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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, August 15, 1828, Image 1

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y'y ' jr '" . ' f7iZc Xo. 208. Tavborough, Edgecombe County, N. C. Friday, August 15. 1828. Vol. ir.Xo. 52, Tin: "FREE PRESS," By Geo. lizard, I published weekiv, (every Fridav.) a1 Hl'O DOLLARS Vrr year, (or52 mim ;).r.) it p:iid within one month after Sub" c,M-i!)ers commence receiving tlicir papers '';; 3 Dollars if Fifty Cent's, if paid within six ni nths and Three Dollars at theexpi r:ltirn of the year. Subscribers at liberty to ,i,c mtinue at any time on paying arrears. A"'-::' Subscribers residing at a distance must invariably pay in advance, or give a resnon ,u!e reference in this vicinity. No subscrip tion discontinued unless a notification to that effect is given. Advertisements not exceeding If lines vh! Cotton Gins FOR SALE. rFIIE Subscriber has on hand a n2rcel cl steel and iron saw dotton Sms Which he will sell low for cash, or on a cretin or three or lour months. lie also holds himself in readiness to repair old kins in the best manner and by a short notice. His Gins mm bo h id t 7T, tlnf!,v. 4.-1 inserted at 50 rrnts thn J,,.,-:.., :a, Men SaWSirOtl OI1CS 25 cents each continuance. Longer ones at .ver !d Gins repaired at a" low r h a t rate lor every JG tines. Letters addressed to the Editor must be 'jst fiaid. Cheap for Cash!! fiOUN, Fodder, ttneon, Tar, Lime, Castor Oil, Gentlemen's best Fur llii s and Caps, Mackarcl, (in whole and inlf barrels,) Flour, 1st and 2d quality. Some prime New Herrings and Shad. ALSO, some superior Scuppernong Wine together with many other art i eles, which will be sold very low for Cash only, bv JOS. L. SIMMONS. Halifax, N.C. March 10, 182S. (Cf would lake this opportunity of saving to - the public, that my intention is "to do a GENERAL Commission Business: Therefore, persons who may favor mc with any article on consignment, may rely on the strictest attention and punc tual it v. J. L. S. Just received and for Sale, Dr. Chambers CEL E I) R. 2 TE D REMEDY FOR SJiitempcvancc, Accomp inied with a volume of evidence! well-known stand in the town of Hali sufficient to insure the confidence of the! fax, formerly occupied by William P. price. Ilis work will be warranted to be equal Jo any in this vicinity, if re quired; as he flatters himself to be equal to any Gin-wright in this State. Per sons wishing to purchase, can have them delivered and put in operation, by ap plying to John G. Hamlet, near Cur lin's old Tavern, seven miles from En field, and twelve miles from the town of Halifax, where he keeps a regular shop JOHN O: HAMLET. July 22, 1S2S. 49-9 Notice. HP HE Su bscribers having located them stives in the town of Halifax, for the purpose of carrying on Ihe Coach-making Business, In ah its various branches, Inform their friends and the public gene rally, that they will work on the most moderate terms, and that their work shall be done in the most hVhionablc and durable manner, and solicit a portion of public patronage. IV M. A. TAYLOR $ CO. Halifax, May G, 1S2S. 38 Notice, npHE Subscriber respectfully informs JL the ruuiic, thai ho. has taken the moA incredulous, of the happy and al most universal, cure of habitual intem perance and its beneficial effects in in vigorating & restoring the Constitution. ALSO, Dr. Swai iii's Panacea, So justly celebrated for the cure of scro fula or king's-evil, ideers, rheumatism, syphilitic, mercurial, and liver com plaints, and most diseases arising in de biliialed constitutions, or from an im pure s'atc of blood, &c. &c This medi- also nccomnanied with a volume Clopton, where he intends to carry on 77 E S.lttDLINV, And Harness-making Business, In all its branches. Work shall be executed in the neatesl and best manner charges as reasonable Las can be afforded and I will be thank ful to all those who may favor mc with their custom. A. JVOMBLE. Halifax, June 19, 1S2S. cr.ic is also accompanied witii a volume; n OJD nf evidence of its happy effects in resto-i jCUUl O cA' CgVOCS rin? to nerleet health tnousands that ha( tried all other remedies, and given up in despur. The Subscribers hiving be come agents for the original inventors and proprietors of those valuable medi cines, now offer them pure and genuine to the Public, assuring them that a con stant supply equal to the demand, will be regularly kept cn hand at their store in Tarborough. R. $ S. January 24, 1S2S. D. GOTTEN. Notice. IVAS committed to the Jail of Ilali- ' fix county, on the 12th inst. a run away negro girl, small size, dark com nlexion, and aged about IS or 20 years, Who says she belongs toYVm. Prince, of Southampton county. Va. and that she was stolen from said Prince by his bro ther Littleton Prince, from whom she made her escape. The owner is re quested to come forward, prove proper ty, pay charges and take said negro awav, or she will be dealt with as the law directs. J. H. SIMMONS, Jailer. Halifax, 24th July, 1S2S. 50 FOR SALE. DY virtue of a Deed of Trust, execu--tcd to me the 1 1 lb day of November, 1S25, by Isaac Hilliard, (of Halifax count',) I shall sell at the residence of said Hilliard, on Monday, the Slh day of September next, that valuable and well known Plantation and Mills, called iill roolt, Situated on the north side of Fishing Creek, one and a half miles above Cul pepper's bridge, and 20 miles south-west from Halifax town. ALSO, at the same time and place, upwards of Twenty liUely Negroes, Consisting in part of house servants one a good seamstress, and another a good weaver. Terms of sale one half Cash, and the other half in instalments of six and twelve months, with interest from the day of sale the purchaser giving boa J with approved security. IV M. BURT, Trustee. 19ih July, 1S2S. 49-7 Roanoke Cut Herrings, Herrings! Herrincs! ' rARR ANTED to be good, for sale at Si cash ner barrel, thp Bridge in Tarborough, by george rr. ivoodmAn. July is, 1S2S. 49 Drs. Boyldn Long, AVING entered into Co-partnership, respectfully offer their profes sional services to the inhabitants of Tar borough and its vicinity. Aug. 7, 1S2S. 51 A VALUABLE Tract of Land FOR SALE. HtMIE Subscriber having determined L to remove to th South, offers his TRACT OF LAND, lying on Rocky Swamp in Halifax county, sixteen miles horn Halifax town, containing seven hundred and four acres, for sale. One third of the above land is alluvion, infe rior to none in the count-, partly re claimed and the balance reclaimable. The reclaimed port ion ha s produced the rise of ten barrels of corn to the acre; it is now in corn and cotton and is very luxuriant, promising as large a crop as it ever produced. I he upland is very fertile, containing a variety of soils, adapted to the growth of tobacco, cotton, corn, wheat, rye and oats; it is one of the best stock ranges in this section of country. It has on it one of the very best selected apple orchards, appended to which is a first rate still and apple mill, a comfortable dwelling house, With six airy room?, a kitchen and laundry, and other out houses. Whal recommends it to the lower coun try farmer, is its extreme healthiness The society is as good as can be had any where. Those wishing to purchase are respectfully invited lo view the pre mises, as I am sure they will be better pleased from a sight, than a description of it. The above land will be sold ac cording to the times. A credit can be had on a part of the sum agreed on. MARTIN READ. 22d July, 1S28. 50 07 The Edcnton Gazette will please in sert the above four limes, and forward the account to the Post-Office at Halifax. Qiianky Academy. "INFORMATION is hereby respect- JL f,.t!,- r; (tin y .ivii, ui in ti x uuiii examination, In this Academy, will commence on Monday the 25th of August, and con tinue three days. Examination in the laniruaes and higher branches of En glish will take place on Wednesday. On Thursda-, Jl rhetorical Exhibition, .May be expected; preceded by a report of the progress and conduct of the scho lars during the past session, and of the result of the Examination. A vacation in the Institution will en sue. The School will open again on Monday the 13th of October. JAMES BISHOP. RICE B. PIERCE. JOHN PUR NELL. July 9th, 1S28. 50 4 Notice. LL Persons are hereby cautioned a - A gainst purchasing from Isaac D. Gui on, the laud of Thos. Guion, deceased the Subscriber having a lien on said land, under authority of the will of said deceased, for the sum of Si 500, which must be paid before the said Isaac D. Guion is entitled to the land. IV M. R. D UP REE. Jan. 24, 182S. 23 JUST RECEIVED, and for sale at v Sparta, 200 barrete Cut 1 1 erring S) Which will be sold low for Cash or produce. E. PRICE 4. CO. ay 13, 1S2S. 39 Sylvester Smith, TAILOR, IRISHES to inform the Public that he has commenced the Tailoring Business, IN THE TOWN OF HALIFAX, Two doors above the Bank, Where he intends to execute his work in the most neat and fashionable style, and at the shortest notice. Halifax, May IS, 1828. 41 100 Reward. RAN OFF from the Subscr iber, on the 18th of June last, Six Negroes, To wit: Negro fellow CORY, very black complexion, spare made, long whiskers, about 2S years of age. His wife FANNY, very black complexion, low, well set negro, has been my cook for several years, and the signs may be seen on her arms from the heat of fire this negro woman Fanny, has her daugh ter NANNY, eight years old 7th inst. very blsck, thin made, thin jaws, and very long head and her second daugh ter EMILY, 2S months old, of a more yellow cast than either Also, her son ARNOL, born the 17th of February last. And the sixth is a very bright yellow girl named AD ALINE, 21 years old, stout and well made, with a burnt place on the left side of her head, which she received by falling in the fire when an infant this girl is in the habit of combing her black hair over this burnt place to hide the scar she has been brought up in my house entirely I ex pect she will attempt to pass as a free girl, and change her name. This girl has a variety of good clothes but a few days before she set off, she broke into her mistress's. trunk and took with her sundries of wearing apparel, she also had a black fur hat. The whole of these negroes carried off a variety of clothes, even their bed and furniture. I expect ihese negroes are lurking in Edgecombe county, in the neighborhood of Mr. Whitakcr's old mill, near Mrs. Benton's cpjarter, on Fishing Creek. ELOPED from the Subscriber, on the 24th of March last, my man PETER said negro was formerly the property of Mr. James Jones, of this county. I purchased said negro at August Court last Peter has a wife at Dr. Vaughan's, near Mr. Nickels' store in Scotland Neck, where I expect said negro is lurk ing about at this time said fellow has a dark complexion, is stout and well made, and about 35 or 40 years of age. ALSO, on the 26th of May last, ran off negro man KING, very black com plexion, 6 feet 5 or 6 inches high, thin visage, eyes sunk very deep in his head, gray head and beard, about 55 years old. I forewarn all persons from harboring, carrying off, or concealing said negroes under the penalty of the law. 1 will pay the above reward for those eight negroes, if delivered to me or secured in Jail so that I get them again, or Twenty Dollars each for the five oldest. RICKS FORT. Halifax County, near Enfield, ' ". July 23, 1828. J 50"3 -JT The Norfolk Herald will please insert iKnvp tlivpf timpt irA ffmm-A !' nr. count to Enfield Post-Office. '

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