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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 27, 1991, Page 4, Image 4

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4The Daily Tar HeelFriday, September 27, 1991 v s f V WORLD BRIEFS Security Council agrees to Iraqi document deal UNITED NATIONS Moving to defuse the latest standoff with Saddam Hussein, the Security Council Thurs day accepted an Iraqi proposal aimed at ending the three-day detention of U.N. weapons inspectors in Baghdad. The inspectors have been held in a Baghdad parking lot since they uncov ered documents describing Iraq's se cret nuclear weapons program. Under the proposed plan, diplomats said, the documents, photographs and videotapes would stay in the possession of the inspectors while they and Iraqi authorities prepare a catalog of them. Iraq had initially demanded that the team relinquish the documents. Rolf Ekeus, head of the U.N. Special Commission charged with disposing of Iraq's mass-destruction weapons, esti mated less than 24 hours would be needed to catalog all the documents, film and videotape. However, it was not certain when the inspectors might be freed. Soviet Union to move to all-volunteer army MOSCOW TheSoviet Union soon will have a civilian defense minister and will move to an all-volunteer army, the chief of staff told foreign military attaches in a briefing Thursday on Held Over EVERYBODY'S FINE! 4:30 Only "A J-fcW E - Richard Corliss. TIME MAGAZINE m WIS AMItlltl I FH W l"1 i itti Swiss freight & carrier presents Cleared Bonded Warehouse i ti l itt iiWVi il if HS 1 Swiss airway bill Import duties & taxes No outstanding charges. Immediate disposal & removal ,Will show a movie on the Art of Rug Weaving All rugs tabled Genuine Handmade & Guaranteed damage free. Each rarpet labeled with country of origin & material. 6 Freight & handling Charges added to each Purchase. 3 Cash discount, 1.5 Check, Visa, MC & Discover. Dealers tax exempt with exemption certificate only. All sales final & must be removed from premises. ,J""1 ' w Qlampurdhpts, GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE I X' I a unique photographic experience is waiting for you... 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South African students try to close university CAPETOWN, South Africa Black students at one of the nation's most prestigious universitiesdisrupted classes and set up burning barricades Thursday to support striking maintenance work ers. But the protesters at the predomi nantly white University of Cape Town were unable to close down the school as they did had done Wednesday. The dean of the Arts Faculty, John Cartwright, suffered slight leg burns when his pants caught fire as he kicked a flaming tire away from a barricade. About 300 university workers, mostly maintenance personnel, went on strike Tuesday after rejecting a 13.5-percent pay increase. The Associated Press Great Time At The Movies." VVIilfftllMIIil? 2:00 7:00 & 9:30 lEl H flVi 1 Airway Bill 0855780141 for Immediate Disposal 08557801041 paid at port of entry . . . , ol - - Jewelry Change, High Fashion Photo Session, Instant Viewing of Video Proofs, Take Home Color Proofs available. mi Inspectors' By Anna Griffin Staff Writer Once again, it appears Saddam Hussein may have pushed George Bush too far. The detention of 44 United Nations inspectors Monday by Iraqi officials did nothing to alleviate tensions in the Persian Gulf and led President Bush to send more than 1 ,300 additional troops and 1 00 Patriot defense missiles to Saudi Arabia Wednesday. Iraqi officials stopped the inspection team Monday and threatened to seize documents which may detail Hussein's nuclear capabilities. Interference with the inspection team is against the U.N. cease-fire resolution calling for destruc tion of any Iraqi biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. Although Hussein pledged Tuesday not to iinpede helicopter searches by the U.N. inspectors, the standoff continued through Wednesday with both sides re fusing to compromise. Thursday afternoon, the U.N. Secu rity Council agreed to an Iraqi demand that the documents and photographs collected by the inspection team be cata logued by U.N. and Iraqi officials. Iraq had initially demanded that the inspectors turn over the documents to their captors. Despite the conciliatory movement by the Security Council, the inspectors were still being held in a Baghdad park ing lot Thursday evening. The movement of troops, planes and Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia does not automatically mean a resumption of Passage to Campus Haro Impasse , Normally $369 FNU VV 4 1 Jvvs Bauer In-Line Skates 10 OFF Tune-Up Special Where the Pros Go for Service iriOhyiisaxvyJWWD) DON T MISS UNC-CH UNC-CH offERS A pROQRAM IN RAdioloqic Science which MAy DE THE pRofESSION yOU hAVE DEEN ICOkiNQ fOR. 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In a meeting with Lebanese Presi dent Ilyas Harawi Tuesday, Bush de nied Iraqi claims that the U.N. team contains CIA spies. More conflict could arise next week when the detained inspection teams try to move to their next assignment inspecting western Iraq for Scud mis siles. Scuds must be destroyed under the U.N. resolution. The troop movement and several tough statements by Bush and Gen. Colin Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have led to speculation that further resistance by Hussein could lead to another round of fighting. In addition to deploying troops and missiles, Bush recently authorized send ing more war planes to the gulf region. Since the cease-fire, Hussein has continuously tested U.S. patience, said Unemployment figures show recovery By West Lockhart Staff Writer Unemployment statistics show North Carolina making marked economic Mountain Bike s BEST-KEPT SECRET! Towers 5608 angers world leaders William Leuchtenburg, UNC Kenan professor of history. "He is pushing to the limits to see how far he can go," Leuchtenburg said. "He certainly has been exasperating." "The incarceration of the inspecting team suggests that in no way has he been humbled by his previous experi ence," Leuchtenburg said. Bush is not likely to get involved in another military engagement if it can be helped, Leuchtenburg said. The presi dent has too much to lose politically to let Hussein entice him into unnecessary fighting, he said. "I doubt very much that Bush looks forward to another engagement of this sort," Leuchtenburg said. "That's what Saddam's counting on. "It will be difficult for Bush to elicit the same type of enthusiasm both in this country and abroad. There will be con siderablequestioningof why, if Saddam was such a menace, the job wasn't com pleted the first time." Despite the recent troop movement, U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf are only 6 or 7 percent the size of those stationed in Saudi Arabiaduring Operation Desert Storm, Hartman said. Confusion over the fate of the in spectors continues. Although it appears improvement compared to other states that are still waiting for the current recession to loosen its grip on their pocketbooks. The Tar Heel state took some steps both privately and publicly before the recession, moves which have helped keep its economy sound, said Juliann Tenney, executive director of the South ern Growth Policies Board. A certain amount of foresight and patience is necessary for moving for ward during difficult economic times, Tenney said. The rapid growth of Re search Triangle Park shows how effec tive planning, hard work and prepara tion for future trends can result in a thriving economic community, he said. Compared to other states, August unemployment statistics show North Carolina surviving well economically, said Charlotte Ramz, public informa tion director at the Employment Secu rity Commission in Raleigh. 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Eugene Carroll, a former naval official who now works at the Center for Defense Information in Washington, D.C. "Hussein is going to push and push and push because he knows he can," Carroll said. "He (Bush) certainly isn't going to get the world's support if he goes after Hussein now just because he is being a nuisance." "The president is going to pay politi cally if he attacks over nothing. All of those nations who supported him last year are going to think twice this time," Carroll said. The prospects of war are there, Carrol I said, but Bush probably won't make the first move. "You have to look at our reason for being there now," Carroll said. "We are supposedly supporting a U.N. inspec tion team. There is no reason for us to attack unless that team is k il led. Hussein isn't that stupid." But Bush would attack if Hussein made some military move, Carroll said. "Don't think the president wouldn't love to have a reason to attack," Carroll said. "You can bet he regrets not getting to Hussein in Desert Storm." During the same month, Massachu setts registered 9.2 percent unemploy ment, and Michigan reported 9. 1 per cent, Ramz said. The national economy seems to be making a gradual recovery based on a comparison of July to August, said Ray Partin, a research analyst for the com mission. It is too early to tell whether this improvement signals a sustained period of growth, Partin said. Manufacturing is one sector of the N.C. economy that is faring well.Tenney said. North Carolinians are not losing their manufacturing jobs because they have found markets for their products both nationally and globally. Travel and tourism throughout the state have provided a big boost to the N.C. economy, representing approxi mately 6.7 percent of the state's gross product, Tenney said. Because of tourism "(the state) will benefit disproportionately to some ar eas (of the country)," he said. "A few may outdo us but not many." 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