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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, September 19, 1828, Image 1

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ii lsciIc Whole No. 213. Tarborough, Edgecombe County, Jf. C. Friday, September 19, 1828. FoZ. F. JVa. Sr. 0$kc of the Free Press, ) Aug. 22, 1828. 5 (QThis numbercommences the fifth volume' of the Free Press, the third since its location in Tarborough. At the conclusion of the third volume we ex pressed a hope, that we should be ena bled on commencing the fifth volume, to present the Free Press to its patrons in an enlarged and improved form; but we regret to state, that the "signs of the times" in our pecuniary horizon indi cate very plainly, that an increase of ex penditure in any business would be very imprudent at the present time, especial ly where an adequate return is merely problematical. Our expences at present are as much as we conveniently can manage, and the prospect is not suffi ciently encouraging to justify their increase. We are desirous to im prove our paper, and will embrace the first favorable opportunity for so doing that presents itself; until then we must beg the indulgence of its patrons. It will be recollected, that there is no ne cessity for a new subscription on the commencement of each volume, for those who are desirous to continue their support to the Free Press those who wish to discontinue will please give us notice to that effect. We have made a favorable alteration in our terms of pub lication, extending the time of the mid dle payment until the end of the sub scription year if the first payment is made within a few weeks of the com mencement of the year, it will be con sidered in advance. The terms, as mo dified, arc as follows: THE "FREE PRESS," By Geo. Howard, Is published weeklv, (every Friday,) at TWO DOLLARS per year, (or 52 num bers,) it" paid in advance Two Dollars if Fifty Cents, if paid within the subscription' jtar uim x vrcc xjouars ai me expiration ef the yearfor any period less than a year, Twenty-five Cents per month. Subscribers at liberty to discontinue at anytime on pay ing arrears. Subscribers residing at a dis tance must invariably pay in advance, or give a responsible reference in this vicinity. No subscription discontinued unless a noti fication to that effect is given. Advertisements, not exceeding 16 lines, will be inserted at 50 cents the first inser tion, and 25 cents each continuance. Long er ones at that rate for every 16 lines. Ad vertisements must be marked the number of insertions required, or they will be con tinued until otherwise ordered. Letters addressed to the Editor must be post paid, or they will not be attended to. (QKditors of newspapers, having accounts against this office, or, which they expect us to collect, are requested to forward them immediately, that ar rangements may be-made to have them liquidated. Roanoke Cut Herrings, yr A R R A NTE D to be good, for sale at $4 cash per barrel, near the Bridge in Tarborough, by GEORGE W. WOODMAN. July 18, 182S. 49 icademy h otton Gins FOR SALE. PHE Subscriber has on hand a parcel of steel and iron saiv Cotton 5im, Which he will sell low for cash, or on a credit of tlyee or four month s. He also holds himself in . readiness to repair old Gins in the best manner and by a short notice. IIis Gins can be had at Two dollars per saw, steel saws iron ones lower. Old Gins repaired at a low pnee. n, s Work wij he warratUetl t0 be equal to any j this vicinity, if re quired; as he flatters himself to be equal to any G.n-wright in this State. Per: sons wishing to purchase, can have them delivered and put in operation, by ap plying to John G. Hamlet, near Cup hi sold lavcrn, seven miles from En iield and twelve miles from the town of "aliiax, where he keeps a regular shop. t i n J0HN G- HAMLET. Joly 22, 1823. 49.9 Tax Receipts for Sale. Xlje Zmavantt), AND Ladies' Literary Companion. Published weekly in the town of Fay etteviile, N. C. BY WILLIAM POTTER. rPlIIS little work, the object of which is, to blend solid instruction with a greeable entertainment to amuse its readers while it furnishes something pro fitable is published in octavo form, comprising eight pages, on a medium half sheet, with new type and on good paper. And although the Editor has to contend with all those difficulties which naturally occur in the commencement of a paper under a slender patronage; yet his price (Si 50 per annum, paya ble in advance,) is no more than that of several periodicals in the United States of the same size, supported by very nu merous subscriptions, and published but monthly. Any person who will procure five sub scriptions, and become responsible for them, and any Editor of a newspaper who will give this prospectus one or two insertions and send a number containing the same to this office, shall each be entitled to a copy. To agents, 10 per cent, will be allowed, with a copy of the Amaranth. Communications will be thankfully recei ved; and Premiums given for original matter according to merit. The editor is determined to exert all his powers, by all proper means to de serve success; and is willing to leave the result in the hands of a generous arid enlightened community. He respect fully solicits a share of public patronage. Aug. 6, 1828. rrHE EXERCISES of this Institution A will again commence on the 8th of September, under the superintendence of Mr. George Stokes. From ihe many testimonials procured by Mr. Stokes from Trinity College (Dublin,) and from distinguished citizens both of Ireland and the United States, but more especially from an acquaintance with his school, and method of teach ins; for the session past, and the highly pleasing examination of his pupils, the Trustees recommend the Institution with the ut most confidence to all Parents and Guar dians who are desirous of educating their children, arid wards: and with the hiirh- est pleasure assure them that in this In stitution the common error (the conse quences of which are felt through life) ot. hastening children too rapidly in their studies before they have laid a sufficient foundation in the rudiments of education will be carefully avoided. The moral and religious uprightness of the Instruc tor furnishes the surest pledge for the morality oi his pupils, at least so lar as the influence of example, joined with repeated admonitions, extends. TERMS: Children commencing, S3 per quarter. Pupils reading, writing, cyphering, with English grammar and geog raphy. 34 per quarter. Pupils receiving a Classical educa tion, S7 per quarter. (QBoard can be procured on cheap terms in town, and cheaper a small dis tance from town. By order of the I3oard, RICHARD EVANS, Scc'y pro. tern. Greenville, Aug. 29, 1S28. 3-3 Cheap for Cash!! riORN, Fodder, Bacon, Tar, Lime, Castor Oil, Gentlemen's best Fur Hats and Caps, Mackarel, (in whole and half barrels,) Flour, 1st and 2d quality. Some prime New Herrings and Shad. ALSO, some superior Scuppernong wine together with many other arti cles, which will be sold very low for Cash only, by JOS. L. SIMMONS. Halifax, N.C. March 10, 182S. (01 would take this opportunity of saying to the public, that my intention is to do a GENERAL Commission Ihisiness: Therefore, persons who may favor me with any article on consignment, may rely on the strictest attentiou and punc tuality. J. L. S. Religious Motitt. ryHK ANNUAL MEETING of the A Roanoke Union Society, will com mence at Whitaker's Chapel, on Satur day, 4th of October next, and continue until Monday. The members of the Society are requested generally to at tend; as an Election ol one or more De legates to the General Convention at Baltimore will be holden on Monday. The friends of Reform in other sec tions of the State, are requested to hold their meetings and appoint their Dele gates to attend said Convention. There will be preaching on Saturday and Sunday as usual. The Raleigh Star will please give the above insertion until the time expires. and forward their account to the Editor of the Free Press, Tarborough. HENRY BRADFORD, Pres. Halifax county, Sept. 5, 1S28. 4-4 Last Call. r PHK Subscriber informs all persons indebted to her, that a settlement must be made at or before the Supe rior Court in October n'xt. All open accounts after that time, will be placed in the hands of an officer for collection. D. WOMBLE. Halifax, Aug. 2S, 1S2S. Just received and for Sale, Dr. Chambers' CELEBRATED REMEDY FOR intemperance, Accompanied with a volume of evidence sufficient to insure the confidence of the most incredulous, of the happy and al most universal, cure of habitual intem perance and its beneficial effects in in vigorating & restoring the Constitution. ALSO, Dr. Swaim's Panacea, So justly celebrated for the cure of scro fula or king's-evil, ulcers, rheumatism. syphilitic, mercurial, and liver com plaints, and most diseases arising in de bilitated constitutions, or from an im pure state of blood, &c. &.c. This medi cine is also accompanied with a volume of evidence of its happy effects in resto ring to perlect health thousands that had tried all other remedies, and given up in despair. The Subscribers havin? be come agents for the original inventors and proprietors of those valuable medi cines, now offer them pure and genuine to the Public, assuring them that a con stant supply equal to the demand, will be regularly kept on hand at their store in larborough. R. $ S. D. GOTTEN. January 24, 1S2S. Notice. AS committed to the Jail of Hali fax county, on the 12th inst. a run away negro girl, small size, dark com plexion, aged about 18 or 20 years,named LYDIA, who says she belongs to Wm. Prince, of Southampton county, Va. and that she was stolen from, said Prince by his bro ther Littleton Prince, from whom she made her escape. The owner is re quested to come forward, prove proper ty, pay charges and take said negro away, or she will be dealt with as the law directs. J. It. SIMMONS, Jailer. Halifax, 24th July, 1828. 50 Notice, fpHE Subscriber respectfully informs A the Public, that he has taken the well-known stand in the town of Hali fax, formerly occupied by William P. Clopton, where he intends to carry on THE SADDLING And Harness-making Business, In all its branches. Work shall be executed in the neatest and best manner charges as reasonable as can be afforded and I will be thank ful to all those who may favor me with their custom. A. WOMBLE. Halifax, June 19, 1828. 03" WANTED, an apprentice to the above business.. ..a lad aged about 14 years would meet with good encourage ment. A. W. Notice. T WILL SELL OAK & HICKORY A Firewood at One Dollar and Seventy five Cents per cord or, will furnish by the winter with the privilege of cutting and carting themselves. 8 Sept. 1828. J. A. IRWIN. 4-3 A VALUABLE Tract of hand FOR SALE. PjPHE Subscriber having determined ifcuiucc iu i ouuuj, unci s ins TRACT OF LAND, lying on Rocky Swamp in Halifax county, sixteen miles from Halifax town, . containing seven hundred and tour acres, for sale. One third of the above land is alluvion, infe rior to none in the county, partly re claimed and the balance reclaimable. The reclaimed portion has produced the rise of ten barrels of corn to the acre; it is now in corn and cotton and is very luxuriant, promising as large a crop as it ever produced. The upland is very fertile, containing a variety of soils, adapted to the jrrowtli of tobacco, cotton, corn, wheat, rve and oats; it is one of the best stock ranges in this section of country. It has on it one of the very best selected apple orchards, appended to which is a first rate still and apple mill, a comfortable dwelling house, with six airy rooms, a kitchen and laundry, and other out houses. What recommends it to the lower coun try farmer, is its extreme healthiness. The society is as good as can be had any where. Those wishing to purchase are respeetfully invited to view the pre mises, as I am sure they will be better pleased from a sight, than a description of it. The above land will be sold ac cording to the times. A credit can be had on a part of the sum agreed on. MARTIN READ. 22d July, 1828. 50 it?"The Edenton Gazette will please in sert the above four limes, and forward th? account -to the Post-Office at Halifax.

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