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The pilot. (Vass, N.C.) 1920-current, September 23, 1921, Image 1

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MPANY vmg ♦> ! of DS I hades ate in n the es fore omers prices let us show COTTON ING in see Y GOODS Money Co NA Remember Vass Community Club Meets To-night, Friday, September 23 VOLUME THE PILOT NUMBER Devoted to the Upbuilding of Vass and Its Surrounding Country SUBSCRIPTION $2.00 VASS, N. C., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1921 PRICE FIVE CENTS Pushing The Fayetteville Road Through Encouraging tidings come from down in Hoke county concerning the road from Vass to Fayetteville and Wilmington. The county and the people both are at work to carry the route from Lobelia to the Cumber land line, and they expect to have it in good passable shape within a few weeks. Where the road leaves the Morrison^s Bridge road at Lobelia to go out by Hector Smith’s the curve is straightened, and is being grubbed and graded. From there down to the county line this side of Manchester the people are helping to grub the road, which has been relocated in places, and the- county forces are grading and putting clay in those places where clay is needed, although in much of the course the soil is of such a character that it does not need much surfacing. The new construction that has started will take the road down to that which leads out by Overhill, so that once the work in hand is finished a good road will be in existence all the Tvay to Fayetteville. , But the plan now is to have Oumberland folks shorten that route by Overhill and. straight through to the Lamont farm which would require only three or four miles of construction. There is little doubt that this will be done, for it will give Fayetteville a direct con nection with all of the country from Manchester to Carthage, and Fayette ville is not overlooking any such fields for the expansion of her trade. Then this would give the camp a more direct outlet from Manchester to Pinehurst and the whole section of the state up this way, which is much to be desired, for as the camp de velops the traffic out the Pinehurst way will be much increased, and the existing routes are too long and rough. With the work now in hand com pleted, the country all the way down to the lower power plant will be opened for settlement and for various purposes. For one thing the ponds will be available for any who want to fish or to hunt down that way, and with a little work two of the finest lakes in the state could be made a part of the winter amusement scheme of the big resorts of the county, and the lower dam would be a feature of more than ordinary consequence. It is several miles long, and covers a big area. On the road below Fayetteville the state has been awarding contracts for construction on the Wilmington end, in places between Wilmington and Fayetteville, and by the time the Hoke county stretch is open for travel the whole road to Wilmington will be about ready for anything that may come its way. Next summer will see Vass on a line from Asheboro, High Point, Winston and the mountains to Helping to Account for the Popularity of the Sandhill Fair There is always a parade at the Sandhill Fair, but it is ditferent each year. Last year it was a parade of All Nations, and it gave a broad view of the possibilities of friendliness with other countries. Certainly Holland, Scotland and Serbia presented no difficulties in this direction. John Bull was there too, and he seemed a mighty decent fellow, really, entirely undeserving the unkind things deValera says about him. This year it will be a ring-around of fairy stories, and many an adult is going to feel the urge to “take Johnny” to see it. Not a little of the enjoyment will be watching the round-eyed youngsters as Jack and the gloriously bloodthirsty fee-fi-fo-fum giant, the long-suffering Cinderella, dainty Snow-White and her seven dwarfs, and all the rest of the dream folks so dear to small hearts, pass in review. Who Will be Queen of the Fairies? The question of what young lady shall represent the Fairy Godmother or Queen of the Fairies in the ihnual Sandhill Fair Parade, is to be left to the Sandhill folks to decide. There are so many good looking and popular young ladies in the Sand hills that it would never do for the Secretary nor any other individual to select the leading lady in the Parade of Fairy Tales at the Sandhill Fair, Thursday, November 17th, so it has been decided to leave it up to the folks in general to determine by popular vote. Beginning now, the Sandhill Citizen, Southern Pines; the Moore County News, Carthage; and the Vass Pilot, Vass, will run a ballot each week which is good for five votes for your favorite candidate for this honor. There are no strings attached to this voting contest. You simply cut out the ballot, fill it out and mail it to the Secretary of the Sandhill Fair at Pinehurst. Let’s go to it! Select your favorite, and not only vote for her but get everybody else you can to do likewise. SANDHILL FAIR BALLOT These Five Votes are Cast FOR OF to represent the Fairy Queen in the Parade of Fairies at the SANDHILL FAIR, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, 1921. Fill out the above ballot for your favorite candidate and mail it to CHAS. W. PICQUET, Sec’y, Pinehurst. Cotton Coming Into Vass Freely Cotton is coming in to the gin free ly now, and with the improved facili ties a bale can be ginned every half- hour or less. Vass is the best cot ton market in this part of the state, for the cotton as it comes to the gin is already at the warehouse and the market. When the wagon drives up and unloads it has reached the end of the journey. The cotton is ginned, and then set over in the warehouse. If the owner wants to sell when the cotton is ginned he can do that, but if he wants to hold his cotton it is held for him in a warehouse that is ample protection against deteriora tion, and when he wants to sell all he has to do is to present his ticket which tells weight and grade and he is given his money without further inquiry. The mill folks say they look for cotton to go higher, although they confess that they, may not be any better prophets than anyone else. The grounds for their opinion is the short crop and the world’s needs. But on the other hand is the argument from some observers that the people do not have the money to buy high-priced cotton goods, and that Europe ip still in uncertain condition, and until Europe has money to buy the cotton market will not be settled. The slump of last week was attributed to the coming in of the new crop which is now being picked in consider able quantity. Farmers say that the first picking this year will take off most of the crop, as the dry weather so damaged the plants that not much is left to mature for a later gather ing. In the fields it is seen that the bolls are opening rapidly, and pick ing is going ahead rather fast. ' The money that is coming from the sale of cotton is going to pay the hands and to get the necessary sup plies that have been bought but sparingly in the last few months. Storekeepers say the influence of the cotton movement is already beginning to be felt, and that goods are moving a little more freely than for some time past. Not all the cotton coming in is new cotton. Much of it is from the old crop which is coming now be cause the price has come up to where the farmer feels willing to sell. At the mill office it is reported that the demand for spun goods continues to improve slightly and the outlook seems promising for an increasing production. Boll weevil is reported in the counties to the south of Moore, but so far none have been found in this county so far as is known. Fayetteville and Wilmington and the sea, and it will gradually build up until the line becomes again what it was in the early days of wagon travel, one of the substantial through lines of the state. Maybe the reason some men delight in joining lodges is they think they^U have a line on some of the secret work when they get in that big fraternal society above.

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