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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, March 30, 1989, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar Heel Thursday, March 30, 1989 World and Nation US. agents From Associated Press reports WASHINGTON Federal authorities have smashed a billion dollar international operation laun dering drug money and forced Colombia's Medellin cartel to alter the way it handles drug profits, the Justice Department said Wednesday. Attorney General Dick Thorn burgh, FBI Director William Ses sions and other top law enforcement officials said their "Operation Polar Cap" has ended with charges against 127 people and two Latin American banks. Thornburgh called the investiga tion "the largest money-laundering crackdown ever carried out by the federal government." Agents seized a half ton of cocaine and $45 million in cash, jewels and real estate and filed civil actions in an effort to seize as much as $412 million more in assets of the banks, Banco de Occidente of Panama and Banco de Occidente of Colombia, Czechoslovak teenagers hijack airplane From Associated Press reports FRANKFURT, West Germany Two Czechoslovak teenagers shot their way onto a jetliner Wednesday in Prague and ordered it to the United States, but the crew convinced them it couldn't fly that far and they gave up in Frankfurt. They surrendered when American military would not let them enter the U.S. Air Force base adjacent to Frankfurt's commercial airport. Police said no one was hurt and the incident ended peacefully less than three hours after its violent start Lewis said when he admitted his favorite movie was "Casablanca." Lewis has been in three Lab Theater shows and two shows for UNC's Department of Dramatic Arts. Although he enjoys acting, Lewis said he's never considered it for a career. "I never had that (driving ambition) in my belly." Lewis' musical tastes range from classical to Bruce Springsteen. His favorite artists now are Frank Sinatra and Roy Orbison, whom he saw in concert last summer. At times, Lewis prefers opera, though. "Opera is the best music to study to because I don't know the words, so I don't sing along." UNC Chapel Hill 19QD Si PREREGISTRATION: April 3-7 (Summer & Fall) Tuition & Fees NC Resident Non-Resident Undergraduate 1-5 hours Undergraduate 6-8 hours Graduate 3-5 hours PERSPECTIVE COURSES-SHORT COURSES FOCUS PROGRAM-SUMMER STUDY ABROAD. Academic Calendar RegistrationDay First Day of Classes Holiday Last Day of Classes Final Examinations Session I May 22 May 23 May 29 June 23 June 26-27 DIRECTORY OF CLASSES available in Basement Hanes Hall TP LUJvl3 More choose Grimes ' mm Choose air-conditioned or non air conditioned rooms Coice of room & board plan or room plan only Choose between these Cutting Board, Lenoir Hall -14 meal plan featuring unlimited seconds, beginning with Mon. breakfast and running through Fri. lunch -10 meal plan featuring any 10 of the 14 meals mentioned above. ADDITIONAL FEATURE: $60 cash addition to be used at any open a-la-carte facility or towards extra fixed rate meals of your choice at the Cutting Board CONTRACTS AVALABLE IN THE HOUSING OFFICE CARR BUILDING to that are deposited in U.S. bank accounts. The operation, reaching across the United States into South America and to England, had direct ties to the Medellin drug cartel of Colombia and laundered $1.2 billion over two years, Justice Department officials said. The cartel is responsible for as much as 80 percent of the cocaine flowing into the United States, according to federal drug officials. "There is no more effective way to deal with the business of drug trafficking than to take the profit out of it. That's what has happened with Operation Polar Cap," Thornburgh said at a news conference. "I think it's fair to describe this operation as a very hostile takeover of a major money-laundering oper ation," he said. Some of the defendants were still being sought Wednesday, including a Colombian holed up in a bank in in the Czechoslovak capital, where nearly all passengers were freed. Witnesses at Ruzyne Airport in Prague said the teenagers took a woman hostage, crashed through a glass wall of the VIP lounge, fired several shots and threatened a stewardess. About 100 people were reported to be on Tupolev-154 of the Hungarian airline Malev when the hijackers, aged 15 and 16, seized it at about 10 a.m. Oswald Neumann, a Frankfurt police spokesman, said passengers One of his former roommates, Steve Greenwood, said Lewis knew the words to everything and that he does sing along. They kept a Mickey Mouse bas ketball hoop in their room to use for study breaks, Greenwood said. Every time a person hit a shot Mickey's eyes moved and a bell would ring, he said. "Brien is a terrible shooter." Even though they played every day, Lewis game never improved, he said. Living with Lewis taught Green wood to keep an open mind about things, he said. "People are attracted to Brien because he is so accessible. They are attracted by his enthusiasm and sincerity. It's a feeling you get ScllQO $157 220 220 $ 651 1,209 1,209 Session II June 29 June 30 July 4 August 2 August 3-4 Summer School '89 The convenience of UNC 's room & board plan housing options than ever- to live in Cobb, Manly, or residence halls flexible meal plans served at the mo'oey lay Panama to elude Panamanian Defense Forces seeking to arrest him for U.S. authorities. U.S. officials said the laundering operation played a significant role in the handling of the cartel's illegal drug proceeds and was known within the drug world as "La Mina," or "The Mine." Agents learned of the ring while operating an undercover money laundering operation of their own in Atlanta as part of a joint investigation by federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Authorities said that undercover agents received complaints from alleged drug-world figures that they were moving too slowly in their laundering, or processing the money into seemingly legitimate accounts. The agents were told La Mina could get the money by wire from Los Angeles to Panama within 48 reported that one youth fired a "warning shot" out the door of the plane before takeoff that "was not aimed at anyone . . . went into the air." Official Hungarian and Czecho slovak news agencies gave the ages of the hijackers and said they initially demanded to be flown to the United States. The Hungarian agency MTI said Lajos Taba, Hungarian consul general in Prague, boarded the aircraft and negotiated the release of 82 passengers, including all women from him. He is always so positive. "I don't think you can find anyone who doesn't have positive things to say about him. It's not so much what he conveys as what he brings out in other people." Laura Washburn, a junior educa tion major from Burlington, said she met Lewis through student govern ment. Lewis is a person who makes people wonder if he is really as nice as he seems, she said. During the campaign, she realized Lewis was sincere in what he said and did. Washburn became ill during the latter part of the campaign. Even though Lewis was under pressure and extremely busy, he still found time to come visit her and bring her flowers and candy, she said. "He's one of the most selfless people IVe ever met." Lewis is secure, responsible, confident and mature, Washburn said. During the cam paign, he was the person who kept everything in perspective. "I was more emotionally wrapped up in winning," Washburn said. "But Brien thought whatever would be, would be. He just wanted to run a clean campaign and get issues that needed attention in the public eye." BiSssRail til -vY; V" AW 1 A Spending the summer with the family But if you'd rather travel to exotic locales, get rich, or gain experience through a job or internship, we understand. Look for: SUMMER OPPORTUNITIES Tuesday, April 4 in the DTH odleirers hours, according to court documents released with the indictments. Federal agents then expanded their investigation into that operation, using electronic intercepts, surveil lance and pursuit of financial paper trails. ' Thornburgh said that while it is difficult to determine how much impact the federal action will have on the Medellin cartel, "common sense tells me when you disrupt an operation that has laundered over a billion dollars in two years, you're going to force some adjustment in . their operation." DEA administrator John Lawn said that one indication of the effect was seen immediately by drug agents. When La Mina was forced out of business, he said, "the phone was ringing off the hook" at the under cover money-laundering operation that was continuing in Atlanta, with requests for use of their services. and children, trading himself for them. Taba was among the 1 1 passengers when the plane landed in Frankfurt. MTI said Hungarian authorities were in touch with West German security officials and were considering an extradition request. Hans Neitzel, chief spokesman for the Frankfurt police, said he did not know the hijackers' motives. "They said they wanted to go to America, but why they wanted to go, whether tjhey have relatives there or what, we don't know," he said. from page 1 Washburn said she didn't think Lewis was a typical student body president. "He doesn't have the look." His campaign staff was a very diverse group, Washburn said. Lewis represents the average student on campus. Because Lewis is Canadian, he knew few people on campus, which may have worked against him in the election, Washburn said. "Every person he knows here now he formed a friendship with since he got here (UNC). It's amazing to me that he won the campus over that quickly." . Getting Brien Lewis to talk about , himself is no easy -task, cither. "He doesn't think of himself as successful; he just thinks he's been very lucky and is grateful for that," Washburn said. He is a very humble person, she said. "He listens to people and makes them feel that what they have to say is important." Lewis said he was unsure of his career plans, but he would like to do something involving public service. "It's corny, but it's true. I really want to make the world a better place." presents: The Magic of Howard Jay "fl Magical Dining Experience! w Thursday & Friday March 30 &31 6:30 to 9:30 For Reservation or information on Special Parties, caU: 9331323 FUW, Official says Exxon tanker met structural standards From Associated Press reports WASHINGTON The dis abled Exxon Valdez had complied with all modern construction standards for oil tankers, but it tore open in Alaskan waters because no design is immune to the consequences of human error, a Coast Guard official said Wednesday. A spokesman said, however, that the Coast Guard plans no disciplinary action against any of the tanker's officers unless the results of an investigation by another federal agency of the oil spill show it is warranted. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board looking into the nation's worst oil spill said they were focusing on actions of the ship's captain, Joseph Hazelwood. Exxon offi cials said he had left the bridge to his third mate when the ship hit a charted reef Friday and spilled 10.1 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound. "It's a very new ship. I don't see any deficiencies at all," said Joseph Angelo, assistant chief of the Coast Guard's Merchant Vessel Inspection and Documentation Division. U.S. supports cease-fire WASHINGTON The Uni ted States on Wednesday wel comed a call by the Arab League for a cease-fire in Lebanon and urged all warring groups to comply. "We strongly support that call, and we share the Arab League's concern about the grave situation in Lebanon," said a State Depart- Coates She also read an excerpt of a letter from Thomas Wolfe to her husband. "And you, Albert, who carries so much hope home with you, will do your best." Other speakers gave Gladys Coates partial credit for her husband's accomplishments. Douglass Hunt, Gladys Coates speaks on her - A f TT HTVTVT J Q TC 1VJLJLJOJL VJL O JLO JT3l JLjTXJL WJLXjTJLs So many wonderful natural fibers in clothing & shirts, all at Milton's decidedly lower pricesl All Wool Tropical Suits, reg. $425, NOW $199.90 All Cotton Seersucker Suits, Our own Made-In-USA, reg. $195, NOW $159.90 Pinpoint Oxford Sport Coats - 75 Cotton, reg. $195, NOW $99.90 All Silk Matka Sport Coats, lots of hand tailoring, reg. $245, NOW $129.90 All Wool Tropical Slacks, reg. $80, NOW $44.90 Pinpoint Oxford Shirts, All Cotton, reg. $60, NOW $ 34.90 Enjoy the finer more comfortable fabrics without paying outrageous pricesl . MxltmB ffifotfymg (ttupbaarh 163 E. Franklin St., Downtown Chapel Hill nours: ivion.oar.. ivo:ju; ounaay 10 yoo'ttuo News in Brief ment statement. "The shelling . must stop and the land and sea; blockades must end." r . Syrian gunners and their Druse allies have been trading artillery!.'; fire with Christian army units in.! Beirut since March 8 in the worst"! . sectarian fighting the country has known in four years. . .-.-ii-! The Christians, headed by Gen:. Michel Aoun, have blockaded.,, southern ports used by Moslem militias, and the Moslems have;-: retaliated with a counter-blockade of the Christian enclave in the.;. north. xm Prison officials take action , v SANTA CATARIN A PIN-.. ULA, Guatemala Authorities tried to end a 4-d ay-old standoff ; at a prison farm Wednesday byj cutting off water and power to. rebel inmates holed up along with : hundreds of their friends and relatives. "It's the only way we can. pressure them," said Carlos'- Ramos Moncada, inspector general of prisons. "If we don't, they could stay inside for days or; weeks." He said the water and power were cut off before dawn. Wit nesses said food was also running low in the rebel-held sections of. the Pavon prison farm 15 miles east of Guatemala City. The mutineers reportedly were bickering about how to respond to the government's latest nego tiating offer. from page 1 special assistant to the chancellor, said it was she who polished and refined her husband's writings. Coates was one of the brightest men at UNC, said William Cochrane, senior adviser for the U.S. Senate Rules Committee. "IVe always sus pected him of being a true genius. - '-. DTH Steven Exum late husband's accomplishments A XTATTTD AT I Si Xv:;:;:-:-::-:;x' v i ft F I SU ft V It- V

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