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The Smithfield herald. (Smithfield, Johnston Co., N.C.) 188?-current, March 05, 1918, Page 5, Image 5

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The Smithfield Herald Published Every TuesJay and Friday. WATCH YOUR LABEL. No receipt will be sent for subscrip tion. Each subscriber is asked to watch the little yellow label on his paper. If the label is not changed within three weeks after remittance is made, the subscriber should notify us. Watch your label. NOTE. ? All correspondents should remember that we pay no attention to communications without tho writ er's name. If you write every day be ?ure to enclose your name each time. Address all matters for publication to The Smithfield Herald, Smithfield, N. C. PERSONAL AND LOCAL. Hear Sergeant Beveridge at the Court House tonight. * * * Mr. I. G. Hinnant, of Selma, was in to see us Saturday. ? ? ? Mrs. E. S. Wade is spending sever al days with friends in Raleigh. * * * Mr. Frank Davis, of Wilson's Mills, was in the city Sunday afternoon. ? ? ? Dr. Farquard Smith, cf Dunn, was in the city with relatives last week. m * m Mrs. A. M. Sanders returned from Kinston and Princeton Saturday afternoon. ? * * Messrs Willie Eldridge and C. F. Thornton, of Meadow township, were in town Saturday. m m m Mrs. J. W. Foster and her daughter, Miss Annie, of Selma section, were in the city Saturday. * * * Mr. A. B. Hood, of the Hood's Grove section, spent Saturday in the city on business. + w m Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Marrow spent the week-end in Henderson with Mr. Marrow's parents. ? * * Miss Bessie Ogburn, of Duke, spent the week end here, the guest of * Miss Vara Smith. * ? ? Mr. J. Arthur Narron left Satur day for Charlotte to resume his stu dies in Horner School. ? ? ? Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Beaty, of the Wilson's Mills section, were in town Saturday for a few hours. ? ? ? Mrs. W. H. Sanders left Friday for Raleigh to visit her sister, Mrs. A. T. Mial and Mrs. J. R. Walton. ? ? ? The Red Cross meeting will be held Thursday afternoon in the Wo man's Club Rooms at two o'clock. * * ? Mr. J. W. Setzer and wife spent Sunday at Kinston at the home gf Mrs. Setzer's cousin, Mr. Verner Hill. ? ? ? Miss Elizabeth Kelly, of the State Department of Education, Raleigh, spent Saturday and Sunday here with friends. ? ? ? Mr. Geo. Sanders, one of our sol dier boys, arrived Friday to visit relatives for ten dSys in and around the city. # * * Miss Roberta Coxe, fifth grade teacher in Turlington Graded School, spent the week-end with friends in Rocky Mount. * ? ? Mr. E. P. Thompson, of Smithfield Route No. 2, was in to see us Satur day and renewed his subscription to February 15, 1919. ? m m m Dr. J. Y. Joyner, State Superinten dent of Education, was here yester day in conference with the County Board of Education. ? ? * Miss Roberta Powell spent the week-end with her sister, Miss Ger trude Powell, and Miss Corinna LeMay Sanderg. ? ? ? Misses Hazel Gillett and Helene Ives and Messrs. Kenneth Parrish and Everett Thornton made a visit to friends in Raleigh Sunday. * * * Mrs. Ed. A. Holt and little daugh ter, Julia, of Princeton, arrived Satur day to spend a week with her par ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Sanders. * * * Misses Edna Taylor and Helen Sheppard, teachers in Turlington Graded School, spent the week-end with Miss Taylor's parents in Golds boro. . * * * Mrs. Battle A. Hocutt, of Clayton, was in the city Sunday afternoon with her brother, Mr. H. D. Elling ton, who has been ill for several days. ? ? ? Mr. Z. L. LoMay, Mrs. C. B. Wil liamson, Mrs. T. W. LeMay and chil dren, Virginia Williamson and Zoe LeMay, spent Sunday afternoon near Knightdale at the home of Mr. Bailey Williamson. Mr. Harold T. Withrow has arrived to begin the rehearsals for "Fi Fi in Toyland " ? ? ? Mr. J. E. Atkinson, one of The Her ald's good subscribers who lives on Kenly, Route No. 2, was in town yesterday and renewed for another year. * ? ? Miss Nellie Hood Grimes left Saturday for the Hood's Grove sec tion to spend this week w?ith her prandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hood. * * * Mis3 Lizzie Hyman left Monday morning for her home in Richmond after several weeks stay in the city the guest of her sister, Mrs. Lee San ders. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Burwell McDaniel and E. B. Jr., and Mr. Marvin Taylor, of Jones County, spent the week-end with Mr. McDaniel's sister, Mrs. C. R. Turner. * * * Rev. R. R. Lanier who recently moved from Durham to Selma will preach at Live Oak next Sunday afternoon filling the regular appoint ment there. * * * Wanted, 10 representative men and ten representative women in every township in Johnston County to hear Governor Bickett in Smithfield Satur day, March 16. ? ? ? Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Austin and Margaret Lee and Bill Joe Austin, Misses Annie Peacock and May Moore and Mr. Hugh Austin spent Sunday in Rocky Mount. * * * Mr. W. M. Holt, of Boon Hill town ship, was in to see us yesterday and renewed his subscription to August 21, 1919. We appreciate such mani festations of confidence in The Her ald and its management. * * * Mr. Ira W. Medlin, who is doing Y. M. C. A. work at Fort Moultrie, near Charleston, S. C., is here today. He went to New Bern yesterday to stand examination for military service be fore the Exemption Board of Craven County. * * * The County Board of Education in session here yesterday decided to hold a County-wide school tax election, perhaps sometime in April. The need for more money for the public schools is so pressing that some way must be found to secure it. ? ? * Mr. W. F. Grimes and three chil dren, John, Millie and Mattie Lee, and Mr. J. S. Ogburn, attended the funeral of Mr. R. I. Ogburn, near Angier, Sunday. Mr. C. II. Johnson and Mr. W. T. Adams also attended Mr. Ogburn's funeral. ? * * A large number of people have sent us pictures of soldier boys. We are having cuts made of these and as soon as we can we are returning these pictures. No one should be ' come impatient because the pictures are not returned at once. It takes some time to get the cuts made. All pictures will be returned in due time. * * * Sergeant John Beveridge, of Mon treal, Canada, a Canadian soldier, who has seen much service in the army "over there," and was wound ed nine times in action, will arrive on the 1:30 train today, and speak to night in the Court House on his war experiences. Every person in the community should hear this gentle man tell of the storm and stress of life in the trenches and on the firing line. w ? ? During the last part of last week Chief of Police Turner took charge of three young negroes who were stopping over at Smithfield and Saturday night had them sent to Camp Lee at Petersburg, Va., to be come soldiers. One of them gave his name as Claude Blake, of Lenoir County, and another as Charley Brin son, of Duplin County. Mr. Turner took charge of them under the va grant law. ? w ? The Executive Committee of the War Savings Campaign in Johnst(^ County is called by Chairman Rags dale to meet upstairs in the Court House in Smithfield next Saturday, March 9, at 11 o'clock. It is of the utmost importance that every mem ber of the committee be here that day to help plan for the success of this great movement. It is a patri otic duty to attend and no one should permit anything of an ordinary na ture to keep him from this meeting. Enjoyable Camp Supper. Last Friday evening some of the teachers of Turlington Graded School gave a camp supper in honor of Miss Roberta Coxe's ? th birthday. The teachers present were: Misses Ro berta Coxe, Helen Sheppard, Stella Lee Rutherford, Lucile Spears, Edna Taylor, Virginia Puckett, Mattie Wel lons, Celeste McEachem, Irene Myatt ' and Ruth Jones. The young men present were Ed. Woodall, George Rag3dale and John Grimes. y BOYS GO TO CAMP JACKSON. Another Hunch of Young Men from Local Exemption Hoard Nubmer Two Called into Service. The following young men, a part of the first quota, were sent off to Camp Jackson yesterday by Local Exemption Hoard Number Two, Selma: Hubert C. Jones, Wilson's Mills. M. T. Boykin, Kenly, N. C. Ira Boykin, Kenly, N. C. John Raper, Kenly, N. C. James R. Oliver, Smithfield, R. 2. David L. Boyett, Kenly. Elijah Stancil, Selma. Jasper J. Boyett, Selma. Edwin G. Sanders, Wendell. Ray P. Whitley, Princeton. Erastus Price, Selma. John M. Spivey; Kenly. M. Vick Avera, Selma. James H. Johnson, Clayton. By than Willoughby, Princeton. Josiah Barnes, Clayton. Millard Starling, Selma. Fred Holloman, Selma. Will Rackley, Kenly. Willie H. Pittman, Kenly. William Johnson, Four Oaks. These are the first men to be sent off in sometime by Local Board No. Two. Others will be sent from time to time until all of the first quota is filled. This is one of the finest bunches of young men sent to Camp from this county. They went off in high spirits all determined to do their part to put an end to German frightfulness. Merchants Here Yesterday. A great many of the merchants of Johnston County met here yesterday to go over the food situation in re gard t > dour, sugar and meat. Judge Brooks, the County Food Administra tor, had the promise th^.t some mcm ber of the State Food Administration would be present to discuss the ques tions before the merchants at this time. But at the last minute it was found that no one of them could come. Judge Brooks spoke of the problems and explained them to the people and appealed to the patriotic merchants of the county to aid in every way in carrying on the conservation work of the Food Administration. Fifty Soldiers From One Church. It is said that fifty young men have gone from the Raleigh Baptist Tab ernacle church to the war. This is quite a large contribution and no doubt but that these young men are greatly missed from the Tabernacle congregation. Negro Teachers to Meet Friday. Dr. C. F. Meserve, President of Shaw University, and Mr. N. C. New bold Siute Agent for the Rural Schools, will be here next Friday to attend a conference of the Negro teachers of this County which will be held at the Colored Training School. They will both deliver addresses at night. The white citizens of the town are invited to hear these distinguish ed educators. Judge Brooks, County Food Ad minstrator, will also address the ne gro teachers at noon on the food question. At the afternoon session Mr. T. S. Ragsdale, County Chairman will speak to the colored people on the Thrift and War Savings Stamps. Prof. Royall, County Superintendent, and Miss Anderson, Assistant Super intendent, will adress the teachers on different phases of the school work. Meeting of Woman's Club. The regular monthly meeting of the Woman's Club will be held at the Club room Wednesday afternoon, 3:30, March 6th. It is time for the election of officers. All who are in arrears for dues will please come prepared to pay up. A full atten dance is urged. ON E TWO-HORSE FARM FORI rent. Good land and good build ings. Six miles from Smithfield. ! J. C, Stancil, Smithfield, N. C. THE SMITHFIELD MARKET. Cotton 25 to 32 Cotton Seed 1.00 to 1.05 Wool 20 to 30 Eggs 25 to 30 Fat Cattle 6 to 7 Corn per bushel 1.75 to 2.00 | C. R. Sides 30 to 32% Feed Oats 1.20 to 1.25] Fresh Pork 20 to 22% Hams, per pound 30 to 32 % Lard 27% to 32% Timothy Hay 2.00 to 2.25 Cheese per pound 35 Butter, per pound 40 Meal 4.75 to 5.00 Flour per sack 6.00 to 6.25 Coffee per pound 1R to 2f Cotton Seed Meal 2.75 to 2.85 Cotton seed hul?? 1.00 Shipstuff 2.80 to 3.00 Molasses Feed 3.00 to 3.25 | Hides, Green 10 to 12% Hides, Dry 17% to 20 Cow Peas per bushel . . . 3.50 to 4.00 Soy Beans per bushel . . 3.75 to 4.00 Peanute Meal 3.25 Beet Pulp 3.25 " Over the Top With the Best of Luck and Give Them Hell ! " l - BY ? Serg't Arthur Guy Empey Serg't Empey's vivid and grip ping story of the great war will be printed in daily installments in this paper. Twenty-seven chapters of excit ing adventures and heart-stirring action; events that befell this one man from the time he passed from civilian life to take his place m the human wall that stands between civilization and frightfullness. Serg't Empey is an American who enlisted in the British Army on hearing of the sinking of the "Lusitania." He writes in a straightforward way of his own experiences "over there/' of the life in which our own American boys are entering. OVERTHETOP IWill Be Printed Exclusively IN THIS NEWSPAPER COOPERA TION Karmer with Farmer; Soldier with Soldier; Farmer, Soldier, Merchant and Manufacturer and everybody with the Government and with the BAN Kb. We Sell War Savings Certificates and War Savings Thrift Stamps. During the week ending Saturday, March 2nd, we sold 288 W. S. Stamps and 80 Thrift Stamps and one $ 1 000.00 Liberty Bond, to Farmers, Merchants and School Children. We invite you to Co-operate with us in making your money help win the war. If you don't want to buy a Savings or Thrift Stamp, put your money in our bank, we will pay you 4 per cent, interest and you can get your money when you want it. And at the same time you are helping win the war. We lend money to the Farmers for Farm purposes and they make food stuff with it to feed the soldiers. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Smithfield, N. C. Raleigh's 2nd Annual Auto Show MARCH 13 14 15 16 > * * Largest display of Latest Model Cars in the South. 45 Models. Some never before seen in the South. Beautiful Decorating. Good Music and SINGING. Open 10 A. M. To 11 P. M. WHERE DO YOU BUY? IF YOU buy your machinery from us you have no trouble in getting your repairs. This should be a big con sideration in buying your machin ery and improvements. Roberts Atkinson Co., Inc., Selma, N. C. DISC AND SECTION HARROWS? Prepare your land thoroughly with these harrows, your cultivation will be easier and harvest larger. Roberts-Atkinson Co., Inc., Selma, N. C. FOR J .R. W ATKINS* MEDICINES and toilets go to Selma Supply Co., Selma, N. C. I HAVE BOUGHT THE POWHA tan Corn Mill and have secured Mr. Otho Jones as miller. Mill Days Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, not Saturday. J. E. Booker, Wilson's Mills, N. C. ONE CAR OF REI) DOG. COME quick. Austin-Stephenson Co. W. L. Woodall & Sons! - ? . t SMITHFIELD'S SHOPPING CENTER { Special Showing! All This Week Of ! ? Dresses, Coats and Suits j We have just received about 300 Coats, Suits: and Dresses that we are offering at i Special prices prior to our opening on j March 13th and 14th. ? i DRESSES ESPECIALLY PRICED FROM 7.89 to 32.45 ! I COATS IN ALL COLORS AND STYLES, PRICED 7.45 to 35.00 I I BEAUTIFUL AND ATTRACTIVE SUITS ! 9.45 to 45.00 | WAIST IN EVERY FABRIC AND COLOR j Price 98c to $9.45 | . Don't fail to see this beautiful line of goods and make ! your purchase early. ! W. L. Woodall & Sons ] Smithficld, N. C. j With every $10.00 purchase we give one I". S. Thrift j Stamp free. I

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