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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, March 01, 1989, Page 1, Image 1

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ti Today: Partly cloudy High in upper 50s Thursday: Upper 40s 80 chance of rain Senior resume drop for non-profit organizations Today in 211 Hanes J? 1) h h ' )1 y Serving the students and the University community since 1893 Volume 97, Issue 3 Wednesday, March 1, 1989 Chapel Hill, North Carolina News Sports Arts 962-0245 Business Advertising 962-1163 n n. ewo Meats iMaou OB race n 1 I II 1(0) (Iflg I Il"""- Brien Lewis (center), newly elected retrirD. Zeemaon r to semiDoir class By WILL SPEARS and JAMES BURROUGHS Staff Writers Bobby Ferris and Greg Zeeman were elected senior class president and vice president Tuesday, defeating Danny Rosin and Bryan .Brayboy, according to unofficial results. Ferris and Zeeman received 58 percent of votes cast, and Rosin and Brayboy received 42 percent. "It was a victory for the whole class," Ferris said. Ferris and Zeeman won the offices in a runoff election. In the Feb. 21 election, they received 38 percent of the vote to Rosin and Brayboy's 33 percent. Peter Hancock and Ranchor Harris received 29 percent of last week's vote. Ferris and Zeeman were not on the original ballot because they turned in their petitions after the Elections Board deadline. They landed in the runoff through a write-in campaign. The voters who wrote Ferris and Zeeman in on their ballots had to list Ofir-camoysstud Student Congress Group On-campus undergrad. Granville Towers Off-campus undergrad. Graduates 6,33110 1,3762 7,9848 6,3389 Ratio of students to districts 6,3316 1,3761 7,9844 6,3387 Group On-campus undergrad. Granville Towers Off-campus undergrad. Graduates source: Department of Registrar's Office and 1111 " University University si side V.'.V.V.V.V.'. More teens having sex 3 Rain, snow good for water supply 4 Focus on roommates 5 Freedom of Information Act celebrated 6 Honor court taking applications ..7 Lacrosse team wins 8 HI I Ml - jf . v OTHDave Surowiecki student body president, celebrates with his supporters Tuesday the two candidates separately. The publicity the Ferris-Zeeman team received by not being allowed to appear on the ballot may have hurt them as much as it helped, Zeeman said. "In a lot of. ways it hurt us," he said. "The article (in The Daily Tar Heel) did have our names in it, but it never said much that was good about us. It's kind of a double-edged sword." Ferris agreed that the publicity was both good and bad. "There's no doubt it gave us publicity," he said. "But you can call a lot of things publicity. It's both good and bad, whether (it's a front page headline) or on the back editorial page." Brayboy said he was surprised with the small amount of votes he and Rosin received on South Campus. "We're really disappointed with the South Campus results," he said. "We did well there last week. They obviously did a lot of work." . Representation Ratio of Average number students to of students per representatives representative 633 688 998 704 Average number of students per district 1,055 1,376 1,996 905 Housing, University Admissions Office. Speaker By JENNIFER WING Staff Writer Black Americans should have no reason to respond apathetically to past efforts to gain racial equality, said Attallah Shabazz, daughter of the slain Muslim civil rights leader Malcolm X, Tuesday night in Mur phey Hall. "Too much went into who you are today and where you are today," she said to the 60 people attending last night's lecture sponsored by the Black Student Movement (BSM). "We are not the only oppressed people in this society; if we act like victims, we will be treated as such." Hell, I never vote i i.i i ijj u r .v.v, .v.vA.v. .V-V " coast victory The Ferris-Zeeman team did well on South Campus because they made, an effort to campaign there, Zeeman said. "We concentrated on dorms," he said. "And we started over a month ago. We never let up." Ferris said his and Zeeman's campaign workers Worked hard for the victory. "It was a lot of great work by a lot of great people," he said. The Ferris and Zeeman team won because of their campaign workers, Rosin said. "They definitely ran a successful campaign," he said. "They cam paigned hard." In the race for senior class treas urer, George Saad defeated Anna Baird with 55 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results. Saad said his increased campaign ing on South Campus and at Gran ville Towers contributed to his See SENIORS page 6 eirotsMiniderra By AMY WAJDA Staff Writer Undergraduate students who live off campus are underrepresented in Student Congress, which is a viola tion of the Student Constitution, according to numbers gathered from several University sources. Student Congress representatives and Elections Board members said Tuesday they would look into the problem. The Student Constitution states that graduate and professional stu dents and on- and off-campus under graduates should be proportionally represented in congress. But there are 633 on-campus undergraduate students for each congress seat and 998 off-campus undergraduates for each seat, accord ing to statistics from University housing, the admissions office and the University Registrar's office. eocoyra Malcolm X promoted a black nationalist philosophy, and his fol lowers' actions were sometimes con sidered violent. But he never claimed to initiate violence, said BSM special projects chairman Warren Robinson Monday. Instead, Malcolm X advo cated self-defense and self determination, he said. Shabazz said, "Some people thought my father was a teacher of hate, but I never learned about the ills of society as a youngster." Instead, she said, her parents taught her pride in her background. "I knew I had a place in this world," she said. When reciting the Pledge for anybody, I always vote against. W. C. Fields By NANCY WYKLE Staff Writer Brien Lewis was elected student body president Tuesday with 55 percent of the vote, defeating Trey Loughran, according to unofficial election results. Lewis gained an early lead when the first election results were posted in 209 Manning Hall around 9 p.m., and he never looked back, winning with 2,585 votes. . Loughran received 2,156 votes. "It feels pretty good to be student . body president," said Lewis, a junior from Toronto. "I hope I'm going to be able to live up to the confidence people placed in me." " Loughran received 48 percent of the votes to Lewis' 44 percent in the Feb. 21 election. Lewis ran unsuccess fully for student body president as a sophomore last year. Not having people out working in the first election hurt his campaign last week, Lewis said. The turnaround in the vote was because of the campaign workers and the students who voted on their own initiative, he said. "A whole pile of people came out of the woodwork," he said. "It : showed my message had gotten across. A lot of people were self motivated to get up out of their beds and vote." Loughran said Lewis' victory is due i V y ' , - T ., f V-- T"wT v, f - - H ti - ' Y," 1 4 f riiVi iiViirwn Greg Zeeman and Bobby Ferris If the 22,029 full-time students were represented equally by the 29 Student Congress members, each member would represent 760 students.1 But graduate and professional students and off-campus undergraduates are underrepresented in the congress, while Granville Towers residents and on-campus undergraduates are overrepresented. Off-campus undergraduates also lose put when it comes to equal district representation, as do Gran ville residents. The congressional district should represent 1,223 stu dents, but bn-campus undergraduates and graduate and professional stu dents are overrepresented. The graduate districts and the on campus districts were divided to achieve an equal number of people in each kind of district, said Student Congress Speaker Neil Riemann. The off-campus districts were divided into e black n of Allegiance during first grade, "I stood proudly, not even thinking that when it was written I was never thought of." Individuals must determine their own fates, she said. "You have to hold onto the steering wheel and determine when to step on that gas pedal or brake. Learn how to cross the barriers and survive." Shabazz alluded to the debate about whether black individuals should be called Black Americans or Black Africans. But Shabazz dis missed these arguments as secondary, saying: "The differences are beautiful, they're OK. The main difference was Student Congress results 6 partially to his campaign style. "Brien ran a very personal campaign," he said. "That's what the student body wanted, and I find that encouraging." His first action as student body president will be to set up the executive branch of Student Govern ment, Lewis said. The search com mittee for the student body vice president needs to be established, he said. Restructuring Suite C is another goal Lewis would like to accomplish early in his presidency, he said. A chief of staff will be appointed to coordinate the office and answer questions; he said. Six or seven cabinet members will . supervise different departments, and executive assistants will work under them, he said. "It will prevent people and time from being wasted," Lewis said. All the candidates for student body president should be congratulated for how their campaigns were, run, Lewis said. "It is certainly the cleanest campaign IVe seen on this campus," he said. "It was exemplary." The voter turnout was disappoint ing, Lewis said. Student government will have to give the student body tangible results and be more visible to improve turnout, he said. "What student government has to do is OTHDave Surowiecki (center), senior class vice president and president, share their win four geographically equal areas, he said. , "Technically it's an unconstitu tional distribution of congress," Riemann said. "We probably just didnt do it correctly." Elections Board Chairman Wil born Roberson said the board would establish a committee to look into the distribution after this year's student elections are finished. Any move to redistrict Student Congress would have to come either from congress or the Student Supreme Court, Riemann said. But congress members, especially those who would lose their seats, would probably not want to redistrict congress, he said. "It would be like shooting yourself in the head," he said. The Student Supreme Court prob ably would not order a redistricting without a claim having been brought optEomDsm the boat stop, but we all came from the same place." Shabazz stressed that the fight for black freedom today must not be ignored, even if there is no Malcolm X or Martin Luther. King Jr. "We cannot leave it up to one human being to move a movement," she said. "Because Malcolm is dead, it cannot be the sole reason that we don't move on. "There are many persons in this society who are just as dynamic but just didn't make it to the forefront." She also said, "I don't feel that we See SPEAKER page 3 "It feels pretty good to be student pody president." Brien Lewis, president-elect convince people that it's worth their five minutes to vote." Loughran said he felt confident about Lewis serving as student body president. "Brien ran an impressive campaign, and he will make an excellent student body president." Loughran said he would like to continue working on some of the issues he supported in his campaign platform. "If Brien thinks working with student government, is the best way, and I think student government is the best way, to do what I want, thenT will." A job for Loughran is definitely available if he wants it, Lewis said. "I'm not going to close the doors of student government to any talented person, and Trey is one of the most talented IVe ever seen." to the court, Student Supreme Court Chief Justice James Exum said. "Assuming the districts are indeed in violation of the constitutional man date for the districts, that would be a reasonable claim for the court's attention," he said."Technically it could if it were blatantly unconsti tutional, but a lot of what the court can do is left up to the chief justice." But he would rather see congress initiate the redistricting, Exum said. "I don't see us as being an activist court," he said. "It would be better for Student Congress to do that. It has a closer ear to the student body because it is elected." It is difficult for the board to determine where off-campus students live, Roberson said. -: The changing location of offr campus students from year to year See CONGRESS page 7 Attallah Shabazz is. f

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