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The pilot. (Vass, N.C.) 1920-current, August 11, 1960, Image 1

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| i-og Ris iis i i fi tp VOL. 40? NO. 38 SIXTEEN PAGES . " : ' --? ? ?? SOUTHERN PINES, N C.. THUKSDAY. AUGUST II. 1M0 ?,vr?*u p.,,r, - . . ? ???? irtt.hS PRICE: 10 CENTS Compromise By Boards Readied In Money Hassle T!"? Moore Count* boaid <>i' ed it ion considered they won a victory in a compromise settle ment this morning at Carthage ? ?Her the arbitration h< aring they ad called against the county commissioners in a budge tary dis put?' was dismissed. The settlement was for S2.185 ?a long way from the $9,900 they had r. ked to b?> transferred from ?ic section of their current ex pense budget to another. But the $2,185 covered the most < ntrovcrsial item a $2,000 sal try supplement for Supt. Robert !i Lee. It also covered a $185 per year increase to be matched <? federal fund for the county hot Is' guidance director, C. F,. Powers. Temporarily foregom were two other items, raises for the cleii < ,d staff of the education office ? id the salary of a library super \ sur They said it was too late anyway to find a librarian for tbi turning school year. As the arbitration hearing op < ed before ClerK of Coun C. C. Kennedy, with both boards ready for an all-day interrogation, M. G. Boyette, counsel for the com missioners, moved for dismissal on the ground the clerk had no jurisdiction. He cited law show lliol arit' ! i 11.?j? o r?1 f o 1 > I 1 i llUll ?.? 1 I J . > f / p I v ? ? I , . i. ? ? ? * V state-paid salary of the superin tendent was a matter exclusively ?for approval or disapproval of the < mmissioners. The clerk, acting as arbiter, allowed the motion. W D. Sabiston, counsel for the h ard of education, gave notice i f appeal to the Superior Court. Both boards then went into pri vate conference. Within a short while the school board made the compromise offer, which the com missioners accepted, ending a con troversy which had built up be tween them since early in June. The stage for this morning's events was set Monday at a joint meeting of the commissi' tiers and the board of education, when their official disagreement over how the $9,900 in current expense funds are to be spent resulted in a dead locked vote that, by law. sent the matter to Clerk of Court Ken nedy for arbitration. At the Monday session, the full membership of the two boards was present: for the commission ers, Chairman I, R. Reynolds and Commissioners Tom Monroe, W. S Taylor, J. M. Pleasants and John Currie; and for the board of ?duration, Chairman J. A. Cul bertson, and Jere McKeithen, Howard Matthews, T. Rov Phillips and Roland Upehurch. The Monday meeting was ad-j ?ourned from the previous Mon day when the commissioners had refused to allow the board of ed V- .. r i <i-C\ i uettiiUli ?> iWjurM vu tiun^ivi *P&r~ MOO in county school current ex pense funds from maintenance to four uses they said were vital to the school program: 1. A $2,000 salary supplement for Supt. R. K. Lec. 2. A $6,000 salary f. ; a school library supervisor; 3. A salary supplement of $185 par year (to be matched by fed eral funds) for C. E. Powers, guid ance director. 4. Increases ave! aging $"??) per > onth for clerical help in the: board of education office. At the meeting this week, the hoard of education offered to drop the request for librarian salary and cut the clerical worker re quest. to an average of about $25 jkt month increase, but the com missioners would not agree Going into executive session, the commissioners then came out with a counter proposal they would allow the board of educa tion to use only $1,000 of the sum as question as tbe\ chose, This the board of education re jected and the two boards found themselves in official disagree ment. The locked vote followed and the matter went to the clerk of court for today's hearing. (Editorials appearing on page 2 of today's Pilot, deal ino with the controversy and other related matters, were written prior to this morning's compromise- settlement that makes possible a requested sa'ary supplement for Supt. Lee.) LITTLE LEAGUE FETED C. L. Dutton of 610 S. Bennett St., veteran coach of Little League teams in former years in Southern Pines and a lifelong baseball tan is pictured (cen ter in striped shirt) presenting trophies to winners and run ners-up in the 1960 Little League championship race during a chicken supper gathering with the local Elks Lodge as host. At Mr. Button's right is Coach Joel Stutts of the winning Car dinals and at his left is Frank Buchan, eoach of the Pirates, runners-up. Boys in the photo include members of the Cardinals 1 and Pirates and also of the other Little League teams, and the Minor League and Pony League teams. On the table art in dividual trophies presented to the Cardinal? (left) and Pirates (right). Gold baseballs for presentation to the playets on the other two Luiie League teams. Hit- Liaves and the Dodgers, had not arrived for the gathering last Wednesday at the Countrv Club. They are now on hand and will be presented soon. About 100 boy? were entertained bj the Elks at the event, many of whom are visiblt in this picture. (Humphrey photo) t IVIovr Hf'triin lo 'Affiliate" With Ton 11 1 n Europe Preliminary plans were made Wednesday morning for partici pation by Southern Puns in the program of "Operation Town Af filiations, Inc.," an organization with headquarters in New York City, to promote 'international people-to-people understanding Frank Warner of Souihern Pines is a mi mber of the board jof directors of the organization land chairman of its New Neigh bors Committee. It is through his efforts that local interest in the [project was aroused. The New York office serves a a clearing house in coordinating [and arranging contact between towns and cities in the United States and town- and cities in Europe. Once such an affiliation is agreed on, the governing heads ; of the towns correspond and con tacts are encouraged between club, church and school groups and individuals in the two towns. A group of interested persons, most of them representing civic organizations, elected officers and (Continued on page 8) Superior Court Term I o Open Monday \l Carthage; Judge P>undy To Preside Judge William J. Bundy of I Greenville, an assigned judge, is j 1 scheduled to preside at a one-; j week term of Moore County Su-' < perior Court, for trial of criminal j 1 case-., opening at the courthouse j 1 in Carthage Monday morning. 1 More than 50 cases are calen dared on the warrant and trial , dockets, of which more than 10 ' are tui traffic law offenses, in- i eluding many appeals from lower courts by defendants charged i with drunken driving. t More than 20 defendants are scheduled to go before the grand jury. | Two of the defendants, in cases ' rousing county-wide interest at the time of their arrests, are charged with assault with intent to commit rape Nathaniel Terry, young West ( End Negro, faces this charge and i t also a charge of burglary in con- ; nection with his entry of the Rob- i ert Conrad home at West End and ; his alleged assault on Mrs. Betty ' Conrad who said she was chased ' out of the house by Terry and 1 attacked in the yard nearby. The other defendant, a Route 1. t Aberdeen, white youth, is accused ' by a Negro woman who told of-' 1 Ficers Rex Venable attacked her but she freed herself by pron is ng to meet him later. Venable ivas committed to a state mental rospital June 30 mid it was not inown here this week if he would >e judged .Jile to stand trial. Of local interest is the ease of fohn Robinson. Negro rt sident of k'oungs Road, who will also go mfore the grand jury. Robinson is charged with per nitting an unauthorized person to irive his automobile and aiding fContinued on Page 8) Bund Pratiice Begins Vug. )."> Regular high school band prac tice will start Monday, August 15, it 10 a. m., William McAdams, >and director, said this week. The sessions will be held each lay. Monday through Friday, at he band room in the high school, tntil the opening of school. The municipal summer recrea ion band program, of which Mr. McAdams is in charge, will con inue through Friday, August 20. Sandhill Tennis Tourney Slated to Begin Tod av r Sain Daniel of Leaksville, top seeded in the 12th annual Sand hill Invitational tennis tourna ment starting here today, may be hard put to hang on to his thrice won crown With finals in all events set for Sunday, both defenders -Daniel and Mrs. Raymonds Jones of Fort Bragg?fact- topnolch com petition. Entries listed from both Carolmas, Geoigia, Virginia and j Tennessee include some familiar sta>-s as well as bright luminaries whose quality is as yet untested here, though their fame has pre ced ?! them. Daniel is fresh from his victory] at the Piedmont Closed held av Greensboro last week-end ? his latest in a string of wins all over the South. Among challengers are the No. 2 seed Ed Hudgins of Greensboro; No. 3, Malcolm Clark of Southern Pines and No. 4. Charlie Shaffer, Jr.. of Chapel Hill. Shaffer, too, has a new scalp on his belt. Just emerging into men's play after virtual doini (Contirued on page 8) Body of Mrs. Boggs Exhumed Today; Bullet is Recover*, a i tie hotly ot a woman some two months dead, found in a tumble down house at Manly Saturday, July 30, was exh med this morn ing from a grave in the Doubs Chapel Church cemetery in an intensive search for more clues as to the cause of death. The body was returned to the grave before noon, after an autopsy. The county commissioners on Monday authorized the expendi ture of funds for the exhumation tion of the remains of Mrs. Evelyn Boars 41, on request of the sher iff's department. A brotln r of Mr-. BogpSi, cooperating with the officers in their continuing in ve.digation. agreed to sign the exhumation order. Deputy Sheriff J. A. Lawrence, handling the investigation, said that all available scientific meth ods are being emploiid in trying W> m-termine if the woman com mitted suicide or was murdered. The pistol bullet, which showed up in the chest region bv X-ray, was recovered during today's an topsy performed h> Dr. P P Green, pathologist of Moore Memorial Hospital. Because of the decomposed con dition of the body, an autopsy performed before Mrs. Boggs's burial July 31 was inconclusive Two men are tieing held in jail for questioning?her husband Henry Boggs, a f< rmer mental hospital patii t; and an admitted iformer lover of the woman. i - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsmmmmmmtatmrnKBimim MURDER OR SUICIDE??Photo at left shows the aban ' p.CHi, dilapidated house where the body of Mrs. Evelyn Bon: was found several weeks after she died of a bullet wi und. Window at left is to the room where the body was found en a bed. The door from the rotted-out norch leads to a centra! null At right is window of room where a note in Mrs. Bogg's hand writing was found accusing a 26-year-old local man, now be ing held in the Moore County jail, of having shot her. She was pregnant when she died. At thr> rear of the house are two other rooms. The whole house, where Mrs. Boggs had lived orno months m o hut not Immediately prior to her death, is in an advanced state of disrepair. In the photo at right, two of the investigating officers, SRT Agent Gary Griffith, left, and Deputy Sheriff J. A. Lawrence, are pictured going through the contents of a pocketbook found in the house. It. contained snap shots, letters and 35 cents. Other letters and a few personal possessions were found scattered around. The house is located a half mile north of the Midland Road intersection on the unpaved road that is a continuation of N. W. Broad St. (Photos by V Nicholson. I (0111 inissionrrs ( Hi;iv * Start of Airport Work In actions taken at a speciatf meeting in the courthouse at Car-j lhage Monday, the county com- i j mi -iont i s gave a strong push for ! I ward to the Pinehurst-Southern | [Pines Airport improvement pro gram. The board authorized the Air port Committee to sign a con j ?? tract v th the Southern Mapping and Engineering Co. of Green - born j . make the needed engi neering studies for the $115,000 runway extension and paving pro ject Half of the cost of extending the runway to -4 500 fret and pav ing the runway will be borne by the federal government. Gordon Cameron of Pinehurst and J. E. Sandlin of Southern Pines, Airport Committee rnem her, appearing before the com missioners, als.< asked the board for funds up to $5,200 for land purchase, and easements to ob tain the required land in and a roiutd the runway project site Tt e government also is paying half of this cost. Mr. Cameron said that easments have already been tentatively obtained on all the land except three tracts at the south end of the project The engineering fee. Mr, Cam eron told the commissioners, will be six per cent of the contract price, plus "extras." The county owns the airport and operates it under contract. Schools Faculty +> Vniiomiccd: New Teachers Named Al! administrative and teach-1 ing positions in the Southern! Pines schools have "oeen filled witn i jthe exception of two teachers in! the West Southern Pines units, j Supt. Luther A. Adams said this! week. There are nine new teachers in the Fast South* in Pines schools and one in West Southern Pine ,, with two more to be appointed, I us of this week Information about the new : teachers appears following the faculty lists for nil the schools: ; EAST SOUTHERN PINES Elementary Miss Mary Jane Prillaman. Mrs. Alice Caddell. Mr; Betty Foushee, fdst; Mrs. Faye Worsham, Mrs. Jean Bennett, Mrs Jean Wallace, second; Miss Peggy Blue. Mrs. Ed la Wicker, Mrs, Penelope Broughton, third; Miss Margaret Frye. Miss Hilda McConneU, Mrs. Jean Jenkins, fourth. Mrs. Grace F rrior. Mrs. Dolus Wilson. Mrs W C. Callaway, fifth; Miss Kay Buico, Mrs Eva Frye, Mrs Ruth Deaton, sixth: Junior High Miss Margaret Brewer, Miss Edwina Rookes. Mrs. Jane Me Phaul, Ralph Foushee. Mrs Eliza beth Adam, John Williams. Don Moore principal; Miss Mary Logan, music super (Continued on page 8) Foolhall Practice To Start Monday Southern Pines High School. football practice will start Mon day, Coach Billy Mcgginson an nounced today. The new coach, who comes here from Mount Holly High School in Gaston County, asked that all high school boys interested in playing football meet at the high school building at 9 a. m. Monday for a conference on plans for the coming season. Practice sessions will be held cat h day early in the morning and ' late in the afternoon, wiih about an hour and a half for each -cs i sion, Megginson said. miiv iSi'iHiiiam.21. Held in Shooting (H \\ aiir Munens Wade Maness. 41 -year-old far mer of near Carthage, is in Moore Memoi ml Hospital in serious con dition and his nephew Billy Need ham, 21. who makes his home with the Maness family, is being held in Moore County jail charged with shooting him, according to the sheriff's department. Though gravely wounded, Man ess was reported still living at the hospital this morning. He was shot Saturday morning. Needham has been charged with felonious assault but has been denied bond and the char ges are being help open pending Manes,' condition Said Chief Deputy Sheriff li. H Grimm, "Maness received the full blast from a shotgun in his side at a range of five or six feet." Manes was able to give his version clearly, Grimm reported. He told the officer he had come into the house to find his nephew drunk and creating a disturbance, and tried to quiet him down. Bil ly's response was to grab the shot gun and fire at close range. Arrested later Saturday, Billy admitted the -hooting but said it happened "in a scuffle over the gun." He is under a suspended sentence in Moore Recorders Court. Maness, married and with sev eral children, i- a respected far mer on land belonging to Dr. Co lin G. Snenoer of Carthage Lions Announce ("liicken Supper T?? Aid Projects Plans for a chicken rupper? raise funds for their community service projects- were announced today by South* rrt Pines Lions The club's supper will lie held at the outdoor cook-out area at the Southern Pines Counirv Club, Wednt dav. August 24, from 5:30 to 7.30 p rn Joe Marley, club president, said there v, ill he free home delivers of box suppers for those ordering them and that suppers can ai-o bo picked up at the Country Club, i Walter Harper will bo in charge 'of the food preparation. Similar suppers staged by the club in the past have been most successful. Moore Hows \\ in (iame at Sail ford | The Moore County Little Tar Heel League baseball team beat Wilmington 1-0 in its first contest 1 at the state league playoffs in Sanford last night. I The Moore team faces Greens boro at 9 o'clock tonight in their second game of the playoffs at Dalrymple Field. There's a photo ar.d more about I the Moore County team on page i is.

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