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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, May 09, 1828, Image 1

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jo)1! cT) S cri(3D Whole Xo. 194. Tarborongh, Edgecombe County, X. C. Fvidaij, May 9, (828. FoZ. IV.jXo. 38. Stoj THR "FREE PRESS," 7?y Geo. Howard, U published weekly, (every Friday,) at TH'O DOLLslRS per year, (or 52 num bers,) it lKlicl within one month after Sub fibers commence receiving their papers 'wo Dollars W Fifty Cents, if paid within v;x months and Three Dollars at the expi ation of the year. Subscribers at liberty to V;,contiiuio at any time on paying arrears. Subscribers residing at a distance must invariably pay in advance, or give a respon se reference in this vicinity. No subscrip tion discontinued unless a notification to that tilje: is given. Advertisements not exceeding 16 lines will inserted at-50 cents the first insertion, and '5 rents each continuance. Longer ones at rate for every 16 lines. Letters addressed to the Editor must be i the Runaways! RAN OFF from Beaufort, North-Carolina, where tlioy were employed on the Fortifi cations at that place, Seven Negro Fellows, Tawit: MILLIARD, HENRY, LEW IS ANTHONY, ROY, ISAAC, and FRANK. The three first-named Ne ijraes were apprehended at Hicks' Ford, Greensville county, Va. Anthony and Roy were at the time in company with those apprehended, but effected their es cape. Frank was left by the party some Id or 30 miles beyond Halifax, N. C. ad Isaic some 5 or 10 miles on this side of Halifax, both complainingof sickness unable to travel. Frank is a small black fellow, and about 22 years of age -kmc is a stout young fellovv, about 21 years cf age, complexion rather yel hwRoy is a slender black fellow, a bjjt 20 years of age and Anthony is a stout built black fellow, about 23 years of age no particular marks recollected. The above Negroes were making their vay to Norfolk for the purpose of join ing inc. A liberal REWARD will be given ior the apprehension of Frank, Isaac, 5' and Anthony, and should they be delivered to Mr. Niblo of Petersburg, i-i will pay for their apprehension and al necessary expenses. P. TAYLOR, Capt. 3;l Ret Art. stationed at Ohl Point Comfort, near Norfolk. Nov. 0, 1827. Li hsl received and for Sale, Dr. Chambers' WLEB RATED RE Mill) Y FOR intemperance, 'ompaniei! with a volume of evidence Sclent to insure the confidence of the incredulous, of the happy and al universal, cure of habitual intem lco and its beneficial effects in in 'JpratiG & restoring the Constitution. ALSO, Br. Swaim's Panacea, JJstly celebrated for the cure of scro ta or kingVcvil, ulcers, rheumatism, Jp'nlitic, mercurial, and liver com ets, and most diseases arising in de I,1,;1d constitutions, or from an im itate of blood, &c. &c. This medi ;ne also accompanied with a volume pJ. vJence of its happy effects in resto- tii.Ht0PC, f0Ct healUl thoi,sands that ,ia(1 W all ether remedies, and given up in The Subscribers having be j agents for the original inventors Proprietors of those valuable medi t, ' '()vv offer them pure and genuine 'c I ubhc, assuring them that a con r.; TSJfVy caal the demand, will . - 'Snarly kept on hand at their store aroorough. S. D. GOTTEN. -in-iary 21, 1S2S. THE CELEBRATED HORSE General Marion, ilWva WILL STAND the TOri present Season at my Sta- !2Lal6tXb.le, half a miIe frmn Ha lifax town, and will be let to mares at TEN DOLLARS, Cash, the single leap TWENTY Dollars the season, payable at the expiration of the season and THIRTY Dollars to in sure the mare to be in foal, to be paid as soon as the mare is ascertained to be in foal with Fifty Cents to the Groom in every instance. The season will commence the 1st day of March next, and end on the 10th of July. Particu lar attention will be paid to mares sent to remain with the horse; separate lots are provided for mares with young colts, and they will be fed if required at twenty-five cents per day. Every attention will be paid to prevent accidents or es capes, but no liability for either. General Ration, Is a beautiful dark bav, black mane and legs, full 5 feet 2 inches high, now eight years old, in good order, &c. He was got by old Sir Archie his dam by Citizen, his grandam by Alderman, his g. grandam by Roebuck, his g. g. g. dam by He rod, his g. g. g. g. dam by Partner, &c. GEN'L .MARION was run at Lawrcnceville against Sir Henry, and won the Jockey Club with ease; he travelled to New-Market, and there won the Jockey Club, beating Bet sey Richards and others. LEM. LONG. Feb. 19, LS2S. 27 J7"Tht: Raleigh Stir, Warrcnton Repor ter, and Washington Herald will please ivc the above three insertions, and forward their accounts to the Postmaster at Halifax. New Herrings. JUST RECEIVED, and for sale by the Subscribers, 150 barrels TrinVd Herrings, Which will be sold low for Cash. 1). RICHARDS $ CO. April 21, 1S28. 36 The thorough-bred and celebrated HACK HOUSE, SHAWANEE, tfy. WILL S TAND the ensu- SS?L nS season at ni7 stable, in XjLfryA.10 C0llnty of IlaJifiix, North Carolina, seven miles from the town of Halifax, five from Enfield Court-house, and three from Crowcll's Cross-road, and will be Jet to mares at TEN DOLLARS the single leap, paya ble at the time the mare is covered; TWENTY Dollars the season, payable at the expiration of the season; and THIRTY Dollars to insure a mare to he in foal, payable as soon as the mare i" ascertained to be in foal; with Fifty Cents to the Groom in every instance. The season to ""commence on the 1st day of March, and end the 20th day of July. Particular attention will be paid to mares sent to remain with the horse, and can be fed if required with corn and fodder at twenty cents per d;y. Good and extensive pasturage gratis. Sepa rate fields of small grain are sown for mares with young colts. Every atten tion will be paid to prevent accidents or escapes, but will not be liable for either. IS A BEAUTIFUL CHESNUT SORREL, five feet one inch and a half high, ten years old this spring. PEDIGREE. SHAWANEE was got by the cele brated horse Tecumseh, he by Archie out of Thomas 13. Hill's imported mare. His dam by old Citizen, his grandam by Alderman, his g. grandam by Roebuck, his g. g. grandam by Herod, his g. g. g. grandam by Partner, &c. JOHN CROJVELL. Feb. 25, 1828. 2S ly-The Washington Herald, Warrenton Reporter, and Raleigh Star will please give the above four insertions, and forward their accounts to the Postmaster at Halifax for collection. Cheap for Cash!! JORN, Fodder, Bacon, Tar, Lime, Castor Oil, Gentlemen's best Fur Hats and Caps, Mackarel, (in whole and half barrels,) Flour, 1st and 2d quality. ALSO, some superior Scuppernong Wine together with many other arti cles, which will be sold very low for Cash only, by JOS. L. SIMMONS. Halifax, N.C. March 10, 182S. Q3l would take this opportunity of saying to the public, that my intention is to do a GENERAL Commission Business: Therefore, persons who may favor me with any article on consignment, may rely on the strictest attention and punc tuality. J. L. S. Notice. T WILL SELL, LEASE, or RENT, my Lot and houses at Enfield. The stand for a Store is equal to any country stand injthe State.. ..and not inferior to many country stands for a house of en tertainment. The building consists of a convenient two story dwelling-house, well-finished, with tour lire-places, store-house, ware house, gin-house (and gin,) and other , out-houses. ...possession given immedi ately... .terms accommodating. J. II. SIMMONS. Gth Feb. 1S2S. 25 Notice. rpIIE Subscriber, as Executor of Win. A Drew, dee'd, holds a bond dated the 2Cth Feb. 1S2S, payable 26th Feb.lS29, executed by Lewis Layssard for the sum of four hundred and forty dollars, with interest from the date, as security for the payment of that sum for the pur chase money for the lots No. 129, 133, in the town of Halifax, in the present possession of Lewis Layssard until the payment thereof, the lots are held liable to the lien created by laiv. A. A. B. STlTIIf Ex'r. April, 1S28. 35-4 J n 7 WILL STAND at my stable at Mount Prospect this season, ana will be let to mares at the moderate price of SIX DOLLARS the season, which may be discharged by the payment of Five Dol lars, if paid within the season THREE Dollars by the leap, (the money to be paid down for the leap) and TEN Dol lars to insure, the insurance money to be paid as soon as it is ascertained that the mare is in foal and Twenty-five Cents to the Groom in all cases. f&etfecttott, IS A BEAUTIFUL ROAN, Now in his prime he is about sixteen hands high, and would vie with any horse in the State for form and muscu lar strength; he is of good blood and descended from an excellent stock of horses; he has proved himself to be a very sure foal getter, and his colts are likely, where they have had a chance and come out of mares of any account. EXUM LEWIS. March; 1S2S. 30 Herrings & Shad. JUST RECEIVED, and for sale by v the Subscriber, somp. nrim JCe7V Herrings & Shad, Of a superior quality, which ran hp hnd on application to JOS. L. SIMMONS. Halifax, April 12, 1828. Bacon Sr Lard. XpOR SALE, a quantity of good Ba- wv. .uutvi, t 111L.11 Will UC SUiU. low for Cash, or on a credit until the 1st of November next. Those who wish to purchase on credit, will send a note with good security. JAMES HUNTER. Halifax County, April 22, 1828. 36 Bacon Lard, FOR SALE, -!". 1 .... uu me payment ot which the Cash will be preferred, but Bonds with approved security will also be taken. Apply to the Subscriber, near Hebron Meeting-house. HENRY PITMAN Edgecombe county, N.C. 15th April, 1S28. 5 3"5 Notice, rpiIE Subscriber respectfully informs the Public, that he has commenced THE SADDLING And Harness-making Business, In the Town of Halifax, And will be thankful to all those who may favor him with their custom. Work shall be executed in the neatest and best manner. A. JVOMBLE. Halifax, April 22, 1828. Notice. OHAKEN UP in the Subscriber's field, in Pitt county, near the counties of Edgecombe and Greene, on the 23d of September last, A BAY HORSE, About 5 feet high, had (when taken up) the appearance of being shod all round, has a few saddle marks on his back and is inclined to carry his tail somewhat to one side. Said horse is adjudged to be IS or 20 years old, trots well, and is ve ry mischievous appraised at jg25. I have before advertised said horse at the Court-house in Greenville and other public places in the county, and no own er having come for him, I deem it ne cessary to have him advertised in the Free Press. The owner of said horse is requested to come forward, pay char ges and take him away, as I do not wish to be troubled with him any longer. G ID ION BY NUM. March 5th, 1828. 37 Notice. COMMITTED to the Jail of Edge- combe county, N. C. on the 16th of November, 1827, a negro fellow, who says his name is HENRY, that he is the property of Mr. James Okrev or Ak rey, and that he was purchased by Mr. Okrev from Mr. Amos Rawls, of Nansemond county, "V a. Henry is a bout 30 years of age, 5 feet 9 or 10 in ches in height, spare built, no marks perceivable. The owner is requested to come forward, prove his property, pay charges and take him away, or he will be dealt with as the law directs. FRED. BELL, Jailor. Nov. 1827. 15 &7"The Raleigh Star will please insert the above until otherwise directed, and for ward the account to this office for collec no:i .

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