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The Smithfield herald. (Smithfield, Johnston Co., N.C.) 188?-current, May 24, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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THE HERALD, NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. arc< >py for cliauscK in advertise Meets muil vie received by 2 o'clock p. m. Wednesday, or the change will not be made until the next week. This rule arlll be strictly observed. Business Locals inserted at 5 cents pet ?Hae tirst insertion and 2} cents per line ;-ach succeeding insertion. Rates for display ads made known on application. Friday, May 24, 1901. TOWN AND COUNTY. ?Holt Haulwareand Buggy Co. ?Rev. Chas. A. Fetter will preach in Sanders Hall next Sun day night. ?We will give a full account of the commencement exercises in our issue of next week. ?A great many visitors arrived yesterday to attend Turlington Institute commencement. ?Quite a large number of peo ple front Dunn arrived yesterday to attend commencement. ?The address of Dr. (ieo. T. Winston will be delivered at the Institute this afternoon at 4:15 j o'clock. ?The next meeting of the Zig zag Club will be held with Miss Bertha Stevens next Monday evening. ?Don't forget the alumni meet ing this afternoon at three o'clock. James A. Wellons, Esq., will deliver the address. I limn 11 unco Hon,! *,/?<?! I a uc I'uiui i'i ann imuiw ill i i? ru yesterday. This band has been { ?engaged to make music at the ?commencement exercises to-day. j ?The negro, Hardy Ilunter, ?who has had smallpox here has entirely recovered and has been discharged from care of the phy- j sician. ?M r. W. L. Woodall will in the next few weeks begin work on a twenty-foot addition to his al ready large store on Market street. ?The Dunn and Selma teams [ crossed bats here yesterday on the Terlington Institutegrounds. The Dunn boys were the victors, the Score standing 12 to 7. ?Perhaps all our readers have heard the expression, "scarce as hen's teeth." On another page of this paper will be found the story of how Miss Hen lost her teeth. ?For the benefit of all those who are interested in State Pen sions we publish in full on the first page of this paper the new pension law passed by the last legislature. ?The Sydnor Pump and Well Company have just completed boring a 4% inch well for the new hotel. The well is about 75 feet deep and will furnish a bounteous supply of good pure water. ?Dr. John I. Hocutt, of the Emit section arrived yesterday to attend commencement. Dr. Hocutt has just returned from Durham where he has been at- i tending the annual meeting of the State Medical Society. ?The excessive rains this week have thrown the farmers badly ] behind with their work. General Oreen has gained much headway ' .-and if the weather clears off and ' the sun shines bright a battle ' royal will be waged for the next 1 few days. * I ?There were 104 applicants | before the State Hoard of Medical. Examiners at Durham this week, f Two withdrew, 25 were refused ? license while 7(5 were successful. ' Among the successful ones we ' note two Johnston county boys: j( fl. P. I'nderhill, of Selma, and 1 John I. Hocutt, of Emit. ! I ?Another case of smallpox was f discovered here last Saturday. r The victim, June Holden, con- t tracted the disease from Hardy r Hunter the negro who first had r it. All care and precaution have; f been taken and the authorities fear no spread of the disease. Nearly all the inhabitants of the town have been successfully vac cinated thus making it impossi ble for the disease to spread. ?The contract for the new t hotel has been awarded to Messrs. v Rand & Stephenson. Mr. W. P. li Rose, of llaleigh, is the architect. 1 The hotel will contain 26 rooms, b besides offices and sample room h and three store rooms. It will r be a handsome building three n stories high, fronting 100 feet on F Market street and 60 feet on c Second street. Brick are being d placed on the ground and the fc work is to be pushed as rapidly s bs possible. g ?'There is a big freshet in Neuse river. It is now running over the enhankinent bevoinl the bridge here, and steadily rising. ?1Quite an interesting meeting of t lie Fortnightly Hook Club was held Monday evening at the home of Miss Flossie A bell. The < lub will meet next with Mrs..1.1). Spiers on Mondav evening, dune 3rd. ?Capt. It. II. Mc(i aire, the large wrapper buyer on our market, informed us Wednesday that he had finished setting out his to bacco crop (?) and now has a per fect stand. Capt. McUuire says he has been somewhat delayed owing to the lateness of the spring and the smallness of the plants but that he hopes to raise wrap pers that will bring GO cents a pound. Worthy of the Man and the Occasion. Hon. John C. Scarborough, President of Chowan Baptist Female Institute. Murfreesboro, writing to the Biblical Recorder of the College and its recent com mencement, has the following to say of our townsman who deliv ered the literary address: The address of Hon. Edward W. Pou on "The True Aristocrat of the Twentieth Century" was worthy of the man and the occa sion. 'Phe commencement was the equal of the best in the history of the Institute within the knowl edge of the writer, and Mr. Pou's address was equal to the best in the commencement. The audience thoroughly enjoyed it, approved its teachings and frequently gave to the eloquent speaker's words ontbiiuiootio onnlonoA Tlx, vutuuoiliotlt IXI'I'l t* li nc ? 1 1H" young women wno heard the ad dress will be the better prepared, by hearing it, to take anil hold the place given them by the speaker in the work of the Twen tieth Century. May the Lord bless the young Congressman and give him a great work to do for the century and the people who are to live in it. KENLY NEWS. Dr. G. A. Hood left Sunday to spend a few days at home. Mrs. II. H. Alford is visiting relatives at i'arkton, N. C. M iss Nicy Ilichardson has gone to Haleigli to visit relatives for a j few weeks. Miss Katie Harden, of Little River Academy, is visiting her sister, Mrs. R. A. Hales. Misses Lela Wat kins and Bessie | Martin made a visit up in the j Buckhorn neighborhood Friday j evening, reporting a very pleas ant tijne. Mr. Rosco Barnes, of Washing ton, N. C., who has been sick for several weeks, we are glad to say is rapidly convalescing, and is here spending a few days with his father, Mr. E. G. Barnes. It is a pleasure to have Mr. Rosco with us. The burglars made a raid on our little town Monday night, breaking into the houses of Messrs. R. H. Alford, Jesse Kirby and Rev. J. W. Nobles, taking several useful utensils and silver ware, a bicycle from Mr. Alford. The thief has not been found. The Kenly Academy commence ment is rapidly approaching and we are glad so much interest is taken in it. We are sure from all indications it will be a decided success and hope a large and ap preciative audience will be present to enjoy the treat that is in store for tliern. We witnessed a very interesting rame of ball here last Saturday welling between theLucama anil Kenly Academy teams. The Lucama boys are splendid play >rs but they forgot how to play vhen the "K. A." ball busters :heir first ining. The K. A. played bovs played (juick and snappy jail and the game was easily won. rhe game was with them from he first; they made few errors, rhe score stood (5 to 18 in favor i )f the K. A. ball busters. The nist.ers have not lost but one Came this spring. i M. Quad. Flood at Asheville. 1 Asheville, N. C., May 22.?No rains have come in or left Ashe ille since yesterday. The main i ine of the Southern railway to < Cnoxville on the west and Salis-: - >ury on the east, is blocked by andslides caused by the recent i aiue. It is said schedules will - ot be resumed east across the Hue Rid^e before Friday. News i oming in from the mountain 1 istricts indicate, heavy losses \ o farmers along the small treams by the destruction of towing crops. c PERSONAL. Mr. N. M. Lawrence, Jr., went to Graham Sunday. W.S.Stevens, l'.sq., made a trip to Ilaleip;h yesterday. Miss Kva Pascbal, of Gieenleaf, is visiting Miss Itosu Peacock. Mitt- Kate Pulghum.ot Wilson, is visiting the family of Mr. 11. II. McGuire. Dr. Geo. J. Robinson attended the State Medical Society at Dur ham this week. Mr. F. II. Brooks returned Tuesday from a trip to Durham and Chapel Hill. Misses Dixie Moore, of Ral eigh, is here, the guest of Miss Rertha Stevens. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Pittman, of Dunn, arrived yesterday to at tend commencement. Mr. W. Gordon Weeks, of Spring llojie, arrived yesterday to at tend commencement. Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Ragsdale spent Sunday with Mrs. Rags dale's aunt at Newton Grove. Mrs. W. It. Long and Mrs. Marticia Sunders are visiting friends and relatives in Raleigh. Messrs Victor Moore and Allison, of Raleigh, arrived yes terday to attend commencement. Mr. Larry Lucas, of Lucama, the father of Mrs. J. D. Royett, is here to attend commencement. Miss Addie McKinne, of Prince ton, arrived yesterday to attend commencement. She is the guest of Miss Mutlie Woodall. Misses Mamie and Lossie Davis, of Lucama, are here to attend commencement. They are the guests of Mrs. J. D. Hoyett. Mr. and Mrs. .1. J. Cook, Mr. Loyd Wade and his sister, Miss Myrtle, and Miss Laura Pope, of Dunn, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Wade. Mr. and Mrs! I). L. Godwin and children, of Kenly, are here to at tend commencement. They are the guests of Mrs. Seth Woodall, Mrs. Godwin's mother. Stops the Cough an J WorkS off the Cold Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tab lets cure a cold in one day. No Cure, no Pay. Price 25 cents Heard the Telephone. Ting-a-ling-ling. "Hello! Who is that?" "Pompev, Squash and Pat, who wish to speak to the people of Johnston county over the phone." "All right, what number do you want?" "No. 500." Ting-a-Ling-ling. "Hello! Who is that?" "It is Pornney, Squash and Pat. We wisn to inform every body that we are now at Wat son's, the peanut man, for the purpose of closing out his entire stock of goods at cost for the purpose of repairing and reno vating his store, so we can lay in a new stock by the first of Sep tember. Then we'll turn the lion and tiger loose." A large stock of Summer Coats, extra length, at Gran-! tharn, Austin & Co.'s. FOR 40 YEARS. Dr. Worthington's Southern Remedy has been sold on a strict guarantee to cure cramps, colic,! cholera, cholera morbus, diar rlxea, dysentery and all pains of j the bowels and has stood the test.' Price 25c. at Hood Bros. HOUSES FOR RENT. Mr. Spiers' seven-room house j recently occupied by Prof. Parker is for rent. A good well of water and a very desirable place. Beaty & Holt, Smithfield, N. C. L. M. Reynolds' fine shoes are sold by Grantham, Austin & Co. Arrow Brand Collars and Cuffs at Grantham, Austin & Co.'s. The Best 10c coffee in the world at N. B. Snipes & Bro., Selma, N. C. Grantham, Austin & Co. carry v larpe line of Gents' Furnishing Jooas. Grantham, Austin & Co., sell ?eady-made clothing. The Smithfield Hardware Co. rants to buy 500 pounds nice iams and 506 dozen eggs. They rill pay highest market price. The Herald and Home & Farm >ne year for fl.25. SPECIAL BARGAINS. Just received 10 dozen $1.00 shirts to sell at 85 cents each. 10 dozen 75 cent shirts to sell at 50 cents each. Grantham, Austin & Co. I have two good mules for sale. W. M. Sanders. 1 i PARIS GREEN. Lowest prices in 5tb and larger < quantities. See me before you | I buy if you want to save money. Allen Lee, Druggist, . Smitlifield, N. C. Large line of Fancy Shirts may j be seen at the store of Grantham, ' Austin & Co. | Tilhurrnl 'hir Spravers are lwuuul sure death* to To- , bacco Worms and Potato Hugs. , Price 50 cents. J Holt Hakwaue and Buggy Company, |U/Anmc Smithfield, N. C. IW<M : Three cars hay, two cars corn , and one car oats in stock. Also fresh meal and flour. Try my { molasses. It is the very oest. W. M. Sanders. ; We have commenced work at I brick yard and will have plenty ' brick soon. W. M. Sanders. ' Grantham, Austin & Co. sell Hay, Corn and Feedstuff. ? Nice Tennessee M ules and Horses for sale cheap, for cash, or on time at Gardner's Stables. W. R. LONG. Battle Axe shoes at Grantham, Austin & Co.'s. Cotter, Underwood & Co. will have on hand fertilizers for to bacco and cotton all during the season. Gents, when you wish to buy a nice spring dress suit, summer coat, fine pair pants, nice straw or fur hat, and fine shoes at rock bottom prices call on W. G. Yel vington. c?nom^?'^c"^vlHots stock to next season we are now offering all Gotton Hoes at cut prices. Holt Hardware rii| and Hugoy Co., dpiffc VUI Smithfield, N. C. Yl lua Large stock Straw Hats at ' Grantliam, Austin <k Co.'s. Ladies, remember VV. G. Yel vington's store is the place to buy your nice dress goods, and fine trimmed hats cheap. Give him a call before you buy. 1 i Hon. M. W. Itansom, Ex. U. S. Senator from North Carolina ' says: I take very great pleasure in recommending Dr. Worthing- ' ton's Remedy. Dr. Worthington was a gentleman of eminent skill in his profession. Ihaveobserved for thirty years the effects of his medicine. It is my duty to state ( that it has proved an almost in fallible remedy. Price 25c. at Hood Pros. if you want good Cook Stoves at very low prices, go to Snipes Bros., = Selma, N. C. Car of Patent and Straight Flour just arrived. Cotter, Underwood & Co. I have used I)r. F. E. White's. Worm and Condition Powders as a blood purifier for horses. It improves the appetite, fattens the horse, expels worms and P gives a glossy coat. Polie Gardner. Guaranteed and sold by Allen '' Lee, Druggist, Smithfield, N. C. I | $1500 Worth of Belting ? y (GUM, LEATHER, COTTON, AND GANDY) S S JUST RECEIVED. jS * 5 * VB IfTTf V We also have in stock the largest and most VI |f T^l^T "5 W II II I I I complete line ever seen in this section of the II I I & I tj j5 I1JI II | State, of pi]?e, packing, pipe fittings, valves, II | II S IUI II I laces, belt rivets, cylinder and inachineoil, etc. U LJ II J3 J |ll|l|l| We buy in large quantities and can sell mill ? I ? II r? Jl IUI I II | men their suppliesas low as they can be bought I | | I Q * 1I111JU an>vwhere- IIIJUII J || noil Hardware and Bnggg Co., I * SMITHFIELD, IN. C. X Look! dixih l'l.ows 88c Each =VA/e- Sell Hardware and Furniture Regardless of Cost. Our Furniture is made in Dunn and we can aave you the fielght. We carry the largest line of Kubber, Oandy and Leather Belting. Engine anil Mill Supplies In this part of North Carolina, and can fill your orders promptly. Write us for price* Dunn Hardware and Furniture Company, DU IN IN. N. G. | Know a Tree by |f 1 The Fruit it Bears- g & The people know the fruits of the prescriptions tilled, and the A medicine bought, at Ilood Brothers' Drug Store and purchase ' ? jj th ir goods there, where they get the purest drugs that can be A K* bought and the most prompt attention that can be rendered. fl For the Best Cold Drinks j ixz Come to fur fountain Soda Water, Sherbets, Lemonades, i I Hffi Limeades, and many others- We also keep Fishing Tackle, ] ; SX Stationery, Toilet Articles, Fresh Candies, &c. - > |j HOOD BROS,, Druggists, | Corner Marke and 3d Sts, Smithfield, N. C. WE SELL R&G CORSETS Every woman|knows what the R & G Corset is. It is the corset of com fort with the essence of style. It is he only corset that Will Not, Cannot, and Does Not Stretch. [f you buy an R & G corset, that does stretch, or prove unsatis factory in any way, bring it back to us and we will give you i new one. We have in stock the famous No. 397, Moderately Straight Front, ivhich is popular with most women who do not demand an ex ;reme straight front. Those who do will find it in the new straight front shewn in our illustration. We Sell No. 397 for $1. )UR CORSET STOCK IS LARGE AND WELL SELECTED. W. L. WOODALL. Smithfield, N. C. The Herald and Home and Farm, The Greatest Southern Farm Paper for SL25. * The Herald and the National Magazine for $1.50. These are excellent offers and our subscribers who wish to secure lenty of Rood reading should take advantage of them at once. Wtake To advantage of these offersTHE HlRAMmust be yaid ur one year in advance. THE HERALD, Smithfleld, N. C.

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