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North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilmington dispatch. (Wilmington, N.C.) 1916-19??, January 12, 1918, Page 1, Image 1

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o i ,. ' - - . - .s 5 Read ; Dispatch, litiness Sneaal : OUXXIV, NO .WILMINGTON NORTH' CAROLINA, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, jNUARt 2, 191 8 PRICE FIVE CNTS COLDEST WEATHER - - r -; vr f :. lilKUJH 'r.'r'-'. ,. nniaht, severe . i r r i i -a ' u . v-im - i i i- . ia i - ' .i is - wi - i ii i vM ?n w-v ' j a K wave; Sunday T ,1 1 ' "7 1 AY ?JJ HV -' , Y 1 : S UrrrnrV :a t::7 vxsl . a? V; rr .MVS X;v tHTI cold. I ' VW rM fl fJLY il M JL : -rJS;JLJt M - JLU JLL Jl :.H jjL- ' JL 1 i lLL -LL I Bi i , i i . . . j 1' IJffl l)r LAul JuHNiSHN .LV'tiffll I miixjqn biblesHeedh? or our soldiers I ALL MEDICINE- LABELS he Dispatch Was Without Telegraphic News Service During Forenoon IjgAT DAMAGE 15 : REPORTED IN SOUTH errific Rain and Wind Swept w . " T f)ver Lntire country De- tween Mississippi at the Atlantic TELEGRAPH WIRE5 - 5lCHffl '1 m .f. mm ft : - SOUTH Kicfaxnonder . Remands i A K; Midpenfist-Changed - V'l ?' '-lf ff?i M i With Wife Murder i il ateTOP ' -tMl II fel Pvl K,Mi-.:- DAiG-TOnMdfnr , ; ; : 'WBr ifi ! : . GIVEN BYPHYSICIAN -f. 1 ittttk ;, tSmaSM Wl r 'JwlH0AiiHBH (Dr. Johnson Saido De nied That Richmond Girl Was His Wife-i-Attempt-. ed to Buy Poison (Special to The Dispatch.) Richmond, Va., Jan. :12:-tr. Thom as M. Jordan, a physician of Raleigh,' N. C, will be summoned tq corrobrate Certain testimony given by Or. Albert F. Williams, head of a Wilson sanitarium,-at the preliminary heaving of Dr. Lemuel T. Johnson, young lentist of Middlesex, N. C. , charged with mur dering nig bride of three months, Alice Knight, a Richmond girl, by giving her cyanide of potassium. The healing lasted, vuiil tearly midnujht, Dr Johnson .v tlen held fpr 'he grand jury. - ..Because Dr, Johnson denied having made any statement at allito Dr. Wil liams, it is said today that Dr. Jordan ?ill , be summoned to testify at th;e trial. He, it" was said, accompanied Dr. Williams when the latter was sum- mcned to the Briggs Hotel, in Wilson, after Dr. Johnson had s attempted sai cide by taking poison while returning from his Wife's funeral. Dr. Williams testied that Dr. Johnson denied to him that he had (ever been married to the . Richmond girl, but said that she had ' undergone a criminal operation here at his direction. : The impres sion that he and the girl were, married got abroad, he supposed, .after he told the .1. All M.MIaI. V Hie stoi'm wuicu. 9i.iuvii -uc uuio kth yesterday afternoon and last I . w Mt, appears to nave completely jaivzed wire communication, and U Dispatch toda Is without its .ml amount or Assticiatea i-ress max- L rvery effort was made to gut the mce going, ana every avauarie eman was out trying to repair the uiage sufficiently to afford tne news pers on the Southern circuit the nal daily news, but the task; was t accomplished until nearly noon. Yesterday afternoon, the news- pers on the Southern circuit began fall out one by one as the storm vanced up the seaboard. First were e Louisiana and Alabama papers. ese were followed by Georgia, and out the middle of "the afternoon Mi Carolina points began to "go ad." - This mornin?: when Mr. J. T. Runse, i veteran and most capable operator to dees ' the trio1' for the Associa- r Press in The Despatch offica, ened u: the wiro for the day's work crck" ,frcim the '.egraph instruaien"' All morning the fire was just as pent as a midnight tomb, hence the patch is forced' -to--appear tfcis aft- roon short the usual live telegraph LTEUce tup.v, correspunuence, .iucbi d other odd3 and ends" of hews to t out the abbreviated edition you re in ycur hand. - ' The following is the ' storm itory at came to Wilmmeton before trie res were prostrated by last night's ote: - - 'Twelve persons are believed to Te lost their lies, a score or more ere injured and extensive damage to oiierty is reported as a result of madoes in Alabama and Georgia and blizzard sweeping Eastward across e Southern States. ' Seven persons ore reported to have been killed asd injured at Cowarts, Ala., in a adstorci which, according to' meagre virtually wracked that town te yesterday. One-man i3 reported tore been killed and much' damage property done by a tornado vhich hick Cann Whp pier" and the Rratfi ir ?ro;irds near Macon, Ga. All the '"fs to ("prop Wheeler are down and only information available lat a te hour last night of the damage re was vrrvrri brought by a massen- f n Macon. Wire communication ith the ?torm-Pweept section o' Al ana also was cut off and verlnea- "i of loss cf life corld not be secur- four person.? lost their liv iii x?.- and many thourands of db'Tais T-as don to truck eai ricls Record low temperatures and the paviept snowfall in vparq Tim rkprl tho "turbance west of the ' Miss'siooi Ter where the blizzard was fit its pght yesterday. At Missi6n, Texas. the Ri'o Oranflo itoHtAr onnw' f1l first time in fortv vears and found in Dr. Johnson's room at the hotel. They contended that this fhould bar "them , from admission as testimony, but the court held that they could be admitted. v one of these' let ters was to a teacher at Zebulon, N. C, to whom Dr. Johnson was engaged even at the time of his wife's death. Dr. Alvis Patterson, druggist of Wil son, testified that Dr. Johnson tried to buy cyanide of potassium at his store a week before his wife's death, but there was none in stock , Biblea freshfrom the presses ready to be cut and folded, then bound for use of the soldiers. The American Bible Society has responded to an . O. S. call for a million testaments for soldiers and sailors from the army and navy chaplains and the Y. M. C. A. working at the front. Just now it is conducting a campaign to rajse $40,Qj00O to supply the demand :Jor Bibles among soldiers. The Federal Council of Churches, representing all de nominations is co-operating with it in this work. RUSSIAN NEWSPAPER SCORES BOLSHEVIK! '.. Prevailing Conditions Subject f of Sarcastic- Raillery By Petrograd Publication f : ' f"?Petrograd, Jan. 12. The Brishe- vaya Vyedomosti indulges in sarcas- NORFOLK SOUTHERN IS LOCAL BOARDS CALLED TO SN 1 COAL Railroad Tries Out'Fuel Taken From its NorlK Carolina Mine (Special to The Dispatch.). New Bern, Jan. 12cvWhen the Nor- ME IN RALEIGH Major Langstori Wants to Dis- - cuss Draft Questions With the Boards (Special to The Dispatch.) Raleigh, Jan. 12. All local boards executing the selective draft act have been ' summoned to Raleigh by Major ticVraillery at prevailing conditions by folk Southernr; New iBern to Norfolk propounding a . number of problems passenger train pulled out ?from tho cutor.B, arrested; the suspicious fh- 7 1 aT A,, i Majbr Langston says, for the reason ,t n c wu n? from the company's mine at Cm- , ' . . L.., ' Iv. mrl Bolshevik D arrested the prosecutor, , H'-J? m'i rZZl JT v L'a ernment would authorize the expense t i v, . , iuci xuiiicu iuiu.wuu.u won lu uc icairu iui nrrijij-i. i casuu xj rvao ijj. tux 11 tl- tlt N resiea Dy me temporary government commissioner E. Thereupon F, the r the 'orth Texas the. snowfall mpflsnrsd 1 Inches with temnfiratiires ranffinc pm eight desrrees below zero to a " Degrees abnvA in the TilBatern nart the State. Oklahoma City reported 6 heaviest fall nf enow in 1K ugra h me lowest temperatures in dteat IUn -m-m. ;lue Rock. Ark., and at Memnhia. "UU.. IhP hliio. 1 I v- '"ions as to ransA street inv sft". klA lsmi5sal of schools and brought iramc virtually to a iitand- ' Storm 1eaTriTir nsnr.iram fom. -ratUres in its TraVa -ha nantr- Pt63 to the rnnct nn "u Dy the cfirm -ti-j ..u.,iin atnq gei:erally disarranged , wit! L - buying noura Jate ani m fMDme . "vuuouug nas icyviiu - wuit or fUei shortages.'" T FXICAN MISSION HOME FROM JAPAN wv i 1 1 r i j i. - M ton UIT Jain i. Japanese . urrviTi o- i x. i - i- m.. nt mission sent oy triea iw; 'iauz'a. or Mexico, to japan LieQ Purpose of neeotiatinir treaty FraiiH11 the tWo countries, also for ammunition for i Mexican f r' arrived ; r Burglars Work London, Dec. 10. (By Mail.) Lon don suburbanites are beginning to ask: "Which is forse, a bomb of a burglar?" When, they get the air raid warning in the surburbs, the inhabitants there of usuallly gather in the house of the family with the strongest cellar or in some communal dug-out. This is just what the wiley burgler is waiting for anu. scorning possiuie ouinus,. iiw lei surely ransacks the deserted houses. Chilean Ambassador Washington, Jan. 11. Santiago Ald- unate, ambassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the Chil ean republic here, objects to . paying a high resnt and then footing the bills for. repairs on the embassy. Because his landlandy failed to keep the premises in proper shape, ha seys, he was forced to expend $1,034 aixd is now suing Mrs. Alice Hemmick for the sum. His 'rent is $333.33 a month. - BRUSH DESTROYER FOUNDERS OFF IRELAND London, Jan.. 12. British destroyer RacoOn struck rocks ;off Irish coast Wednesday and foundered, it is an nounced officially.' The result of this test is being nwait- But the great number of questions arising with every board make impos sible instructions by mail wthout great chairman of the revolutionary com- 4, t4. " v trouble and the major is nopmg tnat mittfie nrrpatAd F! Mow fnr rtnwn 1"-?.." at least one member of each local ex - " success h ii ii it. is 1 1 in nil i nar. 1 1 cm n ne of tho road for if it proves to be a' . 1aaoi. j ix i - m j it j.- ii i i at least the flinhnhet win the nrrpota reah a .-i,- j ....,x - . emption board will come here. - ' uaeu wnu guuu results, tue tuei itua,- d.. j ft-irtnnn in 21 hnnrs anrl how Ions- will it 4 tv.i j .4n t, i 1 Pou Offered $10,000 " o unjii vYim uuci l iuau Will lid v c uctnii 1 c-1 tpi-;i- . i wr. be before persons whose names bo- lieved and it may be possible that they f wEn tC.C fnr ft. gin with X and Z are arrested?" j will be able to take enough of the pr j 0 have not Tost hSe Another is?: "A Bolshevik delegate duct from their mines to supply somwi CJL amS, h enort Uw departs from the city of A to attmo of the residents of this State as well rtllcrH . cott1ets flnw tn, a n 4. 1 A HIT T All iL.t- . n V'""&", uuvi , u u vs.a a, ueiiiuuianu uuiiiei euue. a meiisiie- ao mi uicii u v 11 uccus, TtToit vik. ueiBie leaves tue city r ut tne A"i iu.iue ttt uuiiiuiv iiaa iiut ueeii iflm(ll, u pnll who offered otia of same timeto attend tne same con-, wornea m years out it is sua to con-.the sites fQr the cIty. was reA to ference. When will these delegates tain a deep vein of coal and the only. t ?1Q 00Q in cash and 600 acres start pulling each other's hair ard question now is as to whether this will f j Th goveraffint liked the how many resolutions will they pro. . e suiiaoie ior use on tne rauroaa. 'j territory and the spjrit but .600 acres i, tt', a or; wuold not sive ground enough an uxx x x xl x neighbors of Mr. Pou failed1 to join in x x -i; Bi"it w- the gift of land and the Raleigh law xeo3 piit at oBduiuLi.1. uuramK .yer's offer went for naught. It aided wounded forearm, the bone of which mighmy .in the other offer, however, wa Diiaiiwcu uy a uuiBmcu ujr buiiio pg Mr pQU joined m the agitation for unknown party, while Federal-agents Tucker farm aite, a spot of 2,000 pose Following are others of the satiri cal propositions propounded: , "An internationajlist writes for a newspaper and receives 1,000 roubles for each article. How many delib erately false reasons for an immedi ate peace, must be present if every gation of the affair and endeavorn- to in una aectiuu are uiamus au iu vets u-1,0 Smith em onH Heahonr such reason is Daid for at the rate ? : ZXl -. Tw .1 JI lines, and it tne camp 'comes to Kai . i i i 1 1 u i hi i mm Mini hiiii i i i of five marks apiece, assuming that five marks equal eight ' roubles and forty copecks?" "A democratic conference progress es at the rate of 129 resolutions per hour, while the Germans advance at the -rate of only ten versts a day. Which of the warlike masses will first rea'eli! As goal ?" '"There re 8,000 - casks of brandy in the depot at A, and the city's gar rison has 40,000- troops. all teeto tallers. How Ions will it tike the teetotallers-to drink up all the liquor, and how long will it be after that be fore the municipality decides to de stroy al alcoholic drinks?" The newspaper concludes: "Per sons sending in a correct solution will receive, one minister-president's portfolio.' eisrh it will be out -there. reason ; j McDonald May Fly or tne past rew montns tne piant ' . Charley Troy McDonald may fly over auiuit u Vi ift.Bct German lines if the, Raleigh boy who Tho Rpftnnn'' was built in 1910. 5-Tne was 266 feet long and displaced 915 MINNESOTA ORE tons. She was armed with one 4 inch and three 34hch guns and two torpedo-tubes. Her normal comple ment was 105 men. ' : X " . 4 TWO DEAD AT MACON 4 Macon, Ga., aJn. 12. Two dead, three injured and property dam- 4 ago amounting to thousands of f dollars resulted from a severe storm that swept oyer this region ' late Friday. , S The blpw was followed hy a sharp drop in temperature 1 ring- ing he" coldest weather of the 4 winter. . " Both deaths occured at Camp Wheeler Marvin Harris, a wag- oner of , the 122nd Infantry Fifth Georgia, was crushed to 4 death when the corral of the j Atlanta-mrantry ( regiment was blown down. He lived in New- I nan An tmknWn civilian was -k Aia.Vrnmitei when ' he came in conlact with a live wire;, while HURLED AT HIJNS Virginia, Minn., Jan. 12. Six out of every 10 shells hurled at theer-i iant could be". destroyed would be by most important in the country, has been heavily guarded, it bein, feared that an effort would be made to put it out of commission. Wednesday night Mason, who was on-duty at the time, beard an unusua" noise i the boat landing and went to invest igate.. "Halt.- Who goes there?" He called out. There was not Another sound. "Come out of that or I'll .shoot." Mason then called out and as the words left his mouth there was the flash of a pistol at the water's edge and a bullet burled itself in the navy man's right forearm. ; Tm mediate search was made on hte station grounds and in the .surround ing waters for the man or .woman wno fired th? shot, but no satisfactory clues were found.. With the heavy guard on duty at' the wireless plant at Beaufort it would bp almost en impossibility for an fiine to reach . -my of the buildings un pen and About the enly way that the mans during the coming year will be made from ore mined on the Mosabi ore range in northern Minnesota. Mine operators today estimated the 1918 production of these mines at 45,360,760 tons, but 1,000,0-00 tons less than ia the past year. With the exception of a futile at tempt by the I. W. W. to incite a strike' the Minnesota 7 mines have been free of al! industrial N unrest since the United States entered the war. .. . tu aerial attack and' precautions have been taken to combat such even it was to occur. 4f X X 4fr X- 3(-5r STPRM SWEEPS SOUTH. THE has spent his life in stocks and bonds can get by the rigorous requirements of the, -government Mr'. McDonald has volunteered for the aviation service and his applica tion is pending. He is awaiting a re ply and ready for the regment through which the aviator must pass He is above the draft age and his offer voluntary. With Connor Aycock aspiring to the same heights, two Raleigh boys now flying and two in training. Raleigh promises to send a full quota of avR tors to, dog the Germans on tne ground. A. and E. Water Suooly Trustees of the State College of Ag- ncunure anu iiiiiKineerin!? were in sea ston here this week discussing the in stitution's water supply, which is de pendent upon- the city system,is de clared to be insufficient. . The trustees with their executive committee , sat on the trouble ad day longer than they had contemplated The difficulty at, the College is that ,U is an abruot elevation above 'the level of the city and -the -local stand pipe is neither high enough nor of capacity sufficient to' send to the in jt1 stitution the water it needs, the mem bers say The school is more man 0Tfeet above Raleigh' proper and the difficulty of bull-dozing gravity is ; ay- I parent, Whether this will result in a water If would not be averse to, having, poten tially a drink or a bath. 5 Washington, Jan. 12. With eh- '' tire South in grip worst snow : worka gyst of ,ta wn s.probIe- and sleet .storm of winter, re- matical, of course, but the College re- ports ' showed, that tornadoes ceived some money last year and -it wmcn swept, tnrougn. eastern Alabama and Central Georgia'. ' yesterday, caused death of 18. in- -Jf- jury to more than 160. Wire .i rillC ATCl rTMWPMTTPJ'V-. Petrograd, Friday, Jan. 11. The - communication today over great " J-TXX ,n4vvr - Bolsheviki - newspaper Pravda. in area, paralyzed. Though today's tUl Ufr t I piv-l'tvlV commenting on President Wilson's : sleet, high winds, chief J . , , Chicago, Jan. 12 Chicago is iso lated by one of the worst blizzards in its history. Its business paralyz ed. The temnerature is 14 below zeioi ; ' V RUSSIAN PAPER CALLS WILSON A HYPOCRITE address to Congress, describes the isolation and little or : no dam- resulted m larger cities rrSlttciil as luq ubm ayuuiuua . I : 0fXrn, wns at its ' height. i- ' American.' imperialism -and -as - the the storm was at its neignt., L hmocrite nistorv has' ever1' age resultel in along South Atlantic coast. , . - . - . . vC- w Whole Country East" of the Rocky Mountains is Crippled Today SEVERE COLD FOR THE SOUTH TONIGHT The Blizzardy Weather Movea East-ward and its Presence is Expected to Last Through Sunday Washington, Jan. 12. The severest cold wave of many years crippled the country today from the Rocky Moua- tains eastward to Alleghanies and will move on to the Atlantic Coast tonight and Sunday. Twenty; degrees below zero was1 the rule in Indiana and surrounding tern tory; while -the cold extended south ward as far as the Gulf of Mexico, with temperatures there ranging around 18 degrees above zero. Traffic through outthe Middle West is greatly imnea ed 'and coal shortage is enabling the cold to cause muoh suffering. A storm with heavy gales and tor rential rains swept up from the Soutn yesterday and last night causing spme loss of life, damage to property anu destroying wire communication. This storm centered today over Ontario ana was accompanied by higher tempera tures. Following in its wake, how ever, is the cold wave. To the extreme Southern limits oi the Florida main land temperatures tonight will fall below freezing ana the cold will be more Jin tense all the way northward to , the Canadian bor der. The cold will continue tHrough Sunday. ;-. .- , .f , Food and ' Drugs Act . Ha ; Put a Stopto fylisbrang Medicines T V Washington, D. C.i ;c Jan.' '.Itatf years ago there was no ailmenfc,to:' , t-5 if '! THE RURAL DISTRICTS Nursing Service Must Be Es tablished fo Conserve Hu man Life which human flesh is heir thatadmatSf maker of . patent medicines did - no: claim to be able to cmr& with "mcnv that It escimiiil atmnat V,t?j; height of foolishness not to parttbT' xoaay. necause cr tne onerationoii fho. ipa.A Tn-tA nA TVmm.. . x-ouxai x-vfuu auu ll U53 AUl, V ciiraYagaiH, promises oi cure aatv- characterized" the labeling of the ptfr$ ent of ten years t ago have practical ti : Iy disappeared from the preparations1': fl' mat enter mterstate commerce. They. vT'"- may, however, still ge found, in Jnewpj naner' and other advArtf KAmAnf-a '-fha-: ;?H i . - are not subject to the act. Tlie:"purflu;j food law." as it is known, is CQnftfirnV- -a vi ed onlv -with tre naoVatra aa: It la".'' i'.-'i shipped ' in Interstate commerce. 5 ""5 one ouestions" the truth, of a''newft.a3k paper advertisement of a- patent medv iv'j icme let him read the label on thai y; cartoon or bottle at the corner drug't:' store. The latter will come nearerrilr telling tjie truth about the medicih ' Misbranding, in regard to healing value "of hundreds of alleged cancer '': f cures, so-called "cures' for coughs; :,' colds, consumption, kidney diseases; ; epilesy, St. Vitus dance, and tiiwUke have been corrected. This is told -faixr' the annual report of the Bureau .of '. V Chemistry, United States Depait-.;?r ment of Agriculture, which reviet the operation of the Food and Drugs fi" 5 Act in the safeguarding of the healtoiy of the American people. ,i 1 The law requires the labels of pat5 ent medicines "to declare the prejsenft of any habit-forming drug, such;, m opium, cocaine, or alcohol, thus pre venting the innocent development of .' the drug habit. This provision of -J0j the law is particularly valuable Jjt, warning mothers against the usedf so-called soothing syrups containing opium. .. - -. .i . -;-;-7-t: When the act went Into effect, . drug addiction. , was. 'serf -present thatr stances the remedy advertised : gol forcefully by the labels contained the " yery drug from which escape was de- y. sired. '- " ' '';.";:.. - In 1907, the Bureau of Chemistrr i Cp found that 30 soft drinks contained j$'f: small amounts of cocaine. -Practical Iy all of these were suppressed Thai Food and Drugs Act is regarded as ' C It having been an important factor in.Vf f bringing agout passage of the. Harrv 5. i if t t -I iil- Washihgton, Jan. 12. Rural dis tricts must have nursing services, the Children's Bureau .finds, if. infant mortality in remote regidns is to be reduced and human life conserved at this time when the nation's human resources are being wasted by war. Results of the Bureau's first detailed study of the care available for ba-bies-r-and mothers in, rural communi ties show that .one infant in every 25 of the section observed failed to survive, or that four per cent, of all children die before they reach the age of 12 months. The bureau's first survey was com pleted in a prosperous county of Southern Kansas, bordering on Okla homa. Similiar studies are in prog ress in Wisconsin .and North Caro lina. The population in the Knasas county is widely scattered, ,but no home is more than 20 miles from a doctor, and telephones and good roads minimize the disadvantages of great distances. In spke of these favorable circum stances, the report records that two thirds of the mothers had no medi cal care before their children were born, and more than one-third had no visit from a physician after the day of the- birth. Four-fifths of the wives of farmers had to work for large farm crews at the time when they specially needed .to conserve all their strength. . . . ! While the! existing death' rate is comparatively low for this county, son Anti-Narcotic law. which mora? in effectively controls habit-fonnhig- narv A cotics. Much has been done, the .report Hy says, to control the indiscriminate ? : . use of so-called headache remedies" containing dangerous depressing drugs, and of .dangerous cosmetics making claim to healing value and in. raising the quality- of tho sup-:: ply of crude drugs through the , ex-v,; , animation of imports. As 'a result: of co-operative work with the Post ;Qf' fice Department, a number of fraud ';; orders were issued by that depart V' " ment preventing the use of the mails .. in promoting the sale of fraudulent ': UiUlVlUOiJ .XV..-".. RENEW DEMANDS FOR BREAK WITH GERMANY' Buenos Aires, Jan. 12. A number ;u of Argentine newspapers considei'jVi l that the extension of the Qermajv barred zone to include trade routes between South America and-Europ , -is an unfriendly act toward this ' V country. Newspapers renew their de mands that the government sever r- ? i lations with Germany. J . ', ; -'"V.',' - 4 - , .; WAR BRIEFS s, : -.: Russia will continue negotiations atv- a Brest-Litovlsk' for separate, peace. ; the report says: "The exrsting rate -V .rT5V " " Bb: .u Clt :". iZZ' claraUon Central Powers that peace. JiO.CUCJ' , 1U1, CLB Oil ai IUU1 XCStY- holme says, Tf babies were well born and well cared for, their mortality would be negligible.' In other words, there is no inherent reason why ba bies should die in a community which has all the advantages possessed by this county country' life," healthful climate, high standards - of i living, a high level of intelligence about mat ters of health and means wherewith to provide for its mothers and ba bies." In other States where . surveys are in progress, it has been found that poverty and remoteness, with the attendant evils of which . maternal and. infant deaths are a striikng in dex, press with a severity unknown in this Kansas county ; - Nurses, doctors, hospitals and' con ference centers, making available- to air mothers and babies in rural coun ties adequate medical - and , nursing care, are ; .'declared (essential by the bu reau. The Kansas county hasznade progress carrying r out certain' of the suggestions, but the next : step; ; says proposals of Christmas day insofsr 'as . they - affected Russia's allies -witlK' J ' drawn. Decision Bolsheviki to lcon-; ''X. tmue negotiations is announced by ' Trotzky. . . ; . . . . (-0:'.; Rylenko, the Bolshevik commander , . fa-chief,-has begun campaign to raiso t; volunteer army. A new force-ftefV'-?'V xi. 1. ... J$ x ..i.t..r 'O.i'l'-iMftH regeoise of Russia and against Ger mans if negotations fail, but also to,V. liberate proletariat of other con'inen a, tal European cbuntries. .. M-ii' . France will not join in the peace conference at Brest-Ldtovsk Foreigk Pinchot announces. She also will not, j have peace negotiations with enemjr .! until .they make direct proposals. -X There is no break in the monotony, pn the lighting fronts in the -yestiC? " Raids' and artillery . activity still "con-, tlrue. On the Italian Northern frpnt,? the artillerv fire most intense between Brent and Piave rivers. - '- ' - 'v- -. '.'r'-, ? the report, "may well - be 1 establish ment of a nursing service for the top ral parts of the-oounty' -JK ,jr:. ,i.T fir-1 i rJyu - ".'toow'1; -trft 1 1 1 -OS

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