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The pilot. (Vass, N.C.) 1920-current, July 07, 1960, Image 1

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VOL. 40?NO. 33 SIXTEEN PAGES SOUTHERN PINES, N. C? THURSDAY. JULY 7, 1900 SIXTEEN' PAGES PRICE: 10 CENTS 1 Parking Changes To Be Considered Again bv Couneil The ' ontrovcrsial qu rtion ofj whether change- will he made in the parkins sy -tern on Pennsyl-, vania Ave. will ftr?- before the town council at it* regular July meeting Tu< 'lay night of next week in town hall. Following a public licanttt! on the matter at the June meeting, the three councdmen present ,oted to defer action until July, ? that all fit ? m'-mbd of the council could make a decision. ?j j,,. i, I,t- thi r to change parking on both sides of Pennsyl vania Ave., bet .vn Broad and Bennett fits ft ">! 'he present diagonal system to parallel. More than 25 parking spaeo would be iost if the chatigi were made. At issue, too, but not arousing r.iuch interest, one way ov anoth er, is the proposal to prohibit parking on the south side of Pennsylvania Av , between A-he St! and May St. Both the changes were asked bv the State Highway Commis sion as essential if the State were i to designate an Alternate No. t highway route through Southern Pines. The council hoc' requested that such a route be established, after approving a recommenda tion toi the route from the Town Advertising Committee. When the committee made the i??commendation tor the Alter nate No. 1 route, it was^ not known that the Highway Com mission would stipulate parking changes as a condition for estab lishing the route. The route would use Pennsyl vania Ave, between the No 1 parkway and May St . and May St , north of F< nrmyhnaia Ave taking both northbound and southbound traftic past the Inhu mation Center at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and Broad St. If the Alternate No. 1 were es tablished officially by the High way Commission, it would appear on oil company highway maps This, the Advertising Committee I relieves, would encourage motor ist.-, to visit the town because they j would have a marked route, in and out. At the June meeting, business men presented a petition indica ting unanimous opposition to the , parking change on Pennsylvania [ ) -tweeii Broad and Bennett by business people in that block and o the naif block of Broad noith Pcnns; Ivania. Joe M'vwosanti, Jr.. who pre-? mm <1 the petition to the council | ivst month and spoke for the iner j chants against a change that . wouki decrease parking space on . Pennsylvania, said he had aiso| queried h: customers and found -, ouiy one in 185 who approved the j proposed change to parallel park Jtlg. Councilman John Buggies and Hariy Pethick were absent trom the June meeting Mayor H. S. ..wmg and Councilman Jimmy if ebbs and Fclton C'apel decided j at that time to defer final action i oa the parking matter until the ibsent members could be present. Also on the docket for Tues day's meeting is a public hearing (Continued on page 8) v.? * ? 1 i'lijilis For ( \ ear I Acting under the North Caro- j iina pupiL assignment law. the t Southern Pines city board of eri j ucation has assigned pupils in the ;ehools of Fast and West South ? ern Pines for the coming school \ ear to the same schools that they ? -(?tended during the past school year. All other children will be ?v igned to a school upon n*<(ue ? for admission, when received by the board. Parent ot any child who de sire that the child attend a school other than the one to which he has been assigned roust file a ; ?? written application to the board: of education hefnr. July 25. The 1 application should fee filed through the superintendent of schools, Luthor A. Adams, the law provides. Failure to file such an applica tion. the law states, shall indicate that the assignment by the board of education is satisfactory. HONORED John M. Howarth, left, retiring member and for many years chairman of the Southern Pines city board of education, receive:': from N I/. Hodgkms, chairman of the board, an inscribed silver tray as a gift from the board in recognition of his long service At right is Dr. Villa McLeod, who also retired from the board on June 30, to whom the board >f education had previously presented a silver ice bucket in ret z r ~t~ i i ognition of her service. Both Mr. llowarth {ftid I)r. McLeod alio were presented gifts by the faculty at a dinner meeting held shortly after : school rinsed -a desk pen set for Mr. Howarth and a silver plate for Dr. McLeod. The prcsen- ' tat ion pirtured here took place la<-t Thursday night just before a board ot education meeting at the office of Supt. Luther A. Adams. (Humphrey photo) I Anniversary of (lonscr* ation I)islrict !V1arkr<l S. Vernon Stevens of Broadway Friday night received the 1960 Layman's Achievement Award from the N. C Chapter of the Soil Conservation Such ly Of America. Presentation of the citation came as u surprise feature of the dumei marking the 20th anniver sary of the Upper Cape Fear Soil Conservation District which was 1 elri ,.t the Buffalo Presbyterian church fellowship hull. Robert .f Bowers, ehaiiman of the Lcc county hoard of supervisors, pre sided. Attending the event from Moore County were the three Moore County SCS supervisors, James Fulk (who is also president of the Upper Cape Fear Conservation District), J. Hawley Boole, and Mrs. Poole, and Harold Purvis: also W. K Keller, Moore Countj work unit conservationist, F. D. Allen, county agricultural agent; and T. Clyde Auman. An address by Dr. David S Weaver, Director of the N. C State Extension Service, sketches of the 20-year progress made by the soil conservation district and i recognition of guests highlighted I die dinner which attracted ap - proximately 100 friends of conser vation from Lee, Moore, and Har nett counties. In other action the group on recommendation of Paul Bnr tinger, Sr. instructed the Lee ooard of supervisors to prepare a special resolution praising the long services of Di Hugh Ben iiott, former director U. S. Soil Conservation Service, who lies critically ill in Burlington at Ala mam e Hospital, VV. O. Lambeth. Lumberton, area work unit conservationist, presented the conservation award i to Stevens which read as follow -: (Continued on page 6) Drive for Humeri ( Jiilri (Continues A drive started recently to aid Angela McLean, a little six-year old gn l of Adder who was severe ly burned on Christmas Eve, 1959 < will continue through July, ac cording to Mrs. Felton Capel,; chairman. Donations totaling $200 have hern received from many individ ; uals, churches and organizations.. Merchants throughout the Sand 1 hills have given gifts of clothing or toys and all is greatly apprec ! iated, Mrs Canel said. Angela is still hospitalized but ; is progressing satisfactorily She is hoping to be able to enter school! m the fall, hut if she can't a group of volunteer workers plan to help her v ith her studies. Contributions may be sent to! "Angela McLean Drive." care of 1 Mrs Capel, 1009 W Pennsylvania ! Ave. Southern Pines. QUIET FOURTH Violence took no lives in Moore County, over the long ! July 4 weekend, although IB persons died in traffic acci dents over the state, twice as many as last year. The 19S0 weekend was one day longer than in 1959. Sheriff W. B. Kelly and Police Chief C. E, Newton re ported a quiet weekend in their departments, with no more than routine offenses. A few minor accidents look place on the highways and in towns of the county, but there were no major smash-ups, fatalities or serious injuries. Highwav Safely I )cinoust ration ( ailed Success About 2,100 soft drinks in sn ail cups, along with traffic safety pamphlets, were given to motor ists during the safety project con ducted by the Southern Pines Junior Chamber of Commerce Monday (July 41 afternoon, dur ing the heavy traffic hours of 2 to 5 p m. Paul B. Boroughs, Jr., chairman at the Jaycees committee in charge of the project, said t'.al the reaction of motorists who topped was good. All expressed their appreciation for the refresh ments ardyheir interest in the project, he said. The committee?composed of eight Jaycees and four Jayecttes, members of a recently organized group of wives of Jaycees set up the safety demonstration, with the help of the State Highway Patrol, or, the rorthtxmnd lan^j of b e N<>. 1 highway parkway, north of Southern Pines. A wrecked automobile was pla ed at the site, to attract at tention. in line with the traffic afety theme. Out-of-state motorists were given descriptive material about North Carolina, as well as high way safety literature. The project was rated a success ty the Jaycees, Mr, Boroughs said. i lantpltrll Dinnrr Srt for Tonight Moore Countv civic and religi ons leaders will gather at 7:30 p. n . today at the Jefferson Inn for a dinner meeting in connection with the development program of Campbell College, Boies Creek. Guest speakers will be C. B. Deane of Rockingham, former 8th District Congressman, and C. A. Pitts of Pinchurst. lay evangelist. Tite Rev. C A Kirby, Baptist minister of Carthage, and Willis ' Kivett e.f Southern Pines are co- ! enairrw-r for the meeting. < Commissioners Told Precinct Lines < hihlafed Moo"o county's precinct lines are a network of confusion, a ; hand-me-down from horse and buggy d;.vs. and badly need t; ! be re-drawn, the commissioners i heard in regular session Tuesday ; from Board of Elections Chair- I n an Sam C. Riddle. Riddle said the whoie county 4 needs re-districting, with some j J precincts merged cr divided andt' at least, one eliminated, and that' his board has the authority lo cioj* it except for otto thing: in ai ieast !? three places a needed change i ? would involve changing a towo-i' shin line also which can be dune; only through legislative ac t on ' backed by the commissioner-. i' He specified the three places as the line between McNeill and Sandhill township, dividing the ' Southern Pines community and 1 precinct: and places on the Ben- ? salem and Ritters boundaries ' with Robbins where unnecessary jog- are made. The McNeill-Sandhill line was ' re-drawn recently by R. E. Wick- 1 r on order of the commissioners. * as requested by Southern Pines, lo*accord with the old Morganton ' Road. This old road has now largely disappeared and, instead;! of following the new road, the township line which is also the q precinct lino, touches it only here 1 and there, wan-erin* otherwise through woods, fields and lots, ' Mr. Riddle said. Ho < d a recent questionnaire , had show n that most oi the pro j>if ui u'.i .muuicm pari 01 ine Southern Pines <.omn unity, thus divided foi voting purposes from their neighbors warded 10 vote in M-? V11 ? township and South- ' ern Pines precinct rather than Sandhill and Aberdeen, and he thoinpvi they ought to do it. * To Commissioner Chairman L. ! R. Reynolds' question, "Bui sup ( rose there is somebody who doesn't want to be changed?" ! Riddle answered, Weil, you can't ' hope to please everybody except * a fev politicians." Riddle made no formal request * of the commissioners, but said he wanted them "to be thinking about it." that some day the issue ' might give them "a lot of trouble." Wheroa. a township can con- j tain one or several precincts, he said, thev should not cross the * township line because of possible , contests for the offiies of tun- , -table of justice of the peace. j Where as the township lines are j official, and appear on many j. fContinued on Page R> BOWERS IN HOSPITAL J. Alden (Pee Wee) Bowers of S. Bennett St.. window clerk at the j Southern Pines post office, is at ; Moore Memorial Hospital where t he has been a patient since July 4 when he was taken ill at his j home. lc School Building Bequest* Cut In Moore Budget Setting S I Bate The county commissioners, re taining the county tax rate at 51.35 per $100 valuation, placed t'ufcii estimated budget for P>60 !J1 on file for public inspection Friday, but have no plans to pub- ( Itsh a summary in county papers ?s they have done heretofore. John C Mtise, county auditor, ;aid at the commissioners' meet ing Monday that, his office ?ouldn't get copies ready in time for last week's papers, and that if the budget is published, it should be at the beginning of the 10-day inspection period. He said that, contrary to the popular impression, such publica tion is, not required by lav,', and f anybody wants to see it he can to the register ot deeds office. The budget estimate shows that during 19(10-61 the commissioners will be operating a $1,320,769 business for the citizens of Moore, based on a property valuation of. $50,000,000. Last year the total' was $1,206,023, based on $47,000, 000 property valuation. Amounts allotted to the var . 4 i , t t i.'i - ; ioU5 ttOpci: tut tdob-iu ait.' . follow V General Fund $444,- j 218; revaluation reserve. $17,500; [ health department, $48,310; 'vel farc department, $113,011; poor, $20,000; debt service, $5,362, mak ing a total for all departments other than schools, of $648,701. For the schools?Moore county, Southern Pines and Pinehurst svstems?sums are allocated as , follows: current expense, $294. 196: capital outlay, $345,705; debt service, $32,467. Total. $672,368. Comparing with last year, it is seen that the General Fund esti mate has gone up $26,518, from | 5417,000; health department, up j by only $104, from $48,206; wet- ? fare, by $955, from $112,156; poor, down $7,oGG, from $2?,000; and j debt service, down $238, from' 55,600. For schools, current expense is i estimated up by $8,355 from last j tear's $285,341; capital outlay, up! 570.705 from $275,000; and debt service, down $2,653 from $35,120. Thus, estimated expenses for departments other than schools run higher this year by $38,639; for schools, by $76,397. Sources and estimate- of reven ue show total tax levy expected ,o be around $675,000, but the ,um of $590,626 was employed for ?udget-balancmg purposes, to al ow for uncollectible taxes, col ectors' commissions am. 'axpas-J ?rs' discounts which will cost the ?ount.v an estimated $34,374. Rev ;nue to be obtained from sources ; itbr than the tax levy is listed is $730,143. With the new fiscal year start e.g July 1, and well under way jy*this week's meeting, the corn viissitinera adopted the usual res-; ilution enabling them to do busi- ; icss at the same rate as before j lending adoption of the budget j luly 20. Walls 1 p on Two Now Structures On S. W. Broad Si. Walts arc up and roof work j itartmg on two adjoining buss- j less buildings in the COO block if S. W. Broad St. David MeCallum, owner of the property, of Southern Pines, is rui'.dir.s the two adjoining strue ures. i The larger, 110 by 48 feet, will le leased to Thomasson Furniture . :o? Mr. MeCallum said this week Che smaller 26 by 50 feet, will be iccupied for professional offices iv Col. C. B Foster, now of Fort ; tragg, an ophthalmologist, who is ?xpected to move to Southern hnes and open n practice on com ?letion of his military service. Of brick and block construction, he buildings are located between he former Dictenhofer and Heart - icld brokerage office and the ormer Southern Pines Motor Co. 1 luilding. The Thomasso". Furniture Co. s temporarily located in the for- 1 ner motor company building. The space vacated by the furn- | ture company en N K Broad St. ? now occupied by the N. C. Na ural Gas Co. offices. Mr. MeCallum said that he cx- i iccts the new buildings will be i ompletea in about 90 days. NEW ITEM Only new item in the 1360- t 61 county budget summary is that of $17,500 for revaluation ! reserve. 1 Holding their regular ses sion Tuesday the commission ers explained the property i revaluation is planned for i 1963, and they are preparing s for it by setting s.s id?? 2 rs* seive fund. f 1 he intention is to increase i the reserve year by year, so | when revaluation lime rolls ; around the money will be t lhere. The 1950 revaluation, which took about a year end a half, cost about $65,000. { 1 Plan for < Jianging ; c" ~ I Jaypre (Operations i > Oftorrd to Board A plan to "take the justice of)' the peace out of the position of i' findipg a person guilty, or receiv- f ing no pay." by making him a 1 county employee, paid by and ac countable to the county, was dis- I cussed with considerable interest 1 "by the county commissioners c Tuesday The detailed plan was present- S ed by Charles MacLeod, Carthage . justice of the peace, who asked ( that, if it found favor, it be trans- j lated into legislative action i The commissioners said they would study me plan further and , that on its r-.ce it appeared to t have "much merit." < According to the plan, magis- ; tratcs would be selected in the , same manner as they are now, , but limited to two pe>- township. , with at least one in each incor- ( porated town. These would consti- | tute in effect an arm of the coun- , tv judicial system, on county sal ary, reporting to and audited by ( the county authorities, who could also remove a justice for improper I, conduct of his office. Costs would alt be turned in to the county, and the magistrate ^ would receive from these funds $5 per trial held, regardless of i' whethei the defendant were found : guilty or not guilty. There would. - however, be one magistrate, or j" more if necessary, who would be furnished his office and materials 1 by the county and receive no ad- v ditional return for individual 1 eases. 1 (Jishman Named To Moore County I" In (Ins try (r roup Robert M. Cushmar. of South crn Fines, executive viee-presi- 1 dent of the Amerotron Company. * with offices at Aberdeen, has * bci-n named by the county com missioners as a new member of!{| the Moore County Industrial Do-" veiopment Committee. At their mooting in Carthage 11 Tuesday, the commissioners heard a the animal report of the commit-; tee' work presented b> James p Steed of Robbins, committee chairman. ' Mr. Steed and other members of the committee were reappoint- () ed by the commissioners. They t are D A. Blue, Jr., Ward Hill and t Norris L. Hodgkins, Jr. of South- r ern Pines; Ben Wicks, Aberdeen; s L B. Creath, Pinehurst; E. H. s Mills. Pinebluff; Wilton Brown, a Carthage; H. L. Williams, Rob- s bins; A. G. Edwards, Jr., Vass; a Hayes Harbour, Cameron; Billy Johnson, West End; and Norman Fin vis. Parkwood. tl a iffl 1 fioorr * n i lciais Attend Meeting r C. C. Kennedy, clerk of Moore J County Superior Court, of Car thage, Mrs Kennedy and Mrs. n Rachel Comer, deputy clerk of li :ourt. are attending the annual v [our-dav gathering of North Car olina clerks of court at. New Bern, Wednesday through Saturday ti rhe meeting is sponsored by the i fnsUtute of Government at Chap- H :1 Hill and is designed to help h rlerks of court improve their ser- C r?? g to the people of the state. C J* ,rsi steps toward coti.'Oiiijalinn if high schools, planned by the ?ountv board of education, will ippavently not he taken in <hc text year. The *200,000 the board tad requested to buy land and let the work going was chopped ''-it, along with numerous lesser tens, as the board was iorced to evisc its original budget request - harp I y do w n w a rd Requesting ,t total of 5851,002 or the county schools during fGU 61, tlie board had to trim is requests by nearly half. to 5459.144 on direction of the tourity commissioners. Wasting no energy on fighting. Phillips and Howard Mat hews, board members, with Supt fob'it R I,ce, sought approval *r the county commissioners ruesday for their revised budget, i'ney did not get it immediately rne commissioners said they could study it further and?do jpite efforts of Commissioner W. s. laylor to hold the study on ne spot, whiic the school men ?cere there to answer questions lecided to hold a special meeting ater. T he Southern Pines and Pino aurst city school systems also took cuts in capital outlay n juests in the proposed budget. Southern Pines, asking for 5105,000 to complete and equip ; new wing to the lugh school to he added to $90,000 appr pri ded in the past fiscal year) was .Hotted $72,750 Morris L. Hodgkins, local board if education chairman, said today hat a request has been made for ?nough additional funds to at least ?et started on the construction !'i that three classes of students who will have to chart the school .ear in church facilities next fall 'ouid be moved into the new auilding by about the middle of .ie corning school year. No allotment was mad. to Southern Pines on its request for ill or part nf $175,000 for a West southern Pines high school. Pinehurst received a capital >utlay allotment of $47,250. Supt mv. is Cannon said that $45,000 >f this amount was to be put with >45,000 being held from the past far, to construct a new gvmna iiuiii at Academy Heights school, ['he additional $2,250 is to be ap died on a request for a $7,500 cater- tank needed at the Acade ny Heights plant to meet fire note ction laws. The Pinehurst schools did not vieive a $10,000 request for reno ; lion and equipment of tie cience department at the Pine urst Hrch School. The county's request had been or $610,300 (including the $200, 50 for consolidation) for capital lutlay, and $241,682 for current xpenses. The revised budget list 225.705 in capital outlay and 233,439 current expense. The commissioners asked a few [Uestioiift. indicating special con em with three items?$70,000 oward ar< administrative build ng, shop and garage; $6,000 for county school librarian, and $2, 00 salary supplement for Supt. ,ee. The delegation defended these terr.s. The administration build - ng was a necessity for efficient 1 eration, said Supt. I,ee citing ne fact that his office, those of he supervisors and guidance di ed, >r and the county garage are tailored about in four or five cparate locations; that they lack actuate room and need far more forage space. The shop and gar go, he said, was also important (Continued on page 8) Loral Methodist Pastor Remains The Rev. R. C. Mooney, Jr., mstor of the Southern Pines Jothodi. t Church, was reappoint d to the local church at the an ual meeting of the North Caro ina Methodist Conference last ;eok in Rocky Mount. All other Methodist pastors in loore County were likewise re amed to their charges with the xception that the Rev. Max lichardson was sent to the Rob ins charge from the St. Pauls Jrace churches in Richmond 'ounty.

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