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The Wilmington dispatch. (Wilmington, N.C.) 1916-19??, June 14, 1918, Page 11, Image 11

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THE WILMINGTON DISPATCH, FRIDAY, JUNE ,4. 1 918. ; " I " 'V " : f : 1 -mm 1. i ' " 1 ill T, Latest Market Reprts I ' STOCK MARKETS NEW YORK STOCK. Xeff York, June 14. United States steel which led the general stock list to higher levels in yesterday's final hour, featured today's early deal- making a further gain of one DoVt on its initial sale of 3,500 shares. Related issues made similar advances; also Chino Copper, Westing t0U3e and cotton oil. Oils, Motors, Baldwin Locomotive, Industrials, Alco hols, Tobaccos ana earners higher by large fractions to were 13-4 noints, but rails were dull and little rhansed. Liberty bonds were steady. Oils. LiDeny were BLeauy. American Beet Sugar (bid) .... 66 . ., , i j i j erican can 4o American Car & Foundry 79 1-2 Locomotive 64 1-2 American American American Linseed 41 Smelt. & Refining . . 77 3-8 Sugar 112 T. & T 971-2 American American Anaconda Copper 64 7-8 Ucnison 84 3-4 Atl., Gulf & West Indies 108 Baldwin Locomotive ' 89 1-4 Baltimore & Ohio 55 Reth Steel "B" (ex. div.) 82 3-8 Canadian Pacific 148 Central Leather 67 1-8 rhpsaDeake & Ohio 56 3-4 Chi Mil. & St. Paul 43 Chi.. R. I. & Pac .. 23 Chino Copper (ex. div.) . . ; 37 1-2 Colorado Fuel & Iron 48 1-2 Corn Products 417-8 Crucible Steel 65 Cuba Cane Sugar 31 3-8 Erie 15 3-4 General Electric 147 General Motors 132 Great Northern Pfd. (bid) 89 Great Northern 'Ore Ctfs. .... 33 1-4 Illinois Central 96 3-4 Inspiration Copper 51 1 Int. Merc. Marine 29 Int. Merc. Marine Pfd 104 3-8 International Paper 37 1-2 Kennecott Copper 32 3-S .Louisville & Nashville (bid) 115 Maxwell Motors 27 1 Mexican Petroleum (ex. div.) . . 95 Miami Copper 27 Midvale Steel 51 1-2 Missouri Pacific 231-2 New York Central 72 Norfolk & Western 103 3-8 Northern Pacific 87 Ohio Cities Gas 38 Pennsylvania . 44 Pittsburgh Coal 52 1-2 Ray Con. Copper (ex. div.) . . 23 5-8 Reading 91 1-4 Rep. Iron & Steel 871-4 Sinclair Oil & Refining 28 7-8 Southern Pacific 84 1-4 Southern Railway 24 1-8 Studebaker Corporation 45 5-8 Tennessee Copper 19 5-8 Texas Co. (ex. div.) 148 Tobacco Products 54 3-8 Union Pacific 1213-8 United Cigar Stores 965-8 U. S. Ind. Alcohol 1231-2 raited States Rubber 58 UnftgoTStates Steel 103 1-4 Utah Copper (ex. div.) 79 3-4 Wabash Pfd. "A" 41 Westinghouse Electric 44 Willys-Overland 20 American Tobacco 1621-8 Atlantic Coast Line (bid) 93 Gulf States Steel (ex div.) (bid) 80 1-2 Seaboard Air Line . . . 7 3-4 Sloss, Shef. Steel & Iron 69 1-4 United Fruit (bid) 124 Virginia-Caro. Chem. 49 N. Y., N. H. & H 41 7-8 CHICAGO LIVE STOCK. Chicago, June 14. Hogs: Receipts, 20,000. Steady, mostly 10 cents above yesterday's average; bulk,' 16.30 16.60; butchers, 16.3516.55; packing 16.0016.35; light, 16.6516.70; rough. 15.5015.75; pigs, 16.2516.75. Cattle: Receipts, 5,000. Steers steady to strong; few on the market; best, 17.80; butchers' stock, slow to lower; quality poor; calves, steady; sheep, receipts, 7,000; slow to uneven ly lower; heavy sheep hardest hit, and drug on the market; good big weight ewes, 13.50. Sunk Without Warning. London, June 14. The Swedish steamship Dora, of 1,555 tons gross, has been sunk without warning (pre sumably by a German submarine), ac cording to a dispatch from Copenha gen to the Exchange Telegraph com pany. Nine members of the vessel's crew were killed. WEATHER For Wilmington and vicinity: Gen erally fair tonight and Saturday, with not much change in temperature. Light, variable winds. Stage of Water Stage of water in Cape Fear river at Fayetteville, N. C, at 8 a. m. yester day, 5.0 feet. SATURDAY, JUNE 16; 1918. un rises 6:0& Sun sets 8:25 Weather Bureau Reports Temperature. a o WEATHER it 8 , aou 2 "O oc "a aj .4,3 4 Ashevilie clear Atlanta clear Charleston clear! 0 0 0 uarioue clear 0 .32 .10 0 0 mcago Galveston ... Jacksonville . New Orleans Mew York ... clear . . clearj cloudy cloudy cloudy) 0 Pittsburg cloudvl 0 0 74 80 86 84 76 86 88 92 68 68 78 82 76 80 50 64 74 60 6b 78 74 76 54 60 60 68 60 65 Raleigh ... clear St. Louis .! qloudy Washlngtno cloudy Wilmington clear 0 0 COTTON MARKETS. Wilmington 281-2 Charleston ....... ..... '. 30 Norfolk ." 281-2 Savannah 30 NEW YORK COTTON. New York, June 14. The cotton market opened steady today at an ad vance of 7 to 25 points on renewed covering, based on the reports of a slightly better trade demand, and the continued absence of spot pressure. July sold up to 26.26 and October to 24.63 after the call, making net ad vances of about 28 to 30 points. The report of the census bureau showed smaller domestic mill consumption for May than last year,-but an increase over April. If anything this was rath er better than expected, but the re port had no important influence on the market. High. Low. January .. ... .. ..24.15 23.63 March 24.06 23.79 July ..26.25 25.60 October 24.63 24.12 December .. .. ...24.27 23.80 ih 1 Close. 23.90 23.85 25.94 24.35 24.05 NEW YORK SPOT. New York, June 14. Cotton: quiet; middling, 30.00. Spot, NEW ORLEANS COTTON. New Orleans, June 14. Steadiness prevailed in cotton in the early trad ing today in the face of bearish Amer. ican consumption figures. On the 'first call December lost eight points, but other positions did not make declines. After the call the market moved up to a rise of 9 to 27 points over yes terday's close. The market closed steady, four points down to 23 points up, net. High. Low. Close. January' 23.09 "23.70 March 22.89 22.89 July 27.27 26.90 October 23.64 23.19 December 23.22 22.85 22.87 22.77 27.18 23.39 23.03 LIVERPOOL COTTON. Liverpool, June 14. Cotton: Spot, quiet; prices lower; good middling, 22.51; middling, 21.88; low middling, 21.36; good ordinary, 20.36. Sales, 2,000 bales, including 1,500 American. Receipts 13,000; American, 10,200. Futures closed unsettled. New con tracts: June, 22.45; July, 21.90; Au gust, 21.00; September, 20.06; Octo ber, 19.47. NEW ORLEANS SPOT COTTON New Orleans, June 14. Spot cotton steady. Quotations revised. Mid dling 256 points up; sales on the spot 666, to arrive 199; low middling 28.15; middling 31.00; good middling 32.25. Receipts 3,108; stock 392,205. NAVAL STORES. Spirits 511-2 cents. Rosin $7.00 and $6.75. Tar $3.50 and 16 cents. Crude $5.00, 5.00, $4.00. COTTON SEED OIL. New Jojk, June 14. The cotton seed oil market closed quiet. Spot none; June 20.00; July and August 20.10; sales none. SAVANNAH NAVAL STORES. Savannah, June 14. Turpentine firm, 53 1-4; sales 27; receipts 281; shipments 71; stocks 23,852. Rosin firm; sales 834; receipts 824; shipments 4; stock 95,265. Quote: B, 8.95 to 9.00;. D, E, F, G, H and I, 9.00; M,49.10; N, 9.15; W, G, 9.25; W, W, 9.35. New Retail Margins Washington, June 14. The war in dustries board today announced new maximum retail margins for fir and southern yellow pine lumber for the government's emergency lumber re quirements for the period ending July 31, purchased at Atlantic seaboard. The margins agreed to by the price fixing committee and the industry range from $2 a thousand feet to $12.50. Minister to Honduras. Washington, June 14. T. Sambola Jones, of Louisiana, was nominated to day by President Wilson to be minis ter to Honduras. ; NU-' MST GOTlrV BlLU I f 7 MET- frSOOT NW t)ENTllT ' ( ffcotvv fSAvj ( Bill? JtlOO foe f-mMQr ) 1 ,110 tHSfV A AO 305- I AIc TWO lUSXf - AmT 7VArT .(.BUMftow 3V,T JeT M ) ( ( fo 0 ) f ?) WL, CHICAGO. GRAIN. Chicago, June 14. Corn prices showed a tendency to ease down today-, influenced by the fact that een- Ural weather , and crop conditions were lavpraDie and that lorecasts indicated no; important adverse change. Open ing figures, which varied from l-4o oft to l-8c up, with July at 1.431-4 to 1.43 5-8, were followed by an advance to well above yesterday's finish and then a quick setback. Oats duplicated the action of corn. After opening 3-8c down to a like ad vance with July 69 3-8 to 5-8, the mar ket scored a moderate gain and then headed down grade. Provisions held steady with hogs. Sellers were scarce. Grain and provision prices follow: Corn Open. July 1.43 1-4 August 1.451-8 Oats July 69 3-8 August 64 Pork July 41.50 S tember Lard July 24.12 September ..24.52 Ribs July 22.42 September 22.87 The close was unsettled, 1 3-8c net lower, with July Close. 1.42 1-8 1.44 .65 5-8 .64 1-4 41.2& 41.60 24.12 24.37 22.32 22.75 1 1-8 to 1.42 1-4 and August 1.44 to 1.44 1-8. Cash: Corn, No. 2, yellow, nom nal; No. 3, yellow, 1.64 to 1.68; No. 4, yellow, 155 to 1.56. Oats, No. 3, white, 76 7-8 to 78 1-4; standard 77 3-4 to 78 1-4. Rye, no. 2, 1.98 to 2.00. Barley, 1.00 to 1.35. Timothy, 5.00 to 8.00. Close nominal. Pork nominal. v Lard, 23.92. Ribs, 21.70 to 22.20. 3,050 BALES ENEMY- OWNED COTTON SOLD New York, June 14. The alien property custodian sold 3.050 bales of enemy-owned cotton in the classifica tion room of the New York cotton ex change today. A large number of buyers were present and the prices paid were regarded as very high. The first two thousand bales, grad ing about middling, sold from 29 to 29 3-4 cents, while the balance, aver aging strict to good middling, ranged from 30 1-2 to 32 l-8c, wo hundred bales going to a local spot house at the latter price. Thus . far 10,941 bales of alien-owned cotton have been sold, of which 8,541 bales were dis posed of in New York. Women Are Defeated. St. Paul, Minn., June 14. Women delegates to the convention of . the American, federation of labor suffered their initial defeat today when a res olution enlarging the executive coun cil to 13 and including two women members, was voted down. One reso lution which was adopted calls on President Wilson o issue a proclama tion establishing the eight-hour work day throughout the country and pay ment of time and a half for overtime. -Must Recognize Unions. Washington, June 14-Evidence that President Wilson intends to see that the recommendations of the national war labor board are followed to the letter was seen today in the text of his communication to the heads of the two great telegraph companies, ask ing that they accept the board's find ings in their controversy with their employes. The war labor board's de cision in the case was that the men should be permitted to join unions. States' Rights Involved. Washington, June 14. Surrender of states' rights is involved in the pro posed prohibition and woman suffrage amendments to the constitution, Sena tor Underwood, of Alabama, declared today In a speech analyzing the prin ciples in question. A Special Insignia. Washington, June 14. A special in signia to designate army service abroad of less than six months has been adopted by the war department. Every officer, field clerk or enlisted man recalled from France prior to the completion of the half year service, which would permit him to wear a gold chevron, will be authorized, it wa sannounced today, to wear a chev ron of "sky blue cloth." I -, I ' SlJ -I l" 1 AN APPEAL. A most urgent appeal is issued to the women of the-city to come to the Red Cross workrooms tonight and tomorrow to assist in prepar ing and packing supplies for ship ment. The packages must be sent off tomorrow, and there is such a quantity that the regular corps of workers is simply swamped, and unless there is a large addition to the corps packers the work will be delayed. The appeal Is directed to every Woman in the city, as hundreds of helpers must be had if the necessary supplies for the soldiers in France are to be shipped on schedule. Women of Wilmington, will you heed the call to your patriotism? ITALIAN SEAPLANES FOUND WRECKAGE Venice, Thursday, June 13. Italian seaplanes have visited the scene of the action Monday, where two Aus trian battleships were torpedoed by two Italian ; torpedo boats and have found wreckage a mile square, 10 miles north of where the attack took place, having been carried there by the currents. Many dead sailors also were seen in the water and Austrian destroyers were discovered towing an other destroyer along the coast. The seaplanes also visited the har bor of Pola and ascertained that there is only one Austrian dreadnought there. As there is no other dread naught afloat anywhere In the Adri atic, Commander Rizzo and his com panions in Monday's exploit feel sat isfied that they sunk both the Aus trian warships. PERU HAS SEIZED INTERNED HUN SHIPS Lima, Peru, June 5. The Peruvian government through its military has taken possession of the German ves sels interned at Callao. This action by the Peruvian govern ment follows upon the breaking off of diplomatic relations with Germany by Peru early last October. Peru broke with Germany because Germany failed to reply satisfactorily to de mands concerning the sinking of Pe ruvian barks. OFFICIAL IS ARRESTED IN THE JONAS CASE London, June 14. A prominent offi cial of the government office was ar rested today in connection with the case of former Lord Mayor Sir Joseph Jonas of Sheffield, according to The Evening News. Sir Joseph Jonas was charged in Bow street police court on June 12 with having, together with various other persons, whose names were not known, obtained and communicated "certain Information prejudicial to the interests of the state and information useful to the enemy, and information relating to prohibited place sand things therein." Sir Joseph, who was remanded for a week on bail, wa sborn and edu cated in Germany, becoming a British subject by naturalization in 1876. He was prominent as a steel manufac turer. It was stated by The Evening News on the day the accusation was lodged that the alleged offense was committed before the war began and it wa sadded that the understanding was that a war office official woul figure in the case. Peters Re-nomlnated. Washington, June 14. Frederick C. Peters was re-nominated today by President Wilson as collector of cus toms at Charleston. Miss Thelma Sugs,- after visiting friends and relatives in the city for several weeks, is leaving today for her home in Norfolk, Va. 4c Mrs. Julia Wright and Miss Bernice Owen, of Waycross, Ga., who have been spending a few days at Wrights ville with Mrs. Harry E. Payne, are now visiting for a few days in the city with Mrs. O. E. McCraw. When Ydii A Box of Candy You Should Give HER hitman's Because She is Worthy of the Best 4 FUTRELLE Phone 21 1-212 107 Princess Street 577,288 BALES WERE Report of the Census Bureau Shows Decrease From One Year Ago Washington, June 14. Cotton con sumed during May amounted to 577, 288 bales and for the 10 months, 5,522,- 080, compared with 615,412 and 5,676, 572 a year ago, the census bureau to day announced. Cotton on hand May 31 was in con suming establishments 1,795,497 bales, compared with 1,899,154 a year ago, and in public storage and at com presses, 2,414,831 bales, compared with ,1,951,042 a year ago. Cotton spindles active numbered 33,720,555, compared with 33,457,356 a year ago. imports amounted to 29,735 bales and exports 292,041. Statistics for cotton growing states: Consumed 319,432 bales, compared with 351,240 a year ago; for the 10 months 3,120,972 bales, compared with 3,254,178 a year ago. Cotton on hand May 31, in consum ing establishments, 887,850 bales, com pared with 918,247 a year ago, and in public storage and at compresses, 2,048,269 bales, compared with 1,662, 266 a year ago. Cotton spindles active, 14,358,643, compared with 14,005,155 a year ago. PYJSE AND YEARION CQMtoDEDBY DANIELS Washington. June. .14. Secretary Daniels today commended Boatswain'a Mate Raymond Pyne, naval reserves of Milford, Mass., attached to the 'J. S. S. Vulcan, for "gallantry and good judgment" displayed March 7, when he rescued a seaman and a lieutenant from drowning. Lieutenant Nelson was injured when he jumped over board to secure a seaman, and Pyne, seeing their plight, succeeded in get ting a line to them. Fireman George W. Yearion, Jr., of Cincinnati, Ohio, serving on the U. S. S. Quincy, also was commended today for rescuing a drowning boy on May 9. Notice of Error. The advertisement of Bon Marche, which appeared in The Dispatch of yesterday, had an error in the quota tion of hosiery items wherein it stated that certain silk hosiery, valued at $1.25, would be sold at the Bon Marche Friday and Saturday for 25 cents. The correct price for this ho siery should have been 98 cents. Weekly Cotton Statistics. Iverpool, ' June 14. Weekly cotton statistics: Total forwarded to mills, 49,000 bales; American, 36,000; stock, 271,000; American, 120,000. Imports, 34,000; American, 27,000. Exports, none. M7 JARMAN KUMD DURING MAY ForSale Quick ONE CARLOAD Fresh mllch cows with calves will arrive Saturday, yJune 15, from Piedmont section of North Caro lina, to be sold at F. T. MILLS' STABLES Second, Bet. Dock and Orange Sts. Wilmington We specialize in the man ufacture of Rubber S tamps and Good Printing Carolina Printingand Stamp Works No. 8 Grace St MORTGAGE SALE By virtue of the power of 6ale con tained in a certain mortgage deed made by Lottie Dinkins, oX Wilmington, N. C to W. M. dimming, bearing date 1st of. May, 1916, and duly registered on the records of New Hanover county in book 80, at page 324, the undersigned wiU Bell at pub lic auction to the highest bidder, for cash, on Tuesday, July 9th, 1918, at 12 o'clock, m., the following described property in the city of Wilmington, N. C: Beginning in the eastern line of Ninth street at a point 69 feet north from Castle street and running thence north along said parallel with Castle street, 87 feet; thence south, parallel with Ninth street, 83 feet: thence west, parallel with Castle street, 87 leet to tne point or beginning in the east ern line of Ninth street, the Same being part of lot 5 in block 95. according to the present official plan of the said city of Wilmington, . c. W. M. CUMMING. MORTGAGE SALE By virtue of the powers of sale contained in a certain mortgage deed made by Lottie Dinkins, of Wilmington, N. C, to W. M. Cummings, bearing date March 12th. 1916. and duly registered on the -records of New Hanover county in book 80, at page 146, the undersigned will sell at public- auction to the highest bidder, for cash, on Tues day, July 9th, 1918, at 12 o'clock, m., the xuiiowing aescrioea property in tne city of Wilmington. N. C. : Beginning the eastern line of Ninth street at a point 102 feet north from the northers one or castle street and running thence along the said eastern line of Ninth street northwardly 80 feet; thence eastwaraly, parallel with Castle street. 87 feet: thence southwardly, parallel with Ninth street, 30 reet; tnence westwaraiy, parallel with Castle street, 87 feet to the beginning, the same being the northwestern part of lot 5 ia block 95, according to the present offi cial plan of the said city of Wilmington, . C W. M. CUMMIJNU. FORECLOSURE SALS By virtue of the Dower - of sale eon tained in a certain mortgage, made by Stacy Adams to the Wilmington Home stead and Loan Association and registered m dook m, page sew or tne records or New Hanover county, the undersigned will sell, to the highest bidder, at public auc tion, ror casn, at tne courtnouse aoor in the city of Wilmineton. on Friday, the 12th day of July, 1918, at 12 o'clock m., the following described property situate in the city of Wilmington : That lot beginning at the intersection of the western line of Eighth street with the northern line of Nixon street; runs thence northwardly along the western line of Eighth street 60 feet; thence westwardly and parallel with Nixon street 150 feet; thence southwardly and parallel with Eighth Etreet 60 feet to the northern line of Nixon street; thence eastwardly along the northern line of Nixon street 150 feet to the beginning, and being part of lot 5, block 338, and the same as conveyed to T. J. Quinlivan to S. A. Adams on the 5th of November, 1917, to which deed refer ence Is made for a more particular de scription, said deed being registered in book 9S, page 103. This llth day of June, 1918. WILMINGTON HOMESTEAD AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. By John D. Bellamy, Attorney. 6-ll-30t FORECLOSURE SALE By virtue and in pursuance of the Dower of sale contained in a certain chattel mort gage from J. H. Johnson and J. P. Crelley duly recorded In the records of New Han over county, North Carolina, in book 88, at page 333, the undersigned mortgagee will, on Friday, June 28th, 1918, at 12 o'clock va., at the courthouse door in the city of Wilmington, N. C, offer for sale by public auction, for cash, to the highest bidder, the following personal property. to wit: Ten steel Mullen rowboats. painted lead color, trimmed in blue; seven Michigan towboats, painted lead color, trimmed in blue; two Old Town canoes, manufactured by the Old Town Canoe Co., Maine; 16 feet long; painted dark green; one gasoline launch, named Dixie, and also all oars, oar locks and fixtures to said boats. All of which said property can now be seen at Greenfield lake. Dated this May 30th. 1918. GREENFIELD PARK DEVELOPMENT COMMISSIONER'S SALE By virtue of a decree of the suDerior court, made on the 30th day of April, 1918, in the case therein pending of "Alice Lar- Kins ana Husband, John Larkins, vs. Thomas Harriss, John J. Furlong, James jrearce, xuomas r-earce, xienry .fearce, Pearce, Pearce, Rebecca Harriss, Thelma Pearce, Clarence Pearce, Albert Edward Harriss, William A. Harriss, Frances Harriss, Ralph Harriss, Norma Harriss, Nicholas Harriss. Lula Harriss. J. M. Woolard. Jessie T. Harper and Jes sie tiarper, tne undersigned will sell, to the highest bidder, at public auction, for cash, at the courthouse door in the city of Wilmington, on Thursday, the llth day of July, 1918, at 12 o'clock M., the follow lug described lot of land in said city of Wilmington: Beginning at a point In the northern line of Queen street SO feet east from northeast intersection of Queen and Second streets; runs thence eastwardly along the northern line of Queen street 42 feet; thence northwardly and parallel with Second street 66 feet; thence westwardly and parallel with Queen street 42 feet; thence southwardly and parallel with Sec ond street 66 feet to the beginning, and being part of lot 6, block 74, according to the official plan of the said city of Wilmington. This 10th day of June, 1918. WILLIAM M. BELLAMY, 6-10-30t Commissioner. ' "SANSSOUCI r SAUSAGE A Pure Pork Sausage . Fresh Sausage ' f A Smoked Sausage Frankforts f Bologna Head Cheese Liver Sausage New England Ham ' Made without cereals Sanitary, clean delicious Take no substitutes For sale at all first-class grocers and markets. CAROLINA PACKING COMPANY UNION PASSENGER 1 " Arrival and Departure of Trains February lt, 1918. SEABOARD AIR LINE DEPART DAILY ABJUFB 8:45 P.M Charlotte 1:10 P.M. Parlor Car. 5:15 A.M. Charlotte 1230 A.M. 'I I Sleeper opened 10 .-00 P. M. I"r Information Fbon 178. ATLANTIC COAST LINE DEPART DAILY ARRIVE W 5:45 A.M. ...South and West. ..12:45 A.I& ) Sleeper to Columbia, (Open 10:00 P. M. 7:45 A.M.. -North 6:05 PJi. farlor Car to JNorlois 8:45 A.M...FayetteviIle 8:00 PjfcV-'.f 8:05 P.M...New Bern 12:30 P.M.- 3:30 P.M... South and West 1:00 P.M.-ii Sleepers to Augusta. Atlanta . C:4S P.M...Nortk 10:15, Bleepers to Washington, Norfolk Vmr Information Pbn 160b ' :. ;. Suburban Schedule iN J1FFECT SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 1918. WEEK-DAYS Lv. Center Lv. Beacft 5:40 A.M. 6:10 A.M. 7:10 A.M. 7:40 A.M. 8:15 A.M. 6:15 A.M. 6:55 A.M. 7:25 A.M. 8:00 A.M. and every half and every half; hour thereafter hour thereafter until 5:30 P.M. 6:10P.M. 6:30 P.M. until t 5:45 P.M. 6:20 P.M.. 6:50 P.M. 7:15 P.M.1 and every half hour thereafter and every half until hour thereafter 11:00 P.M. until 12:10 A.M. 11:45 P,M Local trains stopping at all stat a (on request) may be expected to . . .ve ; the Center and Lumina at the times -t indicated. . The 6:10 express taves dally ex- cept Saturdays and Sv idays, stopping at Fifth, Ninth, Seventeenth and Mar v ket streets, Wilmington; Winter Park Gardens, Sea Gate, Wrightsville and all stations on beach. . ' i FREIGHT: Lv. Wilmington Lv. Beach 5:30 A.M. 9:30 A.M. 9:30 P.M. 7:05 A.M. 12:15 P.M. 6:15 P.M. Freight depot open daily except Sun .' day, from 7.80 a. m. until 1:00 p. m and from 2:00 p. m. until 6:00 p. m. Freight depot telephone No. 96. '. ' SUNDAYS: ' Lv. Center Lv. Beach 7:00 A.M. 6:40 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 7:45 A.M. and every half 9 : 1 5 A.M. hour thereafter and every half- until hour thereafter 11:00 P.M. until -? 12:10 A.M. 1 1:45 P.M. J Local trains stopping at all stations' fon request) may be expected to leATe the Center and Lumina at the times Indicated. ; FREIGHT: 1$ Lv. Wilmington Lv.. Beach 11:00 A.M. ' 12:15 P.M. Freight depot open 10 to 11 a. m. Freight depot telephone No. 96. ; g During periods of heavy travef x-:, press trains will be operated between Wilmington and Lumina, stopping only at Fifth, Ninth, Seventeenth and Maiv ket streets, Wilmington; Oceanic Ho tel, Seashore Hotel, Carolina Yacht Club and Lumina, on the beach. - ..-if v n

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