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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, November 07, 1828, Image 2

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lulitical. Electoral Tickets. We present to our readers the Jackson Electoral Tick et for this State and, in consequence of their being no other press located in this vicinity, we have concluded to pub lish the Adams Electoral Ticket also, that our readers may become acquainted with the names of the individuals com posing both Tickets. NOR TH- CAROLINA Jackson Electoral Ticket (Election on Thursday, 13th Nov. next.) For President, Andrew Jackson, of Tennessee. For Vice-President, John C. Calhoun, of South-Carolina. ELECTORS. 1st dist. Robert Love, of Haywood county. .foreign, , 41 2d - Montford Stokes, oi Wilkes. 3d - Peter Forney, of Lincoln. 4th - John Giles, of Howan. 5th - Abraham Philips, of Rockingham. 6th - John M.Morchead, of Guilford. 7th - Walter F.Leake of Richmond. 8tn - Willie P. Mangum, of Orange. , '' 9th - Josiah Crudup, of Wake. 10th - iQhn Hall, of Warren. J 1th - Joseph J. Williams, of Martin. 12th - Kedar Ballard, of Gates. 33th - Louis D. Wilson, of Edgecombe. 14th - Richard D. Spaight, of Craven. 15th - Edward B. Dudley, New-IIanovcr. -:: Adams Electoral Ticket. For President, JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. Vice-President, RICHARD RUSH. ELECTORS. 1st dist. Isaac T. Avery, of Burke county. 2d - Abner Franklin, of Iredell. 3d - Robert II. Burton, of Lincoln. 4th - Edmund Deberry, of Montgomery. 5th - James T. Morehead, Rockingham. 6th - Alexander Gray, of Randolph. 7th - Benj. Robeson of Cumberland. 8th - James S. Smith, of Orange. 9th - William Hinton, of Wake. 10th - Edward Hall, of Warren. 21th - Samuel Hyman, of Martin. 12th - Isaac N. Lamb, of Pasquotank. 13th - Williani Clark, of Pitt. 14th - William S. Blackiedge, of Craven. 1 3th Daniel L. Kenan, of Duplin. gyThe election for Electors com mences on. Friday, 31st Oct. in Pennsyl vania and Ohio, and on Monday,3d Nov. in New-York, Virginia, and several oth er States the result will probably be: FOR JACKSON. New-York, 20 Pennsylvania, 23 Maryland, 4 Virginia, 24 North-Carolina, 15 South-Carolina, 11 Georgia, 0 Tennessee, 1 1 Alabama, 5 Mississippi, 3 Tvlissouri, 3 Illinois, 3 Indiana, - 5 Total, 141 ADAMS Maine, - 9 New-Hampshire, 8 Massachusetts, 1G Rhode-Island, 4 Connecticut, 8 Vermont, 7 New-York, 16 New-Jersey, 8 Delaware, 3 Maryland, 7 Ohio, 16 Kentucky, 14 Louisiana, 5 Total, 120 To the Public. THURSDAY, the 13th of No- vember next, a Poll of Electir. will be opened and held at the following pla ces, (lo wit:) Tarborough, Lunsford Cherry's Logsborough, Joab P. Pitt's, Thomas Amason's, Manor's, Sparta, Mrs. Polly Barnes's. Christopher Har rell's, Elijah Owens', Hardy Flowers', Mrs. Parker's, Micajah Petway's, Jacob Brake's, Samuel P. Jenkins', Leggett's, and William W. Armstrong's, for the purpose of electing Fifteen Electors to vole for a " President awl Vice President OF THE UNITED STATES: Owing to the great importance of said Election, I feel it my duty to solicit the citizens of Edgecombe to attend some one of said elections, and give their suf frages to the candidate they may think most deserving. intervention for Greece, conform- j ably to the treaty of Cth of July. The accounts from the squad ron of Admiral Greig, of the 21st inst. says that a Turkish flotilla, with ammunition and provisions, had succeeded by favorable winds in getting into Varna. Bucharest, Aug. 23. The re inforcements so much desired are on their march, and are expected here in eight or ten days. A Russian Corps, which had crossed the Danube in boats, and occupied Turtukay, had been at tacked by the Turks with a supe rior force, and compelled to re cross the Danube. In the late excursion of the Turks from Ca lafat, the little town of ZernitS was reduced to ashes. We learn that the Turks made a sortie from Calafat, and suc- Latc from Europe. An arri val at New-York, on the 28th ult. has brought London and Liver pool papers to the 24th and 25th Sept. The following is given as a condensed summary of all the iniportant political events which have transpired since our last ad vices. Repulse of the Russians.. .From the VVidin the Turks have made an incursion into Wallachia, and the Russian General Geismar has been driven backwards from Cra jova to Slatina. lie made several attempts to rally his retreating le gions, but they could not with stand the impetuous charge ofl 2o,000 lurkish horsemen. He lost 6000 men and 40 pieces of ceeded in setting fire to a Rus cannon, all his magazines, andjsian magazine; but Gen. Gueis 6000 head of horned cattle. -j mar immediately took measures These events took place on the for extinguishing it, and the Turks 18th, 19th and 20th of August, j retired. Several convoys were The Turks attacked, for the first 'sent with grain and buiscuits, and time, a square of Russian in fan- to repair the loss, try, and penetrated it. 1 Trieste, Sept. 5. We leam Chumla and Varna are still in from Corfu that Ibraham Pacha is the hands of their legitimate mas- assembling his troops in the Mo tors, and the ambitious Russian rea, and intends to take up a po shrinks from the attempt to force sitiou in a fortified camp between the passes of the Balkan. From Coron and Modon. That this Chumla the Turks have made a assembling of the Egyptian troops successful sally, and made them- ,s fr the purpose of coming to an selves masters of the redoubts understanding for the evacuation which the Russians were kind of the Morea on the approach of enough to construct for them, the French expedition, seems ra Amongst the Russians killed, is ther a doubtful supposition, which Gen. V rede. our letters from Corfu call in On the 2d September the Czar question. They say "Ibrahim left Odessa for Varna, which place des not think of leaving the Mo he intends to take by storm on the rea DUt he is prepared to make a moment of his arrival if he can! vigorous resistance to any attempt After which lie returns to St. Pe- 10 compel him to it. The French tersburg to pass the winter, Icav-! fmd him ready for battle, and ing his armies to enjoy them- their countrymen in the Egyptian selves in Turkey as well as they ! service will probably do their ut can. Their situation is far from' most to serve their new country." comfortable. Defeated atChum-j Crops, tyc. Extract of a letter la and at Varna, worsted at Ro- dated Liverpool, 25th September: zartie and Silistria, repulsed at "The crop of wheat in Ireland is Widin and Calafat, checked along 11 good one, that of oats a bad their whole line of operations, 'une. The crops in Scotland are they are to take up their winter j about an average crop, but in En- ing the pretensions of one of thu candidates, Gen. Guerrero, for the. Presidency, against his antago nist. Should St. Ana by Vis friend Guerrero, we fear that a civil war will be the consequence. If he stands alone, he will soon be put down." It was reported on the day the Independence sailed, that St. Ana had taken possession of the cas tle of Pirote, and was determined to sustain Guerrero as President by the force of arms, if he was not elected by the voice of the people. Mtr. Adv. XacliorousI), FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1323. gjp'Any number of Electoral Tick ets, either for Gen. Jackson or Mr. Ad ams, can be procured at this office at twenty-five cents per hundred, or tivo dollars per thousand. Oct. 10, 182S. S. L. HART, sr,ff quarters in tne enemy s country, under every disadvantageous cir cumstance. Even if they succeed in storming Varna, their Te Deum will be but a doleful chaunt. The Sultan has sent a superb sword and an autograph letter of thanks, to Hussein Pacha, in ap probation of his masterly gene ralship. The Captain Pacha who de fends Varna, and whose courage and firmness are admired even bv his enemies, has vowed that the Russians shall not find one stone upon another, when they take pos session of that place. The Empress of Russia is al ready oti her return to St. Pe tersburg. A report was circulated upon 'Change at Frankfort, that the Russians had met with a great check at Chumla, and that they had lost 30,000 men. This re port obtained much credit, and the Russian funds fell conside rably. Odessa, Sept. 1. -Tho Empe ror will embark to-day or to-morrow, and land at the camp before Varna. Accounts from Constan tinople, of the 24th August. (that the Porte has accepted the gland the crops are deficient, and the stock of old corn being very small., supplies must be had. Pri ces have advanced on the Conti nent, and the crops there are bv no means abundant." We have seen letters from Ha vre of 19th Sept. The markets remained without change, or if any change, it is that Cotton was not quite so firm as at the date of our last advices. Mexico. The schr. Indepen dence brings advices from Vera Cruz to the 15th Sept. Mexico was in a state of great excite ment on the subject of the elec tion of President. Returns of the votes from twelve States had been received, nine of which were in favor of Pedraza, now Minister of War, the other three for Guer rero, the other candidate. A letter of the 15th, from Vera Cruz, says "Since the date of our last, we have had some appre hensions that our public tranqui lity would be disturbed. Gen St. Ana has seduced some 4 or 500 of the troops at Xalupa, and march ed on to take possession of the fortress of Pirote, a strong hold, with the avowed object of support- To the Polls. On Thursday next, the citizens of this State will be called upon to decide between the two distin guished individuals, who are candidates for the dignified and important office of Chief Magistrate of these United States. We trust that a punctual and general at tendance will be manifested, as there ore someyital points at issue in this contest, which cannot fail to have a powerful in fluence on the future prosperity and po litical complexion of this Republic. We have laid before our readers at intervals', as far as our limits would permit, the distinguishing characteristics of the two candidates, and their relative claims for the suffrages of the people; we deem it unnecessary at this period to recapitu late them. To the Polls then, fellow citizens, one and alland let each trvs Republican bear in mind the declare tion of the Patriarch of Republicanism the immortal Jefferson, who a short time before his death said that Gen. Jackson was "an honest, sincere, firm, clear headed and strong-minded man, of the soundest political principles:' and that "it W3s fortunate for the country that Gen. J. was likely lo be fit for public life four years after; for it seemed t him to be the ONLY HOPE left of avoiding the dangers manifestly about to arise out of the broad construction now again given to the Constitution of the U. Slates, which effaced all limitations of powers,and left theGeneral Government, by theory, altogether unrestrained." Presidential Flection. The election was held in Pennsylvania and Ohio on Friday last, and in Virginia and several other States on Monday: In Philadelphia, the vote stood, ft" the Jackson ticket 43S1, for Adarr.i 3335; Jackson majority 1046. In Richmond, for Adams 183, far Jackson 102; Adams majority 81. In Petersburg, for Jackson 124, io' Adams C7; Jackson majority 57. Mr. Adams and the Federalists.- A singular development is now in pro gress, respecting the peculiar' circum stances under which Mr. Adams aban doned the federal party in ' 1807-S-Judge Stuart, a friend of Mr. Adamsrs cenily applied to xMr. T. J. Randolph, son-in-law and executor of Mr. Jefferson for a copy of a letter addressed by Ah J. to Gov. Giles in Dec. 1S26, relative' to this subject. The. copy was given and the letter published, which immedi ately produced an explanation, authori zed by Mr. Adams, in both the Admi nistration papers at Washington City. In a subsequent letter Gov. Giles as signs as his reason for not giving publi city to this letter of Mr. JefTerson, hi "extreme relucbnce in giving informs V ,M ' i f : - '

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