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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, April 20, 1989, Page 21, Image 21

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10DTH OmnibusThursday, April 20, 1989 Movies CINEMA D13ECT03Y Chapel HUI Carolina Clue and White: East Franklin Street, 942-3031 Plaza l. II, III: Elliot Road ext., 9S7-4737 Ram Triple: ncnb Plaza, SS7- 8284 varsity Theater: 123 E. Franklin St, SS7-CS65 Durham Center Theater: Lakewood Shopping center, CC3-4226 South Square Cinemas: South Square Mall, 433-3502 vIIIowdalle Cinemas: Wil lowdaile Shopping Center, 477 CS31 Yorktowne TvIn: Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard. 4C3-2327 RslclhCary CarCncI I and ll: North Hills Shopping Plaza, Six Forks Road, 737-S535 Hello, you little movie lover darlings. At last, a new movie is opening at the Varsity after the dominance of "Dangerous Liaisons" arid "Women on the verge. . ."for the past three months, in case you haven't seen those two wonders for the third time, they are still fccing kept oa Caleb Deschanel's Crusoe" opens in the area exclu sively to the Varsity, and Is the Robinson Crusoe story sans Man Friday. Aldan Qulnn of "Desper ately Seeking Susan" and "An Early Frost" fame plays the lead. Also opening at the Riaito Is "The Thin Blue Line," Errol Morris' bril liant documentary on the miscar riage of justice that put recently freed Randall Adams in jail for the murder of a Dallas police officer. A must-see. As usual, a star denotes a movie of exceptional wonderfulness. Dream Team 7:00.9:1s (PG-l 3) Major League 7:lS-9:30 (R) T$3.oo EsiiHKM imana.(ia.Etaan)Tl Chavy Chaa FLETCH LIVES ) 3:205:207:209:20 A They think ; DOLPH :::! ,,: , . ,.-i fcffl&3fflfl 1 4 it MgJ) 0 - - He Arc fraud. Tu llring You DOLBY STEREO ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Falls Twin: Falls Village Shop ping center. 847-0326 imperial ancmas: Cary Vil lage Shopping Center. 437-0003 mission valley Cinemas Mission Valley Shopping Center, 834-8520 RSalta 1 620 Cienwood Ave. at Five Points, 833-2502 Six Forks Station anemas: 9600 Forum Drive C43-2120 South Kills I and ll 1 280 Buck Jones Road. Cary. 437-0337 Studio l and ll: Electric com pany Mall, Hillsborough Street, 832-5343 Terrace Twin: 5438 Six Forks Road, 847-5677 Tower Merchants SIx: Tower Merchants Village. 834 0164 Tower Twin: Tower Shop ping Center. 834-8592 vnjags Twin: 511 Washburn Ave, Cameron Village. 832-8151 waverly Place cinemas: 2001 Kildaire Farm Road. 851-9713 K2XT VIIX'S KOVtZS (Starting Friday: all times p.m.) OPENINGS Crusos From the cinematographer of "The Right Stuff" and "The Black Stallion" comes this promising version of the Crusoe legend starring ASdan Quinn. Varsity: 2:1 5, 4:1 5, 7:1 5, 9:1 5. - Sea Ycu In tfts izzm'.ny Alan Pakula, director of "All the Presidents Men," directs this mar riage comedy-drama starring Jeff Bridges and Farrah Fawcett bix hxks: can for times; Waverly Place-, call for times; South Square: 2.00, 4:30 (S&S); 7.00, 9:30. Red Scorpion Run screaming in the other direction. Dotph Lundgren has a new film about taking over the world. Spike in other matters, Lee was very outspoken. He responded to a question about Georgetown head basketball coach John Thompson and his boycott of two games over NCAA's Proposition 42 in the following manner: "Any time you're a black man and you speak your mind, you are going to be Tony Danza SHE'S OUT OF CONTROL 3:055:10 7:10 9:10 PG Winner of 4 f rai: I 3:007:009:: Winner of 4 Academy Avrardst RAIN MAN R) :30 rXliDOLBY STEH6D they control him.. Think again. U11DGREII ijiUuillr'UlllL stcrtsTcmorrcirj., riw SHAPIRO CLIOCENHAUS EWTTRTWNMFNT CORP Six Forks: call for times,- Tower Merchants Six: call for times, Wiitowdalle: 1. 3. 5 (S & SY, 7:20. 9:20. Petscmatary Stephen King adapted his own novel for the latest dose of horror to hit the area. Directed by Mary Lambert. Ram: 2:10, 4:10 (S & SY, 7:10, 9:20; Waverly Place: call for times, Tower Twins: call for times; Wil towdaifei, 3, 5 (S & SY, 7:20, 9:20. Speed Zone John Candy is back, just too late for Oscars, and in a movie that sounds like it could be about cars. I didnt think he could even get in one. With Donna Dixon. Ram: 2:15, 4:15 (S & SY, 7:15, 9:15; SOUth Square: 2:20, 4:40 (S & SY, 7:1 5, 9:45; Tower Merchants Six: call for times; Six Forks: call for times, Waverly Place call for times. U CHAPZL H'il Say Anything (PC-13) Can John Cusack ("The Sure Thing") carry another teen love flick? See review on page 5 to find out Ram 2.05, 4:1 5 (S and S); 7.05, 9-.1 5. WiSlowdaile: 1, 3, 5 (S and Sh 7:20, 9:20. She's Out Of Control Just in case you were missing him, Tony Danza is here. Just for you. Plaza call for times. The Dream Team (PC) Michael Keaton and Christopher Lloyd star as loonies on the loose in New York City. Carolina: 2:30, 4:45 (S & SY, 7, 9:15. WiSlowdaile, Wavertey, Tower Mer chants, Six Forks: call for times. Major Lcc-3 (R) Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen star in a comedy about baseball. Carolina 2:45, 5 (S & SY, 7:15, 9-.30. Willowdalle, Six Forks, Village Twin: call for times. Wcmcn'On Th2 Vcrgs Of A Vicrvcus Drec&Sown Almodovart most successful comedy. The title says it all. Varsity: 2:30, 7:30. Destroys Ltelscns (R) Astonishing story of sexual intrigue set in 18th-century France, starring Glenn Close, John attacked. You can say what you want to, but all of his players graduate." And he even questioned the posters that announced his com ing to UNC to speafc "Spike Lee, a.k.a. Mars Blackmon. 'It's cool.' I dont know the thinking behind that." Spike Lee is not Mars Blackmon. WARS8TV CRUSOE' IS ENCHANTING." sora. ebe I t i III A I n A N r r C R U ACADEMY ' 7 1 y. s o n s 24:20 79:20 3 VCSJ Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer. Directed by Stephen Frears. still the best thing in town. Varsity: 4:25, 9:25. South Square: 9:30 only. Rn Msn (R) This years Oscar winner is still packing 'em in after 18 weeks. Oscars include Best Picture, Direc tor (Barry Levinson) and Actor (Dustin Hoffman). Plaza 3, 7, 9-.30. Wiitowdaiie-. ir 4 (S and SY, 7, 9:45. South Square-. 2, 4:30 (S and SY, 7, 9-.30. Mission valley. Wiitowdaiie. Tower Merchants: call for times. Flstch Lives (PC) Chevy Chase does it all again. Written by UNC alumnus Leon Capetanos. Plaza 3:20, 5-.20, 7:20, 9:20. Wii towdaiie: 1, 3, 5 (S and SY, 7:20, 9-.20. Mission Valley, Six Forks, Tower Merchants, waverly: call for times. CURRENT RUNS Ths Th!n Eus UncXR) Errol Moms' stylish documen tary about the murder trial of Randall Adams is one of the most chilling pieces of filmmaking around. Catch it if you can. No show this Friday because of the Melissa Etheridge concert. Rialta 3:30, 5:30 (S & SY, 7:30 and 9-30 976-EVIL(R) There is always an audience for a horror movie. Directed by Robert Englund, who plays Freddie Kruger in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series. Great title, too. Tower Merchants Six: call for times. Disorganised Crime (R) A comedy from the makers of "Stakeout" with Ruben Blades and Corbin Bemsen. Wiitowdaiie: 1, 3, 5 (S and SY, 7:20, 9:20. Winter People (PG-1 3) Kelly McGiiis, Kurt Russell, and Lloyd Bridges star in this story of an unmarried woman with a child who falls in love. Wiitowdaiie: 2, 4:30 (S & SY, 7, 9:45; Cardinal: call for times. Lean On tes (PG-1 3) Successful film based on a true story. Morgan Freeman stars as a For many in the audience, this revelation may have been a little more than they were able to take. After two hours, only half the audience remained. But what they saw was the real Spike Lee serious about the work he does, quiet, strong in his convictions and unrelenting one who does not take any slack from anyone. EAST FRANKLIN CHAPEL HILL CS7-8665 A TERRIFIC PICTURE n 3 Oil INN v ll. o . , 5 O E Friday! HUD OVER HURKY1 imenOnThe A Nervous Mmm 2:15 4:05 6 7:40 9:30 M wot school principal who doesn't play by the rules. Tower Twin call for times. Working Girl (R) Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford star in this overrated comedy of women in the workplace. Yorktowne: 2, 4:30 (S and S),- 7, 9:30. The TJurbs Not very funny comedy with Tom Hanks, directed by Joe Dante. Yorktowne-. 2, 4:30 (S & SY, 7:20, 9:20. CHAPEL HSU PUZUC U22ARY M2sr Darbsra Tuesday, April 25, at 2:30 and Wednesday, April 26, at 7. One of the few film adaptations of a Shaw play, this intelligent British film does a good job telling the story of the young daughter of a rich armaments dealer coming to grips with her feelings about the world around her. With a brilliant cast that includes Rex Harrison, Wendy Hlller and Robert Moriey. movies at the uriorj For the last time this semester. Die Hard. FridayApril 21 - 7, 9-.30 and midnight Just when you thought Bruce Willis couldt make a good movie, this very effective and entertain ing thriller came along. Willis plays a cop from New York who gets caught in an LA skyscraper that is being held captive by a bunch of terrorists. Excellent stunts and special effects that will certainly be diminished on video, and with a steady cast that includes Paul Gleason, Alexander Godunov and RSC actor Alan Rickman. How to Merry a l:::'ona!re. Saturday, April 22 - 7 and 9-.30. ill watch anything with Marilyn Monroe in it, so I love this film about three women who make it their duty to find themselves husbands as soon as possible. This was the first comedy to be shot in cinemascope (back then in 1 953), and also stars Lauren BacaU, Betty Grabte and William Powell. Compiled by Richard Smith and James Dean. from page 4 People probably left that night, disillusioned; thinking they would see the street-smart, "Please baby, please baby, please baby, baby, baby please" Mars Blackmon, instead, they saw the hard-shelled, man-of-few-words businessman that Lee is. Ml make the films 1 want to make, and I hope others like what I do," he said. "It's just blind faith in your ability and talent and knowing that what you have is good." Spike Lee is not Mars Blackmon. Enough said. Nightly 7:109:20 Sat. & Sun. Matinee 2:104:20 NEW YORK STORIES Nightly 7:009:30 (PG) Sat. & Sun. Matinee 2:004:30 SAY ANYTHING (pg-m)- Shows Nightly 7:059:15 . Sat & Sun Matinee 2:054:15 IT"

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