense contrac tors. Tower received more than $1 million as a consultant for major defense firms since he left the Senate in 1985. Meanwhile, a House subcommittee continued its investigation into security at nuclear weapons facilities run by the Energy Department - an inquiry that has turned up allegations about Tower. book caused to Moslems, after Iranian President Ali Khamenei indicated that an apology could lead to a pardon. "There plainly is confusion amongst the Iran authorities," Howe said. Appeals refused to comment further and said they would issue a written statement later this week. BSM President Kenneth Perry said he was naturally disappointed by the committee's decision. "I was hoping the case would have gotten more consideration," he said. "There were so many groups there I don't think we were fully considered." Carolina Quarterly editor Allison Bulsterbaum declined to comment on the ruling. There were two deadlines the groups could have missed the Feb. 3 deadline to receive student govern ment recognition and the Feb. 10 deadline to turn in the budget request. The BSM and Omega Psi Phi missed the Feb. 10 deadline, and the Carolina Quarterly and SAFE missed the Feb. 3 deadline. The N.C. Student Rural Health Coalition missed both deadlines. " i During the hearing, Perry said the Lottery Last year, juniors and seniors had a better chance of getting a space because fewer of them wanted on campus housing, Rustin said. But juniors and seniors did not participate in the lottery in large numbers and had the highest rate of cancellation once they got a room on campus, he said. The lottery was more difficult for rising sophomores because many people were vying for a limited number of spaces, he said. Preliminary drawings Thursday and Friday placed students who requested triples, quads and area changes. Today's lottery will assign spaces from empty doubles and remaining triples and quads. Students who do not get rooms in the general hall lottery today will be placed on a waiting list, which the housing department will update from today until August as rooms become available. Students on the waiting list will go CAPITOL HI JOBS NOW! One of these prestigious positions is watting for you! Call today for our step-by-step guide. S25, and find out how to get ahead of vour competition. 800-476-1984 CHJN! The Watergate. Ste. 1010. 0H) New Hampshire Ave.. N.W. Washington. DC. 200.V more! Z7Q TRAIL SHOP - 6 -ipiirai iim A i Tvr 2nd day of strike provokes more violence on West Bank From Associated Press reports JERUSALEM Israeli troops Monday bulldozed or sealed the homes of four Palestinians accused of firebomb attacks, and 20 Arabs were wounded in clashes with soldiers on the second day of a general strike. The strike, called by the PLO linked United National Leader ship of the Uprising, kept busi nesses and transportion shut down in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. It was to continue Tuesday. The violence was part of the Palestinian uprising against Israeli rule of the occupied lands. Since the revolt began 14 months ago, 383 Palestinians and 15 Israelis have been killed. On Monday, the army declared Nablus, the West Bank's largest city, a closed military zone and erected roadblocks at four entrances. Germans admit shipping drugs LAHR, West Germany A West German company suspected of playing a key role in building a poison gas factory in Libya said Monday it produced and shipped an illegal drug to the United States. A spokesman for the Imhausen- BSM had its budget request ready on Feb. 7, but missed the deadline because of a misunderstanding. He said BSM Treasurer Chanda Douglas took the request up to the congress office at 4:55 on Feb. 10 about five minutes before the deadline but no congress members were there. Douglas had 13 copies of the budget request as required, but only one was signed, Perry said, and she thought all 13 had to be signed. When she came back at about 5:15, a congress member told her she was too late. Perry said there was confusion about what time Douglas arrived at the congress office the first time. "There should be something to take into consideration that 5 o'clock by my watch may be 4:55 by your watch or 5:03 by someone else's watch," he said. . 1 Perry said after the hearing that' the BSM would wait until the com- through another lottery to determine their order on the list. These numbers determine priority when two students request the same residence hall, Rustin said. Chances of being assigned from the waiting list depends on a student's choice of halls, he said, but a person with number 50 may get a room faster than someone with number one who chose a crowded residence hall. "The housing department will keep working to get you where you want to be as long as you wait it out," Rustin said. Marcel Provencher, a freshman Carmichael resident, wants to change from room 649 to room 650. He gave up his "squatter's rights" as a rising sophomore because he chose not to keep his present room next year. Today his housing application goes through the lottery along with other students applying for that hall. If another student applies for room 650, social security numbers will determine who gets the room. The random number chosen this year is 5872, so whichever student's social security number is closer to 5872 will get room 650 in Carmichael. For the In Friday's story "Yearbook staff to begin distribution of 1988 Yackety. Yack," "the amount required to publish the book was incorrect, $90,000 of the yearbook's total SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS. Medicai school costs are rising every day. They're climbing faster than many students can handle without the right kind of financial help. If you're a medical student, the Air Force may have the best answer for you. We offer an excellent scholarship program that can ease the financial strain of medical or osteopathy school and allow you to concentrate on your studies. Participation is based on competitive selection. Let the Air Force make an investment in your professional future. For more information, call TSGT KIRBY LINDNER 919-850-9549 STATION-TO-STATION COLLECT News in Brief Chemie company of Lahr said the ' company manufactured and shipped MDMA, but he said!' Imhausen was not aware the substance was covered by West Germany's strict drug laws. Offenburg prosecutor Werner Botz said four suspects had been . arrested in the case so far on',, suspicion of illegal production and " delivery of a controlled substance. ' Economics tops summit agenda ' FRANKFURT, West Germany Economic issues and Bonn's reluctance to replace short-range . nuclear missiles dominated sum mit talks Monday between British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Friedhelm Ost, Kohl's chief spokesman, said economic issues topped the agenda. "We are closer on many points than most people suspect," Ost said. He said both leaders agreed that i NATO allies must demonstrate unity at a summit meeting sche duled for this spring. from page 1 mittee released its reasons for denying ' the appeal to respond. During the hearing, Carolina.-. Quarterly Editor. Bulsterbaum said : the earlier dates of the deadlines and her personal studies caused her to: overlook the deadline. "I can't make -a hard and fast claim of a procedural error," she said. "I would have known about it if it hadn't come as early or ." I hadn't been taking my Ph.D orals." Maurice Wilson, Omega Psi Phi ' co-chairman for service projects, said his fraternity was applying for funds ' for the first time and wasn't aware rf all thp Headlines "Rasirallv mir first time was a process of trial and. error," he said. "We felt like there ' should have been more detailed guidelines." Wilson said after the committee's decision that the group would prob- ; ably wait- until the fall to request ' subsequent funds. from page 1 "I'm kind of fuzzy on this whole thing," Provencher said. Many students are still confused about the intricacies of the. lottery, even those who can use the sopho more guarantee or have previous lottery experience. . "I don think the lottery is done very well, especially with the changes this year," said Caroline Kincaid, a rising junior applying for a double in Alderman. "The RAs (resident assistants) give out applications and tell you there are two weeks until the lottery, nothing more," she said. Brien Rives, a freshman living in Mclver, chose not to live on campus next year, even though she qualifies for guaranteed sophomore housing. "It's all a big pain," sjhe said. The housing department hopes that next year's housing assignments will run smoother than ever, Rustin said. Kinks will be worked out of the newly implemented sophomore gua rantee, and the housing department will survey students who participated in this year's lottery and work from their suggestions, he said. "I have a feeling next year will be better because the fear factor of the new system will be over," he said. Record budget of $120,000 is used for publishing. The Daily Tar Heel regrets the error. (, S 4

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