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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, October 31, 1826, Image 2

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"esse foreign : 1 . . "i X.Vi-. According lothc'Re- r lleld 0f battle; Animate?, uy " .. :v'il.n A Hnnltli: the pOn OI lliuuumu . . , 'n Late News.. ..By an arrival at Balti more, on the 19th inst. Liverpool pa pers to the 20th September, and Lon don to the lSlh, have been received. The extracts given arc important both in a political and commercial point of view: the conferences at Ackerman be tween the Russian and Turkish commis sioners, does not proceed so harmoni ously as was anticipated; and we may yet indulge a hope that a diversion will 'be made in favor of the unfortunate Greeks, whose heroic struggles deserve a better fate than that which threatens them. The demand for our great staplet Cotton, has evidently increased in the British market, accompanied by a slight improvement in pricej which our read ers will perceive has produced a corres ponding advance in this country. England. The London pa pers contain a variety of extracts upon the state of the trade and manufactures of Great Britain, which show an evident- and con tinued improvement in the gener al aspect of affairs. Business in creases but slowly, however, and the prices arc as yet but little bet ter. But employment is becom ing more plentiful every week, and it is confidently hoped "that, the effects of the late depression will soon disappear, leaving "only a sa lutary lesson behind." Russia and Turkey. It is sta ted by way ofConstantinoplo that the first conference between the Turkish-ahd Russian Plenipoten tiaries, was held on the 13th of August, when the Turks demand ed the execution of the article of treaty of Bucharest, which gua ranteed to the Porte the restora tion of the Asiatic fortresses. The Russian Commissioners de clared that the emperor would ne ver consent thereto, seeing that these fortresses are actuajly situ ated in countries nvhich by late conventions have been rendered subject to the sovereignty of Rus sia. It seems that since this inter view every thing has remained in a state of stagnation, and that the respective Commissioners have sent couriers to their Courts, to ask . for fresh instructions. M. Minciaki has had conferences with several distinguished Walachians ,and Moldavians, since which a ru mor has prevailed that Russia not only opposes the restitution of the Asiatic fortresses, but demands the complete and rigorous main tenance of the rights secured to Walachia, Moldavia and even Ser- via, under the guarantee of Russia. Zantc, Aug. 13. (Private let ter). ..Ibrahim, informed of the dis cord which prevailed amons the Greeks at Nauplia, advanced on this city with his army; but Cara- iscaKi succeeaeu in reconciling al parties; and from every quarter o Greece troops assembled there to attack Ibrahim, after having laid an ambush for him in the defiles of Parthcnia (Cani Scala,) they gave him battle; they feli upon his troops, put them in contusion, and obliged them to retreat to Tripo litza, four leagues distant, with the loss of 3000 men, and all their baggage and, ammunition. The Greeks had only 500 men on the victory, they marched on Tripo- utza ana iaia suie lu it. him is surrounded in this place, and will probably be obliged to fall back in the utmost haste on his fortresses. Letters from Nauplia state that this took place on the 18th, and that the immortal garrison of Mis solonghi were actively engaged in it. Whilst Ibrahim marched on Nauolia, Reschid Pacha attacked Athens; but he was repulsed by Gouras'and obliged to retreat. All Greece is now in motion, This month and the next will de cide her fate; and we hope that she will come out of the struggle triumphantly. There are no 1 ur- kish troops either in Thessaly or Epirus, and we hear ot no new en rollment in any quarter. Slaves. We find, in the Lon don papers, a gratifying official document issued by the Austrian Government, respecting the trafhc in slaves. The frrcat obiect of i u this document is comprised in one single sentence of it. The first article runs thus; "Every slave shall become free the moment he touches the soil of Austria, or even one of its ships." ill xnniuuu. in uiu uuui&u ui 8 months, 170 slaves have pur chased their freedom, for which lu da, W. R. Johnson's Lafayette, elected the Adams ticket for Con and J. M, Selden's s. h. ilow7i-gress. Dn Holcombe, a friend to taineer. Time 8m. 2sv , ! General Jackson, on both tickets, Fourth Day Himdy Cap, 8200, is the only exception." c two mile heats, taken at two heats r 847,000 of their own earnings, av-iby J. 'Harrison s s. f. Lady La- grange, beating J. mmgc s b. m.1 eragiii $275 each. New Voyaze of Exploration. The English board of Admiralty mve decided on a new expedition of the Arctic seas, under command of Capt. Parry; to have a different direction from 'that of his former A it.. u . re ? y ' . entrance $15 Second day Joe-ins almost immediate death. Ye , coast of Spitsbergen is one object;; rAnh -ft A J h -onrn tilflt nnn w nmi rniinr trance S20 -1 hird day, m. heats, bone was broke fc his body dread- best 3 in 5 for 100 entrance &25 fully mangled. He has left a wife ....Fourth day, an elegant saddle and three children to subdue the and the gate money of that day,! anguish mljictcd by the prema ture death of an honest and in- 1 il TVT T 1 ill , UHIllll JIUW.1) Hill .WU.IUIII I ruauu mo n . i oie in small ooais oi a peculiar construction. ; T.iinYnVins has been electorl JVmr----- v. ,lt r. room of Maj. Mernwether, declined a rc-eiecuon, ana it iSL heved that lien, r ioya is elected in the 7th District. Five of the Surveyors had re. turned from the Creek Nation wij tlie lniormaiion uiui uiuy naa been met by four Chiefs, who stated "that they had positive orders from the principal Chiefs, and Jo Crowell, should the choppers and SUlveyura uumu umuu inuui, to rro to them friendly and assure them that they must desist from making lines through their coun try until January next, and that the people about Pindertown b told them to take away their in strumenlsl" rThe Surveyors bad been sent back by the Governor and efficient measures taken for their protection.. gouth-Carqliiia-v-Tho Con gressional election in South-Car- h. Mans. Tonson, beating vm. onna, nas rusuueu m uiu election Winn's g. m. Ariel, James Ross's! of the old members, with the ex b. u Blenheim, and J. M, Botts's ception of Messrs. Wilson and b.h. Gohanna. Time first heat G pvan, who are succeeded by 8m. 8s.; second heat 7m. 59s. Warren Davis, Esq. & Col. Win. Third Day Post Stake, S500, D. Martin, in the order named. single four mile heat, taken by; . John Minge's b. m. Eliza White, . Next-Jersey. The Philadelphia hentincr .1. J. Harrison's s. m. Aurora savs, "New-Jersey m Ltnl tuimhnr of Deaths in the Bo- u r ivrfnllv- for one week. ruuHii kjm. j--'1"' - ending on the 23rd instant was 1 -.-of those five were by malignant fever. Richmond liaccs.The races over Tree Hill Course, near Rich mond, commenced on Wednesday 18th inst. First Day Proprietor's Purse, $300 two mile heats, taken at three heats by Henty Clay's b. m. Sally McGec, beating Wm. West's i. m. Lady Greensville, J, J. Har rison's s. ft Lady Lagrange, W. R. Johnson's s. c, Pirate, J. M. Botts' s. m. Fhillis, and Wm. Winn's s. h. Restless. Time first heat, 4min. 2sec; second heat, 3m. 57s.; third heat 3m. 57s. Second Day Jockey Club Purse, $1000, four mile heats, Ja- icon at two neais oy n. iuy b u. Melancholy Occurrence. We regret that it devolves upon us, Frich, H. Clav's s. g. Tand fara- once more, to record asadaccid- rum, and W. It. Johnson's b. m. ent, which occurred in'Oxford, on Betsey Archer. Time first heat the 3d inst. Witt John Uscry, who Am -QOzi crrrTir1 linnt 4m. ftf)s: ! rriflnf1 witliin milns nf tlmt nlnce . jivhile riding a raco there, was un- Boydton Races, will commence fortunately run against a tree, by on , the 29th Nov. First day Pro- the horse leaving the Track in an prictor's purse $200 two m. heats, ungovernable state, which caused and the Royal Society have sug gested another still more curious and important. It is understood 4 v that Caut. P. and a part, of the 11 Wb W', at,t,C,'npt: t0,l Bclfield Races, will the 8th Nov. First dav a Sweep- stake of$200 2 m h.-r-Seeond day, Gazette. TUESDAY, OCT. 31, 1826. Superior Court.. ..The Fall Term of the Superior Court for Halifax County, commenced its session in Halifax on Monday 23d instant, Judge JVIanoum presiding, and closed on Saturday last. The most important eases were contin ued, owing to the enfeebled and precari ous state of the Judge's health, occasion ed by protracted indisposition. cotton..... Within the last four or live days, the article has been on me rise, and an advance, of near a cent per lb. .establish!. Good Cotton may now be quoted5 at us, xu XI Uents, In some few instances as high as Hi has been given.. .but . we would make such sales a criterion. Petersburg Int. 24th inst. not the Jockey Club purse of . $400 3 m h entrance S20 Third day, Proprietor's purse of $200, 2 m h entrance S15. Melancholy. A tragic affair has recently occurred at Boston. A widow by the name '.of -Fairbanks left that city on Monday night with her two children for Charlestown. She passed the toll house of the bridge, but was not observed to pass on the opposite side. Subsequently the bodies of tne two little girls and the bonnet of the mother, have been found in the river, and it is recollected that a noise was heard, line that of something falling into water, and tlitf cry of children, about the time she passed on the bridge.. ..From these facts,-it is supposed the wo man threw herself with her child ren into the river. . Georgia. -Tho election for members of the 20th Congress is over. Col. Tatnall, Mr. Forsyth, mr. naynes and lien. Thompson are re-elected. Dr. Fort, in the Mjlledgeville district, has succee- ti net! over Col, Cuthbert Mr. dustrious husband, parent and cit izen.... Warrcnton Rep. Adventurers. Several young rnonths since entered the Colom-' bian navy as midshipmen, under the promise of good pay and rap id promotion, have, recently retur ned to N. York, disgusted with the treatment they received from the Colombian Government. They were not only treated with gross neglect, but cheated of their wa ges. - Eight of the original num ber died in Colombia of yellow fe ver: the others have returned in an impoverished state, having been assisted home by their own countrymen. Ducls.rr-The Frankfort (Ken.) Argus says, upon the authority of a letter from Warren county, that a meeting took place between Gen. Samuel Houston and Gen. Whit0 of Nashville, and that Qen. White fell, supposed to be mortally woun ded. The duel originated in Mr Adams' appointment of Post-master. Stammering. The following given as a cure for stammering, by a correspondent of the Vermont

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