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The Franklin press and the Highlands Maconian. (Franklin, N.C.) 1932-1968, October 08, 1936, Image 2

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PAGE TWO LEGAL ADVERTISING LEGAL ADVERTISING .It? uirHLANDS MACONIAN THE legal advertise Financial Statement Town of Freinklin Fiscal year ending June 30, 1936. Receipts J,uly 1st, 1935 to June 30th, 1936. Balance cash on hand June 30, 1935 $1,420.36 Taxes for year 1935 3,335.32 1934 2,874.93 1933 498.70 1932 414.34 1931 342.78 1930 158.29 y 1929 199.84 1928 105.11 1927 10.68 Water rent 5,350.82 Privilege taxes & licenses.. .808.65 Mayor’s Court Costs 808.01 Standard Trust Bank, divi dend 2,500.72 Miscellaneous collections ... .767.30 T-otal $19,595.85 DISBURSEMENTS— July, 1935 John Dills, jail fees $8.40 Nantahala Power & Lt. Co...247.30 Hersey Manufacturing Co 13.47 Underwood Elliott Mfg. Co 1.25 Tropical Paint Co 16.76 Griffin Foundry Co 48.00 Standard Oil Co 2.00 Pittsburgh Equitable Meter Co 160.50 J. J. Moore ...., 28.00 J. Frank Ray 10.00 C. L. Dills 6-00 Sam Hall 6.00 R. W. Welch 6.00 H. A. Osborne 29.75 A. C. Pannell 30.00 Geo. J. Conley 26.40 J. B. Pendergrass, assignee. .50.61 Western Carolina Tel. Co 11.75 W. G. Hall 53.55 Geo. J. Conley 14.40 Geo. Dean, Treasurer 250.00 Roy Cunningham 20.50 Lee Poindexter, assignee 19.39 W. S. Darley & Co 3.34 C. D. Baird 66.66 W, M. Officer ....50.00 Geo. Dean 75.00 W. G. Hall 25.00 John Cunningham 10.00 Bank & Bidwell 10.00 Mrs. C. C. Cunningham 12.00 Kate P. Patton 9.00 Geo. J. Conley, foreman 51.30 P'ire Department 13.00 Total $1,385.33 Aiugust, 1935 Geo. B. Patton $40.00 Petty cash account 22.20 Geo. J. Conley, foreman 22.50 John Dills 38.70 T. W. Angel 15.00 L. B. Phillips 38.40 J. J. Moore 15.75 Nantahala Power & Light Co. 291.01 Edward Murray, Clerk Supreme Court 10.15 Hayes & Lunsford Electric Shop 8.95 Badger Meter Co 50.68 Crane Company 34.92 The Selig Co 120.00 W. G. Hall 11.07 Zickgraf-Warren Co 18.18 Western Carolina Tel. Co. ...7,30 A. C. Pannell, foreman 12.85 Franklin Hardware Co 6.49 Mrs. S. H. Lyle 60.00 J. Fratik Ray 5.00 Leach Bros. Co 75.16 John Cunningham 50.00 J. B. Pendergrass, .assignee ..531.74 Geo. J. Conley, foreman 37.80 W. C. Wilkes 15.00 Lee Poindexter, assignee 33.41 W. C. Arvey 5,43 Bank of Franklin, sinking ..1,010.34 C. D. Baird 70.00 W. M. Officer 50.00 W. G. Hall 25,00 Geo, Dean 75.00 A. B. Slagle, assignee 5.00 Bank & Bidwell 10.00 M. A. Sanders 56 Bank of Franklin 29.33 Mrs. R. M. Hudson 5.05 E. K. Cunningham Co 12,33 Nantahala Power & Light Co. 4,14 Standard Oil Co 17.39 W. G. Hall, foreman 7.75 Total $2,436.99 September, 1935 John Dills $25.05 W. G. Hall 53.55 Western Carolina Tel. Co 7.25 Nantahala Power & Light Co. 276.71 N. C. State Board of Health. .16.00 The Franklin Press 35.49 Kate P. Patton 50.00 A. C. Pannell 36.45 H. S. Roper 10.00 A. C. Pannell, foreman 18.70 Crane Company 6,80 Standard Oil Co 2.40 A. C. Pannell, foreman 17.78 Bank of Franklin, N. Y. draft 693.70 J. B. Pendergrass, assignee ...49.2s N. C. Mortgage Corporation .. .2.20 W. G. Hall 25.00 Geo. Dean 75.00 C. D. Baird 70.00 W. M. Officer 50.00 A. C Pannell 14.30 A. B. Slagle, assignee 10.00 John Cunningham 10.00 Bank & Bidwell 10.00 Petty cash account 16.41 .1,582.04 .$90.00 ..34.40 ...5.00 ..50.25 ...7,50 Total October, 1935 H, L. Bryant John Dills Cabe & Dean, agents W. G. Hall Western Carolina Tel. Co. Zickgraf Hardwood Co 5,31 Macon County Supply Co 19,50 Franklin Hardware Co 12.93 Mrs. S. H. Lyle 90.00 Geo. B. Patton 20.00 Nantahala Power & Light Co. 419.23 J. B. Pendergrass, assignee... .59.01 Bank of Franklin 90.00 Lee Poindexter, assignee 32.00 A, C, Pannell 8,99 H, D. Kimsey 10.00 A. L. Leach 30.00 John Cunningham 10.00 W. G. Hall 25.00 Geo. Dean 75.00 C. D. Baird 70,00 W. M. Officer 50.00 A. B. Slagle, assignee 10.00 Bank & Bidwell 10.00 Total $1,234.12 November, 1935 Angel Hospital $3.00 Nantahala Power & Light Co. 235.11 Western Carolina Tel. Co 6.30 N. C. State Board of Health. .16.00 Petty cash account 17.47 John Dills 16.65 J. B. Pendergrass, assignee ...50.00 W. C. Wilkes 15.00 A. C. Pannell, foreman 17.13 Lee Poindexter, assignee ....36.19 W. G. Hall 39.15 Standard Oil Co 2.00 C. D. Baird 35.00 W. G. Hall 25.00 Geo. Dean 75.00 C. D. Baird 35.00 W. M. Officer 50,00 A. C. Pannell 13,81 John Cunningham 10.00 A. B. Slagle, assignee 10.00 Bank & Bidwell 10.00 V. M. Sanders 8.75 A. C. Pannell, foreman 17.25 Total $743.81 Deicemlber, 193S John Dills $18,15 Western Carolina Tel. Co 6.65 Nantahala Power & Light Co. 283.04 W. G. Hall 36.85 American LaFrance Co 88.00 Dauer Products Co 171.25 Badger Meter Co 11.48 J. Frank Ray 50.00 Petty cash account 12.90 Bank of Franklin 240.00 W. S. Darley & Co 3.94 W. C. Arvey 54,00 John L. Miller, Secy’y 9.00 W. G. Hall, foreman 11.65 N. C. Motor Vehicle Bureau.. .1.00 Vannie Sanders 10.50 W. C. Arvey 69.00 V. M. Sanders 9.63 W. C. Arvey 72.00 J. B. Pendergrass, assignee ..53.50 N. C. Department of Revenue 1.00 Bank of Franklin 60.15 C. D. Baird 35.00 W, G. Hall 25.00 Deraid Ashe 10.00 V. M. Sanders 10.50 W. C. Arvey 75.00 G. B. Patton 40.00 Lee Poindexter, assignee ....29.95 Geo. Dean 75.00 C. D. Baird 35.00 W. M. Officer 50.00 A. C. Pannell 16.55 A. B. Slagle, .assignee 10.00 Bank & Bidwell 10.00 Bank of Franklin 60.15 Total $1,755.84 Jianuary, 1936 Petty cash account .$30.37 Sam Hall 22.50 John Dills 20.85 W. G. Hall 54.83 Standard Oil Co 2.00 Tidewater Supply Co 10.35 Western Carolina Tel. Co 9,05 Nantahala Power & Light Co. 278.82 Hajaco Corporation 57,97 C. R, Parsons 2,88 W. S, Darley & Co 2,44 Franklin Hardware Co.-• ■ - Macon County Supply t Geo. B. Patton ' gQQ Fire Department ,431 J. B. Pendergrass, assignee W. G. Hall C. D. Baird ’!!j0.00 Deraid Ashe ■” T. W. Porter, Postmaster ^ Lee Poindexter, assignee Franklin Chevrolet Co. ■ W. G. Hall, foreman Fire Department 7500 Geo. Dean C. D. Baird g'oo W. M. Officer A. C. Pannell A. C Pannell C. r)- Baird . ^ J B. Pendergrass assignee ..48.86 G L. Dalrymple, foreman ••••9J50 Zickgraf Lumber Co. Lee Poindexter, assignee 31.44 G H. Dalrymple, foreman • ■ • Tom Addington W. C. Arvey G W. Dalrymple, foreman . -49.50 Geo. Dean 75.W C. D. Baird ^ . W. M. Officer ^O.W W. G. Hall 25.TO A. C. Pannell Bank & Bidwell H, W. Cabe, agent THURSdav. legal 10.00 ..20.00 A. B. Slagle, assigne 10.00 Bank & Bidwell Roy Cunningham Total $1,002.07 February, 1936 John Dills W. G. Hall 6.20 The Franklin Press J. J. Moore Western Carolina Tel. Co. Nantahala Power & Light Co. 299.5 N. C. State Board of Health. .16./JU A. C. Pannell, foreman 14.80 Petty cash account I'./a Pittsburgh Meter Co 95,73 J. B. Pendergrass, assignee ...49.36 Bank of Franklin, assignee ....5.00 Hajaco Corporation 22.73 J. Frank Ray C. D. Baird 35.00 W. G. Hall 25.00 Deraid Ashe 5.00 Lee Poindexter, assignee 23.55 Geo. Dean ^5.00 C. D. Baird 35.00 W. M. Officer 50.00 A. C. Pannell 27.09 Bank & Bidwell 10.00 Fire Protection Co 2.00 C. L. Waklroop 8.00 Petty cash account 16.30 .39.00 Total $1.0^7.70 June, 1936 W D Barnard $60.00 John Dills 24.15 Frank Ray 10-^ W. G. Hall 48.85 T T. Moore Nantahala Power & Light Co. 244,16 Geo D Barnard Co 5.14 Southern States Printing Co...2.^ Western Carolina Tel. Co. Macon Supply Co Geo. J. Conley, foreman Ba,nk of Franklm 240W Chas. Dills Bank of Frankhn, assignee •••5-W C. D. Baird -^5.00 J. B. Pendergrass, assignee ..60.19 Petty Cash Account 17.88 Lee Poindexter, assignee ....25.00 Geo. Dean g-OJJ C. D. Baird 35.00 W. M. Officer 50.00 A. C. Pannell ^-^1 Deraid Ashe ...5.00 W. G. Hall 25.00 Bank & Bidwell 10.00 of the river- tu its mea’ndersVl'^ poles to a stake- poles to a stake;’ Po es to a stake £ *'' P« es to a stake; , ! ; poles to a bunch ,f S-‘ leaving the river wit/rNu N. 62 45’ E, 49 pd o« the road; then S ^ poles to a stone - tt. I.; "Jmi. l»s. Sff E. lOMtii. '',u N. 10 deg. E 2Qy BEGINNING.' ^ I > — Ramey by deed ajtej .; Total $954.60 March, 1936 Western Carolina Tel. Co $6.65 W. G. Hall 45.10 Mrs. C. C. Cunningham 5.00 Macon Insurance Agency 4.70 John Dills 19.20 Macon Supply Co 4.35 Zickgraf Lumber CO' 4.07 Fire Department 13.25 Nantahala Power & Light Co. 294.86 Geo. B. Patton 40.00 J. F. Ray 10.00 W. C. Wilkes 20.00 J. B. Pendergrass, assignee ..55.54 Bank of Franklin, assignee ...5.00 Bank of Franklin 693.75 Geo. Dean 75.00 W. G. Hall 25.00 C. D. Baird 70,00 W. M. Officer 50.00 Deraid Ashe 5.00 A. C. Pannell 44.46 Bank & Bidwell 10.00 Total $1,053.17 RECAPITULATION Total receipts $19,595.85 Total Disbursements 16,364.61 Balance cash on hand Tot-al $1,501,43 April, 1936 Petty cash account $32.23 S. H. Lyle 90.00 H. L. Bryant 90,00 Angel & CoUins 13.00 John Dills 29.70 W. G. Hall 4410 J. J. Moore 1.50 Western Carolina Tel. Co 6.00 Nantahala Power & Light Co. 267.96 N. C. Board of Hea(th 16,00 Franklin Ribbon Co 2,35 The Tropical Paint Co 17.26 Pittsburgh Meter Co 12670 Franklin Hardware Co 9.55 Macon Supply Co !!!!3!&5 A. L. Leach ija/y) Standard Oil Co. . J. B. Pendergrass, assignee . .50.49 Bank of Franklin, assignee . 500 Bank of Franklin 9000 C. D. Baird 4500 Lee Poindexter, assignee ....24 39 Geo. Dean ’ 7c;Vin C. D. Baird "'?qnn w. M. Officer *■ G, Hall A. C. Pannell A. B. Slagle, assignee".’.’ iq'qo Deraid Ashe Bank & Bidwell Petty Cash Account w’ci Geo. B. Patton .... T. W. Angel Geo. E. Brown J. O. Harrison .. H- S. Higgins J. A. Palmer . W. C. Wilkes ; H. T. Horsley °-00 ^ 50,00 •$1,667,51 Total T V, T^-„ 1936 John Dills . W. G. Hall Western Carolina Tel” J. Frank Ray . , 7,20 Nantahala Power & T io-v,! r' ‘''lO-OO G. H. Dalrymnle 260.36 Tom Addington’ --•-54.60 Deraid Ashe June 30, 1936 $3,231.24 Total amount in sinking fund $42,000.00 Bonds payable by Town of Franklin $54,000.00 Bonds payable by Nanta hala Power & Light Co. $268,000.00 I, Geo. Dean, Treasurer of the Town of Franklin, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. GEO. DEAN, Treasurer. Sworn and subscribed to before me, this the 30th day of September, 1936. My Commission expires January 19, 1937. H. W. CABE, Notary Public. NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE OF LAND State of North Carolina, County of Macon. The Federal Land Bank of Columbia, vs. C. W. Ramey and wife, Emma Ramey, Pursuant to a judgment entered in the above entitled civil action on the 1st day of September, 1936, in the Superior Court of said County by His Honor, W. F, Hard ing, Judge presiding, 1 will, on the 2nd day of November, 1936, at 12 o clock. Noon, at the County Courthouse door in said County, sell at public auction to the highest bidder therefor, the following de- ^ribed lands, situated in said County and State, in Smith’s Bridge Township, comprising 26 acres, and 22 square rods, more or ess, and bounded and described .as follows: All that certain piece, parcel or tract of land containing 26 acres, and 22 square rods, more or less, wtuated, lying and being on the Hickory Knoll road, about one-half ™e East from the Town of River- ^ e in Smith’s Bridge Township, County of Macon, State of North Carolina, having such shape, metes, courses, and distances as will more appear by reference to a plat A- Slagle, Sur- hn^°H i ’^^eing bounded on the North by the lands thp ] 1 . tlie East by he lanes of E. A. Vanhook; on Id the lands of Garland ”e R"e*' »■' Tennes- ^BEGINNING at a black oak E. Vanhook s and I. V. Ramey’s corner runs with I V RaSey’s N 81 W i barneys on thp r poles to a stone 7 W 2 n ? ° then S. 69 30’ W°42* Bole'' the hint f ^ ^ stone on ditch S. 47° E^5l/ then Ipo • , ^ P°l®s to a stone; poles toT n 40 to a persimmon on the bank , - for Macon County page 526, and is thud tract and part ol, 1 tract devised in the « I Ramey of record in in Book of Wills No “C and the third lot in io.ned being devised W Ramey and C. W, Ra«,k deed dated the 26fh fc i ruary, 1917, Rufes Ra.i 'd his interest to C, W said deed is recorded i;? fice of the Register oi Macon County in Booli “X-3”,^ page 521; tract IS conveyed in » F. A. Ramey and L, F I by deed dated the 11, March, 1917, and recorddii “A-4”, page 117, convey C, W, Ramey who 1; \2Y2 acres thereof to for which see deed d..„ 13th, 1917, and recordei- records page 33 of Bool : all of which conveyancts; records thereof refercnctj made for more full ai description. The Terms of the CASH. All ^ bids will be rcceiwj to rejection or confirmati Clerk of said Superior Ci no bid will be accepted ort unless its maker shall dtr,? said Clerk at the close olt' ding the sum of Fifl;, Dollars, as a forfeit anij of compliance with his i same to be credited 01! when accepted. j Notice is now given li lands will be resold at li place and upon the same4 2 o’clock, P. M., of the a unless said deposit is sodiii Every deposit not loriti accepted will be promptly i to the maker. This, the 2nd day of Octoln G. A, )ffl Commissio* 08-4tc-029 NOTICE OF IN THE SUPERIOR K North Carolima Macon County Macon County, North Cm VS. Mrs. A. Hicks and Hicks; Mrs. W. H. Coxi band, W. H. Cox; Ja« and wife, — Margaret Davison an Austin Davison; L™ and wife, The defendants: Mrs,' and husband. A, Hicbi H. Cox and husband, James B'Cnfield and w*, B.enfield; Mrs, Margare and husband, Austin W take notice that an ac ^ as .above, has been co the Superior Cottr , ' County, North Caroling purpose of foreclosing on property m North Carolina, and 1" defendants have an > are proper parties It is further ordered that the defendant^ - ; and husband, A. J, H. Cox and husband, James Benfield and Benfield; Mrs. MargaJ and husband, Aus m required to appear the Clerk of the S J of Macon County, % Clerk S#' 08—4tc—029

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