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The Wilmington dispatch. (Wilmington, N.C.) 1916-19??, December 01, 1917, Page 2, Image 2

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Mtt PArFTWO - ' r" THE WILMINGTON DISPATCH, SATURD AY AFTERNOON? DECEMBER 1 . .1917.- v ill Mem of :Wlim 'ISM .t'i"; . 1 ' - ' - il 4'- t, i . f ... s .. imwm. 111 nr w- 1 ri h i .i.,- .1 1 1-1 1 1 1 1.1 1 i-i .-'!-ir ,r i i r v i v 1 1 mm i 1 11 v$a em, m s u.'f w wm mi s nmmmj- u m m r . in m i v r u y , r Ly m wwvx m m- mi o w m ?f-l1iCiM--' 111 fcr I BSI 11 1 1111 ti ll L II i i I 'I ' I I lis A II l V I II I I I III V i fcs 1 IIs 5WM f i (UTl fSaa KJa nii ii t&i ha i.i i ii i i ii i 1 1 i i .ii ii ii v I t ii ill ill ii i tm rruAm og -tm m m i III I Jifiiliy u-v i!MV.--i.vH.ya:i.- aufl lai umi iil I When They Wtint to Reach The People of mm--- nutlet p VV lU I IU BJ U Ur-llUf- JL tSflO kJZsllJll. mm. ' ' . s It iJHUO A i . T paIh L'llJ tl 111 Mm MdidL SJSJ l 2J ISLLhZl ii- .a... Jr&ts &m& W .A I ,t;j. r-IIJi'-yll - - L,.l,, .i -rtft-Afr,. . --- a--.. il- ,...'mJt -.SMtg I II Of Any Ptiper Published In Wilmington. Umrih . 11 ! I'mJ m U U - eL-.-i .-,MMii.nii.iiJwii ij .i. hp" .mji " ii .-aw ijgjMjjji-ii i.i...iy, ,:.'!. ... !. gLi ffitf;ilZ?lie,-''y- k' -friJnf--.1;'-,-.lii&lMt-XX Wirmriihiii-I,i.wirtiv friif ' ii" ; ' it. I -: -- . ! " . .n... I 1- I . - I M M , : nn t irni nismnn ies-, me nunua auu ut,." .'.'l. f. i . I r B 1 1 1 1 I Li I U 111 'i-Mill ML uuu iiiLiiii unmi u If a-! Si kin Mi a filK;. 1 3J- J it in h 1 El Ml- i! 4 f THEATRE 0 The following criticism of Bell's Fa mous Hawaiians which come to the Academy of Music on next Monday was taken from the Chattanooga Daily News: "An unusual program by Ha waiian musicians was presented at the Majestic theatre last evening by a capable company. They were greeted vjy a large and appreciative audience and were forced to respond to numer ous encores. W. S. Jones presentde Bell's Famous Hawaiians in a musical satire, in two parts, that entirely pleas ed ail present This is the first time BREED EPIDEMICS! Measles and Kindred Dis eases Are Worse Among Southern Troops (By George H. Manning.) Washington, D. C, Dec. 1. les; the Florida and Georgia division ; had 975 and the Tennessee and Nqrth' Carolina division had 790 new measles j cases. , ; There have been numerous cases of pneumonia among the men at the; camps and almost all of these have' developed frora measles cases. j The reason that the men from thei Southern States have been greater, sufferers from measles than the men j from the North is said by the Surgeon General's office to be because a great er percentage of the Southern boys have formerly lived in the- country and The rsparsely settled communities wnere medical officials of the United States Aniy are more than satisfied with thr that a company of these people hasjh a'th of the men at the nu-nervis visited this theatre and given a com-1 National Guard and National Army nlete performance, and the patrons of i camps 1 3 m a if ' Xi 3J - : i i 'V, 1: i the theatre responded heartily, The first scene was that of Waikiki beach at Honolulu, and here the mf n played cn 1 heir instruments and sang songs in their native tongue. Solo numbers, qv.artet numbers and instru ments eelections marked the first part 'it program, which closed with a realistic Hula Hulu dance by Princess Lei Lohua. In this part M. R. Pagfi favored the audience with several numbers on the ste?l guitar. He was foreed to answer with several encores. He was accompanied by J. Peleika." "The second scene was that of a j The experts of the Medical Corps had fully expected the epidemic oi ?ueasles "which has swept through the .Southern camps where-men drawn to he National Guard arid National Army are quartered. They are, in fact,, rath er surprised that it has begun to show abatement so soon. Measles cases by the thousands had 'ieen anticipated among the men from "he Southern States and the army phy-, 'cians had really anticipated more measles among the men from the Northern States. The perfecting of the Medical or-i parlor at the Alexander Young hotel 1 ganization at the different camps ' had in Honolulu city. During this part) 'he effect of greatly reducing the the violinist E. Russell, carried away ; number of pneumonia cases which .'he audience with the selections on -have resulted from measles and the Ms instrument and his appearance i pneumonia record is expected to show twice in his part of the program i a decided reduction in the next few brought h'm unusual amount of ap- weeks. 'iuse Popular music was rendered! This was the view of the situation by Russell arter his opening number.) en today by ColQnel F. P. Reynolds. J. Hailama captured the audience from Chief of the Sanitary Corps, united h?s first appearance on the stage, and 'States Armv. and expressed to the this solo numbers were applauded until I respondent. , was forced to stop because of thei A comparison of the rcords of they have not mixed with large bbdies ! of people and have not had communi-; cated to them, and suffered from, the j various so-called diseases of childhood ike measles and mumps, v, J "The major portion of the men from; the Southern States at the training j amps have lived all their lives in the- country," said Colonel Reynolds, in dis cussiag the matter with the correspon dent today. "There are very few large Cities in the South and the population Nthere is nothing like so dense as ia the Northern cities. The children in the South do not ride on trolley cars and come into close touch with other children, to the extent they do in the thickly populated Northern cities. 'Consequently, 'the: do not suffer iff F3F " ; f -SI j 73 at A LICE LAKE, whose picture you see today, was born in Brook lyn not very many years ago. She is just five feet tall and weiehs 108 pounds, with fair com plexion, brown hair and gray eyes. Before entering" pictures miss Lake had had no professional stage experi ence, but she had danced in a profes sionally amateur way at the Waldorf and other swagger assembly rooms and had done some pantomime. Turn ing to the pictures for fuller expres sion she joined the Vitagraph forces in 1912. Later, she was seen in Ar buckle comedies and now she is a Universalite. She is very fond of motoring and reads a great deal, but she still likes to dance better than anything else. Ouf in the film colony in California she is a favorite dancing partner of Franklyn Farnum and the two have become so proficient that they recently received a most flatter ing offer from one of Broadway's well known producers of musical comedy to join one of his companies as a dancing team. The proposition was a The Union College football squadl ost . P ,one financially, but, nicy uuui ucuucu iiui iaj iuicu tiicix PELEIKA, WHO WILL BE SEEN WITH BELL'S FAMOUS HAWAI IAN AT .THE ACADEMY OF MU SIC NEXT MONDAY; has installed huge nitrogen lamps on The program Country Needs . 1 . j ; it. tiir i r'.u.5viu wiui i our XOU and"We7re Going Over." bv G. 'Sevier. Greenville. S. f! Camn Dnni Wederious and company and the sing-jphan, Fort Sill, Okla.; Camp Bowie, measles cases of the past three weeks at Camp Wheeler, Macon, Ga.; Camp ng Of the "Star-Spangled Banner," with a woman dressed in an American flag holding a prominent position on the stage, the audience and company standing. The prices are from 0 cents to $1. First four rows $1.50. f - . - ft . ; f There Is more Catarrh In this section or the country than all other diseases pat togotho- and for years it was snpposed to be incurable. Toctors prescribed local remedies, tnd by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, oronounced t Jnctirable. Catarrh is a local disease rftlyT1rn(l?enJ1ed hy constitutional treat-52,eDt.-IIail1Sr Cntarrh Medicine, manufac tnred.'by P. j. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio t1na!,i.C.nstiiutio.nal remedy,' taken T ternally and acts thru the Blood oh the TrnnLSAirf?ce8 of tne System. Onl S318 reard is offered for atfv enro 4 ?U s Catarrh Medicine fails to ski'iT VNEY,& co- Toledo, Ohio. 8oId by Druggists, 75c Hall Family. Piiis for constipation. wmi RelfAVAa In 1 t ( TH8 BVANS CHE1SffcS:.CINClNNATI.a. Fort Worth, Tex.: Camp Beauregard. Alexandria, La., and Camp Shelby, Hattiesburgr Miss., where Nationaf Guardsmen from the Southern States are In training shows that the disease reached Its highest point about a week ago and is now rapidly on the decline. Measles has been the chief - illness Among the men at the different camps more than half the men in hospitals being sufferers from that disease. Es pecially is this true of the men from the t South. V - It is rather strange that the men in ,.he National Guard and National Army camps from the Southern States have suffered most severely ' from measles Thile the men from the North have had very little of ir Fpf7lnstance, during the week end ing November 17, the divisions made up of National CfuaTdsmen from New York had no i had a single new -case effeetlTB la tfaHn 1 ?L measies; the Pennsylvania division SfSSS' dischargM-H had .only one;, ttfe division made up BSfST SSSSSSp! 1 "LSP. Ner-Jersey,- iHarylanl wo; while the division consisting of boys from :Misysissip'pi, Louisiana and Arkansas;had.?17ney cases o fmeas rom the so-called diseases of child-tne gridiron -to. aid in night practice, hood while young. But as soon as they ' In the hopes of landing a match et to the camps they get the, measles with Fred Fulton, Frank Moran, the i?p a ' d t?lmS fe f thT gel Pittsburgh heavy, has. turneddowT measles m their .first few weeks at offer for a getto witn Jim coff camp. But after they recover from the . so-called childhood diseases their' - . . health is usually very good and having had the benefit of outdoor life all their Jives they usually make strong, husky and healthy soldiers. The Northern boys have lived in close communica tion with their fellows, have ridden in1 .he trolley cars daily;' gone to school, 'vith thousands of other children and ' V,ve had the measles when young and all the other childhood diseases so that 4 -etting into the big army camps and being thrown into close touch Avith thousands of other boys has1 no1 ill ef bct uppn them. . Among the National Army camps measles has run very light to the Northern camps where the drafted men come from the -Northern States, nd very .heavy in" te Southern camps where the Southern selected men' went: During the week ending November '7, Camp Upton, N. Y., reported no hew cases of measles, neither did Camp Dix, N. Y. CampvDevens, Mas!., re ported 6; Camps Meade, Md., 11; and Caittp Sherman, Ohio, 5.- In the same eek at the Southern camps of the Na tional Army, - where the Southern bovs are training: Carntn Jackson, -Columbia' ?. C, reported 285 nevf cases of meas es. Camp Pike, Little Rock, Ark., 611; "nd Camp Travis, Fort San Houston, texia, 07.. .:.;::': , : . trm s&uARE Jgfs5a ii I in CHICHESTER --s...- T O riLLi M WW W. Ill A NllfV If Ul 1K7 VV w I PUls ia Red and tiold n.mmcV ibwtw, scaled with Blua Ribbon. VA TTke no other. : liny , V- years known as Best. Safest. IWe .it .7. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS EVERVHllERE ) HERALD HOTEL 34th ST ZZ OF BROADWAY NEW YORK EVERY comfort and ponven- . ' ience. On direct car Jinet. -Irom all R R Stations and Ferries. Two minutes -walk to the finest shops and theatres. ROOMS: 125 with privilege of bath $1.50 per4 daiy ' 75 With private shower bath 2.0Q ppr day 15Q ,wih private bath v $2.00 ancj up Qub Breakfast - 2S; , up Special Luncheon , 60c Dingier a la carte. at moderate prices , . - "T' Ji Fred Sayers--". . ;.: i-MABain Director, screen careers which are so full of proniioG. A CLUB IN HER HONOR The postman recently brought to Peggy Hyland a letter from twelve high school girls in one of the large Western cities. The letter told how the girls had formed "The Peggy Hyland Society," and had chosen Miss Hyland as honorary president. Fol lowing a copy of the minutes of the first meeting, when it was decided to set aside the dues for some poor fam ily, the letter asked for a personally autographed .picture; of the star for each, of the twelve" members. Miss Hyland complied immediately, there by proving an exception among screen stars. . :o:- HERE'S RECIPROCITY Mae Murray, star of Bluebirds, has earned a fortune doing: film work in Southern California. Her idea of re ciprocity is expressed in", her recent cash purchase of a ten-acre ranch near San Bernardino, including a com fortable house and barns, together with fruit and vegetable soil of great fertility. , ... " 5 I skl ALICE LAKE I ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF Hotel Ckelseaj West Twenty-tnlrd St., at Seventh At, i NEW( fORK CITY European Ptan 500 ROOMS 400 BATHS Room, with adjoinli.? bath $1.00 and $1.50. Suites, parlor, Vedroom rud bath t.9 and upward. CI lib ltres.kfast. 25e oi. Special Luncheon, 50c u;. Table d'Hote Pinner $1.00 ui. Cafe attached. To Beach Hotel CheNro. From Pennsylvania station, 7tii Avenst it nuuiu it ;oru mre'-i; t urana central, 4ra Ave.e car outa to 23rd Street; Lacka wanna, Erie, lieaoln. B.iltlnore & Ohio, Jersey Central and LxUgli V'aJley ii. R. Stutions, Street nrossiown car vast to Hotel Chelsea. Principal Steamship P.'.ers. Foot West 23rd Street, take 23 Street cross town car. WRITE l'OR COIOKED MAP 07 NKW YOU K. THE ONE OF MARIE DRESSLER'S.; "I've had many troubles in my day, but I've tried not to complain. All ! misfortune is relative worse is al ways happening to somebody. ' Take the case of the three negroes who found themselves in the same prison cell. 'I sho am gwine to miss my air an' sunshine fur de nex'. six months,' whined the first. 'Go 'way, boy re buked the second. 'I ain't gwine . t' see no Fourf o' July an no Christmas f o' two years fHumph grunted the third, scornfully. 'Week-ends, dem is reek-ends. I'm in dis ; place fm l now on. -:o:- Eric Campbell,-the big; man who ,is one of : Charlie - Chaplin's; foils, and, who was married five months ago, has been , called into court by his newly acquired wife. . - ; Will somebody kindly teU Olive Tell if she - is the first movie star not to own a car ? She wants to know. Wilmington, M. WHmington'8 Best Hotel Amul jan Plan one block froui Wrigli" vllle Beach car line. F. W. ARMSTRONG, Prep. Having qualified as nflministrnf"!?: of, r estate of Alexander D. Drown. ilc;-;,::J''-wf hereby pive notk-e to all itsi.iis claims against snid estati' t. i!,!,;"-ir ' to me at my off ire at the A. ! !'r ' . is this notice will l:e nload recovery; a persons indelitrd 1" s,, , til te will tilmiait mnlw irnnedi:ite !i.laJU This the 20th dav of Ocfol:.-. I'.;'- FA I RIM BROWN A Td'XA M ' '; (lf Administratrix of the hw v BeaUtiftil Bust and Shoulders " ' are possible If you will -wear a scientifically constracted ' Bien Jolie Brassiere. ' , The driigffing wight of an unconCned btist so stretches the suporJin4 ituilscles tkathe contour 6T the figure is spoiled. pnt ihe ljust back where. It be longs, prevent the full bust from having the appearance of flab- Bf.Af - Din ess. eliminate tne dans-fir or ' Rf A"SJSf F"R P drajpgin? muscles and confine the , .Wv'C- flesn 0f-the shoulder givin : ceul;Jie to the entire nppcr bodf. . . v They are tlie daintiest and most serviceable garments imagw v. naWoome in all materials and atyies: Cross Back, Hook . "Frbnt, Sftrpjice, Bandeau, etc. t Boned with " Walohn," the, rustless boning permitting washinar without removal. r Have your dealet show you Bien Jolte BraSsiferes, If not "stocks ' f eij, we will gladly send him, prepaid, samples to show you.- f j BEN'JAMI, JOHNES,' M Warren Street, Newark, N. J. f I nalifled as Alinii:tr--trfit.r ggs, all persons i"'1-!aB are hereby re'i'"'"'''' , ;rn!. I A V V ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Havine onal Richard Suggs, immediate payment to t ii- m.i " ana ail persons naving cia im estate are notified to present s;iine i; attorneys, John D. Bellamy sou. jce twelve months from this d;i" r t s Will be plead in bar of recover. i This" 17th day cf Noveiuhe. FRANK SI f Administrator of Estate of Richard 1 a. w. 4 w. 14522 AUTOS FOR E for Pleateure Driving, Drnces, Wedding and Commerce' Livery Co. Phones 15 and S15. amrai'iiimn tni''iiiiiiii,iiiailn 1 T ' 1-rr r fir- ' f

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