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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, April 25, 1828, Image 3

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This vote is considered as decisive of the fateof the bill, which it is now suppos ed will pass the House of Representa tjves it is considered somewhat doubt tvhethcr it will pass the Senate in its present shape. Jlolasscs. In the debate in Congress on the Tariff, Mr. Liv ingston said, that sufficient mo lasses could be raised in Louisia na and the neighboring States to sllpply the whole Union. Enoch Kinchcloir, (whose cause was removed from this countvO was tried at the Superior Court of Franklin county, held last week, for passing counterfeit Bank Notes, found guilty, and senten ced to stand in the pillory one hour, receive thirty-nine lashes, and be imprisoned one year in the jail of this county. RaleighStar. Foreign. An arrival at New York furnishes London advices to the 1st of March. The accounts from Constantinople are interest ing, and had created mucli sensa tion in Paris and London. It seems that immense bodies of troops had marched into that capi tal, especially from Asia; and the consequence was, that many ex cesses had been committed on the European population. The news was unotncial but so much con Price Current. APRIL 18. Bacon, H randy, -Corn, Cotton, -Coffee, Flour, family, Iron, -Molasses, Hum, New-Eng. Sugar, brown, - loaf, - Tea, Young Hyson, Imperial, -Wheat, - -Whiskey, - . per lb Sal. bu'h lb bbl ton al lb bu'l gal. eicrs ' g 7 30 40 94 28 o - 8 16 175 600 gllO 112 35 40 42 45 8J 11$ 18 25 100 125 140 150 80 85 33 36 M.York. 9 10 50 Si 10 13 17 475 550 $90 96 32 36 38 39 7 10 17 19 90 98 120 140 90 94 27 34 North-Carolina Hank Notes. M Petersburg, 8 to 10 per cent, discount. At New- ork, 8 to 12 do. Bacon Lard. J?0R SALE, a quantity of good Ba con and Lard, which will be sold low for Cash, or on a credit until the 1st of November next. Those who wish to purchase on credit, will send a note with good security. JAMES HUNTER. Halifax County, April 22, 1828. 3G Notice, nHHE Subscriber respectfully informs the Public, that he has commenced THE SADDLING And Harness-making Business, In the Town of Halifax, And will be thankful to all those who may lavor him with thoir ructnm tldence was placed in it, that tlic!Vork slia11 he executed in the neatest " ii . . - - ! 11 . opinion generally prevailed that war was inevitable. Great Bri tain was preparing to send troops to the Ionian Islands but proba bly the first blow will be given by the Russians on the Pruth. ' Cotton Seed Whiskey. This iuuuuui uifccuvery, hko many oth ers, was accidental. The gentle man, a Mr. John Gray, ofGeor gia, in a careless moment, suffer ed his cotton seed and corn to be thrown together; and corn being scarce, he threw the cotton seed with the corn into the brewery. The result, viz: the quantity of whiskey, arrested his attention. He then mixed half and half, and finally sold it without any detec tion in the taste. He then went on to try all cotton seed, throwing peck of meal into each hocrs' JW, to cause fermentation. J his produced a vigorous extrac tion of gs; and a large quantity oil, bland, and of a drying qua llt)', well suited for painting, was produced, and the quantity of whiskey, was extraordinary from the cotton seed. Alab. Jour. and best manner. A. 1VOMBLE. Halifax, April 22, 1828. Notice. Militia Orders. the several . Regiments Halifax N. C. Militia The Cantains and Com mandants of companies are hereby or- uerea to parade. their respective com mands at CroweliV Cross-Roads, on Saturday, the 3d day of May next: The Officers of the said Regiment are ordered to parade on the day previous, properly equipped. S. WHITAKER, Colo. Comdt. April 10, 182S. 35-3 Herrings Q Shad. JUST RECEIVED, and for sale by "iv, uuuowuuci, suiiiti prime Next) Herrings & Shad. Of a superior quality, which can be had on application to JOS. L. SIMMONS. Halifax, April 12, 182S. Dissolution. HHHE Co-partnership formerly exisl A ing under the firm of EVAN Si ANDREWS CO. Was dissolved on the I5lh ulto. by mu tual consent. All those indebted to said firm, are requested (o make payment to WILLIAM J. ANDREWS, (one of the partners ot said firm,) who is fully authorised to receive payment, and give discharges as usual, and to transact and control the business of said concern, un til finally settled. PETER EVANS, IV ILL. J. ANDREWS. Sparta, 8 Mar. 1828. 3-1-5 Notice. T WILL SELL, LEASE, or RENT, -- mv Lot and houses at Enfield. The 6th Feb. 1S2S. J. II. SIMMONS. 25 ! stand for a Store isenual to nnv rnnntrtr 1 VXT TV T T CTLHTn h t i-r ' , .1 . . 1 . . ' . J xioirun, 01 uaniax sianu in l ie stale.. ..and not in mnr in town, holds now in possession seven many country stands for a housp. of on. 1 i 1 1 . . - yor eigm negroes, wnich were the prop- tertainment. erty ol the late Martha Lane, deceased, The building consists of a convenient which she left for the use of said A. M. two story dwelling-house, well-finished. rasieur uunng ner natural lile, then oth- with lour tire-places, store-house, ware erwise disposed of, one part of which house, gin-house (and gin,) and other she gave to my wife Martha, which out-houses.. ..possession given immedi- nght and interest I have disposed of, ately.... terms accommodating. soia ana conveyed unto Mary Uilmour,. for value received, and all persons what-! soever are hereby cautioned and fore-1 warned of purchasing any of said ne groes, (viz:) Jacob, Castcllo, Adam, I-a3c, Monday, Dick, Meriah, and Me licia Dick and Kiac she has already disposed of Isaac to Ann E. Morgan, of Warrcnton, and Dick is now in pos session of Benj. Halsey, of this county. Any person conveying off any of said negroes, may expect to meet with the ri gor of the law. The negro man Edmund, now in pos session of Col.Thos. Ousby of this place, and Rhody, Kitty, and Rhozine, can on ly be disposed of during the natural life of said A. M. Pasteur, then otherwise disposed of by her mother's will, (to wit:) Martha Pasteur, deceased. WM. D. BARRETT. Halifax, 19th April, 1828. 36 Notice. npHE Subscriber, as Executor of WrrL Drew, dee'd, holds a bond dated the 26th Feb. lS28j payable 26th Feb. 1829, executed by Lewis Layssard for the sum of four hundred and forty dollars, with interest from the date, as security for the payment of that sum for the pur chase money for the lots No. 129, 133, in the town of Halifax, in nrPPnt possession of Lewis Layssard until the payment mereot, the lots are held liable to the lien treated by law. A. A. B. STITH, Ex'r. April, 1828. 35.4 Mrs. D. Womble, TTAS just returned from the North, flnH is nnpn I n or o moct ennark nnJ " - wj-" v. . V AUV4 extensive assortment of Ladies' Fancy Goods, Direct from the City of New-Fork. Comprising a general assortment in her line ot business Among them are Leghorn Flats, different numbers. Patent summer Bonnets of the latest N 1 ork fashions, Straw Bonnets, in great variety. Children's Leghorn, Straw and Silk .bonnets, Superb head dresses . Plain and figured Silks and Satins, Gros de Naples. &c. assorted colors, Wreaths and bunches of artificial flow ers, a great variety, Gauze handkerchiefs, Bobinelt Veils, of different prices, Thule, bobinett and blown Lace, White, black and patent Crape, Gauze, satin and lutestring Ribands, as sorted colors, Gimps, fancy and silk Cord, &c. &c. Mantua-making, in all its variety, executed wilh despatch in a superior style and after the latest N.York fashions. Halifax, April 14, 182S. MARRIED, At Norfolk, on the 15th ins!. Mr. -Whan Woollen, of Northampton wunty, to Miss Ann Stewart, of Nor- Information Wanted. GEORGE BUSBY, who resided some time in the interior of North or nnfh Pnrolinn. nnd aftnrwards in thp tne 9th inst. Rohert Potter, Esq. I South-eastern part of the United States, 1 Oxford. Un wic nnnpprnpfl in thp FrlJtnr- -i uiiuiiv ui niiuux,! 10 iiiii ' " v w Taylor, of Granville. DIED, . 1(1 Halifax county, a few days since, 41 J- Stephen Eurc. in v.irrfiM muni- r, oi, 4: . L , n .niuii iiuju aiuuc. nomas B. Eaton. New Hi JJKCEIVED, nnd for sale by -u,JScriuers, 10U barrels TrinVd Herrings, will be sold low for Cash. VIn D- RICHARDS CO. Pnl 21, 1828. 6 ship of a newspaper, but of whom his friends have not heard for the last five years, is informed that he may hear of something to his advantage by commu nicating with his brother C. A. Busby, at Brighton in England, or with Julian Busby, Esq. at his Chambers in Crown OHice Row. TemDlc, London, or by di- j 1 recting a letter, post paid, to the office of the New-York evening rosi. Any in formation concerning the said George Busby, communicated as above would confer a favor on the writer of this. April, 1S28. Constables' Blanks for sale, At this Office. $500 Reward. 4 xMOST daring and diabolical at-1X- tempt was made on Thursday mVht last, to set fire to the premises occupied uy uie ouoscnoer. pue ol mixed cot ton and cotton seed, lying close under the root in the upper story of his work shop, was set on fire, but was providen tially discovered between 11 and 12 o' clock and extinguished. The fire must have been placed under the cotton, as it hurnt the suriace of the floor to the ex tent of about twenty feet in circumfer ence, and also through the floor had it kindled into flames the whole nremfces must inevitably have been consumed, as the top ol the cotton communicated with the roof. There can be no doubt but that it was the work of some vile in cendiary. The above reward will be paid to any person, who will give such information as will lead to a conviction of the offender or offenders. GEO. Mc WILLIAMS, Coach Maker. Tarboro,J April 14, 182S. 35 Notice. OTRAYED from the Subscriber's Sta- ble in Scotland Neck, near David Clark's, on the 3d March, a large Chesnut Sorrel Horse, Drawing on the SOth this Month. COHEN'S OFFICE-Baltimore, April 1, 1828. STATE LOTTERY OF MARYLAND, To be drawn in the city of Baltimore, under the superintendence of the Com missioners appointed by the Governor and Council, on Wednesday, SOth of April. HIGHEST PRIZE, 10,000 Dollars! SCHEME. 1 prize of 10,000 is Sl0,000 1 prize of 1 prize of 3 prizes of 10 prizes of 20 prizes of 100 prizes of 100 prizes of 5000 piizes of 2,000 is 1,000 is 500 is 100 is 50 is 10 is 5 is 4 is 2,000 1,000 1,500 1.000 ljooo 1,000 500 20,000 Having a white spot in his forehead, with the letter R branded on his left shoulder, bad hipshot in the left hip. and both hind feet white. Any person that will stop said horse and deliver him to me shall receive a reward nf Pi lars....or in proportion, if secured so -prompt and punctual attention as if on 5236 prizes amounting to S3S,000 $3More Frizes than Blanks. This Scheme will be drawn on ih ODD AND EVEN SYRTF.M: U which the holder of two tickets must obtain at least one Drize. and mar draw THREE! Whole Tickets,$5.00 Quarters, Si. 25 Halves, : : 2.50 Eighths, : 62 To be had in the greatest variety of Numbers, at Lottery and Exchange Office, 114, Market-street, Bait. Where more Capital Prizes have bepn sold than at any other office in the Uni ted States. V0RDERS either by mail (post paid) or private conveyance, enclosing the Cash or Prizes, will meet the same that I get him again. April 7,1828 L. HUNT. 34 personal application. Address to J. I. COHEN. Jr. $ PRO THERS, Baltimore, April 1, 1828-

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