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Student-elected officials inauguration 3:30 p.m. in the Union Auditorium Serving the students and the University community since 1893 Volume 97, Issue 21 Tuesday, April 4, 1989 Chapel Hill, North Carolina NewsSportsArts 962-0245 Business Advertising 962-1163 Pireserotatooin) to t t i Cloudy, warm through Wednesday 70 chance of rain, thunderstorms Mm (3m t u u TV. i w & -.vJC . v. -v i I V .v v i . Dribbling for charity Final action in the 1989 Kappa Sigma Backyard Basketball Classic, which helped the fraternity raise $3,000 for the United Way. UimowDCoa By JASON KELLY Staff Writer At least one type or-unofficial Springfest T-shirt is being sold on campus, and while selling the shirts is not illegal, it may be a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Henderson Residence College (HRQ, which sponsors Springfest, does not have a copyright to the name Springfest, so it has no legal way of stopping sales of any unofficial shirts. But the Code of Student Conduct makes "the unauthorized use of the name of the University or the names of members or organizations in the University community" a punishable violation. GoDleagyes call Martin's, term 'successful,1 effective' By NANCY WYKLE Staff Writer Student Body President Kevin Martin will clean out his office in Suite C today, ending a term that colleagues and observers called successful and effective. "I can't do a good job at something I don't enjoy," Martin said. "IVe enjoyed the last year more than IVe enjoyed any year in my life. I wouldn't have traded it for anything. "I got done most of what I said I would do a year ago." I sis We Worries build for Howard University president 3 Weapons sales under the gun 3 Recreation center bylaws under construction 4 Empty your pockets for UNICEF.... 4 Not enough women among higher faculty 4 Milkmen play for cats in the Cradle 5 Baseball team rides Camels to win .....5 Men's tennis serves up trouble for State 5 What are you doing this summer? insert 'f' A -H" i N J r OTH David Surowiecki OOTimwstslmDirtts solid Under the Code, making and selling the fake shirts, which are white with "UNC Springfest" written on them, may be a violation. The "UNC Springfest 9" logo is in small maroon lettering on the fronts of the shirts, and in maroon and gray on the backs. Virginia Mewborne, the under graduate student attorney general, said she had not heard of the shirts. Kurt Seufert, chairman of the ' Springfest committee, said that much of the money raised from the sale of the T-shirts would go to cover the costs of Springfest, but that the committee also wants to donate $ 1 ,000 of the T-shirt profits to Chapel During his year in office, Martin's accomplishments included forming the student advisory council, setting a new focus on academic issues, working with foreign teaching assis tants and establishing a 24-hour study area and the office of vice president, he said. "I'm proud of a lot of accomplish ments, but I wouldn't put any one above the others." Martin said he was most proud of the strong working ties he established with administrators. "I hope students IFC faces challenges from area businesses Editor's note: This is the second article in a three-part series on the homeless problem in Chapel Hill. By JESSICA LANNING Assistant City Editor The conflicting attitudes of Chapel Hill businesses are hindering Inter Faith Council (IFC) efforts to pro vide adequate facilities for the area's homeless individuals. Peggy Pollitzer, chairwoman of the IFC shelter program, said opposition from businesses had-made fund raising efforts difficult. In the IFC's major fund-raising campaign last year, individuals, corporations and foundations donated money, Pollitzer said. "We have had wide community participation," she said. However, she added that the IFC had not received all the money she felt it needed, because it did not get as many businesses to contribute as members expected. Many businesses felt since they didn't want the shelter there, they shouldn't contribute, she said. "Maybe if it made downtown more attractive, it would be more worth Though this be ooDcirea By BILL YARDLEY Staff Writer Day-care advocates, including the children of UNC students, staff and faculty, will present, along with flowers and balloons, a Student Congress resolution supporting day care to the administration in South Building Friday. The presentation is meant to bring attention to the University's day-care needs, said Tyndall Harris, co chairman of the board of directors at Victory Village Day Care Center, UNC's day-care center for the chil Hatrdiou By AMY WAJDA Assistant University Editor UNC needs to be more financially self-sufficient to continue improving its reputation of academic excellence, Chancellor Paul Hardin said Monday. "The state must provide much greater differential support for its research universities or at least free us from inhibiting, excessive state regulation," Hardin told the UNC chapter of the American Association of Professors in a statement he described as his "vision for the future of the University." Hardin continued, "We must also Hill Inter-Faith Council (IFC). "All I know is hearsay I haven actually seen the fake shirts," Seufert said. "I find it very upsetting, but we don't have a copyright to the Spring fest name, so I don't see how we can do anything about it. "We can't make the donation if we can't cover our own expenses, so the makers of the fake T-shirts are actually taking away from charities." Springfest T-shirts have not sold as well this year because of the competition from the unofficial shirts, but sales should pick up as Springfest gets closer, Seufert said. Student sources have said there are other unofficial shirts being sold coming in the future will follow that example." Donald Boulton, vice chancellor and dean of student affairs, said he agreed that as president, Martin worked well with the administration. "He's done a great job as student body president. WeVe met regularly to identify issues. He focused on what he wanted to accomplish." Martin, who described his presi dential style as "working with people, not against them," said he tried to be an active president who got things Chapel Hill's Homeless supporting." Pollitzer said the IFC contacted businesses in person and by letter requesting donations. "We're disappointed they didnt choose to contribute in a larger fashion. They had the opportunity." The IFC will pursue other financ ing options such as federal and state government money and foundation grants, but has no plans for future fund-raising campaigns, she said. A figure for how much money needs to be raised for renovations is indefinite until contractors open bids April 18. The IFC and area businesses disagree over the homeless shelter's downtown location in the old munic ipal building and over the renovations that will add the Community Kitchen to the shelter site. The Public-Private Partnership a group of business leaders, residents See HOMELESS page 2 madness, yet there is method in ((D VU1 dren of students, staff and faculty. Mary Bridgers, director of Victory Village and a board member, said the presentation was the board's way to remind the University that there were children on campus and to make students aware that Victory Village was a student organization. About 75 percent of the parents of children enrolled in Victory Village are students at the University, Bridgers said. The Victory Village board of directors wants University officials to have day care in mind as they look calls for manage our resources with aggressive care and seek and win much greater philanthropic and private sector support." Attracting and keeping outstand ing faculty is one area in which the University needs either more money or more fiscal freedom, he said. "The University must provide salaries and fringe benefits that are competitive with those offered by its peer insti tutions, the nation's best universities." After the speech, Hardin said, "We need to provide increased morale, amenities and support to make people feel good about themselves." The University would be looking "very besides the "UNC Springfest 9" ones in white and maroon. : v "Zach Schroeder? a : freshman accounting major from Raleigh, said while he was selling official T-shirts in the Pit, a female student asked him why the Springfest shirts she had seen had the wrong date on them. But neither the real T-shirt nor the fake shirt obtained by The Daily Tar Heel have a date on them, so at least two unofficial shirts are apparently being sold. University police officials said they had no knowledge of the fake shirts, but they aid producers of the fake shirts might be violating the law by peddling without a permit. done through cooperation. In the past, there have been very vocal student body presidents who didn't work with the administration but worked through protest, he said. "In general, you need good working relationships. Protests are not the most effective use of time." As student body president, Martin said he learned to be an effective liaison between students and admin istrators. "You learn to deal with lots of different kinds of people. There are lots of different students with lots n n f ' - J - w ' s , , , 4 wiilig mi wrMTO?::::g::s ;. .v--,.. .::::. : v-- "" Guests at the IFC homeless shelter play checkers Monday C My caire to the future and plan changes in the physical layout and road system, Bridgers said. The Victory Village board hopes the administration will consider returning to its policy of paying the center's rising maintenance costs, which the center has paid for the last 15 years of its 36-year existence, she said. A new site for the center should also be considered because of South Campus expansion, which includes a growing medical complex, a pro posed parking deck and a city plan fiscal lireedlom intensely and right away" at issues of park-and-ride, day care and afforda ble housing for faculty and staff, he said. In response to a call for increased faculty-student interaction outside the classroom, Hardin again cited the need for improved finances. The budgetary restrictions of professors make them want not to "break their backs with a labor of love," he said. "I want us to pay a lot of attention to what we can do for ourselves. Support from us to each other might encourage us to do things on a volunteer basis." The quality of a UNC undergrad The real and fake of different opinions." Ruffin Hall, a member of the student government special interests committee and the student educa tional access committee, said he enjoyed working for Martin. "One component of Kevin's lead ership style led to a smoothly run office," he said. Martin is efficient and people can talk easily with him, but he is also easygoing, Hall said. Martin said he had no regrets about his term, but he said he wished he had more time to continue work : 1 't. Shakespeare to build a new road alleviating Smith Center traffic problems, Bridgers said. Harris, a doctoral candidate in adult and higher education, said that parents who work or go to school needed a place where they could feel comfortable leaving their children, but that the cost of providing quality day care was tremendous. The primary action the University could take would be to build a new day-care center to accommodate at See DAY CARE page 2 uate education, which one professor said had been questioned by under graduates and those students' par ents, could also be improved with more appropriations and financial flexibility, Hardin said. He said the undergraduate student-faculty coun seling ratio and campus computers and technology were some areas that needed improvement. Increased campus resources are also crucial for keeping up the standard of faculty work, Hardin said in his statement. "Library resources must be strengthened, not weakened. See HARDIN page 2 DTH David Surowiecki Springfest T-shirts on projects such as the student advisory council and the office of vice president. "I would have enjoyed working oh and seeing the fruits of my labor." Martin also said he wished he could complete some unfinished projects, such as the academic minor and working with foreign teaching assist ants. "I wish I was there to make sure it happened." Martin said he wouldn't have done See MARTIN page 2 . DTH David Surowiecki night in the shelter's lounge w

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