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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, January 27, 1827, Image 1

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Whole No. 127. Tarborough, Edgecombe County, N. C. Saturday, January 27, f 827. Vol ULNo. 23, THE "FREE PRESS," lVj Geo. Howard, is published weekly, (every Saturday,) at l'Jll'0 DOLLARS per year, (or52 num jfcers,) if Pid within one month after Sub scribers commence receiving their papers i'J'wo Dollars & Fifty Cents, if paid within ijjix months and Three Dollars at theexpi " ration of the year. Subscribers at liberty to ItlibC.ontinue at any time on paying arrears. I Advertisements not exceeding 16 lines will Ihc inserted at 50 cents the first insertion, and ?5 cents each continuance. Longer ones at It-hat rate for every 16 lines. I Letters addressed to the Editor must be post fui id. i il7"Janes Simmons, Esq. postmaster at I Halifax, is our general agent for that vicinity. i jrPIIE Subscriber has about 500 bar- rels of CORN, for sale low for Cash. He also continues to keen a re- j ncrai supply of Frizes, in the different I Lotteries. JQS. SIMMONS, No. OS, corner of Kins: SJtop .street, I Halifax, 16th Jan. 1S27. 22 I Notice. JS stolen out of the house of the Subscriber, some time in December last, a double cased SILVER UV1TCII, Made by J. Williams, London, No. 4015 the outer case is rather large for the inner case, and much thicker. FIVE DOLLARS reward will be given for such information as will lead to the re covery of it by Joseph Harrington. Tai borough, Oct. 19, 1S2G. 11 JDv8 Boykin & Parker, iAVING entered into Co-partner-ship, beg leave to inform the citi zens of Edgecombe, that they are prepa red to enter into the practice of the va rious branches of their professional du ties, (viz.) Midwifery, Surgery,' and the Practice of Medicine. Orders left at their residences or at their shop, will be promptly attended. They also inform the Public, that they have furnished themselves. with a fresh and plentiful supply of Medicines, and intend keeping or. hand a like sup ply, which they will sell at wholesale or retail, upon as low terms as thev.can be purchased in any part of the State. Tarboro', January, 1827. 21-5 i Notice. A LL those indebted to the Subscriber, arc earnestly requested to call im mediately, and have their accounts clos ed by note or otherwise. Those whose accounts are of more than one year's .standing, are desired to call before the first of February next, or they will find their accounts in the hand of an officer, as longer indulgence cannot be given. I). SNE.1DER. Halifax, Jan 3. 1827. Ca binct- n i a 1: i ng, Turning, - lye HMIE Subscriber having erected a J- ... f' it... ! business in all its various branches, re- I spectfully informs his -friends and the j public in general, that he is now prcpa- I red to execute any work in his line that j he may receive orders for, viz: I Sideboards, China presses, secret a ries, book-cases, bureaus, tables, wash-stands, candle-stands gentle- J men 's and I a dies ' iva rdro b es . la d ies ' j and gentlemen's cabinets, cylinder- fall desks, portable and common do. and bedsteads of all descriptions. . The work in general will be well execu- : tsd, and of good materials. j ALSO, THE J TURNING BUSINESS, Will be carried on in all its branches, 1 viz: IVood, iron, brass, ivory, frc. I Carpenters who may want turning done, ! uan be accommodated, with the turning I of columns, newel posts, ballesters, j drops, corner blocks, rosettes, &c. The above work will be executed as 1 fcheap as the times will admit of, and in j as short time as it can be done, j LEWIS LAYSSARD. Halifax, Sept. 1S26. 5 CO OS 6 With an elegant Engraving, j Printed in a neat and approved manner, and on moderate term?, at this 9$ce. WAR IN EUROPE. Nac- York, Jan. 12 Tlte pack ets Florida ami Hudson have come up this morning so rapidly alter each other, that we have found it impossible to keep pace with the important news they have brought. Jiy these arrivals copi ous Hies of papers to the 16th Dec. inclusive have been received. These papers contain the high ly importantintelligcnee, that in consequence of the invasion oi Portugal by Spanish troops, in conjunction with the Portuguese rebels, supplied by Spaing the Princess Regent had applied to England for assistance. This fact was communicated to both houses of Parliament, by a Royal mes sage, on the 11th of December. On the 12th, an answer to the ad dress was moved in the House of Lords, by Earl outburst, and in the House of Commons by Mr. Canning. At the close of the dis cussion which took place in the House of Commons, upon a motion- by My. Canning. th nhiprt y , ot which was to pledge the House to support hfs 'Majesty in any ihcasure for the presi n ation and ucfare of Portugal Mr. Can ning, in the course .of his remarks observed: "The. object of this measure is not tear. The object of this mea sure is to take the last chance of peace. If England does not promptly go to the aid of Portugal, Portugal will be trampled upon, and then war will come come, too, in the train of degradation. If we wait until Spain have cour age to ripen her secret machina tions into open hostility, we shall have war we shall have the war of the pacificators, and who then can say when that war will end." The motion was carried with only 3 or 4 dissentients in the House of Lords it passed unani mously. The British troops were mov ing with as much promptness as the ministry have acted. The Courier says: the amount of force which will be despatched in the first instance, and .upon the emer gency of the occasion, is 5000. Of the troops composing this force, there are to be four squad- which indicates that it is not con templated their services will be confined to garrison duty only. The London papers speak of this measure as though it were an actual declaration of war against Spain, and from the tone of some of them, one would suppose that there Was io be a speedy and gen eral convulsion of the political ele ments of Europe, Asia, and Afri ca. The Morning Herald savs: ses. A plan for attaining this ob ject will be presented to you. Imperfections have been re marked in the organization of ju ries. 1 shall cause to be submit ted to you a new project for their amelioration, for establishing re gulations conformable to the na ture of this institution. The penalties enacted against the slave trade are not efficacious. ii. .... and their application is capable of . - ..I i i a i i . --' J . it 1 " W UJ. "Most of the papers call this a being eluded. A legislation more ".1.1 TT n '--a . i. war wiin tne ivmg ot Spam we, complete was necessary. 1 have directed the projects to be sub mitted to you. ' I continue to receive from all foreign governments, the assu rance of the most amicable dispo sitions and the most conforma ble to my own sentiments for the maintenance of peace. Troubles have recently broken put in the Peninsula. I shall unitn my clforts to those of my allies to hould call it a war with France." Again, in another paragraph, the same paper continues: "We would ask whether 5000 English troops are a match, in Portugal, for 50 or 100,000 French j and bpamsh troops. We hope the business will not be over be fore our50U0 men get to Lisbon. Cen. Quiroga is going. We hope he will effect more than he did in ;-M)am, when the Duke of Ainrou- put an end to them, and to nrp. leme made his appearance. It vent their consequences, appears to us that France means The progressive increase of the to take possession of Portugal as produce of the indirect taxes, will well as Spain Austria of Italy & I permit us this year to augment the Switzerland Russia of Greece, funds appropriated to the public Turkey and Persia, and then the I services, by a sum equal to that East Indies Prussia of Hanover, 'imposed by the last law of the &c; and England will have an in-j finances. crease of debt; and finally, proba-l This augmentation will be real bly there will bean explosion of j relief to my people; it will ease both debt and tithes." "We hope; the communes of the supplemen ting Ireland will not break out in- tary dues which they pay to their to rebellion, so as to oblige us tos official servants, and the indigent recall the 5000 men." j classes will find abundant resour- The Liverpool Chronicle of the; ccs in the new activity which will 10th says: "the report of the war be assumed in the public works, has advanced the price of most ar-ion our great roads, our fortresses, tides in our market, and it is very ;and our naval arsenals, popular amongst all classes here."! I lmvo reason to hope that the All public securities have fallen appropriation which will be made much during the week South A-!or tne public services will be suf- ncient to meet all their wants for several years, and that I shall henceforth be able to apply the surplus produce to the reduction of the most burdensome taxes." A letter received in Philadelphia says, the King of France icas shot by one of his Guards, when on j)a rade the ball grazed his sleeve, and the Guard finding that he had failed in his aim, drew another pis tol with which he blew out his own brains. merican have gone down full ten per cent. France. On the 12th Dec. the Kingof France opened the Cham bers by the following SPEECH: "Gentlemen: Important labours have been prepared for this ses sion. Certain of your zeal, I have not hesitated to anticipate the or dinary period ot your convocation Two codes will be submitted to your examination. They have for their object to perfect legisla tion of forests, and to fix the rules of military jurisdiction. I have permitted few innovations to be made in this labor. The bases are founded on the present sys tem of the army, and on the or domjance of my august ancestor on forests. I could have wished that it had been possible not to direct your attention to the Press, but in pro portion as the power of publish ing writings is developed, it has produced new abuses, which call ed for more extensive and more Russia. A letter from St. Pe tersburg, dated Gth October, says: "Uur rifmipotentiaries at Ackcr man finished their commission ve ry happily on the 25th Sept. old style. 1 lie 1 urks have acceeded to all the proposals of Russia. The war against Persia is draw ing to a close. The Persians have already been beaten, and driven back into their territory." Greece. If the news from this country caji be depended upon.thri affairs of Greece are nnnninn- n more favorable aspect. . On Ihe 16th of October, lbral iim P fichu efficacious means of repression. was near Argos, 'on the Corinthi It was time to put an end to its an road his soldiers without pay, scandalous outrages, and to pre-'and himself without money. He Rprve tho lihnrtvnf" thn nrnss itsnlf wnc nnf tr rntnv, , - - - 1 J I iw iviuiu CVJ Jl MUM Ulll L1I rons of cavalry, -a circumstance' from the danger of its own exces-j the arrival of money from Egypt

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