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The Franklin press and the Highlands Maconian. (Franklin, N.C.) 1932-1968, April 22, 1943, Image 1

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211)* IjigWatiW Jftaconian rnoGRESatVE liberal ? - ixdepexdekt VOL. LVIII ? INO. 1C FRANKLIN, N. C THURSDAY, APRIL 22. 1M3 $2.00 PER YEAR 76 Seniors Graduated At Finals Monday Evening Students Are Honored With Award* For Good Work A large, congregation attended the baccalauerat* sermon by the Kev. Kufus Morgan, Sunday even ing at the Macon Theatre, begin ning the commencement ea&ercises of the Franklin High School. Mr. Morgan's subject was "Find ing Our Place In Life," based on the text from St. John 1 :4, "In 1iim was life, and the lif/e wia.s the light of men." On Monday evening the graduat ing exercises were held in the High School auditorium. The in vocation was giv^en by t!he Kev. Philip Green. Music wa-s directed by Mrs. Henry W. Cabe. The salutatory was given by Betty Horstey, the valedictory by Babara Stockton, land talks by Clell Bryant, Louise Williams, Vir ginia Farmer and Harry Kinsland. (f. F. Pugh presented awards to 13 honor students as follows : ' Margie Blumenthal, commercial; Mary Margaret Davis, . French; Betty Jane Waldroop, science; Ned Ho\ward, afhtettfs; Vic Perry, nglish; Ruth Crawford, history; Catherine Young, home economics; Louise Williams, citizenship; Har ry Kinsland, agriculture ; Gharles Fulton, activities and mathematics ; Annie Byrd Bradley, attendance ; and Betty Jane Waldroop, Balfour, activities, citizenship and loyalty. Diplomas were presented to the class of 76 students by Supt Guy Houk. Th/e graduating class consisted of Logan Allen, Jack Angel, Thel mta. Baldwin, Ruby Baldwin, Ruby Recco, Margie Blumenthal, Annie Byrd Bradley, Lotis Bradley, Mat tie Pearl Bryson. Gell Bryant, Jean IJryson, Virginia Burrell, Marve Dean Burrus, Jack Cabe, ry ^CorBiit^ Wuln \l'ffcwfora; it Mae Crisp, Mary Margaret Davis, Ernest Dills. Erwin Dowdle. Sarah Belle Dowdle, Dorothy Duvall, Ollie Duvall, Ina Belle El ?liotte, Virginia Farmer, Jean V. Fnizier, Charles Fulton, Freda Mae Hall, Betty Horsley, Fred Houk, Dorothy Houston, Ned Howard, John Hustusson, Garlyn,e Jamison, Robierta Keener, Sue Dell Kimsey, Harry Kinsland, Kathryn Kiser, Robert Leach, Crawford Leckord, George Martin, Elizabeth McCall, Homer McCoy. Sallie Lou Moore, Coolidge Mor gan, Hazel Morgan, Laure Belle Morgan, John Gibson Murray, Lo rcne Nichols, Louise Pendergrass, Vi^ Perry, John Potts, Sam Ram sey, Mary Alice Ricktran, Manilla Rogers, Annie Jean Roland, Ruth Rowland, Mildred Roper, Edith Sanders, Dorothy Scott, Tom Set ser, Dora Shepherd, Leona South ards, B?rf>ana Stockton, Eloise Teems, Betty -Sue TiUon,_ Lucille Vinson, Belva Waldroop, ' Betty Jane Waldroop, Louise ' Williams, James Younce, and Catherine Young. Saturday Last Day For Cittdens To Register For . Town Election The last registration day for citizens to register for voting in the town election! on Tuesday, May 4, will he SsturcLay, April 24. The registratio#^%ooks will he open in the town office in the bank building witih K. M. Led ford, registrar, in charge. All citizens whose names ifcre not on the registration books are urge'd ?to accept their responsibility by registering to vote in the town elecion for Mayor and aldermen for the next two years. Saturday, . May 1, the registration books will be open for review by any citizen ?wiho has tihe right under the law to challenge any nurve registered. WAAC Recruiter Will Be Here Tuesday I Lt. Ruth J. Merrylees, recruit ing officer for the WAAC'S will be in Franklin on Tuesday, April 27, at the WAAC information booth in the Frances Shop Store, dur ing the afternoon to tell the wo men of this area how they can best serve their country. If you tavnt tottao around tto b?ytof ? *? L**n Bond. "top ??d thtak wll*t '* would me?n to m H ?" 1 '"J" ? hadn't gotten row* to ?' Uia WW. Valedictorian Barbara Stockton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Horner Slock ton, made a four-year average of 92.7. Salutatorian Betty Horsley, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H. T. Horsley, made a four-year average of 92.1. Editor Charles Fulton, Editor of the High School pai>er, The Moun tain Eciho, and the annual, The Laurel Leaf. PTA Installs Officers; Franklin School Reports On Bonds And Milk J. F. Pugh, principal, installed die following officers of the Franklin Parent -Teacher Associa tion, on Friday, afternoon at the final meeting : Mrs. Carl Stable, president ; Mrs. Pearl Hunter, vice president; Mrs. Emory Hunnicut, secretary; Mrs. John Archer, treasurer; Mrs. Haug>hton Williams, historian. < Mts. Stogie '.expressed apprecia tion to the tea<1hers for their faithful attendance during the year The Rev. A. Rufus Morgan conducted t.he devotions. On* Cant Milk Raport Mr. Pugh reported that Wie one cent milk plan had been in opera tion since February 2, in which time 14,040 half pint, bottles Iliad boen sold, at a total . cost to the school of $421.20. This, was paid in full from a fund amounting to $432.85 from sale of milk and donations by citizens. He sum merized the work of PTA for the year, pointed out its great value to t!h? school, asking for its oo ofveration in the coming year. School Sail* Bond* Mrs. Philip Green, faculty V"<1 ch?lrm?n reported that $500 m Secret Missions Sub THREE HIGHLY IMPORTANT MISSIONS WHICH PAVED THE WAY lor the Allied lending! in North Africa were entrusted to the Briti?h suhmerine's erew shown in this picture. The firit wei important reconnaissance oS the Algerian coast in preparation for the Allipl landing*. The second job was to lend, and later re-embark, the secret mission of American Army staff officers, hsflril by General Mark Clark, who made contact with pro-Allied French leaJers. The other operation was to embark General Giraud secretly o 8 the French coast, take him out to the opes Mediterranean, then meet a lying boat whieb flew him to General Eisenhower's headquarters. No wonder they look pleased as they proudly diaplay the Jolly Roger lag which attests to the success with which they carried out these difficult end dangerous tasks. ^ Macon Bond Sales Mount To More Than $50,000 Booths And Fostoffices To Sell Bonds On | { Saturday Macon County bond sales have mounted to well over the $90^000 mark toward the county's quota of $77,300. Chairman rtcary W. Cafee >rte<i 'salt*- tdtdU'd to <15? Highlands had already sold $10,000 worth, with the ' expectation ai doubling that amount. C. J. An derson is chairman of the 2fcd War Bond Drive for Highlands and vicinity. The rally on Saturday afternoon drew a big crowd which was ad dressed by Ben McGUrajery and Dir.- J. L. Stokes II. Music was furnished bv the Anderson band. Place* Of Booths Besides the sale of bonds by the woman's division in the two booths at tl\e Franklin postoffice ' and bank, and at Macon Theatre in the afternoon, War Bonds will be sold in the rural areas of the county by mail carriers and from booths set up in stores and homes of the eleven townships. The two days set aside for booths to oper ate will be Saturday, April 24, and Saturday, May 1. Bonds may be purchased from mail carriers at any time. The following places have. Keen, .designated for War Bond Sooths, 'to mate it conven-i ient for rural families to buy bonds 1 30 Men Accepl 9 Are Indu Selectees Will Report To Fort Bragg This Week The following men" were accept ed by the Array and reported to Fort Bragg, on April IS : Brtice D. Bryant, Robert L. West, Dover ,R. Stamey, Ray B. Hunter, Winston M. Baughn, J. 1). Justice, Bulen L. McConnell, James D. Sanders, Carl D. Mc Malian, Richard K. Sloan, James P. Norton, Jr., Ernest E. Watts, Eugene B. Boston, William D, Thompson, Samuel H. Shepherd, Jumes W. Passmore, James L. Hurst, Algie C. McOUl, George H. Roper, Carl N. Crunkleton, William C. Corbin, William A. Setser, Thomas L. Jamison, BUly Bryson, Claude W. Holland, Lloyd R. Slanders. T)ie following are to report on April 16: Porter C. IXincan, Thaddjeus S. Waldroop, Thurman F. Rogers, L. M. Johnson. The following were inducted in to the Navy and are to report for duty on April 14: Frederick -J. Cunningham, Hoyt R. Pentand, bonds and $150 in stamps had been told at the school during the week, vCTf . .. ? ?in their own communities. Glen Brendle Store, East Franklin ; Bry sou Stare, Culfasaja; O. C. Corbin Store, Gneiss ; Norris Store; Cul las;ua Star KoutyC ; John Burnette Store,- Scaly ; Mrs. Parrish Store, Otto; Prentiss Postoffice; Flats Postoffice; Aquone Postoifice; Stile*' PostoMicc ; Ramsey's Store, IjKiHbSPfcJir&E GQrovie ; Clyde West Store, West's Mijl ; and Oscar Rickman Store, l^ajttherman. Ihostnttster T. W. Porter od vijte s everyone who can to pur chase bonds, which he considers S safest investment in the United tes. Henry W. Cafce, county chair man of the War Loan Drive an nounces the following committees: For Franklin and county: J. E. S. Thorpe, J. R. Franklin, L Houk, Mrs. J. W. Gantey Johnson, Miss Lassie Kelly, T. D. Brjrson, Jr., Clyde Gailey, J. O Harrison, John Archer, Jr., J. *S. Conley, C. ? S. Stagle, Sam Men denhall, B. A. McGlamery, J. E. Cabe, Mrs. W. M. Parrish, O. C. Hall, Weaver Cochran, J. D. Burn ette, C. N. West, E. 0. Rickman, Gilmer A. Jones, Clms. Melichar, Frank Duncan, Roy Cunningham, J. :>L. Stofces. for Highland*: Gbarles Anderson, chairman, C E. Mitchell, F. B. Gook, Frank Potts W. H. Cobb, Will Edwards. ted By Army; cted Into Navy Meeting For Block Leaders On May 3 M*s. Gordon Moore, director of the civilian service corps for Franklin, announces that there be a ipeeting for block leaders Monday evening. May 3 at the Agricultural building. Plans will be made for the workshops for demonstrating canning, drying and dehydrating o f foods. Material will be at hand to be distributed to the women of the county. The Department of Agriculture recommends the pressure cooker as the'only safe method for can ning certain vegetables, and these will be rationed to the counties bp the Farm Machinery Board. Those ' whb wish to secure cookers should make application through Mrs. Florence ? Shjerrill to be sent in to YCSkigh. The quota for the county ' has not yet been announced. Joseph A. ^Vebh, Edward S. Boo her, Zebu km W Conley, Jr., Ed gar E. Welch, George E. Moore. Kenneth O. Bryant and Samuel G. Crawford were also inducted into the Na?ry but did not return for their s<even <fe.y furlough. The boys wiH be given a part ing gift by the Masonic Lodge. Venereal diieate hat trebled in Prance ?in?c the Naxi occupation. Cpl. Hugh Johnston Slightly Wounded In South Pacific Area Mrs. Thomas J. Johnston re ceived a wire from the War De partment last Friday night that her son, Cpl. Hugh A. Johnston had received a slight gunshot wound on April 14, and that de tails would follow in a letter. Cpl. Johnston is in the South Pacific area, halving soiled for overseas duty in the army air corps several months ago. He en tered the service in August, HH1. t No ftrther details "Rave yet been received by Mrs. Johnston. H.DALRYMPLE GIVES LIFE Parents Receive Letter That Son Wat Killed In Action Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Dalrym ple have received a communication from the War Department express ing deep regret in reporting that their son, Pvt. Harold Dalrymple, who hod been previously reported as missing in action, 'had been killed in action in line of duty in the North Atlantic area. The deep sympathy of all goes out to this bereaved family who have been called upon to suffer (he loss of their young son who has given his lite for his country. Dr. Stokes Conducts Revival In Bryson City Dr. J. L. Stokes II has been conducting a series of revival meet ings at the Bryson City Metho dist churdh, beginning Wednesday evening, April 14, and continuing through Easter Sunday evening. Chamber Of C Open Season Meeting At Legion Hall Monday Night To Plan Activities The Franklin Chamber of Com merce will begin preparations for the tourist season next Monday evening when there will be a dinner meeting at the Legion Hall at 7 JO o'clock, to formulate plans for the cooling months. This meet ing is open o all interested citizens who wish to cooperate with the people of Franklin in making this a good tourist season. The Lions and Rotarians will combine their meetings with' this gathering, as announced last week. Tickets are on sale at thei Nan t aha la Power & Light Co. oTfice, The Franklin Press office, the Town Office, or from Lee Guftey, secretary. Members and friends are requested to buy their tickets this week, so hat notice can be given to the ladies of the Presbyterian cburch who will serve the dinner of the approximate number expect ed. ; Benny McGUmery, president of the bow 4 pi director* wfti * Men In Service Carpenter Brothers Pvt. Elbert Carpenter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Carpenter of Dillard, Gi., has been in ser vicer six months. H$ took hit basic training at Camp Blanding, Fte, but has recently been trans ferred to Camp Forrest, Tenn. His brother, Technician, Coporal Ervin A. Carpenter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Carpenter, lias been in service two years. He is now serving with the Signal Corps overseas, he recently wrote home he was well and doing fine. 2nd Lieut. Polikoff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Poliokoff, com missioned in the U. S. Marine Corps, stationed at Quant ico* Va. lommerce Will With Dinner full attendance in view of the un precedented need at 'this time to keep tail ? activities on Jhe home front up to a high level. "Other directors are O. C. Bryant, Clyde Gailey, G. A. Jones, E. W. Long, Dr. J. L. Stokes II and E. ,J. Whitmjre. Revival Reverend R. C. Johnson Planned For August The Rev. Ralph C. Johnson of Chattanooga, Tenn., has accepted an invitation from Whe ministers of the community to preach' a county-wide revival at the Taber nacle, August ? 8 to 22, it was an nounced yeslerday. At a recent meeting of the min isterial association appointed the committee which extended tlhe in vitation to Mr. Johnson. They were the Reverends J. F. Maxchman, C C. Welch, Robert Williams, J. C. Swaim, Lester Sorrells. J. . L. Stokes from tlhe ministers; also Mr?. J. A. Flanagan, R. H. Hull an4 Oscar Bryant.

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